Monster Fever


Lily smiled and plucked the empty mug from his hands. She set it on the coffee table and then slid onto his lap, straddling him, her arms running up his chest before going around his neck. “There, this feels better, doesn’t it?” She smiled down at him, stroking his forehead with one hand. “You’re so loyal; wanting to go to them. But you can’t help them, Greg. You’d only get lost too. You know that when a group gets lost and one of them finds civilization, you don’t go running back into the wild. You’ll get help for them, Greg, tomorrow.”

He looked up at her and then groaned as she leaned forward and her sweet tits pillowed against him. On either side, Iris and Violet began to stroke and pet him again; their touch sending spikes of sensual delight through him even with his clothes muting the sensation. “Tomorrow, but…but tonight, what if…I’ll hate myself if they get hurt, Sheena, Ally, Sarah, or Regina…”

“Sheena,” Lily murmured the name, noting how that was the first he’d said. She squirmed against him; grinding her body into his and drawing another groan he tried to stifle. She looked into his eyes, “Your friend or your girlfriend?”

“N-no,” he answered, “Regina’s my girlfriend, sometimes. Kind of.” When she wanted to go somewhere or needed something paid for or was horny and wanted a giving lover; though she broke up with him whenever she met a guy who was more interesting to her before coming back when her new guy refused to do something she wanted. Three times that had happened now but he just couldn’t say no to her. “I can’t abandon her…”

“After she treats you like that?” Greg frowned; he hadn’t said anything about their relationship. Lily’s eyes still held his, “Not very nice to you, or anyone, is she? You’re devoted, kind, so giving, so handsome, and that’s your reward?” She closed her eyes and he felt a strange push against his eyes, as though there had been a string pulling them that had been broken. “Don’t you want better?”

“…Yes,” he answered, feeling ashamed as he did so.

Lily kissed him; those redder than red lips pressing into his with a sweet passion and an eager, startling hunger. God, he’d never felt such a kiss! His arms moved to cradle her to him, his lips responding to hers; their mouths grappling in fevered delight for a few searing moments before she broke the kiss and licked her lips. She leaned backwards, her hands going low and gripping the hem of her tank top before she pulled it up and tossed it off of her to land on the coffee table in front of the couch. Greg’s eyes went wide as he took in the perfection of her body; her skin seemed to gleam from the lights of the room, fair as virgin snow, her stomach was taut and flat, and her breasts were magnificent; high and ample and rounded with rosy nipples that stood out against her pale skin. She rocked back, sitting up straight to put her breasts right in his face, pressing herself down against the throbbing erection in his pants. “You’ll have better. Stay with us.”

God. God, please let the girls be all right and let them…let them forgive him. His voice was barely a whisper as he answered, “Yes.” Lily’s smile was kind and naughty and he heard the girls on either side giggling. She leaned in and kissed him again, lighter this time, and as she pulled away, Iris moved in to kiss him, moaning softly against his lips, Violet tipping his head to her when that broke to claim his lips as well.

Lily slid off of his lap and to her feet, inclining her head towards the stairs. Iris and Violet stood, lifting Greg with them. “You three get comfy, I’ll be right there.” The topless young woman gave her two friends a firm look, “I get the first taste, don’t forget.”

“We won’t,” they chorused. Greg was too aroused and too confused by this whole insane evening to argue or even comment as Iris and Violet took him to the stairs, the petite blonde grabbing his hands and climbing ahead of him, Violet following behind. Iris’ pert, perfect ass flexed and moved under those tight shorts; the pert orbs of her cheeks teasing and promising delight and showing she wore no panties under them. The rich, musky scent of her arousal tickled his nose and he felt something primal and masculine stir in his chest. They brought him to what was clearly the master bedroom; large and well-appointed with heavy and ornate antique furniture. The room was dominated by a massive hour poster bed with a canopy in the center; thick blankets covering it and several large, fully pillows resting against the head board.

Iris tugged him into the room behind her and then let his hand go, smiling happily. “You made the right choice,” she said as she ran her hands up his chest, “you’ll see.” She kissed him again, a long, lingering, sweet kiss as her hands finished undoing his vest and then slipped it off his shoulders and down his arms, letting it fall to the ground. There was the sound of rustling fabric behind him and from downstairs the clack of the shutters being closed and bolted could be dimly heard. He closed his eyes and groaned as he felt Violet’s hands slip under the gray shirt he wore from behind, tracing over the muscles of his back and along his spine. He lifted his arms and let her pull it up over his head and then groaned as he felt her press against his back; soft, slightly cool skin pressing against him and her soft tits mashing against his back. He shivered as her hands reached around to caress his chest, her breath warm on his skin as stood on her toes to kiss the back of his neck.

Iris was nibbling her lower lip as she looked him over, her eyes gleaming. She licked her lips and then looked up at him and winked before she turned around. The platinum blond looked over her shoulder at him and smiled before she bent over, her shorts stretching obscenely over her gorgeous ass. She reached up and grabbed her butt, squeezing her own pert cheeks before she pulled her shorts down those long, supple legs and then let them drop. Her ass was a flawless masterpiece of toned flesh; a perfectly peach shaped plush behind that made his hands itch to grab hold of it. She straightened up and doffed her t-shirt with a casual motion, crossing her arms over her chest before turning around. Her modest tits were veiled by her arms, teased and hinted at as she walked back to him, swaying her hips. Violet chuckled behind him, “She’s such a tease,” and then he stiffened as her hands unbuckled his belt.

“Tease? Hmph, I’m naked and doing this,” Iris responded as she closed, her arms dropping from her chest as she pressed herself to him, one hand reaching back to grab his ass through his pants, the other going up to tangle in his hair and bring his head down for another kiss. She cooed into it as he began to touch her; his hands moving with tender caresses over her hips and her back, following the lines of her body before he took hold of her flawless ass and gave it a testing, wanting squeeze. “Oh! Mmm, see, he’s the tease, he’s still dressed.”

Greg flushed and moaned as Iris kissed down his neck, “I, uhh, think that won’t last long.” Iris giggled and her lips moved from kissing down the center of his neck to the left side. She trembled against him suddenly and he felt her breath quicken. She began to kiss firmly, intently at one particular spot on his neck, a slight whine escaping her lips, the slender girl grinding her body against his almost desperately.

Violet’s hands deftly unbuttoned his pants and then she took a hissed intake of breath, “Iris! Don’t you dare! Greg, slap her ass!”

He didn’t know what it was about, but Greg pulled his right hand back from fondling her rear and brought it down with a firm, flat palmed smack. “Eep!” Iris jumped back, startled. Greg’s eyes went wide as he looked at her. Her chest was heaving, her mouth open, tongue almost lolling out, eyes glazed but with a hungry, needy look to them. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, then opened them again and they were normal. “…Sorry about that. You just smell so good and the more you’re naked, the more smell, and I can feel it-“

“Iris,” Violet’s voice was gentle but firm. “Don’t you think Greg’s still overdressed?”

“Yes. Yes, right.” She smiled at Greg, an apologetic expression that was utterly baffling before she sank down onto her knees in front of him. He gasped as her small, clever hands slid up his thighs and then over his the bulge his dick was creating, “Oh, my, my. You are a rare guy, aren’t you?” She giggled again, Violet doing the same as her hands began to stroke and pet his chest. Then she unzipped his pants and jerked them down; leaving the young man in a pair of black boxers that were badly strained by his erection.

“I’m nothing special, just-ohhh, fuck,” he moaned as Iris muzzled his rod though the material of his boxers; mouthing over it and making his dick twitch and throb with desire to feel that hot mouth with nothing in the way. “God, girls, you’re incredible, both of you. I can’t believe this is happening.”

Violet laughed again, a low, warm sound. “Just wait until later.” Her hands moved up to pinch his nipples, drawing another gasp. “You want her mouth on that dick, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he hissed.

Her only vocal response was another warm chuckle. Then her hands moved from his chest to take hold of his boxers and tug. The fabric stretched to its limit and then came apart with a ripping, shredding sound that made Greg jump as the girl tore the garment apart like it was made of tissue paper. “H-holy shit! Violet, how did you do that?”

“She got a little carried away,” Lily’s voice answered. The redhead strode into the room nude; her hips swaying and her long, luscious legs exposed, as were the pretty lips of pink pussy. She was shaved clean down there, save for a thin strip of fine red hairs above her glistening slit. “I got here just in time. Mm.” She other two girls pulled back slightly from Greg, all three standing and moving around him, letting their eyes feast on his body. “You’ve graduated from cutie to hottie, Greg baby,” Lily said with a smile. Her gaze lingered on his face and a bit lower and then on his proud and jutting cock. The other girls came around to either side of her; dark haired Violet looking a bit sheepish but watching intently and slender Iris almost bouncing on the balls of her feet with anticipation.

He flushed but smiled, feeling prouder of his body than he ever had in that moment. “I’ve got nothing on any of you, but I’m glad you approve.”

“Oh, do we.” Lily stepped up and kissed him, her breasts grazing his chest. “Fuck, you smell so good I can barely stand it,” she whispered. She reached out and pulled his glasses off his face with one hand and then gave him a light shove. He flew back through the air and landed in the middle of the bed, the wooden limbs and supports of it groaning and squeaking in protest from the sudden weight, the soft mattress bouncing him off of it a few inches before he settled down. He blinked in shock, looking down to see all three women crawling towards him on the bed.

“Lily, what the hell is u-uhhh!” Iris had stopped her below his waist, her svelte form pressing against his right leg and her pink, wet tongue slithered out from between those too red lips and ran up his shaft from the base to the tip. “Oh, damn, Iris,” he groaned. She looked up at him with an impish smile and then bowed her head, swirling her tongue around the bulbous head of his dick. “Fucking hell…” Violet chuckled and paused at his waist as well, dipping her head to kiss her way up his prick as Iris did the same on the other side, moving downward. She reached between his legs and he gasped again as her soft hand cupped his balls.

Lily crawled up to him, smiling “Isn’t this good? Much better than running around in the cold woods at night, isn’t it?” She kissed him, a sweet, long, lingering kiss that he groaned into as he felt one of the other girl’s wet, warm mouth drop down onto his dick, lips sealing tightly around his shaft as she started to suck. The redhead giggled and pulled back a bit, licking her lips, “You’ll feel so good, Greg baby, and I promise, we won’t take enough to hurt you.”

Even as he could see Iris’ head bobbing up and down on his spit slicked shaft and feel her tongue teasing the sensitive underside of his dick, even as Violet slipped lower and ran her tongue over his heavy balls, those words struck him. Greg started to turn his head to look at Lily, “Wh-ahh, God, that’s great! I mean, what do you mean?”

Then his eyes went wide as Lily’s mouth opened wide, a hair wider than it should have been able to, and he saw that her canines were now long and slightly curving fangs. “Vamp-ukk!” His eyes went wider still as she sank her fangs into his neck and he felt a stab of pain followed by a blossom of warmth. She shuddered and drew in a mouthful of blood. “HnnNN!” Pleasure burst through him, just as sudden as the pain of her biting him but far stronger. His cock throbbed in Iris’ mouth; spewing precum down her throat and causing her to coo, her mouth working around his meat to swallow his leakings. His heart was pounding harder than ever in his chest as he felt her fangs slipping out of him and then the wounds she’d made close as she kissed them tenderly.

Lily’s eyes were half lidded and she looked utterly satisfied as she looked up at him, nodding, “Yes, we’re vampires.” She shifted herself to lay on the bed beside him, running a delicate hand over the side of his face to tangle in his hair, “But we won’t hurt you, I promise. We’ll take a taste…we so rarely get human blood and you are so, so sweet, we just have to indulge. But it won’t be enough to cause any harm and we’ll make you feel wonderful as thanks.” She smiled and her fangs were there again, “You feel wonderful now, don’t you?”

“God,” he murmured. He wanted to say no, he really did. But Iris chose that moment to deep throat his cock; the head pushing down into her neck as she took his thick length fully into her. “Ahh! I…I do, fuck, I can’t believe…” He wasn’t sure what he couldn’t believe. Everything. Greg shivered as Iris pulled her head up slowly; his shaft glistening with her saliva as the slender blond slurped back to the head and then engulfed fully in one tight, squishing swallowing motion that made him jerk and quiver. Fuck, she was giving him the best blowjob he could imagine, let alone the best he ever had. Greg swallowed and looked at Lily, “…I don’t want to die. And I don’t want to be one of you.”

“You won’t.” She shifted up a bit higher to kiss him again on the lips tenderly, “I swear. We’re good, we get by on blood from the butcher in town, the occasional deer…we did have someone break into the house to try and steal the pipes a few years back,” she said with a smile. They’d drained him dry. “But you’re a good man, and we can tell you that’s rare. So we’ll take our taste and enjoy you and let you go.” Cultivate him and age him like a fine wine.

Greg lifted his head to kiss her then, his arm moving around her to cradle her luscious body to him. “All right,” he whispered against her lips. He could feel hers curving into a happy and triumphant smile. As the kiss broke she playfully nipped the end of his nose and then gently pushed his head back to expose his neck to her. He moaned as Iris picked up her pace, taking half of his dick at once with each sucking, slurping motion of her head. Violet lapped and bathed his balls with her clever tongue, the dark haired vamp’s hands teasing Iris’ cunt and her own. Lily’s hot breath was on his neck a moment later and he felt that stab of pain again, followed by heat and then, “AHhH!” His hips jerked as that blast of pleasure hit him again, his back arching and his eyes and mouth opening wide, Lily curled against him, sipping his life blood.

Iris reached down to grab Violet’s hair and pulled the other vampire up, her head bobbing faster and faster on just the head now. She pulled it out of her mouth and opened wide, “Cum for us! Give it to us now, please!” Even as she said it, he let out a ragged, primitive groan and his cock throbbed, Violet and Iris getting side by side as the first spurt of his hot, thick, sticky jizz spattered out onto their lovely faces. Greg’s hips bucked again and again, each thrust sending another gush of white, creamy cum onto the two girls. It streaked their faces, painting their cheeks and noses, oozing over their lips.

Lily sealed the holes she’d made with another kiss and looked back at her friends, “Oh, you came a lot. They look so sexy.” Greg raised his head, his chest rising and falling, groaning at the sight of the angelic faced vampires covered in his seed. His cock twitched and she made a low purr in her throat, “Still ready for more too? I knew I liked you, Greg baby.”

Violet moaned, her hands mauling her own tits as Iris leaned against her, the blond licking Greg’s cum off of the other girl’s face and swallowing it down. “Lily, please, can I fuck him?”

She laughed then and sat up on the bed, looking down at Greg as he pushed himself back to his head was propped up on the pillows. “Greg, Violet wants to ride you. She loves dick more than any of us. Can she?”

Greg couldn’t believe this. Any of it; it was too good and just too unreal. But he was also beyond caring. “If she cleans up Iris the way she’s being now, then yes.” Violet didn’t answer, she just shivered and smiled, one eye opening as Iris leaned back, the dark haired young woman’s face licked free of spunk. Iris drew the raven haired brunette two her and the two kissed, tongues intertwining before Violet moved to lick a strand of cum into her mouth. He groaned one hand stroking his still rock hard dick, the other reaching out to caress Lily’s thighs as they watched the two girls clean one another, pausing to kiss and snowball his spooge back and forth. “God, you’re all incredible,” he breathed.

Lily opened her thighs and took his hand, guiding it to her slit and gasping, then letting out a happy coo as his careful fingers stroked her wet slit. “You haven’t, mm, even had the best yet.” Her eyelids fluttered and her head went back as he sank a questing finger into her; her hot tunnel tight and slick. “Oh, good man, Greg baby, showing initiative,” she cooed as his probing digit squirmed and moved within her to feel her walls. “Iris, come and give him a kiss. It’s your turn for a taste.” The redhead shifted her hips a bit, starting to push back against his finger.

“Woo hoo!” The energetic blond crawled past her dark haired friend to the other side of Greg and moved up to press herself against him as Lily had earlier. “Your cock tasted good, your cum even better, and this-“ She bit into his neck and his breath hitched; her eyes fluttered and she moaned as she squirmed on the bed to grind her suddenly wet thighs together. His cock twitched and jumped as the euphoric pleasure of her feeding hit him. He pushed another finger into Lily’s box, hearing her gasp, and started to pump his fingers in and out of her wet heat.

Greg felt movement over his legs and looked down his body as best he could with Iris’ fangs buried in him, her throat working as she gulped mouthfuls of his life. Violet was standing over his waist and his still proud and rigid manhood. She gestured to her face and grinned, “All clean!” She looked down at his cock and bit her lower lip and then lowered herself down into a crouching position, her hands caressing his chest before bracing herself against him. Her eyes closed and her lips pursed as she moved her hips to bring the wet lips of her sex against the head of his dick, both of them letting out happy moans. The vampire began to rub her sex against the tip of his; teasing them both and coating him with her slick secretions.

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