tagLoving WivesMonica Ch. 01 of 02

Monica Ch. 01 of 02

byJust Plain Bob©

I'd just finished installing a state of the art computer system in one of the local nightclubs and Toby, the owner, had invited my wife and I to be his guests for dinner and drinks on Saturday night. He had a new band that would be starting that night and they were heavily into the "Golden Oldies" and Toby thought that my wife and I would enjoy dancing to their music. Dinner was great and following dessert I switched from wine to vodka and my wife Monica started on margaritas and both of us were feeling pretty good when the band started. About ten minutes before the band started I saw my cousin George enter the club and I waved him over to join us. I was glad to see him because Monica loved to dance with him and that would take some of the heat off me. I'm okay on most slow dances, but I looked like a drunken sailor when the pace picked up. George, on the other hand, was a dancing fool and he would be out on the floor from the time the band started until they stopped. During the middle of the band's second set Toby asked me to join him in his office for a few minutes. I asked George to keep Monica company and I followed Toby upstairs to his office.

Toby owned three other clubs in the city and four more in other cities and he was so happy with his new computer system that he wanted the same system put in his other clubs and then he wanted to tie them together into a network. We got to talking specifications, time frames and money and by the time we had hammered out a deal it was just after closing time and I got back to our table just in time to see George getting ready to leave. I didn't see Monica and I asked George where she was. George looked around and said:

"The last time I saw her she was taking turns dancing with the three guys who were sitting over at that corner table" and he pointed at a vacant table.

Monica's purse was still at our table so I knew she was still in the club somewhere and I went looking for her. My first stop was the ladies restroom, but I really didn't expect to find her there. Her purse was still at our table and what woman goes to the bathroom without her handbag? Monica wasn't in the ladies room and I began to think she might have gone outside for a breath of fresh air or maybe she had gone looking for me. Before continuing my search I hit the men's room to take a leak and two guys were in there standing at the urinals and talking. I stepped into a vacant stall and as I was unzipping I heard one guy say to the other:

"You going to the back room?"

The other guy asked why and the first guy said, "Gene and Max have a really boozed up babe in the back of the storeroom. They have been feeding her margaritas all night and they think they have her so fucked up that she'll pull a train. I'm going to give it a shot, how about you?"

The second guy said, "Why not?" and the two of them left the room.

Poor dumb bitch, I thought, she will be bowlegged in the morning and wondering what the hell had hit her.

I checked outside the club and even walked over to our car to see if she might be there, but I couldn't find her. The club was almost empty when I went back inside; the last band member was carrying his guitar case out and the manager was behind the bar counting the nights receipts. George was gone so I went over to our table and picked up Monica's purse and I noticed two guys coming out of a door over by the kitchen. One was pulling up his zipper and when he was done he and the other guy exchanged high fives and then they went out the front door. Curious, I headed for the door they had come out of and found that it opened onto a long hallway that led to two rooms at the end of the hall. I went down the hall and as I neared the end I heard voices from the room on the left.

I entered the room and I found Monica.

She was lying on a low table, skirt up around her waist, her panties dangling from her right ankle and her legs spread wide to accommodate the man between them. Her high heel clad feet were flailing in the air and she was moaning, "no, no, we can't do this, this isn't right" but her hands were on the butt cheeks of the man buried in her pussy and I doubt that he could have pulled out if he wanted to. I hadn't been there half a minute before the man said, "Here it comes honey" and he ejaculated into her. He no sooner stepped away from her that another man moved between her legs and started fucking her. Monica never stopped her moaning her, "No, no, please don't, we can't, it's not right" chant as the man drove into her and her hands came up to clutch him. Some one said, "Shut the bitch up" and a man stepped up and pushed his cock into her mouth. The moans didn't stop, but now you couldn't make out the words.

I'm not a coward, but then I'm no hero either, not when it comes to odds of seven to one. I was forced to stand there and watch as my wife of seven years was gang fucked. An unusual mix of emotions raged through my body; anger, a feeling of betrayal, shame because of my inability to stop what was happening, and yes, sexual excitement. That was the hardest thing to accept - the fact that watching Monica servicing seven hard cocks made my dick harder than I could ever remember. To be brutally honest, at that point in time I wanted to fuck my wife more that I had at any time during the previous year. To be absolutely brutally honest I couldn't understand why all these guys wanted to fuck Monica in the first place.

Monica was a good-looking woman, but she had let herself go over the past two years and she had put on some poundage. I wouldn't call her fat, but she was definitely a step past pleasingly plump, at least to me. Apparently I was the only one in the room that saw her that way and later I came to realize that I saw her the way I saw her because I remembered what she had been before she became the way she was. The more she changed from the woman she was when I married, the more pissed off at her I got until it reached the point that she just did not appeal to me any more. It took a room full of stiff cocks to make me realize that Monica was still a very sexy woman. It also showed me what I had missing by ignoring her for the past year - she was a fucking nymph for that bunch and that was a side of her that I'd never seen, not even in the days when she was the sexpot that I'd newly married.

I was surprised to find that I had taken my cock out and was stroking it as I watched the two men feed Monica their cocks. It took the man in her pussy five minutes to cum and when he pulled out of her the man in her mouth moved to take his place. Another man moved up to push his cock into her mouth and I was surprised to see Monica lift her head and move her mouth to meet the man. Her feet came down on the table and she pushed herself up to meet the man who was pushing into her and her hands came up and grabbed him by the ass and she pulled him to her. Clearly Monica was now into it and she was fucking for the pure pleasure of it. My cock got even harder as I watched my wife pull the train. One by one the men in the room fucked her, shot their loads into Monica's hot receptacle and then either pulled on their pants and left or got back into line for another go at her. One of the men fucked her four times and a couple fucked her three, but finally the last man pulled on his pants and left.

I was just getting ready to go over and mount my wife and fuck her myself when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and I turned to see Toby standing there rubbing his crotch and staring at Monica. In a gesture that later proved to have far reaching consequences I motioned for him to take Monica. As Toby approached her she raised her head and saw me for the first time. I saw her face go white and she began to tense up, but then she noticed the look on my face and her body relaxed. Her eyes never left mine as she spread her legs for Toby and her hands reached up to pull him to her. Toby had a fair sized cock, but no staying power and it only took two minutes to empty his balls. When he had zipped up and gone Monica and I were left to stare at each other. She made no effort to pull down her skirt or close her legs, she just kept her eyes on mine and as I approached her she said in a little girl voice:

"I didn't mean to. I'm sorry, I don't know how it happened, it just did. All I was doing was dancing and having fun. I don't even know how I got here. It just happened. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" but as my pants dropped to the floor she shut up and opened her arms and legs to receive me and I buried myself in the hot sloppy thing that was her cunt.

To be continued...

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