tagInterracial LoveMonica and Alex Ch. 02

Monica and Alex Ch. 02



I hope this is more to your liking. I tried to make it longer and more detailed as requested.

~Special thanks to NiaP for all of her help, couldn't have done this without her. =)


Alex was angry and decided to cut his walk short. He went back to his dorm room fuming. 'Who does she think she is commenting on what I'm wearing? What a bitch!' he thought to himself.

He finally arrived back to his room, which thankfully he didn't have to share. Each wall was covered in sports posters and everywhere you looked were rock CDS. He probably had every rock CD known to mankind. He collected music obsessively. He loved his room. It was pretty functional, but when he and his friends weren't hanging out it was a place to study, crash and bring chicks. He was relieved that no one was there and could see him this worked up. They would have given him hell.

Though he was pissed he couldn't stop thinking about her and how beautiful she was. She was not the typical girl Alex typically went for, but there was just something about her. He hadn't seen that much of her to begin with her long dark curly hair, large breasts that strained against her sweatshirt, nice full lips...'I wonder what they would feel like on mine, or better yet...what they would feel like wrapped around my...FUCK!'' he cursed to himself.

Never had he gotten this worked up over any one girl in particular.

'I couldn't care less if I ever see her again! Even if she is beautiful, her attitude is something I could do without.' he thought.

Eventually Alex drifted off to sleep with the mysterious "Bag Girl" in mind and that damn dream.


Monica was rooted to the spot that he had left her in, confused for a moment on what happened.

'What was his problem? He had some nerve being angry when he's the one who practically knocked me over,' she thought becoming a little angry herself.

'I must look like an idiot!' she said to herself once the shock wore off, realizing she was still standing there.

Deciding to call it a night, she headed over to her dorm room. She hated her room and all the 12-year-old girly décor; everything was pink and fuzzy. Her roommate had taken over the entire room including her side; all she had left was a dresser and a bed, which she kept as neatly as possible. Monica was relieved to see that her roommate, Nicole, who she secretly hated, wasn't back yet. Sure she was hot, she would give her that: she had long blonde hair, green eyes and a body that any plastic surgeon would recommend. But Nicole was dumb. How she managed to get into any college, especially NYU, was a complete mystery to her.

'She had to be fucking someone!' Monica laughed to herself as she tossed her bags into the only corner of the room Nicole hadn't managed to yet claim.

Exhausted, Monica barely managed to get out of her clothes before collapsing into bed. Her mind drifted back to the stranger in the sandals. She decided to call him Sandal Guy, since she knew she was going to be fantasizing about him for some time.

'God was he hot' she thought. The way he had lazily pulled his dark brown, shoulder length hair into a ponytail. 'I wonder he would look with his hair down or how it would feel as I combed my fingers threw it'.

She laughed as she remembered what he was wearing. 'Good thing he wasn't wearing more,' she thought happily remembering his tall, muscular body. 'But I definitely want to see more.' She smiled barely able to keep her eyes open.


~Day of the party~

Alex awoke to his alarm going off. He hated the damn thing, but without it he knew he could sleep all day. Reaching over he turned it off. Kicking off his covers he glanced down at his raging hard on. He was already late for practice, but decided to take care of it in the shower.

All Alex could think about while in the shower was his mystery girl. He grabbed he soap working it into a thick lather. He reached down and grabbed his stiff cock, stroking it furiously.

He imagined her on her knees in front of him as he as he fucked her hot, wet mouth. He could feel her teeth softly raking over his sensitive head. She sucked him into her mouth, her tongue moving restlessly and persistently over his dick. She started to suck harder, his hips moving to her bobbing head, driving his dick deeper into her mouth. 'Oh fuck!' he groaned loudly before exploding on the shower floor.

After finishing up in the shower, he dressed quickly, putting on his grey sweats and his NYU violet and white practice jersey. Throwing on his worn sneakers he left for the gym.

When he got there, he saw his buddy Frank shooting some hoops. Frank was 6'2" and a bit on the lanky side. He always played the poetic, charming card. The ladies loved him because they thought he was sweet that is until he got what he wanted. They were partners in crime. Frank always had his back on and off the court.

"Hey Bro, what's up?" Alex said while snatching the ball from him.

"Waiting on you, man."

"What, you guys can't start without me?" he laughed tossing the ball back to Frank.

"You've been late for the last two practices, everything cool?"

"Yeah, I just had to take care of something," Alex said casually.

"Something or someone?" Frank asked with his eyebrow raised.

Alex smirked, getting Frank off of his tail for awhile.


Monica awoke to the sound of banging at her door. Startled by the noise she got out of bed, ready to curse out whoever was there. She flung open the door, but before she could get a word out Gina and Amber shoved their way in.

"Wow! Nice!" Gina shrieked, staring at Monica. "Is this how you greet everyone who comes to your door?"

Monica looked at her confusion, while Gina sized her up. Following her gaze she looked down realizing that she was only in her bra and panties.

Gina was 5'5", with dark skin and short brown hair that she kept closely cropped. She was a little on the chubby side, but what she lacked in looks she had in style. When Monica first met her, Gina was flirting shamelessly with another girl. Monica laughed out loud at the lameness of the girl's so-called pick up line and in doing so got her attention. Even though she wasn't into girls for some reason she found it cute when moments later Gina attempted to hit on her so decided to keep her around.

"Come on Monica! Get dressed." Amber whined bring her back to the present.

"Why? The party isn't until later and I would like to get back to sleep."

Monica stared at Amber for a moment. 'Why are we friends again?' she wondered

Amber was the most intriguing addition to their group. Not only because she was white, but because she was stunning. Monica and Gina were cute, even pretty, but Amber was really heart-stoppingly beautiful. She was 5'9", had olive skin, honey colored eyes, long jet-black hair with short bangs and an amazing set of legs. Amber was usually a good friend, except when things didn't go her way.

"We want to go exploring that's why."

"Exploring? What is that, code for something?" Monica wondered aloud.

"She means a tour of our school, girl." Gina laughed.

"Why would I want to go exploring? I already go here," Monica said climbing back into bed and slipping under the covers.

"I bet you haven't been anywhere on campus except your classes and this room." Amber yanked the covers from off of Monica.

"Fine," Monica said after taking a moment to think about it. "I guess I should know where at least the library is."

"Come on, sometime today, Monica," moaned Gina.

Monica got out of bed, grabbed her towel, a change of clothes and headed for the showers.

She draped her towel on the rack stopping to look at her self in the mirror. She slowly peeled off her lace bra and matching underwear while examining herself as she gently ran her fingers up and down her naked body.

"Mmm" Monica moaned giving both her large breasts a light squeeze, feeling that familiar tingle down in her pussy. With her thumb and index finger she pinched and pulled her erect nipples away from her body. "Ooh!" she gasped at the sensation. She trailed her hand over her stomach and back down again slowly inching her way to her wet pussy.

Lifting her right leg, resting it on top of the sink so she could get a better look.

Her fingers traced down to her lips. "Oh God!" She whimpered as her fingers brushed her clit slowly .Thoughts of last nights encounter with the hottie in sandals came rushing back. She imagined him watching her while she played. She stuck her middle a finger in her tight hole. "Mmmhhhhmmm... Sooo good!" she moaned quietly as her other hand worked furiously over her nub.

Monica's breath quickened as she threw her head back in one long sigh of release. She waited until she stopped shaking. She showered quickly and dressed in her favorite blue denim jeans with a white spaghetti strap tank top, throwing her wild curls into a loose bun.

She went back to her room to fetch the girls. "Okay!!" she yelled opening the door, "We can go now."

Amber looked at her in shock, "Where are you going looking like that?"

"We're not going anywhere special, right? Why should she get all dressed up?" Gina chimed in.

"It is just a tour right?" Monica added looking at Amber suspiciously.

"Yeah, fine." Amber said 'If she wanted to wear what she had on at least she wasn't any competition in her quest to have Alex'. She sighed happily as they left the room.


"So we've seen the pool, your precious library and pretty much everything else." Amber said jokingly. "Let's go see the gym!"

Barely making it to the front door Monica heard sounds coming from the gym. "Should we be here? I think there are people in there."

"The basketball team is having practice." Amber replied.

"Why do you think she wanted to go "exploring", the only thing she wants to explore is that Adam guy and he's on the team?" Gina said laughing.

"Uh his name is Alex not Adam and so what?" Amber said, annoyed at Gina's comment.

Monica laughed. "Who's Alex?"

"WHO'S ALEX!?" screeched Amber. "Only the hottest, most popular guy on campus."

"You had me at hot!" Monica smiled. "Let's go check it out."

"Yeah, but this one is mine" Amber said. Pushing Monica out of the way and grabbing the door.

"You are crazy!" Monica laughed and shaking her head and following her inside with Gina close behind.

'Nice looking team'. Monica though, checking out the players with their shirts off. Even covered in sweat and looking wiped they were smokin'. She noticed one of the shorter guys checking her out.

"Alright guys, that's enough for today," she heard the coach call out.

"There he is," Amber hissed, breaking her concentration and pointing at Alex, who still hadn't turned around yet.

"Nice ass," Monica smiled.

"ALEX!" Amber shouted trying to get his attention.

He turned around and looked over in their direction. His eyes locked with her.

Monica's breath caught in her throat. 'Oh my God! Sandal Guy'.

"You okay, Monica?" asked Gina

"Yeah, why would I not be ok?" she whispered

"Oh I don't know, because you're practically drooling over here".

"No I'm not." She lied, blushing visibly as Alex continued staring at her openly and smiling.

"Come on guys, I want you to meet him," gushed Amber.

Before Monica could protest, Amber grabbed her hand and started walking over towards Alex.

"I'm good over here." Gina said sarcastically, stepping back and rolling her eyes.


Even though coach called it quits nobody had left yet. Alex was just finishing up when he heard someone calling him. He looked over. Although he wasn't officially seeing Amber, she was hot and he knew she wanted him so figured he would fuck her senseless at the party tonight... then he saw her.

'Bag Girl! Damn, she looked good in just her casual clothes...I wonder what she looks like out of them.' He unconsciously smiled. Not taking his eyes off her for a second. They started to walk over.

"Hey Alex." Amber squealed throwing her arms around him as she pecked him on the lips.

"Hey!" he said smiling, lightly pushing her away while continuing to make eye contact with Monica. "Who's your friend?"

"Oh, this is just Monica." Amber said annoyed.

"Just Monica, nice to meet you!" he said grabbing her hand giving her a looped sided grin. "I'm Alex."

"So I've heard," she said blushing again, thinking about her little masturbation session not too long ago. The feeling she was getting from touching her hand made her a little uncomfortable. She quickly snatched it away. He laughed at her reaction.

"Where are you from?" he asked

"Nowhere fancy," Amber chimed in. "She's from a small town in Georgia."

"Ah small towner, I hear they have more cows then people," he said smirking.

"I hear they have more assholes than people here!" Monica rebutting his sarcasm and already annoyed at Amber's snide comment.

Amber gasped. "Rude much?!"

"Not often enough," she said rolling her eyes at Alex.

Amber quickly grabbed his hand and led him away.

"I'm so sorry; I don't know what her problem is." Amber said leaning into him.

"No worries, it's cool," he said laughingly. Noticing Monica was watching them, he stepped in closer, brushing her cheek. He kissed her lips gently.

Monica rolled her eyes again at his little display and left the gym. Alex pulled away laughing.

"What?" Amber giggled.

"Nothing." He lied.

"Hurry up, Amber". She heard Gina calling out to her.

"Anyway I gotta go; I can't wait to see you at the party later."

"Me either, babe," he said playfully squeezing her ass.

Amber squealed and kissed him again before heading for the exit.

Alex knew he had her; he went back over to where the rest of his team was.
"Too fucking easy" he murmured. Everyone laughed as they headed for the showers.

"Hey man, who was the other girl?" nick asked, stopping him.

Nick is five feet nine, muscular. Easily the shortest guy on there team, just as easily one of the best players besides him and Frank. Frank and Alex had often joked that Nick might gay. After his last girlfriend broke up with him two years ago, he hadn't dated much. His hobbies included working out and pestering them both about the many girls they hooked up with.

"Which one?" he asked shocked being that it was the first time in awhile he had ever seen Nick show interest in any girl.

"You know the other one that Amber came in with"

"The one near the door?" Alex toyed.

"NO IDIOT! The other one you were talking to,"

"Just another slut." Alex said smugly.

"Does she have a name?"

"Yeah, but I don't remember," Alex lied leaving his friend for the locker room. 'What is going on with me? He thought. Even though she wasn't his He didn't like the idea of anyone else with her.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. He ran a couple of errands, and then he and Frank went to pick up a keg.


Monica was grateful to back in her room, too wound up to go back to sleep. 'What the hell was I thinking? What a complete dick! He and Amber deserve each other' she thought kicking herself mentally. 'I don't even know this guy...why I am getting all worked up anyway?' She laughed out loud.

She broke out her laptop, checked her email and played some games. She even called her friends back home. However, all attempts failed to get her mind off of him. Thankfully her stomach growling gave her another chance to seek distraction. She grabbed a sweater, put on her flip-flops and left her room in search of food.

She ended up at her favorite sandwich bar, not too far away. She ordered the cheese steak as usual. They were the best in NY as far as she was concerned, not that she had been to any others. She ate and made small talk with waiter. They'd become friendly since she'd practically lived on their cheese steaks.

Monica left and decided to wonder around a bit, Checking out as many stores as possible. Before she knew it was starting to get dark. She headed back to her dorm room. Knowing that the girls would be showing up at any minute Monica showered quickly, washing her hair. She wrapped a towel or her wet hair and the other over her body snuggly before going back to her room.

"What are you doing with my stuff?" she shouted seeing Nicole toss her things around.

"I need this space" Nicole said ignoring Monica.

"Well you've already taken over almost the entire room already and you're never even here."

"Doesn't matter!" she said. Moving Monica's bags out of the corner and flinging them on to her bed.

"What you need is your own room".

"I agree. Does this mean that you're leaving?" Nicole said almost too excitedly.

"For now," Monica said grabbing her thing and making her way back to the bathroom.

She had to get out of there before she did something Nicole would regret. Standing in front of the mirror, her curls fell down her back as undid the towel on her head. She applied some leave in conditioner to give her hair a little more bounce. She dabbed some lotion on to the rest of her body.

Putting on her dark blue thong and dressed slowly pulling the form-fitting outfit up her body. Monica checked her self out in the mirror. The low 'vee' neck in the front didn't leave much to the imagination making her feel a little self-conscious. This was a huge change from what she was used to wearing. She wondered what her mother would say to her for wearing something so slutty, but since she wasn't back home and her mother was nowhere insight. She decided to go for it. Besides she kind of liked it.

Nicole was nowhere to be found and Amber and Gina were already waiting for her when she got back to her room. Amber had on a mini skirt that barely covered her ass, gold strapless camisole and matching pair gold pumps. Her hair was in a neat pony tail that went all the way down her back. Gina wore a black and white sleeveless baby doll dress with leggings and flat ballerina shoes.

"Okay, lets go!" Monica said finishing off her outfit with her red belt and matching boots.

"WOW! You clean up nicely," Gina said, surveying Monica's outfit.

"Thanks! You guys look pretty spicy too." she laughed.


An hour into the party Alex was already tired of waiting for Amber, but secretly hoping Monica was with her. He decided to grab a drink, when he felt someone hugging him from behind. Thinking it was amber he turned around.

"Wow! Alex hi," she said hugging him again, pressing her plastic tits into his chest.

Alex stepped back. "Hey you," plastering a fake smile on his face, unable to remember her name.

Holding her at arms length Alex took all of her in. She was cute. Tall, blonde with huge tits, what wasn't to like? She had on a blue jeans and a black cut off top, which didn't hide much.

"You here with someone?"

"No one in particular," he said while scanning the room.

"So do you ...."

"Hey Alex!" Amber interrupted pushing the other girl away.

Alex gulped down his beer quickly.

"Oh hey babe," he said calmly, trying to down play the situation. "Do you want a drink? I could use another one... I'll be right back."


Monica and the girls finally arrived. Amber spotted Alex talking to another girl and walked over to him, while Monica followed Gina to the bar.

"Oh God!" She whispered, watching Alex make his way over to the bar.

"What is it, Monica?"

"Alex that's what."

"I think you have a thing for him" Gina laughed

"I don't..." she stuttered

She felt her body jerk forward causing Gina's drink to spill on her.

"What the fuck!" She cursed.

"Shit. I'm sorry," Alex said barely looking at her.

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