tagLoving WivesMonica Ch. 02 of 02

Monica Ch. 02 of 02

byJust Plain Bob©

We looked at each other across the breakfast table and sipped our coffee. Neither of us wanted to be the first to speak, but both of us had a lot to say and I guess neither of us knew where to begin. Monica had somehow unwittingly become the center piece in a gangbang the previous evening and even though it should have been obvious to her from the way I had fucked her when everyone else had done with her that our marriage was not in danger, she still had cried and begged for forgiveness all the way home. She was still a little red-eyed, but I think that the fact that I couldn't keep my hands off of her when we got home (I fucked her more the previous evening that I had in the previous month - five times) helped convince her that things were going to be fine between us. Finally I broke the silence:

"You never looked sexier than you did last night."

Monica actually blushed when I said that and then she said, "Do you really think so?"

"Absolutely" I replied.

"When?" she asked, "Before, during or after?"

I smiled and said, "You looked great when we left for dinner, but not as sexy as you looked with your legs kicking in the air as those guys fucked you silly. It was awesome. I never would have believed that seeing you that way would make me so hard or make me want to fuck you so badly."

She blushed again and looked down at the table and said in a low voice, "I never would have believed that I would like it so much. I didn't want it to end and I was almost sorry when it did."

Whoa I thought, this conversation was not going the way I had expected. I wanted to let her know that I loved her and that what had happened the previous night wasn't going to change that, but she was saying that she had loved being gang fucked. Was she trying to tell me that she wanted to do it again? And just how did I feel about that? Granted that I had gotten extremely turned on watching her take cock after cock, but that was after having walked in on something already happening - an isolated occurrence. Would I like it as much if it happened again? The rest of the conversation was about how much we loved each other and how neither of us wanted anyone else and then we went back to bed and made love - several times - and neither one of us mentioned it again. At least not then; it was six weeks later before I found out the rest of what that night had caused.

Toby wanted the same system I'd installed in his club put in his other establishments and then to have them connected into a network. The day after Monica's wild night Toby called and told me that he wanted his Kansas City club to be the next one to have the system and so three days later I was on an airplane. I would be gone four days and while four days in Kansas City did not thrill me the money was going to be good. What I would make off of just Toby this year would put me sixty percent ahead of where I was at the same time the previous year.

I was so busy planning Toby's network and considering what it meant to me financially that I did not dwell on much else. I still had not landed in Kansas City when back home the phone rang and when Monica answered it was Toby. He told her that if she had any problems while I was gone that she could call on him and then he asked her if she would care to join him for dinner that night. She had hesitated a moment and then had said no, that she didn't think she should, but Toby kept talking to her and eventually she said yes.

Dinner was great and Toby was a good conversationalist and Monica was enjoying herself. Toby kept her margarita glass full and Monica did not notice that they seemed to get stronger as the night went on. At closing time Toby told her that he would drive her home, that she shouldn't drive with as much as she'd had to drink. He took her up to his office to wait for him to clear up some paper work and when he was done he got up and came around from behind the desk and walked to Monica with his cock exposed and sticking out in front of him. Monica sat mesmerized as he approached her. He stopped in front of her and said:

"Go ahead, touch it."

Monica shook her head no.

"Why not? You know you want it. That's why you came tonight, isn't it?"

Again Monica shook her head no.

"Come on honey, I fucked you the other night so you knew that I'd want to again. Why else would I call so soon? Why else would you accept?" He put his hands on the sides of her head and held her as he leaned forward, "Come on baby, take care of Toby," and he pushed his cock against her lips and Monica kept her mouth closed as Toby pushed against them. "Come on baby, open up and let Toby in. Be nice to Toby and he'll get you a few more cocks to play with. You'd like that, wouldn't you? That's really why you came, isn't it? You want to be gangbanged again don't you? To feel all those cocks again, that's what you really want, isn't that right?"

Monica emitted a low moan and opened her mouth.

Monica woke up the next morning to find Toby in our bed beside her. She didn't remember him bringing her home, but she remembered most of what happened the night before. She had sucked Toby's cock and he had come in her mouth and she had kept on sucking him until he was hard again and then he had fucked her. After cumming in her pussy he had folded out his couch into a sofa bed and she had undressed and lain down while he made a few phone calls. She was sucking his cock again when Dominic, the bar manager, came in and undressed and then fucked her. When Dominic was done Toby fucked her again while she sucked on Dominic's' dick. Toby finished and Dominic slid into her again while Toby left the room only to return a few minutes later with both bartenders, and then there were two waiters, three busboys and finally the Mexican dishwasher. She shook the sleep out of her eyes and saw Toby smiling at her, "You were magnificent last night sweetie," and Monica had said, "Do you really think so?" And then she noticed Toby's erect cock and she leaned over and took it in her mouth.

That night she was Toby's guest for dinner again and after an evening of drinking and dancing she again found herself on Toby's couch being serviced by cock after cock. She remembered eleven, but she knew there were more, or maybe some of them had taken her twice or maybe even three times. Toby didn't even bother to take her home that night and she woke up in the morning on his sofa bed sandwiched between one of the bartenders and one of the waiters. She had rolled over and taken the waiter's cock in her mouth and when he was hard she had mounted him and was riding his cock when Toby came into the room and he had smiled at her and had gone to the phone. By the time the waiter had drained himself into her and the bartender had taken his place Toby was naked and waiting his turn. Toby had used the phone to call some of his friends and by the time Monica had gotten Toby off there were three more men waiting. Monica never got dressed that day; she spent the entire day, the evening, and most of the night on Toby's sofa bed taking on cock after cock after cock. The next morning Toby had driven her home so she could rest up and be ready for my return.


I spent a week working on one of Toby's local clubs and fucking Monica every chance I got. The image of her being gangbanged was always in my mind when I was with her and it kept me constantly hard. The following week I flew to St. Louis to work on his club there. Again, I probably wasn't even off the airplane and Monica was on her way to Toby's and for the entire four days I was gone she was repeated fucked by whomever Toby brought to her. She serviced his employee's, his friends, and his best customers and suppliers. The morning of the day I was due home Toby dropped her off at the house so she could get cleaned up and be ready for my return. I was home for three days and my cock was constantly hard and I just could not keep my hands off of Monica.

It was a weird thing; on my way home I constantly thought of Monica being gangbanged, and when I was home the image of that night was never out of my mind and I was constantly hot for her. But on my way out of town and when I was working on the job she never entered my mind. In fact I never even called home when I was on my trips. Another strange thing was that as much as the image of Monica taking cock after cock turned me on I never gave any thought to her doing it again, nor did the idea ever enter my mind that she would go off and do it on her own - I never even considered the possibility that my wife would cheat on me. After all, that first gangbang was just an isolated drunken incident, right?

The following week I spent working on Toby's last local club and fucking Monica. The following week found me in Denver and Monica back on Toby's sofa bed. Again she was home waiting for me when I got there and we fucked like minks for the entire weekend.

The last one of Toby's clubs that I had to do was in Phoenix. The job was expected to take four days, but I managed to finish it in two and I caught a flight and headed for home. Since I had to pass by Toby's office on the way home I decided to stop and discuss the target date for bringing all the clubs on the network. I breezed through the front door and waved at Ed, the day bartender and wondered why he stopped smiling as soon as he saw me. He hurried to the end of the bar and picked up the phone, but by then I was already heading up the stairs.

When I walked into Toby's office the phone was ringing, but he was too busy to answer it. Toby, two other guys and a woman were naked on the sofa bed and engaged in your classic triple penetration. The woman had one cock in her mouth, one in her ass, and Toby was busy pounding away at her pussy. As soon as I entered the room and saw what was happening I said, "Oops! Pardon me for barging in unannounced," and at the sound of my voice the woman jerked her mouth off of the cock she was sucking and looked in my direction - it was Monica. Toby just looked at me and the other two, probably thinking that I was just the next guy waiting to board the train, just kept pounding away at my wife. Monica was struggling and trying to pull free and crying, "Oh god, oh no, oh no," but I just said, "Don't mind me, I'll just go on down stairs and have a drink."

When I got back to the bar I told Ed to get me a scotch on the rocks. When he set it down in front of me his hand was a bit unsteady and so I said:

"Relax. You tried. He was just too bust to get to the phone."

I noticed that my hand was steady when I picked up the drink and that surprised me because I was steaming inside. I was pissed at Monica, I was pissed at Toby, I was pissed at those other two guys who I didn't even know, and I was pissed at myself for being such a dumb, stupid idiot. I should have known, or at least realized, that Monica had changed on the night of her first gangbang. Her words the next morning should have clued me in. "I didn't want it to end and I was sorry when it did" is what she had said to me. I should have known she'd want to do it again.

A hand fell on my shoulder and I turned to find Toby standing there. "Before you go off on me" he said, "I thought that this was what you wanted and I thought that it was all right with you. You were the one who told me to go ahead that first time."

His words hit me like a fist in the stomach. He was right - I had given him the go ahead to fuck Monica and then I'd stood there with my dick in my hand and watched. Why should he not expect that what happened that night was part of our normal life style? Over his shoulder I saw the two other guys leave and I expected Monica to come down next, but she didn't.

"Are we all right with this?" Toby wanted to know.

"No problem Toby," I mumbled, "We're cool."

I kept watching the stairs, but still no Monica. Was she waiting for me to leave? I didn't know what the fuck to do and finally Toby said, "I think she's waiting for you" and I nodded and finished my scotch. I got up from the barstool and began the long walk up the stairs.

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