tagGay MaleMoney Slave Ch. 01

Money Slave Ch. 01


*Note to the readers:

This is a gay, non-consent story- if that makes you uncomfortable, please don't read! Thank you for those who are as perverted as me, who will read it! The chapters are kind of short but I already have three chapters written! This one is spilling out of me like... Well, I'll leave that to your imagination. Enjoy! ;) **


Bright lights flooded his vision, chains clanked around his ankles, rough calloused hands held his wrists tightly behind him, murmurs of people as they inspected him like you might a car or a thoroughbred horse. An object. That's what he was now. Something to be purchased, owned, and used.

"What we have next is a young college aged man, a little older than we usually have. Even at 18 years old, he has delicate skin and a rare, high quality face," he said as he pushed his light brown hair aside to reveal soft, child-like features "He is also completely untouched."

The hands on his wrists yanked him back, causing him to fall back, his legs spread so the onlookers could view him.

The bidding started at 50 million and people rapidly began screaming numbers.

55! 60! 65! 70! 75! ... 80! 85!

100 million!! A man screamed from the sea of people.

"I hear 100 million!" He paused waiting for any additional bids. "100 million going once!... Going twi-"

"120 million." A low, calm voice. "In cash."


Eren awoke, his large blue eyes fluttered as he came around. He pressed his hand to his forehead, releasing a soft groan.

"You're awake."

The man was large even as he sat beside him. He towered over Eren, a large hand planted on each side of his waist. He had hardened brown eyes, so dark, that we're almost black. His hair was cut short, dark like his eyes.

"Ow." Eren winced as he squeezed his eyes shut.

"Shit. Those bastards used drugs... Should I call for a doctor?"

"No. I'm alright... Sorry, I-" Eren started.

"Why are you apologizing?"

"I don't-... Um... Thank you." He smiled up at the man kindly. "You... You saved me."

He shuffled uncomfortably "Uhh...yeah. Wait, you don't remember?"

Eren rubbed his forehead gingerly.

"I... I was just walking home and then... Then I was forced into a car... I-" he gasped, springing you from the bed clumsily. He tripped over the blankets that were wrapped around his legs, nearly faceplanting onto the floor.

The man caught him, easing him back to the bed.

"Theres still drugs in your body" he noted.

"I'm sorry, I must be dizzy... My cousin, Mark, he was with me in the car... they might still have him!"

"Mark... Ahhh, yes. You must be talking about Mark Owens?"

Eren perked up, "You know him?"

"I know him quite well..." he muttered as he shuffled through his briefcase.

"Are you his friend?" Eren asked innocently.

The man shoved a manilla folder into his hands. "Here."

The man began removing his tie slowly, dragging it down the collar of his shirt as he spoke.

"Your cousin is a customer of mine. You see, I work with money. Mr. Owens attempted to run after loaning 3 mill from me. Dumbass thought he was a hot shot who could run with the big dogs and was swindled for all he's worth. Which incidentally, isn't much. Probably why he auctioned you off. To settle his debt." He stated harshly.

"So... That means he.. they'll auction him off too?" Eren said, panicked.

The man scoffed. "There's no one bizairre enough to want to buy him. There are other ways to make money off a man... liver, kidney, corneas... Sell those on the black market and you'll make a little."

"I have go save him!" Eren tried to stand again, heading for the door. The man's hand closed over his small wrist, completely encircling it.

"You're kidding me, right? He sold you to save himself!"

Eren struggled against him. "He wouldn't do that! We're family!"

The man chuckled, "and? I've seen many families sell for a lot less than your worth."

"He's my only family...I have to save him..." Eren said as he was being pushed backwards towards the bed.

"Stay away from him. He'll only end up hurting you again, it's for your own good. You'd be better off if he was dead."

"No!" Eren yelled as he pushed back against the man. His hand flew out, scratching the man right under his right eye.

The man stumbled back, bringing his hand to the small scratch. He looked taken aback as Eren yelled at him.

"You don't know anything! You don't know me at all! You're nothing to me!"

"Hah.. you still don't quite understand the predicament you're in do you? We have a bond deeper than blood... I bought you." He growled as he grasped Eren's hands, flipping him backwards onto the bed.

"Ouch!" Eren whined. "You're hurting me!"

The man ripped his shirt open with one swift movement. He clutched the front of Eren's pants, dragging them down slowly, grazing down in-between his legs as he removed them. Eren let out a choked moan, his eyes widening in embarrassment as well as fear.

"You do realize, you were sold as merchandise. And now you're mine to use as I please." He grinned wickedly.

"Use?" Eren managed to squeak out as the mans tongue flicked out across Erens nipple. His breath hitched in his throat and he stuffed his fist in his mouth to stifle the lewd noises that tried to come out.

"You won't be able to move much until the drugs wear off more anyways. You might as well enjoy this too."

Eren cried out in surprise as he was forced onto his knees, the man had ahold of his arm, twisting it behind his back painfully. Saliva dripped onto the sheets as he panted, gripping the sheets tightly with his free hand.

"They said you were a virgin, so I'll be gentle with you." He said as he poured lube onto his fingers.

Eren gasped as cool fingertips pressed against his ass.

"What are you doing?" Eren cried as his ass gave way to the pressure of the fingers violating him. "This is weird! We're both men. What are you doing this?!"

"You say that, yet you're already hard just from a man touching you back here." He said as he released Eren's arm, reaching around to tap his dick, which was painfully aroused.

Eren clutched the sheets, willing himself not to cum. He would not, could not orgasm from being to being touched this way. His body betrayed him, rocking in rhythm to his captors fingers buried deeply inside him.

He was just seconds from exploding when the man pulled his fingers out, causing Eren to make an embarrassingly lewd sound. He was rolled onto his back, to face the man who was now sucking the juices off his fingers.

Erens eyes widened as he unbuckled his belt and pants, pulling out a monster dick. He leaned over Eren, as he pushed the head into his ass slowly.

"Ahhh..." Eren gritted his teeth as he threw his head back. It hurt. It hurt a lot.

Tears streamed out of the corners of his eyes, trailing down and tickling the inside of his ears.

"Eren." He mumbled as he reached down tenderly, still deep inside him. Eren hissed in pain as the man moved over top of him. The man stroked his hair and began pumping into him slowly. His other hand gripped tightly at Eren's thigh, surely leaving more bruises.

They both grunted and sighed, rocking together, their chests brushing softly. Eren was the first to reach his climax, moaning beautifully as he spurt all over his own chest and face. Eren's muscles tightened around the man, milking his dick as he pushed in to the hilt, cum leaking out of the gorgeous boy's body. Eren curled up into to fetal position, embarrassed to have put on such a lewd show for the man. He didn't want the man to see his flushed face that dripped with his own cum.

The torn shirt was laid over him gently.

"Please... Please let me go." He begged. "Mark, he needs my help-..."

He was interrupted by a devilish chuckle.

"Yeah, sure I can let you go. Once you settle your debt. That includes your cousins debt, as well as the money I used to buy you at the auction. I'll even round down to make it an even 200 million."

"No way..." Eren gasped. There's no way he could ever come up with that kind of money. He'd never seen one million let alone 200 million.

"You're mine until I am paid in full." He paused, rubbing his stubbled chin with his long fingers. "I'll even let you earn it."

He went to the nightstand and pulled out an envelope and threw it on the bed. "500 thousand. Every time.

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