Money Talks


I had started a job working in the porn industry at the age of twenty-two. By this time I was five feet and six inches with a slender build, light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. My perky 36c tits were what had the producer of the movies approach me one day as I was shopping. My boyfriend, Conner, was okay with this idea if I only had sex with girls and that was exactly what the producer had in mind. Besides, Conner with his masculine and muscular build, dark brown hair and light brown eyes, knew he was the only one for me.

I went to work that morning like any other. Robin and I, my co-star, were writing our own script which the producer would then over look to make sure it sounded good. As we wrote our script he came into the room and asked to speak with me privately.

"I was wondering if your boyfriend would like a job. Here's what I was thinking..." And he explained the situation to me in full. I knew my boyfriend would not be okay with it one bit and yet the producer offered me $5,000 just to get him to do the one show, and on top of that he would be paid as well at the end. Being the money hungry girl that I was, I had to accept the challenge.

The day went on as usual. When I returned home I sat down with Conner and asked if he'd like to come with me to work. They needed men to model nude for their websites home page. Conner didn't mind the idea one bit and agreed that tomorrow he would join me at work. I gave him an awkward smile and a thank you kiss and then went to prepare us dinner.

When at work I walked off to prepare for a show I would be doing with the gorgeous Robin. Robin was twenty-four with 32B tits but a well curved body and ass. She had brown curly hair that went passed her shoulders and green eyes that amazed anyone who saw her. Performing with her was an absolute blast. The girl really knew how to make me cum. Sometimes it was hard to last as long as the producer, Tommy, wanted me to. The way her tongue moved over my clit and the way her fingers maneuvered inside of me. Ah, it was a feeling like no other.

Meanwhile, Conner was modeling for his nude pictures. As he was doing so a man approached him. He was fully clothed but it was apparent that he was very well built with blonde hair and blue eyes. The man was an absolute catch. Conner watched the man approach and wondered what was going on as a second was came from his other side, holding ropes in his hand. This man was also blonde with blue eyes but a much more slender body.

"Conner, I'm Mark and I have an offer you can't refuse. I'll hand you eight-thousand dollars if you let me suck your cock for a short film." Mark looked Conner dead in the eyes to show him how serious he was.

"Look dude, I'm not gay." Conner said with an awkward chuckle.

"Neither am I. It's just for the money." Mark's voice remained serious.

It took Conner a few minutes to think this over but he decided as long as he didn't have to suck dick, it wouldn't be a big deal. He finally agreed with a nervous look on his face. Mark then discussed how Conner would be tied up in the film as if he were a victim. Conner nodded his head but said nothing. He watched the cameras and lights roll up and everything get organized. The plain white wall behind him that he was modeling in front of remained but they put furniture behind him to make it look like a house. Conner was instructed to lay down on the floor. His arms were put behind him and his wrists tied. Then a contraption he had never seen before was brought out. It was a pole that was attached to his ankles and kept his legs spread apart.

"What the fuck is that for?" He inquired as they snapped it on. Conner laid on his stomach, looking behind him and trying to wiggle even slightly free but it was no use at all.

"Relax. Just for show." Mark lied to him.

Tommy the producer gave a thumbs up and Mark whispered from off camera that they were rolling. Conner doing as he was told looked around nervous but the nerves were real. He really did feel like a victim all of a sudden. But the money was flashing in his mind and he knew very well that him and his girlfriend Jenna needed the money. And as Mark walked on set and began to strip, Conner gulped. He was given directions on how to be but not what lines to say. However, Conner was quick to think.

"Who, who the fuck are you!" he yelled at Mark.

Mark sneered down at the masculine man tied up on his floor. He was fully undressed now and stroking an already hard and eager seven inch cock. He walked closer and closer to Conner behind getting on his knees on the ground, directly in Conner's face. It was then that Conner realized he'd been lied to. His cock wasn't getting sucked. He was going to be forced to suck cock.

"Fuck you man! Get away from me!" Conner yelled. This wasn't him acting he was being very serious, but they used that happily as him acting it out. This was the plan after all. The plan that Jenna had helped set up.

Mark didn't move away of course. He waved his cock in front of Conner's face. He rubbed his head over Conner's lips and laughed. "Bite it and I'll slice that dick off from between your legs."

Conner was really nervous now. He couldn't tell if Mark was lying or not. Besides, he wanted that money. No, he needed it. Conner had been struggling since losing his job and he knew Jenna hated it very much. So he did the only thing he could think of doing. He gulped and tightly shut his eyes and opened his mouth ever so slightly. He could feel Mark pressing his cock into his open mouth, forcing it even more open. Seven inches felt longer than ever before as Mark slid every single inch into Conner's throat. He had to gag. Turned on, Mark behind to thrust his hips back and forth. This caused Conner to choke even more. He felt the seven inch cock pushing up against the back of his throat. Then he felt mark's hand push Conner's jaw upward, basically demanding that his lips latch tightly onto the dick in his mouth. So Conner did just that. His lips moistened the cock as it slid back and forth inside his mouth. Mark groaned in pleasure. But suddenly he stopped and Conner opened his eyes.

"Now this is going to hurt a little." Mark said with a sneer. Just then he felt the other man from earlier who had carried the ropes earlier, behind him. He was rubbing lube on Conner's asshole. Conner struggled, wiggling side to side with a look of pure panic in his eyes.

"Don't you dare! I'll fucking kill you!" Conner screamed in rage. Mark put his hand over Conner's mouth and laughed, watching the full grown twenty-six year old man struggle. It was quite amusing as well as a major turn on for both of the men in the show.

The other blonde, a man by the name of Mickey, had finally covered his own sick inch dick in lube as well as Conner's asshole. He kept some on his finger so that he could slide his finger inside of Conner's virgin back door. Conner struggled and yelled into mark's hand. He wanted this to end. This wasn't what he agreed to at all. Was the money even worth it? As he felt the index finger slide in and out of his asshole, he couldn't seem to get away and soon he was relaxing. Or maybe he was just too scared to move. When he felt Mickey's cock's head outside of that tight virgin asshole he shut his eyes as tight as he could. He prepared himself to be stretched wide open. His teeth even gritted together as sure enough the six inch dick slid into his asshole inch by inch. The first inch was the worst of all. He felt Mickey pressing hard to force it inside. Mickey let out a long groan of satisfaction when he got his head in. from there the pain wasn't as bad, but it remained. Conner couldn't bear to open his eyes. Even when mark released his mouth he couldn't seem to scream for help either.

He felt Mickey thrusting inside of him. His motions were slow but they still made his asshole burn in pain as it was stretched. Conner only opened his eyes when he felt mark's cock on his lips. Gulping down his pride he opened his mouth and allowed the dick inside. Now from both ends he felt his holes being stretched and intruded. He closed his eyes and accepted his fate as both men began to hump with more force. Conner grunted in pain and disgust as he felt the two dicks sliding in and out of him. While he was forced to suck Mark's cock he closed his eyes again and tried his hardest to ignore the pain of the dick sliding in and out of his ass. But the pain was too much. Conner was grunting and groaning is discontentment. He felt Mickey's hands on his hips as Mickey thrusted even harder. He wanted to cum inside of Conner's now used up asshole.

Mark was getting close too. And Conner could tell when the man was about to cum as mark began to let out more and more moans of pleasure. He then felt the cock begin to pulse and tense inside of his mouth. Mark ceased his thrusts and shoved his cock as far down Conner's throat as he could. Conner could feel mark's balls against his chin and he gagged and choked. It was no use though. That seven inch cock was staying where mark placed it deep down his throat as he shot off his load into Conner's mouth. Thankfully, Conner didn't have to taste a thing as it went directly down his throat. Still, Conner choked and struggled a bit. This only made the pain in his back end grow so he laid still and defenseless.

Mark pulled out and patted Conner on the cheek like a little bitch. "Thanks." And he walked off camera.

Meanwhile, Mickey was going faster and harder than before. Conner couldn't help but to get tears in his eyes as he felt that cock stretching his burning asshole wide open. He opened his mouth as he struggle to breathe and his grunts became more loud and agitated as the pain grew and grew. But Mickey wouldn't stop until he was done. The thrusts were hard and he held himself deep inside that tight asshole for a moment before moving back then forcing himself deep inside again. He held Conner's hips upward and pulled him back as he thrusted forward. Conner finally let out a scream of pain. Oh how this turned Mickey on. He couldn't hold back any longer. Only eight minutes in and his cock was tensing up greatly. He grabbed his balls with one hand and pulled Conner's hips back with the other. His cock was as deep as it could go inside of Conner's tight and now beat red asshole. Conner screamed again with closed eyes as Mickey's load shot inside of that back hole. Mickey moaned and closed his eyes but in pleasure. His head tipped back as he squeezed his balls and thrusted a little bit more. He wanted every last drop out. When that was done he smiled, patted Conner's asshole gently and slid himself out. He walked off, leaving Conner there, laying in pain and disgust.

"Cut! Fantastic! Great job, Conner!" Tommy was screaming from the darkness. He couldn't see the bastard but he knew he hated him already. Meanwhile, a couple of men ran on set to untie Conner and hand him his clothes. He threw them on quickly and just as he pulled his last shoe on a man stepped forward and without a word handed him eight-thousand dollars in cash. The man walked away and Conner stood there, staring at all of the money.

"Again, same time, tomorrow? This time you'll be having sex with your Jenna. No one touches you." A man said.

Conner turned to finally see tommy who walked over with his girlfriend jenna. She smiled sheepishly. He knew she had set this entire thing up. It was a gut feeling that wouldn't go away. But as he felt the stack of money in his hands he didn't know how to feel. Even the pain in his asshole was sort of worth the quick cash.

"No one touches me?" He inquired.

"Well, a girl might lick your balls while you fuck me. But that shouldn't be a problem, right?" Jenna said with a laugh.

"Same time tomorrow." Conner stated bluntly and walked off and towards the door.

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