Natalie unlocked the door to her house and Adrian Monk behind her still begging. He told her she had to bathe him tonight after last night's horrific encounter. He dropped the washcloth in the tub and as he quickly went to catch it ... he saw himself. His bare manhood. After that he washed his eyes for five minutes, enduring the hot water and eye-friendly soap to bypass the stinging; though he felt he should endure the stinging for having such an event to have had happened. He finished bathing himself with his eyes closed.

"Mr. Monk, I am not going to bathe you." Natalie said wishing he would drop this. She couldn't believe this. It's one thing to hand him wipes, brush dirt or whatever off of his shoulders or back of his coat, attend crime scenes and be in some life endangering situations, not to mention all the other phobias and inhibitions. But bathing him! she kept playing the suggestion over and over in her mind.

"Natalie!" Monk followed her like a lost, hungry puppy, hint of plea in his voice. "You don't understand! I can't take that risk again. You don't know the trauma of me seeing myself, in such -- such a degrading, pornographic way. I was naked!" Monk whimpered.

"You were in the bathtub just as everyone else does when they bathe. It isn't degrading." Natalie faced him and stood her ground about this.

"But I saw myself naked, my, you know. . .it." He whispered the last word, hoping she knew what he meant and would do this for him now.

"No!" She said again for the umpteenth time. "Think about it, it is clean for being in all that scalding hot water and bacterial killing soap. See? It's actually clean!" She tried her best to persuade him off of the subject.

"No, Natalie. No. You don't get it," slumping down on the couch in Natalie's living room. "It's always dirty. I can feel it on me, on my eyes when I see it. I washed my eyes for five minutes!" He yelled out to her in the kitchen where she is fixing herself leftovers. "I'll just stop bathing!" Natalie put everything back in the refrigerator and stormed in the living room in front of Monk.

"Get up and get in the bathroom now!" Pointing her slender finger in the right direction for him. "Hurry up, before I open the vacuum bag and throw dust all over you!"

He quickly got up and went to the bathroom as directed. Waiting for Natalie to get in. She came in right behind him and closed the door, turning the water on to allow the tub to fill up. "Strip down!" Natalie told him.

"In front of you? Natalie --" he was cut off.

"Take your clothes off now!" Figure if he is going to have hang ups about all this she will rid him of it. "Don't make me ask you again. I will do it myself." Swallowing hard, Monk slowly took his coat off, following his shirt. One slow button at a time. "Hurry up, you have until the tub fills up and I will be doing it myself."

Right before the water was near the top Monk was naked in front of Natalie. Holding his hands where he cannot be seen by her. Natalie bent down to turn the water off and pointing at the tub full of water. "Get in now. And, I mean it, do not make me say it again."

Monk stepped in the hot water and, still covering himself, he sat in the water. Staring up at her, he asked, "How are you going to start this? I usually pour the water on my head ten times, because you know ten is--" being cut off by Natalie again.

"I know, I know! I am going to pour water on your head one time, and one time only! I will then proceed to put shampoo and wash your hair. After that I am pouring water on your head until all the shampoo is out of it! Not ten times. Not twenty times. As many times as it takes!"

"Natalie, I think you are being ridiculous here."

"Me!?" Natalie dumped water over his head.

Natalie finished washing his hair and any time he was near saying something she would shoot him a glance that could freeze the very hot water he is sitting in. Right before she began to wash his body he once again stopped her for instruction, despite her stares.

"Natalie there are those yellow rubber gloves you can use to wash my body with in the kitchen. Just put rubber bands around them to keep from the bathwater going in and out of them."

"Nope," was all she said, squeezing the bottle of liquid body soap in her hand.

"W-What about the washcloth?"



Monk quickly scooted back in the tub splashing water all around with his legs. Some of the water splashing Natalie in the face and the shoulder of her shirt. Shrugging it off for now, she tried and tried to bathe him. When he kicked water all over the front of her she quickly got up, standing over him with a menacing stare. She stopped, breathed, and slowly let out, "Mr. Monk, that is it! You know what, you are going to get over this and after tonight you are going to be able to not only bathe by yourself without fear! But you are going to be able to look at yourself and understand that you are clean! Clean! So very, very clean!" With that said she quickly pulled her shirt over her head. Her perky breasts pushed up and jiggling a little in her bra when she tossed her shirt down on the bathroom floor. Reaching behind her she unclasped her bra and took that off, too. Exposing her bare breasts in front of Monk, who quickly began to look at the wall next to him. "Don't look away! You will look at everything but that wall! Or you will be bathing with dirt in the water!"

Monk's eyes wide now, before he covered his washcloth with soap and placed it over his eyes. His face twisted in agony upon seeing her intimates. "Natalie, please!"

"No!" Taking the washcloth off of his eyes and telling him to open and watch her finish undressing. Reaching down Natalie unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, her breasts jiggling, pulling her jeans off along with her panties she stepped out of them and kicked them over to the rest of her clothes. "Oh, yes! Not only are you going to look at my naked body. You are going to look at yours too while I bathe you. Then in the end we will see if you ever want me to do this for you again, whether you see yourself or not!"

Stepping in the tub she took her seat right in front of him. Her legs touching his and her feet touching his hips. "Oh, my goodness, how hot is this water!?" Feeling how hot it is on her sensitive flesh, mainly her butt and thighs and between her legs.

"One hundred degrees. Because it's a--" interrupted.

"Because it is perfect number. Yes, yes, I get it." Natalie telling herself the scalding hot water will soon become adaptable. "By the way, if I am going to bathe you," she eyed him snidely. "You're going to bathe me, too! And I clean myself very thoroughly." Natalie stopped there, letting her last sentence hang.

Monk's face quizzical. He kept his eyes on the wall behind her or the ceiling. She caught on and grabbed him by the chin and made him look at her. "You wanted me to bathe you. I tried to bathe you. You would not be good, now you are being punished! Now you are going to wash my hair before I continue bathing you. Here, I am going to sit between your legs with my backside in front of you. You will wash my hair the right way and make it very clean! And if you so much as make any noises, hesitation, or any of that crap. I am going to pee in the bathwater and we will continue to bathe until both of us are done. Understood?"

Monk only mumbled agreement, he knows she means business with what she said, especially the urinating. He poured water over her head and watched her blonde hair quickly mat to her head. And putting a little bit of shampoo in his hand he lathered it in his hands before he touched her hair. Feeling her soft, wet hair on his hands, he cringed, but continued. Watching the blue shampoo go from a gel state to bubbly suds. She scooted up against him and touched his penis against her body. He quickly jolted, but she quickly addressed him, "Don't you dare scoot back. Feel it! This will make you appreciate looking at yourself a lot better than having someone rubbing against it!"

While he is continuing washing her hair she is continuing rubbing her lower back up against his dick. Monk rinsed her hair out of all the shampoo and waited for her to stop rubbing against him. "Ok. Your hair is washed, Natalie."

"Good. Now see? That wasn't so bad, was it?" she asked him, kneeling up, making sure her bent over butt came right up to his face and she turned around facing him again. "Now I am going to wash your body, Mr. Monk. Remember: do not complain." Straightening her legs out, feeling his leg touch hers once again.

Natalie grabbing the bottle of soap and squeezed liquid soap out over her hand. Monk went to ask a question about the washcloth, but decided against it, trying hard to keep quiet. His eyes playing a different tune, though. "That's right, I am going to clean you with my bare hands."

Monk closed his eyes tight, looking away. Natalie let that go for a moment knowing he will straighten up once he remembers her conditions. Indeed he did. Taking a deep breath he gave Natalie a nod to continue.

Natalie started with his chest, of which he slightly jumped, lathering the liquid soap up turning it, too, into sudsy bubbles. The hair on his chest feeling smooth against his skin from being all soapy. Rubbing his arms down she told him to stand up so she can wash his 'dick' she crudely told him, to make him better appreciate things himself, and his legs.

Standing up, Monk looked up at the ceiling, feeling Natalie wash his stomach and hips. Suddenly he jerked his body when her wet, soapy hand took hold of his penis. Gliding easily over the length given the wetness and slippery soap. Natalie kept her hands stroking the length longer than any other part of his body. She quickly took note of him getting unwillingly hard, despite his mindset, his body believes differently. His long, hard, thickness in her hand getting stroked.

"Now look down, Mr. Monk." She ordered him.

Looking down, hesitantly at first, he found Natalie's hands still stroking his private part. Her other hand now cupping his sac and her other hand rotating around his shaft. He started to squirm, feel uncomfortable, wishing now he hadn't pushed her into giving him a bath. Not thinking in a million years that this would happen. Natalie soaping up his entire crotch and now his inner thighs, she continued on with his legs. Taking both of her hands and wrapping them around his leg she washed his legs that way. "Turn around."

Monk turned around and her face in front of his butt she placed both hands on his cheeks. Soaping them up, watching them go from a pale tan to complete white bubbles and suds. Running her fingers between his cheeks and her palm over them she washed him there.

"Are you done yet!?" Monk whined, feeling her hand reach between his legs again and wrapping around his penis, her underarm rubbing under his butt.

"Yup! Now you get to wash me according to my instructions and how I tell you to. Do you understand me?"

Monk washing the soap off of his body when he sat down. Looking down at his penis when rinsing it, hoping to please Natalie by this gesture.

Natalie gave Monk the bottle of soap, "Squeeze the soap over my chest and then rub it in."

Monk positioned the bottle of soap over her chest, her nipples at little pink points, he took note of; squeezing the bottle the white liquid went over her wet body. Slowly, he kept his eyes on her body, knowing if he looked away as he so badly wanted to do, his hands moving towards her wet flesh.

Feeling her soft skin and slippery soap he started rubbing it in. Moving his hands all over her chest, he knew he couldn't keep stalling, he went down to her breasts and felt the soft fleshy mounds against his hands. He squeezed them slightly not realizing it, feeling the soapy, soft flesh in his hands.

"Ok, continue on, not a festival." Natalie pleased to see he is somewhat human once you push him in the right direction. Not minding the manhandling, but that isn't what it is about. "Get to my stomach and I will stand up and give you instructions of how to clean me."

Monk washed her stomach as she told him to, not entirely minding the feeling of her body, not even realizing anymore he is touching a naked woman in the same bathtub and water that he is in.

Standing up, Natalie standing with her crotch about eye level to his face, her lips peeking out between her legs, she opened her legs exposing herself all the more.

"Now you will wash my hips, between my legs, over my lips, and you will clean between my lips, ok?" with that she spread her lips open exposing her pink and little bit of her hole. "Any complaints, I will pee on you, yes?"

Monk did as he was told, starting where he had washed her stomach before already and going to her hips. He moved his hand between her legs and washed her pussy. Feeling her soft mound against his palm, he started sliding his finger up and down between her lips. Feeling her getting wet by this Natalie shut her eyes briefly when he touched her like that. He, unlike her, did not spend much time around her privates. Though she did let out little noises when his fingertips would rub against her clit.

Natalie turned around and pointing her butt towards him he noticed how little and cute it is given her petite size. She continued on with more directions, "You will wash my butt, you will then wash between my cheeks. Following," she letting the 'following' linger in his mind. "Following, you will put soap up two of your fingers, index and middle fingers, and you will slide your index up my butt hole and clean it that way. Then you will slide both the fingers when I tell you to up to make sure I get nice and clean and fresh up there! Ok? Good! Because I know you will not complain, Mr. Monk. Not at all!"

Eyes wide, jaw hanging down, he was about to object until she looked around down at him with a glare. Spreading her cheeks with both hands she showed him her little butthole, slightly parting since she spread them open.

Squeezing the bottle of soap above her butt the liquid soap dripping over her body. He smeared it all around her reaching her butt and getting it all soapy and sudsy. Moving his hand between her cheeks he felt the softness of them engulf part of his hand, feeling her rough little hole if he pushed hard enough on the side of his hand. Natalie pushing her butt towards him feeling her insides warm up, despite this being her boss and a man considerably older than her, being touched is being touched. Being touched naked and while wet and soapy is all the better!

She fought the urge to reach down and touch her burning pussy to relieve some pleasure. That will wait until he goes home and she can get in her bed and bust out her favorite dildo and fuck her pussy hard with it. Ah! Whoever thought of vibrating, circular moving dildos are awesome! She feeling the anticipation building inside her upon the thought.

Monk kept sliding his hand between her cheeks. "Mr. Monk, don't forget to clean inside, too." She kept him check, and herself, if he had kept rubbing her like that she would do more than clean his dick in the heat of the moment.

Bending over slightly Natalie waited to feel a soapy finger slide inside her butt. She does this every time she takes a shower. It started when she was out with a girlfriend and she was talking about how a boyfriend of hers loved licking her asshole and tonguing it, so she kept it clean for him by sliding soapy finger or two inside. Natalie took note of that and has been doing so ever since.

Applying a trail of soap over his finger and spreading one cheek he cringed at seeing her crinkled butt hole. White around and pink, she keeps it clean, he thought. Putting his finger up to her butt hole he pushed against it. Natalie pushed back, relaxing herself, it always feels different when someone else is doing it than her. Monk has his finger past the first knuckle coming up to his second one. Tight, he thought. Natalie keeping her other cheek open for him with her other hand, looking back, watching him sliding his finger deeper inside her little hole. Feeling the wet soapy finger slide with ease.

Monk started pushing it back and forth getting her inside all nice and soapy as she directed. Taking the finger out he put his index and middle finger together and sliding his index finger in first he followed up with his middle finger. Natalie letting out a playful moan, Monk looked up horrified, "What was that?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Monk. It just feels good. Now, hurry up, I want to go to bed sometime tonight! Still have to take you home. We were suppose to stop by and give you back your fixed vacuum and here we are in the bath!"

Natalie pushing her butt towards his fingers after saying that. Feeling his two fingers pushing deep inside her now soapy butt. Her pussy juicing up, some seeping out and trailing down her thighs. Going crazy! She screamed in her mind.

Finishing up, he pulled his soapy fingers out of her butt, Natalie smiled. Sitting back down in the water looking at his penis, it still hard, she rinsed herself and wiggled her butt in the water getting the soap off.

"Now you see, not so bad taking a bath and looking at yourself, huh? I mean, you washed me, heck, I even threatened you into fingering my ass! I think, from now on, you are able to bathe and look at yourself, ok? If I hear you complain one more time about bathing or any of that sort again, next time will be a whole lot worse. I'll clean this," she took hold of his penis, "with my mouth!"

Rinsing their bodies off of all the soap, they got out of the bathtub and Natalie took hold of one towel. Rubbing it up against her backside, pushing her butt into it, making sure it is all nice and dry. She quickly dried herself and picked her clothes up, before walking out she took a look at Monk, relatively relaxed, but still a little on edge, and said, "You dry yourself with the towel I used. Got that? When you finish I will be in the living room and will take you home, ok?"

"Y-yes." He answered, knowing the moment he gets home and she has left, he is going to take another bath, clean his whole body, his eyes, boil some water and clean his hands. Never, never, going to complain about his baths with her again. His mind racing, not even realizing he has made somewhat of an improvement with a few different phobias.

Natalie, however, is going to come back home and get her toy out and go to town on herself until she passes out from pleasure or exhaustion, whichever comes first, but she is going to please herself in many different ways in each of her holes. And have a peaceful night of sleep. For the time being, while Mr. Monk is in the bathroom drying and dressing, before she gets dressed she took some anal beads and pushed them inside of her butt before putting her panties on. They were a smallish medium size and only a few, given she will be driving with them in and sitting. She has to keep this feeling of pleasure roaming over her body.

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