tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMoniq's Rude Awakening Ch. 1

Moniq's Rude Awakening Ch. 1


I was searching through my cousin's room. Wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to look for as I browse through the organized room of my friend. I was curious. Curious on the things this guy owned and what he possessions would tell about him. His room was unusually organized. This might be because he was a few years older than I. This was one of the reasons I found him interesting, he was so much more mature and got me out of my isolated boring teenage exclusive female school life.

It was exciting and quite a surprise when I found his dirty magazines under his bed. It was one of the places I wanted to look. I wanted to know his secrets and secrets could only be found by using thinking differently. This disgusted me since I prided my conservatism and virginity as a badge. The only exception was the excitement I got when I was with him was up to now in the form of breaking out of the house, dancing, drinking, getting drunk and returning the next morning to angry parents.

I should have just shoved the magazines back. But my curiosity got the better off me and decided to flip through one. I saw pictures of naked foreigners at an outside setting like department stores, car parks, wild parks, etc. Flipping through I found that the models only had trench coaches that were flashed open while others had only underwear. At this point, my heart was throbbing and jumped instantly due to the noises below. I instantly put the magazines were they were before.

My heart slowly turned back to its calm state when I noticed that no one had come up the stairs yet. My cousin and his female friend still seem to be busy whipping up something to eat before dinner. They had instantly left our game of poker to fill my cousin's growling stomach. I found myself looking around mischievously to find out more about my crush. Then, I saw it. Among the shelves I found a book that was out of place. All the scanned titles had been one of philosophy, theology, or one of those classics.

But one title seemed out of place, it was like a science text book. It was titled " Gross Anatomy". I quickly reached for it. Inside were the pages that had cut in the middle to form a container. And found inside was a video tape. Now, my heart was racing. What could be inside this tape that wanted so much secrecy. I slowly crept down midway through the stairs and tried to find the whereabouts of the two. I found them in the kitchen whipping up a sandwich. They have not gone down long enough for them to come up quickly again so I rushed up back to the room and ran the tape. I was in for a rude awakening.

Inside the tape was I in a drunken state. I had turned down the volume of the television first and was surprise to see myself being undressed by both my cousin and his female friend. My heart bounced as I saw myself unconscious. My cousin reached down and pulled off my shoes. I saw him lift up my legs grabbed behind my buttocks and pulled up my stockings and rolled them off my legs. I saw in horror as he reached down under my skirt and pulled down my panties. They then pulled up my dress to expose everything except the bra that would follow. I stood there looking at the television horrified. All those nights when we were enjoying each other's company, something else had been happening. There was another story after I passed out. My trusted friends had actually filmed me without any clothes on. To add to the horror, there were some flashes that filled the scenes. Flashes that were attributed to a camera!

I was ready to run down stairs and out of the house when the next scene came. My cousin was touching my breast. He was touching me all over. As I stared in the television, tears were welling up inside my eyes and began to flow, when he reached down and touched me down there...

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