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I would like to think that if I had not been so fucking horny at the time it never would have happened, but who knows. It one of those nights right from the getgo. After dinner, my husband Hank came up behind me and started feeling me up and dry humping the crack of my ass while I was doing the dishes. We wound up grabbing a quickie on the floor of the den. Hank got his rocks off, but as usual he was too fast and I did not. Hank said that he would take care of me later, but first he had a new thingamabob for the car he wanted to install. Here I was, left hanging again. I went and rinsed Hank's goo off in the shower, and got to playing with myself. I got pretty turned on, but I just couldn't make it over the top.

Feeling bitchy mad I dried off and grabbed my robe and went down to the den. I could hear Hank banging on the car out back in the garage. I turned on the boob tube and sat down, half pissed and more than half hot and bothered. I sucked down a beer, reached inside my robe and began diddling my clit. Suddenly I heard a knock at the front door. "Oh shit," I said to myself. I closed up my robe as I walked to the front door. It turned out to be this guy Eddie who works with Hank, standing on the front stoop smiling his smarmy smile at me.

"Hey ", he said, looking me up and down brazenly. "Looking good there Cathy. Is Hank here?"

"Yea, he’s in the garage, working on the 'cuda."

.“Cool,” he responded. “I got something for him.” He was staring down at my tits. I realized that my robe was open to my belly button, showing him a whole lot of cleavage. I felt my face get red, while a warm glow began to grow between my legs. “Oh shit” I thought!

Eddie headed out to the garage, while I grabbed another beer and went back to the TV. I tried to leave myself alone, but Eddie's frank interest in my body had made my case of the hots grow even worse. I turned on the sleaze channel and resumed playing with myself. I wound up with my ass on the edge of the couch, my legs spread out straight in front of me, with one hand pulling on a nipple while the other massaged my clit feverishly, when I heard a sound. It was Eddie, the bastard, standing in the hallway watching me.

"Ooh" he said with a long drawn out sigh. I shrieked and jumped up, pulling my robe around me as best I could.

"You sneaky son of a bitch" I hissed.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

"Sneaking up on me like that," I hissed.

He looked at me with phony sincerity. "I really, really apologize. I had no idea…" he trailed off. "I bet you could use another beer," he said. Without waiting for an answer, he went into the kitchen, returning with a pair of open bottles. He handed me one and took a big slug out of the other. Without asking, he sat down on the other end of the couch from me. I was acutely aware that I was wearing nothing under my silky robe. I pulled it tight around me and curled up into a ball. I was pissed, and I was mortified, but I was also hot as hell.

"Maybe you ought to be getting on home now," I said.

Eddie nodded his head affirmatively, but he didn't move. Instead, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a big fat joint, lit it, took a deep toke and handed it to me. Now if I am not careful, I can get kinda’ wild after a few beers, but give me some grass and I am liable to fuck like a rabbit all night long. With whoever is handy. I did a bit of that in high school. But then I wised up. I knew better than to get stoned in these circumstances. I listen for the sound of Hank working on the car. I heard pops and sputters coming from the garage. I knew that meant he was going to be there for while longer. I took the joint and sucked down a heavy hit. Damn Hank and his quickies.

“Look",” Eddie said, "Hank told me how you are kind of pissed at him because he thinks he can’t afford take you away for your anniversary. I have this idea how you could make a little extra dough to go away with."

“Hank told you about us?” I asked him.

“Oh yea, he tells me everything. You know we are the best of friends. I know all about you two,” he said, with the emphasis on the word all. He rambled on for a couple of minutes about Hank and my personal life, and then asked if I wanted to hear about his plan to help us to get to go on my dream vacation. I was still a little embarrassed that he knew so much about us, but I was curious.

"You know, I have this dream that I get to see what you look under those sexy clothes that you wear. And, I just happen to have had a real good day at the track yesterday. Since you need cash and I have lots of it, I thought maybe I might have a chance to get to see your goodies, providing I was willing to pay you for it." He dug in his pocket and pulled out a brand new hundred-dollar bill, folded once. "This is yours if you just let me see your tits."

I just looked at him in amazement. I couldn’t believe he had asked me that. “You got to be fucking crazy," I said. "How could you ask me that, you being Hank’s best friend and all.”

“Yes I am, but I’ve been admiring you for years and years, and I figure now is my chance,” he said. “You’re always walking around in that skin tight stuff, swinging your ass, jiggling your tits. I remember seeing you walking around at Bimbo Beach in that tiny little bikini, man you drove me nuts. This is a little embarrassing to say, but do you have any idea how many times I have jerked off, imagining what you look like naked? Now I’ve finally got the balls to ask you to show me, and the nice thing is I can help you out too.”

He was right about one thing I do dress pretty sexy sometimes. I like it when men look at me. I know I look real good, so why not flaunt it. Hank didn’t seem to mind so why should I.? “I couldn’t do that, it just wouldn’t be right,” I told him. “What if Hank found out? He would get real pissed at you and me both. Besides what makes you think you have the right to see my tits?” I asked.

“Mister C note here says I have the right,” he replied.

I had to admit that he had a point. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I could think of plenty of uses for the money. Like the trip that Hank had promised me, or that dynamite dress I had just seen at the mall. Still, I couldn’t believe he was actually asking me to show him my tits, and still worse, I couldn’t believe I was thinking about maybe doing it. And with Hank right out back in the garage. I thought to myself, now what do I do?

“It would be really wrong to do that, almost like cheating," I stated.

“That’s what makes it so good,” he replied, grinning his slimy grin.

I took another hit on the joint. I was feeling pretty high. With all this talk about me showing off my tits, and the fact that I was already so horny anyway, I thought to myself, awe fuck it, maybe I will do it. Besides, it is only letting him see my tits. He wouldn’t be the only guy to see my boobs besides Hank. I have dropped my top out by the pool in back and let the guy next door get a cheap thrill. And there is this guy at work who I let see down my top a time or two. It’s not like I was going to let Eddie touch me or anything. If I hadn't been so fucking horny I don't think I would have ever considered doing it, but I was really horny, and gradually I realized that I wanted to give him the show he was looking for. Even if I felt guilty later, and even if he got off on it, well so what. I was horny, and it was all Hank’s fault.

I even thought I might get off on it too. Maybe it would help me get off better later with Hank. I listened for Hank again. The bad noises were still coming from the garage. “OK, here,” I said as I quickly pulled open the top of my robe and let it slip off my shoulders so I did not have time to chicken out. My nipples were getting hard as rocks. Eddie stared at my tits with this hungry look, and this tingle shot through my crotch. This was hot. He’s looking at my tits, he’s staring at my fucking naked tits I thought to myself. I let him get a really good look. I could feel my nipples getting really, really hard. Finally I shut my robe back up.

He just looked up at me and smiled with this silly grin.

“Are you happy now?” I asked him.

“Well yes. You have gorgeous tits. But you know what? I have another hundred in my pocket, and it’s also yours if you let me see your ass.”

I was getting so fucking horny it was unreal. “My ass? Sure, why not, it’s just an ass.” I had mooned lots of people free for nothing, so why not. I turned around, leaned forward and lifted the back of my robe above my ass.

“Oh yes. That’s one sweet ass,” he said with a throaty growl.

“You really like my ass, don't you?” I asked. I wiggled it back and forth for him, and then I put my robe back down.

“Oh if you only knew how I’ve fantasized about how good your ass looks, baby, and boy was I on the mark.” He said.

“So are we done, do you think you have enough jack off material now?” I asked.

“Well I do have another hundred in my pocket.” He said.

“For what?” I questioned, half nervous, half excited at what he would ask for next.

“For maybe you would open up the front of your robe all the way?” He asked.

“You want to see my pussy for just a hundred bucks?” I questioned. “Isn't that a lot more personal, don’t you think?”

“Well if you think about it, that makes three hundred smackers all together for just a few seconds work, and that’s not bad,” he stated.

I thought for a second, and said “ Yea….it’s good money, But I never let no one but Hank see my pussy since we got married.”

“Yea, but you are such a hotty. I really want to see your pussy. Please, please show me.”

I wondered if he had any idea how hot I really was. “God I can’t believe I’m gonna do this” I said as I opened my robe and let him get a good long look at all of this here married women’s body.

He just grinned and stared at my pussy. I keep it trimmed so I can wear a thong bikini. I could feel my juices running down my leg. I was feeling very, very horny, God why couldn’t my husband have got me off before Eddie came over. I closed my robe, and said, “there, are you happy now?”

“Yes very happy, but now my balls ache,” He said. “You know I’m gonna jerk off when I get home. Is it ok if I do it here while you watch me do it? It would be so hot if you watched me jerk off.”

“You are serious? You want me to watch you jack yourself off,” I asked.

“Oh yes. I’m so fucking horny, and I want you to see how hot you got me,” he said. “I got to jerk it off, please watch me cum,”

I never saw a guy jerk off before, and being curious and horny besides, I really wanted to see it. “Ok, sure, go ahead. It won’t bother me none,” I said. I figured me looking at someone else jerking off isn’t cheating so I really don’t mind doing it. “Where are you going to shoot your cum?” I asked.

“Give me a few paper towels,” he said as he started to undo his fly. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a few towels, and when I got back his cock was out and standing tall, and he was stroking it. It was a pretty big one, with a large red knob at the end.

I was shocked he was really doing it. ‘I can’t believe your really jerking off in front of me,” I said.

“I told you I had to,” he said. “Can you stand in front of me, and watch?” He was leaning against the wall by the front door, stroking his cock up and down slowly. I walked in front of him, and just stared at his hand going up and down.

“Look" he said,” for another hundred will you do it for me?”.

"Shit no I won't. Fuck, I’m married, Hank’s right out back, I just can’t, I can’t.” I said. My right hand wavered over his cock. I wanted the feel of a silky soft, warm, rock hard rod in my hand so fucking bad.

“Come on, you are a nurse aren’t you? You give sponge baths to guys all the time, and stroke their cocks, so why not mine?” he asked.

“I am washing them, not jerking them off.” I said.

“Come on; please, trust me it will only take a minute.” He pleaded. “What you’re telling me is that your patients never get hard while you are cleaning their cocks?”

“No, they are not in that state of mind if I have to do it for them,” I told him. Which wasn’t entirely true. Sometimes I diddle the guys a little if I feel like it and they are nice.

“Well I’m in that state of mind, and it’s your fault, you gotta do it. Please!” he pleaded.

“I can’t,” I said weakly. Truth is, seeing his cock all hard and swollen was a real turn on. I wondered what his rod felt like.

“Please, another C note is in it for you if you do,” he said still stroking his cock.

I felt myself giving in to my desires. Slowly I reached for his dick. “This is so wrong,” I weakly whispered to him in a real guilty tone. I looked at his thick and throbbing cock and knew I wanted to feel it in my hands.

“You promise not to tell Hank?” I asked softly.

“Oh yea like I’m gonna tell him that you gave me a hand job” he muttered softly. So I slowly reached out and touched the tip of his cock with my fingers, it jumped at my touch. Then I slid my hand around his cock and down the length of his shaft, enjoying the feeling of the smooth, soft skin. It was a nice cock, so big and hard and hot. I started to move my hand up and down the length of his shaft, and rested my other hand on his hips. Starting to stroke him a little faster, his hips started to thrust to meet my hand. His moans were getting louder as I jerked him off.

"Hush" I said. "You really don't want Hank to hear."

“Can you open your robe again?” He asked. I just kept stroking at his cock with my hand. The skin was so soft and smooth. I reached down and opened my robe. I just didn’t care anymore at this point. I let my robe fall open showing him my pussy and tits.

“Oh yea,” He whispered still thrusting his hips.

“Can I feel your tits; please,” he asked.

“Yes,” was all I could say. His hand came up and cupped my left tit. He squeezed it and played with my nipple, then he started to really rub them. This shot tremors all through my body, and straight to my pussy. I was so fucking horny that my knees got weak. Damn Hank for not getting me off. This is so wrong I thought, but too late now, I want a cock in me right now, I can’t stand it anymore. I’m looking at his cock and thought fuck it, I have gone this far, why the hell not. I dropped to my knees and kissed the tip of his cock, then licked it around.

"I didn't know the hundred got me a blow job too" he said.

"It don't" I answered. "This one's on me.” I ran my lips up and down the length of his meat. I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck him off. Up and down on his cock I went, faster and harder. I sucked him for all I was worth. I cuddled his balls with my other hand and let his dick slip deep down into my throat. He grabbed me by the ears, his hips were thrusting his cock deep into my mouth, so I stopped moving and let him fuck my face. He was moaning, his cock driving deep down my throat. I could hear myself gurgling as his cock filled my throat. I fought the gagging sensation. God, I thought, I hope Hank doesn't catch us.

My fingers slid down my body and into my pussy, pushing in and out, matching the rhythm of his cock. Two, three fingers now, my pussy soaking wet as I sucked his cock and fingered myself. Suddenly Eddie pulled his cock out of my mouth, and pushed me back onto the couch. He came between my legs and rammed his cock deep into my aching cunt in one hard thrust. Oh god I came right then and there. He was humping me for all he was worth, and I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. He put my legs over his shoulders and rammed his cock into me real hard and fast. I could tell he was ready to cum when he started to grunt and sweat real badly.

His grunts got higher in pitch, and his pumps were shorter in stroke. He pulled his cock out of me and shot thick hot streams of cum all over my chest, and neck, and stomach. He threw my legs off like he didn’t have a minute to spare, and crawled up my body and stuck his cock between my tits and fucked them for a few minutes. He took it out and stroked it again, and came on my face and mouth. He came twice, I thought only women could cum like that. He stuck his cock in front of my mouth, so I opened it and stuck my tongue out at it to taste his cum, and he shoved it into my mouth. I really did not want to do it anymore but what can you do. I licked and sucked him until his hips stopped twitching, then he pulled it out and slid off my chest.

“Oh, shit. Mother fucking shit. Baby you are so fuckin' hot,” he said, panting. Just then I heard Hank's car begin to roar smooth and steady. "Shit" I said, "he's got it running. He'll be up here soon." Ed was pulling up his pants and panicking like me. I wiped off his cum from my face with the paper towels he had never used, and closed up my robe. I started to push him towards the door, “go, go, go,” I said.

“I’ll talk to you later,” he responded. I shut the door, and took a deep breath not believing what I had just done. I snuck into the bathroom and cleaned off. I realized that after all that I had forgotten to get the money.

I have to admit it was the best fuck I have had in years. I haven’t fucked Eddie again, but I flash him now and then when Hank isn't looking. Sometimes I let him cop a feel or give his cock a quick squeeze. Oh yea, I had to jerk him off one more time to get my money, and he came all over my new jeans. I don’t think I’ll let him fuck me again.

Well who knows, maybe someday? Maybe he will have another good day at the track.

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