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Monday Night Wrestling


Note: How many times men, have you watched a sporting event while your wife or girlfriend makes noise and interrupts your concentration? Well, Ann and her friends discover a way to make everyone happy. Make sure you are at least 18 and enjoy.


Steve and Ann had only been married about two years when they found their sexual desires for each other dimming. They had lived together five years before they were married and had lived together now for at least seven years... On Monday nights Steve and his two softball buddies, Jeff and Tom, met early to watch Pro Wresting in Steve’s basement.

Ann, Tom’s wife Belinda, and Jeff’s wife Brandi had gone out for a nice dinner. After a few glasses of wine Ann confessed to the other women that their love life had dwindled to maybe once per month.

“Shit. I thought it was just Jeff and I.” Brandi said with a big gulp of wine. “Maybe, it’s that seven year itch thing?”

“Yeah. Our sex life’s not so great anymore either.” Belinda confessed.

“All they think about is sports and we are not part of it. Somehow, we need to spark their interest.” Ann said.

“Right. If we go and stand in front of the TV naked they would probably throw things at us to move.” Belinda chuckled.

“Hey. Maybe Belinda has the answer?” Ann said with a smile.

“I’m not planning on standing naked in front of a TV.’ Brandi laughed.

“Maybe not naked but what if we three did some wrestling in front of them?” Ann asked while looking at their expressions to see if they would buy it.

“I’m not much of a wrestler.” Brandi laughed. She was on the skinny side.

“Go on Ann.” Belinda said. “Would we just fake it like the Pro’s do?”

”Sure. Why not? Steve gets really excited when the women go at each other on the TV. I’m sure the guy’s pants will be ripping if we start rolling around on the floor wearing the short skirts we have on right now.” Ann laughed.

“How do we start?” Brandi asked. “And, all we are showing is panties, right?”

“Sure.” Ann answered. “Let’s join the guys and get into a fake wrestling match.” Ann continued to describe the plan. The other two agreed and they all shook hands.

The guys were yelling when the women walked down the stairs. “Hey guys. Can we join you?” Ann asked as she entered the finished room in the basement. She laughed when she saw the three men on the edge of their seats watching wrestling.

“What? Sure. Just don’t get in the way.” Steve said to his wife. Ann sat on the arm of the chair next to Steve while Belinda and Brandi squeezed next to their husbands on the large sofa. All of their skirts were pulled high on their thighs. It was the first part of the plan.

Men may enjoy sports on TV but the male mind can easily be distracted if a peek at a girl’s panties opportunity pops up. Suddenly there were three opportunities. The men moved back in their seats and pretended to talk to each other while there eyes strayed to look up the short skirts of the other wife’s legs.

“That guy sucks!” Ann suddenly yelled when a large muscular guy jumped up and smacked another guy. “No way!” The guy with the black shorts sucks!” Belinda shouted.

“Both of you are wrong. I like the small guy.” Brandi cried.

“I could whip the small guy’s ass.” Ann laughed at Brandi.

“Shit. You couldn’t even whip my ass.” Brandi challenged back.

“Neither of you can take me.” Belinda said while standing up and flexing her muscles. She did work out with weights and did have some pretty big biceps.

The guys stopped looking at the TV and were now looking at their wives. “Yeah. You tell them Belinda.” Tom said supporting his wife.

“Actually, I can take on both of you.” Belinda challenged.

Brandi was the first to quickly throw her body at Belinda. She grabbed her around the waist and held on as Ann flew across the room and put her arms around her arms and chest. As Belinda fell onto the large soft rug in front of the men Brandi was pinned under her while Ann was lying on top.

Steve had the best view because of the way the women had fallen. All three women had their legs pointing toward him. Brandi’s skirt was pushed up over her hips and her white lace panties were easily seen under Belinda’s legs.

“Yeah! Kick her ass Ann.” Steve shouted. Brandi’s legs curled around Belinda’s waist which opened her crotch to his eyes. He couldn’t see any pubic hairs escaping out the sides of Brandi’s stretched silk. Shit. She must be shaven. He thought.

Belinda was too strong for Ann’s arms as she pushed outward and broke Ann’s grasp. Her hands moved around and pulled Ann over her body to fall on the rug next to her. Ann’s skirt flashed up her stomach. Her red panties made their world premier.

“Alright!” Tom cheered. Ann had the nicest legs of the three. He had seen them before at the beach but, to see them leading up to her panties was too much. He leaned forward to see Ann’s dark bush through the semi-transparent material.

Brandi was being crushed by Belinda. She whispered in Belinda’s ear. “Get off. I can’t breath.”

“What’s wrong little girl?” Belinda mocked. “All talk and no action?” Belinda moved off of Brandi and landed on Ann. She pulled Brandi up until she was lying face down on top of her. Belinda’s hands pulled Brandi’s skirt up in the back. Her black thongs were wedged into her cute little ass cheeks.

Jeff looked down to see his wife’s ass cheeks exposed. He reached out and pulled her skirt down. The other guys liked the display of flesh but Jeff was not happy to see his wife’s body exposed like it was. Jeff was also small like his wife and always felt intimidated by bigger guys. To see Brandi being man handled by Belinda was pissing him off. He didn’t realize they were totally play-acting.

Belinda watched Jeff pull down his wife’s skirt and as soon as he sat back down Belinda pulled it back up. This time she twisted Brandi until her stomach was now exposed.

Brandi almost laughed when her husband pulled down her skirt. He had always tried to get her to wear more conservative clothing. As Belinda turned her over she slowly spread her legs giving Steve a view of her black thongs stretching across her pussy mound. She felt the cool air as it hit her shaven pussy lips. Jeff jumped down and pulled Brandi from Belinda’s arms. She sat on the floor while Jeff pulled down her skirt. “Hey.” Belinda shouted.

Jeff didn’t know what hit him as Belinda grabbed his legs and pulled him down on the floor next to her. This was not planned as Belinda and Brandi jumped on top of him. Before he could free his arms they spread their bodies on top of him.

“Holy shit. The women are whipping Jeff’s ass.” Tom laughed. His eyes were still planted on Ann’s red lace bikini panties. She moved up to her knees and took her time pulling down her skirt. She moved over to help Brandi and Belinda.

Ann put her weight on his knees as they held down his arms. She guessed he probably only weighed about 140 pounds so the three of them could overpower him pretty easily.

“OK. Let me up right now.” Jeff shouted. He heard Tom laugh and also Steve. Why didn’t they help him?

“Joke’s over.” Jeff pleaded. He knew he was helpless. He was embarrassed that the women could hold him down like this.

“Brandi. Let me go or else.” He said looking over at his wife.

“Forget it.” Brandi laughed. “We might just rape you now that we have you down like this.”

“If I wanted to get up I could.” Jeff bluffed.

“Hey. This is turning him on.” Ann announced from his knees. She was looking down at the bulge forming in his pants.

“Oh, that little thing.” Brandi laughed. Her hand moved over to curl around it.

“Brandi! Stop right now!” Jeff yelled as he tried to kick Ann off his legs.

Tom and Steve were laughing their asses off. They were also sporting hard-ons but managed to hide them. Both could still see glimpses of panties.

“Would either of you like a feel?” Brandi asked her women friends.

Ann looked over at Steve and he shook his head yes. Brandi was joking until she felt Ann’s fingers pushing hers away and taking hold of Jeff’s six inch rigid tool. Everyone in the room stopped talking as all eyes watched Ann stroke Jeff’s bulge. The mood suddenly changed from fun and games to sexual tension.

Ann had never touched another man’s hard prick and could feel his prick jerking in her hand. She knew he was ready to spurt. She laughed and let him go. No need to embarrass him anymore than they already had.

“Let him up.” Ann said as she moved off his legs. She could feel her dampness as she moved quickly over to Steve in case Jeff was totally pissed off.

Jeff didn’t smile as Brandi and Belinda let him go. He gave Brandi a dirty look and sat back down on the sofa. He grabbed a beer and peered at the TV.

“So, who’s winning the match?” Steve joked trying to break the ice.

No one answered. Ann motioned for Brandi and Belinda to join her upstairs. They walked out in single file.

“Wow. Is he pissed or what?” Belinda said as the ladies moved into the kitchen.

“He’ll get over it.” Brandi laughed. “Even if he doesn’t admit it, he was turned on.”

“I’ll say.” Ann laughed. “He was ready to pop.”

“I think our planned worked. The guys didn’t even watch the TV while we rolled around on the floor.” Belinda said.

“Brandi, I hope you are not upset that I touched Jeff’s penis.” Ann said as they cleaned up the kitchen.

“No, not at all. Actually, I’m sure I’ll get some action tonight now. But, if you ever want to return the favor with Steve let me know. Did you see the rise in his pants? What has he been hiding from us?” Brandi asked.

“We shouldn’t talk about the size of our men’s dongs now should we?” Ann laughed.

“Uh, why not?” Belinda asked with a big smile.

“OK. But we all have to do it.” Ann said. They all shook their heads yes.

Ann started talking real low. “Steve is about 8 or 9 inches when hard.” She looked over to see Brandi’s face light up. “And, it’s pretty thick as well. I cannot get my hand around it.”

“Shit. You should have gone last.” Belinda whispered. “Tom’s hard-on is about 6 or 7 inches but not THAT THICK!” She said while looking over at Ann.

“Well, you both saw Jeff’s bulge. Probably around five or six inches. Ann can tell you how thick.”

“Not bad.” Ann snickered. They all laughed.

The ladies were drinking coffee when the men finally came upstairs. Jeff was still subdued but was smiling at times. A couple of times Ann noticed him looking her way. When they made eye contact they both looked away.

Everyone was gone and Ann was coming out of the bathroom to see Steve lying on his back naked. His fist was around his tower of power. “Damn, Ann. You women had my pants ready to burst.” He said as she pulled her robe off her shoulders. She dropped her nightshirt and pulled off her panties. Nude she moved up to the bed and straddled his thighs.

“Actually, Brandi was quite impressed with your bursting pants.” She said as she replaced Steve’s hand with both of hers. Ann could feel Steve’s prick jerk slightly.

“She was?” He asked.

“After what Jeff showed in his pants and this? What would you expect?” Ann laughed as she stroked him up and down.

“So, you did like our little wrestling show?” Ann asked. Her mouth moved down and opened to suck in his crown.

“Oh shit. Yes.” Steve moaned.

Ann couldn’t talk as she sucked his huge shaft in and out of her tight lips. He was ready as she moved her mouth off and her body up until her damp hole was hovering over his tip. She slowly lowered her hips until he was completely inside of her.

Their bodies slapped together as Steve pretended Ann was Brandi. Of course, Ann had Jeff in her mind. She couldn’t wait until next Monday night.

Over the weekend Brandi and Belinda met Ann to set up their plan for Monday night.

“How far do we want to go this time?” Ann asked.

“I can tell you this. The sex I had this past week has been better than the sex the past five years.” Brandi said.

“Tom too. God, he was a wild man when we got home. We did it everywhere except in the bed.” Belinda sighed.

“So, what’s next?” Brandi asked.

“Will you ladies show some nudity?” Ann asked wondering if they were just all talk.

They both looked at each other. “How much?” Belinda asked.

“Breasts?” Ann asked.

“I’ve never…” Brandi said but stopped. “I will if everyone else does it.”

“Me too.’ Belinda said. They all shook hands.

Everyone could feel the tension in the air when the Monday Night Wrestling match started. This time the women were sitting next to their men.

Ann took a big drink from her beer can and sat it down firmly in front of her. “We all enjoyed the wrestling last week so I challenge the females to join me on the matt.” She pointed down to the large rug.

“I’ll put my money on Belinda.” Tom said while pulling out a five dollar bill.

“Count me in.” Steve laughed. “Ann of course.

Jeff didn’t say anything. Brandi turned and gave him a dirty look. “OK.” Five bucks on Brandi.

“What are the rules?” Belinda asked as she moved her bronze body down to the floor. All the women were again wearing short skirts.

“You have to be pinned which means your shoulders touching for the count of three. All of us men will count together if we see shoulders touching.” Steve said. He peeked over at Brandi to see her smiling at him. He remembered what Ann had said. His prick started a slow rise in his pants.

“This is a free for all.” Steve said. “So, anything goes.”

The three women were once again on their knees. “Go!” Ann shouted as she grabbed Belinda’s arm and pulled her down to the rug. Belinda was stronger than the other two but Ann’s quick move surprised her. Before she could escape both Ann and Brandi was holding her down. “Hey. Not fair. Two against one.”

“Free for all. Remember?” Ann laughed. Ann’s skirt was almost bunched up to her navel. Her sheer panties were now visible to both Tom and Jeff. She turned slightly which allowed them an unblocked view of her dark bush covering her pussy mound.

Belinda could move her right arm so she reached up and pulled on Brandi’s blouse. She heard the tear as she pulled it downward. Brandi’s back was now bare. She couldn’t see where her bra was so she moved her hand up Brandi’s naked back until she touched the clasp. She twisted and it came loose in her hand.

“Hey!” Brandi screamed when she felt her bra loosen. She moved her hands up to cover her naked orbs as Belinda pulled the flimsy white material off her body.

Steve had to move slightly to get a better view of Brandi’s naked tits. Before she could cover them with her hands he saw her tiny pink nipples. They were rock hard.

Belinda was laughing as she twirled the bra in circle in the air.

“OH YEAH!” Brandi screamed. She released her naked tits and reached over to pull Belinda’s blouse apart. The buttons flew off. Belinda’s full rack was barely hidden by a skimpy bra. Brandi pulled the bra up and over Belinda’s large breasts. Her two inch diameter nipples stuck straight upward.

“Hey. Are you two chilled or something.” “Ann chuckled while looking at their hard nipples. She didn’t laugh long. Belinda pulled her blouse up at the same time Brandi reached over and jerked it. It came apart in two pieces. Before Ann could cover her tits Belinda had undone the pink bra. Her bright pink breasts rubbed against Belinda’s full mounds.

Steve’s eyes moved up and down Brandi’s body. Her string bikini panties were squeezed between her small round cheeks. As she wiggled to help Belinda her legs came apart and Steve could see her bare pussy lips peeking out at him. She closed them to prevent any more peeks.

All three women were now topless as their bodies lay twisted together in front of the men. Ann was getting excited knowing two men were viewing her naked chest. She was also excited because her body was plastered against Belinda’s. She could feel Belinda’s hard nipples pressing into her soft chest. She had never touched another woman’s breast before but suddenly had the urge to do so.

Belinda was the middle of the breast sandwich between Ann and Brandi’s bodies. She knew her skirt was over her panties but didn’t care. So, far everything had gone to plan. At least, until she felt Ann’s fingertips caress her naked breast under their bodies. At first she was shocked but the touch felt so good. She moved her own hand a little lower until she touched the top of Brandi’s tiny panties. She felt Brandi suck in her stomach as her fingers crept under the silk covering. She moved her fingers down expecting to find pubic hair but there was none. Her fingertips dove into Brandi’s dripping shaved slit.

Ann could feel Belinda’s acceptance to her touches. She actually was pushing her breast towards her which made it easier to touch.

Brandi’s hand was over the snap on Ann’s skirt. Ann was surprised when Brandi’s fingers released the small button because it was not part of the plan. Brandi pulled her skirt down her hips and down to her knees. She twisted to allow Brandi to pull it off. She was now only wearing her sheer panties.

Ann wanted the other two to be like her so she pulled Belinda up until she could unsnap her skirt. As she pulled her up she saw Belinda’s hand in Brandi’s panties. Shit. She was fingering her. Belinda quickly removed her hand before any of the men saw what was happening. Ann got Belinda’s skirt off and they both easily removed Brandi’s. All three women were now only dressed in their skimpy panties.

Ann decided they had gone far enough for tonight. “That’s it.” She whispered to Belinda who whispered to Brandi. They all jumped up, grabbed their clothes and ran out the door. They giggled and laughed all the way up stairs.

“God! I can’t believe we just did that!” Brandi cried. She pulled on her skirt and bra but stood holding her ripped blouse.

“Sorry about that.” Belinda apologized.

“Me too.” Brandi laughed looking over at Belinda’s blouse with missing buttons.

Ann went to her bedroom and returned with two blouses that could fit her two women friends.

“We better be prepared when our men come to bed tonight.” Brandi laughed.

Steve tried to watch the wrestling match but visions of Brandi’s shaven pussy kept appearing in his head. “Damn guys, our women put on one hell of a teasing show.”

“Yeah, I think they went a little too far this time.” Jeff said still with a visible bulge in his pants.

“Shit. I don’t think they went far enough.” Tom replied.

“I don’t mind watching but not touching is driving me nuts.” Steve confessed.

“Yeah. Me too.” Tom agreed.

“We know they are playing and not being serious. Why don’t we join them?” Steve asked.

“Wrestle?” Jeff asked with a shocked look.

“Sure. If we wrestle we can get some touches in. If you know what I mean?” Steve laughed.

“Not me.” Jeff said. “I’ve already been on the receiving end of being touched.”

“And, you didn’t like it?” Tom laughed.

“No.” Jeff started to say until he saw Steve’s and Tom’s smiles. “OK. Maybe a little?” He suddenly broke down laughing.

“How do we do it?” Tom asked Steve.

“When the ladies get into it next week we will strip down to our underwear and join them. They won’t know what hit them.” Steve chuckled.

“How far do we go with the touches?” Jeff asked.

“I’ll turn down the light and it will be so dark no one will know who is touching whom.” Steve replied. “They started it by touching Jeff, so it will just be payback. We will be ready for the next panty challenge.”

The men all shook hands.

Sex that night was wilder than the previous Monday night. As Steve and Ann lay naked in bed exhausted Steve asked, “So, will we get an encore next week?”

“Maybe.” Ann giggled. They both fell off to sleep thinking about wrestling. Not Pro Wrestling.

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