tagMatureMonica Ch. 4

Monica Ch. 4


After Marie's call and dinner Monica and I sat on her bedroom floor and started talking about our pasts. I asked Monica how many boys she had had sex with she told me that I was the third person whom she had been with. Her first was about two years earlier when she was a sophomore and her boyfriend at the time was a senior. They and gone to a school dance and on the way home they parked behind a house that was for sale and the people had moved out. It only took him 15 minutes before he had his condom-covered cock in her and took her virginity.

They stayed together for the rest of the year until he left for college. The second was her current boyfriend who attends the community college near by. When she started dating him she had a talk with her mother, Marie, who got her started on birth control pills. But, even with the pill, she still had her boyfriend use condoms for STD prevention. I was the first person who had cum inside her without a condom, only because she trusted me to be clean. She told me that the feeling of my cum added to the pleasure and that is why she wanted sex so much. "You are the first man to treat me like a real women and was concerned about my feelings and climaxes," she added. Then she told me that I was the first person she ever had anal sex with because she had always been afraid, but she knew I would treat her right.

Then Monica asked me how many women I had been with before her. I told her that had been several when I was younger then I got married and was faith to my wife, except for one time with her sister. After I was divorce had sex with two women and then with your mother. I had planed to be faithful to your mother except for you; I wasn't able to control my urges. You are so beautiful, young and sexy that I knew I wanted you from the first day I saw you, and now that I have you, I don't want to give you up. Monica then asked me a question that shocked me.

She wanted to know her mother's favorite sexual position; telling me that she want to have sex with me like that right now. I looked her in the eyes and stood up, telling her I needed to get a toy that her mother liked when she wanted to feel completely filled. With that I when to her mothers room and took a ten-inch purples vibrating dildo from the top of her closet. When I turned, Monica was standing behind me unbuttoning her blouse. "I want to make love on my mother bed tonight," she said. "I want you to have a picture my mother and me, whenever you make love in this bed. I want you to have the best experience you have ever had."

With that we quickly stripped of our cloth and I lay fat on my back in Marie's bed. I guided Monica over my erect cock as I held it against my stomach and lowered her vagina onto the length of the shaft. I didn't let my cock slid into her, but held it against my body. Slowly I started her sliding back and forth keeping it out of her cunt yet held by her ever-moistening labia. As her clitoris slit along my cock she became more excited and increasingly squirted out more of her lubricant. Monica lifted herself enough that we could both watch as our sexual orgasm moved along each other creating the most erotic site I have ever witnessed. When we were both welled lubed I guide her in the '69' position and I brought her to her first orgasm of the evening.

"Now for the answer to your question," I whispered to her, as I rolled her onto her back and moved between her legs. "Your mother likes to put her legs on my shoulders, so I can pick her cunt or ass, or move freely between the two. She likes the dildo in the other opening to fill her completely," I continued. With that I pulled Monica's legs up on my shoulders and moved my mouth down onto her vaginal opening. Slowly I moved my tongue between her labia lips and worked it up and down her eager opening.

When the entrance was wet enough I pressed my mouth and chin into her as far as possible. With the vibrating dildo turned onto low I placed the tip above my mouth on Monica's clitoris and slowly worked the tip down to the opening of her vagina as I withdrew my mouth. When her entrance was clear I pressed the dildo completely into her waiting cunt. As the last part of the 10-inch-vibration dildo disappeared I continued to push it in with my finger. I kissed her labia lips as the closed around my finger completely swallowing the full 10 inches of vibrator. Monica was trashing on the bed, she had never had anything that far up her vagina before and especially something that was vibrating. With the dildo gone I quickly applied K-Y jell to her anal opening and the tip of my erection, pressing my cock into her ass.

With very little effort I entered Monica's anal opening for the second time, feeling the vibrations from her cunt through the thin membrane separating her two canals. While Monica continued the multiple orgasms started by the dildo, I started fucking her ass while I looked straight down at her face, with her legs over my shoulders. In her state of excitement I was not able to last long before I dumped my seed into her tight ass.

As I came she screamed, like I have never heard before, collapsing into near unconsciousness. As she collapsed I dropped to the bed beside her, pulling her into my arms. As her eyes opened slowly she looked at me. "That was the strongest orgasm I have ever had, my muscles are still contracting because of the dildo inside me. I need a dildo like that for myself," she groaned.

After several minutes I move down to her pubic area and with my fingers slowly retrieved the vibrator, still turn on, from inside her swollen dripping vagina. As it slid out Monica cried out with several last climaxes. The strength of these last orgasms emptied the fresh, darkly tinted, sperm from her ass making a large stain on her mother's bed. As I watched her muscles relax and the fluid drain from both of her openings I was once again haunted by the situation I was in, fucking the daughter in her mothers bed, while dating her mother.

Monica brought me back from reality with a request that I get her vibrating dildo of her own. We locked in each other's arms and fell into a deep asleep.

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