Dear Simon:

I am finally home. It was a long day at the office phone calls, emails, meetings and tons of complaints. In the middle of all that drama I got your text.

What are you wearing?

I blushed in the middle of a meeting. You know how hot I get when you ask me that. Hot and wet. I put my phone in my briefcase so I wouldn't be distracted. However, that didn't seem to work. I felt the phone vibrating against the leather and imagined later when you would run my vibrator against my soft, silky, moistened cunt.

I made some sort of excuse and took my briefcase into the bathroom. Grabbing my phone as it vibrated again. I placed my thumb on the home button and there it was, your giant, rigid, throbbing cock. You were jerking off in the toilets at work again weren't you? You naughty boy.

I didn't answer you on purpose. I wanted to wait, to let my desire build. Oh and did it build, by the time everyone else had left the office I was like the Hoover Dam about to burst. So before I left I went into the bathroom again and removed my knickers and tossed them in the bin.

The air was so cool as it filtered up my skirt and caressed my wet pussy. I walked for about a quarter of a mile before I reached my destination. You know that lovely little sex shop we always visit? I popped in there. Walking around the store I eyed a tall young man who wasn't half bad. He was nervously browsing the movies, he picked one and headed towards the back. I followed him watching to see which door he chose. Number 4, like your birthday, lovely.

Giving the young man a few minutes to get started I unbuttoned my blouse. I crept towards door number 4 and slowly reached down to turn the knob. Finding it locked I pulled a hair pin out and used it to pop open the lock. Slowly I opened the door and found the young man furiously working his shift. He looked up and his eyes became as big a saucers when they saw me. I put my finger to my lips. Sssshhhhhh.

I slowly unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and unhooked my white lace bra in the front. My milky white breasts fell free, my soft pink nipples already so erect. I stepped towards the young man and lifted my skirts. Slowly I revealed my perfectly shaved cunt, already so wet with anticipation. I looked down at his smooth, young, firm cock. "My I?" I asked him. He swallowed hard and leaned back on the bench as I straddled his lap. Taking my phone from the pocket of my overcoat I handed it to him. "I need you to film me." His trembling hand took the phone from me and he started shooting.

Slowly I slid myself down over his shaft and began to work my cunt up and down. He felt so good, his shaft so hard (young men are like that) it was perfectly scratching the itch you had infected me with. I began to massage my own breasts, pinching my nipples and twisting them just like you like. The young man finally got over his shock and began to work his hips against mine. He was grinding up and I slid down. One of his hands slid down onto my hip and he began to guide my rhythm. This was nice. My pleasure was rising, and so was his.

He leaned his head forward and began to kiss my breast. Then he took my nipple into his mouth and began to suck, gently. "Don't be afraid to bite." I said. He took my words to heart and began softly nibbling at my breasts. Our pace started to pick up we were fucking, two strangers deliciously fucking.

I began to ride him harder and harder our breathing quickened and suddenly I felt the twinge in my cunt and thigs. "Yes, yes." I whispered as I began to cum all over his sweet cock. He wasn't far behind me. Letting a quiet gasp and he shot his spunk deep into my pussy.

Quickly I took my phone from him and buttoned up my blouse. I turned and left the room without looking back. I felt relaxed and refreshed as I walked the rest of the way home.

I miss you my darling. Video Attached.


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