tagNonHumanMonster Girl Encounter Ch. 11: March Hare Pt. 01

Monster Girl Encounter Ch. 11: March Hare Pt. 01


"WOAAHHH! HAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" I was falling. Why was I falling?! Back first, I plunged towards the unknown. The sky was an almost cotton candy-like pink and the clouds moved in all directions however they wanted, parting and colliding in irregular patterns.

I could've sworn just a moment ago, I was falling asleep in my bed. But if this was a dream, it was one that felt incredibly real.

I turned around to see the ground. My jaw dropped. I was still far up in the sky. The horizon was almost infinite and despite no sun being there, the land beneath me was brightly illuminated and colorful. Let me rephrase that, it was unnaturally colorful. Reds and pinks, royal blues and lime greens plastered the landscape.

"I... this... what is this! Where am I? STOP! NO! NO! NO!" I grunted as I speedily crashed towards the ground. Instead of the ground itself, I hit a... plant? Tree? I don't know what to call it. It had the striped stem of a candy cane and massive leaves of green gummy.

"Oww! Oof! Not in the jewels! Bap! Pff! Urgh!" Hitting branch after branch of these leafs, I slowly lost velocity until I finally gently slid off the last one closest to the ground. All I saw were blurs. It was like my eyes were rattles inside my skull.

That's why I didn't even notice that I had slid onto a stool. A stool seated at a round table with a cover that had the 4 different symbols of a card deck on its surface. I increasingly got my sight back as I straightened up and held my head.

Images swung from left to right until they focused back into one.

"Holy... brghhh... my head." I murmured. Finally, I had time to think and regain my senses. "I...I'm wearing my work uniform. What? Who... Why..." For whatever reason I was fully dressed. Neat white shirt, black sleeveless vest along with a royal blue necktie and straight black polished shoes and clean black pants.

As I adjusted my sleeves, testing how real the fabric felt, someone set a teacup down in front of me.

"You're here! You sure took some time to come down, hehehe!"

I followed the arm that placed the cup. A strange girl came into my view. Next to the table, with a silvery serving plate clutched to her chest, she stood dressed in a skin tight, wine red corset.

It struggled to contain her bust and privates and left little to the imagination. Whoever she was, she was not human. Wine red bunny ears extended from in between her hair which was split into two colors: wine red and soft pink. Her legs were massive and more like those of a bunny than a person, puffy like cotton candy and just as pink. Among all those major features that took up most of my attention, I also took note of several ribbons that were dotted across her corset and one was even tied to her floppy ear. And then there was a carrot hanging from a choker around her neck. Even stranger, it was dripping with... something. Maybe it was better I didn't know.

"I... excuse me... I think I need to get a grasp on what just happened for a second."

She giggled in response. "Hehehe, I can imagine. The first time in Wonderland is pretty wild for everyone."

"Wonderland? Where is that?"

"You're right there. We are in Wonderland."

"That's... not what I mean. Where is here?"

"What a silly question. Here is wherever you are."

"Wha... nevermind. Who do I have the pleasure of talking to?"

Her eyes flashed up a little and she clutched her platter tighter. "Pleasure? I didn't think you'd be so straight forward right away. Hmhm!"

I shook my head in confusion as she playfully cocked hers with a big smile on her face. "I... just wanted to know your name. It's considered formal where... I guess came from. I still don't know whether this is real or not."

She twirled her floppy ear with one finger and blissfully closed her eyes. "You think I'm too cute to be real? Ahaaah, you sure are a smooth talker, hmhm!" She blushed with an overacted embarrassed smile. "Don't worry, Floppy isn't going anywhere. I'm all sorts of real." Her voice took on a sultry tone as she temptingly leaned down, gazing straight into my eyes with her magenta colored ones. I could feel my heart thump and it took much to not lose my cool.

I gulped. "Y...your name is Floppy?"

"Cute, isn't it? The queen of hearts gave me that name because of my adorable ears. You already noticed them too, haven't you?" She said in a chipper tone, twirling one of her ears again while smiling with the brightest, most cheerful smile I've ever seen.

"Yeah, she wasn't wrong there. They really are pretty cute."

She squeaked with pride and bounced a little on the spot. "EEEEEE... You called me cute! This is the best birthday ever!"


She suddenly hopped over to me and settled on my lap. My breath got stuck in my throat as she she flung her arms around my neck. She touched my nose with hers and stared straight into my eyes. "Yes, it's my birthday today! And actually, I already got the best gift that I've ever gotten before!"

"And...gulp... what is that gift?" I asked, trying not to think too much about the soft body that was pressing up against me enthusiastically.

She cocked her head in thought and put a finger to her chin as she cheekily looked at me. "Hmm... I don't know how to call it. My gift hasn't really told me his name yet."

"Are...are you talking about me? Lucius. Lucius Hare. I'm a banker at... wait... did... you just imply that I'M your gift?"

"You got it! The queen of hearts herself brought you here. She really likes me a lot and I worked for her for a loooooong time. But when you work so long and so hard and all the other march hares are out getting their husbands... it makes you feel lonely after a while. So when the queen asked me what I wished for on my birthday, I told her that I wanted to have a husband too. And before I knew it, she smiled and sent me here. She said that my dream man would drop exaaaaaactly here!"

She pointed at the ground underneath the chair we sat on and only now did I notice that there was a big red X right underneath me. "Huh, now that's accuracy. Hold on!..." I shook myself out of my amazement. "This is crazy! This is not normal! This has to be a dream, right?"

Floppy just smiled as she cupped the sides of my face with her gentle, smooth hands. I couldn't help myself but to look right at her. It was the face of pure adoration. "Most people don't understand when they come to Wonderland for the first time. Everything is strange, foreign and mad. But it's okay to be mad. We're all mad down here, Lucius."

I gulped. Drawn to her fluffy, adorable body, my hands found their way around her hips, keeping her steady on top of my lap. "You're saying that like it were just natural. It wasn't longer than an hour ago that I was sitting at the bank counter. I came home and collapsed onto my bed. I can only remember how much of a stressful day it was. If I can recall so little... this can't be reality."

"Or you don't remember it because it was the same thing as every day. I forget things all the time! And you don't have to remember everything after all. If you remember too much you won't have space for the new memories!" Floppy explained in a cheery, careless way. But why... why did I find myself understanding her? I agreed with her.

"It really was a lot of repetitive work. But that shouldn't matter. It was what we had to do."

"Did you do good things?" She asked with a cocked head.

"Yea..." I was so short from answering positively when sudden memories flooded my mind. "N...No... actually I didn't. Now that I really think about it, I had to lie to a lot of people. I was required to trick people into giving us more money than we gave them in a way that they could never pay us back. Now that I think about it... we were forced to do a lot of nasty things." A sigh escaped me. How had I never noticed how much I hated what I was doing?

Through this realization, Floppy suddenly chimed in. "You know, the queen doesn't just pick anyone to enter Wonderland. The people who come here are those who want to escape their everyday life." She looked up towards the sky with an endearing smile. "Those who fall down from there, are tired of the same things over and over. You NEVER know what happens down here. So that's why she chooses people like you."

I looked up along with her, lost in thought. "I see..."

Suddenly she snapped back down. "Or she picks whoever's the cutest. Depends on how much she feels like thinking that day." She chirped with a funny giggle.

I laughed along with her. The sudden change of tone took me completely by surprise.

But when the laughing died down, she looked at me with a serious expression. She seemed a bit worried. "So, do you really want to go back?"

I took a moment to consider. I raised my head towards the sky I fell from. As my gaze settled back down, I met with Floppy's hopeful eyes. She was clutching her chest and biting her lip so hard it was turning white. "I... guess I can give this world a shot."

"YOU WILL?!" She bounced on top of me and pawed at my chest.

"Well, what can I say? How could I ruin the birthday girls birthday wish?"

"Ahahaaaa!" She squeaked in happiness and hugged me so wildly that we almost toppled over. Once she was fully settled though... it became a genuine embrace. She softly caressed my back and sighed in relief. I couldn't help it. I hugged her back just as softly and petted her adorable floppy ears. Her eyes closed blissfully and she hummed a little to herself.

"Hahhhh, this makes me so happy. This is the best birthday ever!" Her body was so incredibly soft as she nuzzled against me. Her legs especially were so fluffy and soft that it felt like my sides and legs were covered in a cotton cloud.

When she let go of me, she clutched her chest again while I held her shoulders. "Really? What were your other birthdays like?"

She shrugged like she didn't want to talk about it. "Eh, you know... they were... alright... Uhh hey! I completely forgot!" She clapped her hands together as something seemingly popped into her mind. Grabbing behind her, she pulled up the cup she set down earlier. It was still steaming a bit.

"I made you some tea. Well, the mad hatter made it but I added some flavor to it! I drink this almost every day. I hope you like it just as much!" She carefully blew on it, wafting off the steam before she handed it to me.

I playfully raised the cup after I received it. "Cheers, Floppy."

She raised her pinky finger, mirroring my movements with a cheerful smile.

I smirked at her antics and put the cup to my lips. Once the tea reached my tongue I was overwhelmed with a wave of flavors. It was sweet, tart, rich and fruity all in one. "Holy crap! This tastes amazing! What did you put in this?"

"Just some fruit I like. Whenever I'm out and about, I find these roots and plants that look really funny. So I try how they taste in tea. Is it... really that good?"

"Well, you found a keeper here. You're amazing, Floppy!"

In a sudden shift, Floppy's demeanor changed and her eyes became hazy like she'd been struck by something. "You think I'm amazing?"

"Well, you definitely have great taste. I don't think I've ever tasted anything like this."

Floppy's cheeks started flushing red and her breath seemed to be slightly labored. "You...hhee... think so? I have a great taste? But you you haven't even tasted me yet."

I choked on my tea. "Wh.. pff... Hrrrmmm! Excuse me, what did you just say?"

She shook her head, seemingly being a bit out of it. "I...I don't know. My brain is kinda cloudy. I never had this happen to me. Weird."

"Well, anyhow, the tea is great. See for yourself."

She was still a bit dazed as she feebly took my cup. With an inquisitive look she turned the cup around and inspected it closely. "You... touched this with your lips."

My heart skipped a beat when I watched her put her fingers to her mouth. Shortly after, she found the spot I drank from before and perfectly covered it with her lips. I could tell that she knew this was an indirect kiss. Her eyes closed when she took a long sip from it and once she was done, she let out a sigh just as long. She returned to her former dazed state and her eyes were focused on the cup. With her thumb she traced along the rim where our lips indirectly met. "That was... better than I remembered."

I poked her cheek, snapping her out of her hypnotic state. "Hey, you okay? You zoned out there for a bit."

She shook her head. "Huh? Oh, hehe, sorry. I must be incredibly awkward. I umm... never got to speak with a man before."

"You didn't? How does that happen? Aren't there any other men around?"

"There are but... those are always with their wives and girlfriends. And even if I got to talk to them... it's not the same. They're not mine. They wouldn't get to talk to me much. I'm glad you actually landed where the queen said you would. The Cheshire cats would've gotten to you sooner than me otherwise hehe." She giggled to herself, but it clearly wasn't genuine. She was suppressing something.

But as soon as she laid eyes on me again, she genuinely smiled again. "Sorry, I trailed off again." She said as she embarrassedly pressed a hand to her cheek.

I smiled back and petted her ears again. "I don't mind. I think it's kind of cute. Besides, now I'm here and you can talk to me all you want."

Her expression melted into one of pure bliss as I scratched her behind her ears. For some reason, she started twitching spasmically and her body tensed up at my touch. Her eyes, even though I was pretty sure I imagined it, formed into visible pink hearts and her mouth opened in a silent gasp.

Her fingers squeezed the cup in her hands tightly, not letting go of it. "All I want..." She muttered, looking down at the flat surface of the tea. "You're saying I can do anything I want with you?"

I gulped and sweat built up on my forehead. "Uh well, that's not exactly what I said but... I think so. It's YOUR birthday."

She gasped with excitement. "In that case, I just thought of something that would make this tea even more amazing!"

"Really? Like what?" I asked curiously.

"Okay, close your eyes. It should be a surprise!" She quipped giddily.

I did as instructed, chuckling and smiling to myself after seeing her so excited. After a few moments of darkness and silence, I didn't feel the cup on my lips... but I heard a sipping sound. Following that, I heard the cup being set down on the table which confused me.

"Do you need to prepare some... smack..." And then it happened. Something touched my lips. But it wasn't the cup. It was another set of lips overlapping with mine and a rush of tea entered my mouth through them.

I opened my eyes slowly and saw what I already expected. Floppy was pushing up against me and with closed eyes kissed me on the lips. My arms almost automatically found their way around her head and back. I couldn't... didn't want to reject her. Floppy, this cute little bunny girl, was passionately entwining herself with me. I couldn't believe that the person who got to kiss her was me.

I let her melt into my arms, her body growing warmer by the second. The tea mixed in between our mouths until we both swallowed our share of it.

Hypnotized, we parted again, a thin string of saliva drawn between our lips. I breathed heavily, partly because I was gasping for air and because I had to recollect my scattered mind. I watched as Floppy licked her lips and was instantly aware of the potent, residual flavor in my mouth. I touched my lips. "I... this was... way better than before. You weren't wrong there."

"You said it. That was... delicious." She sighed in pure disbelief at how happy she was about it.

Meanwhile, my heart was beating out of my chest. When I kissed her, I felt a massive rush. My entire body locked up and my mind was filled with the desire to give in to all temptation. When I looked at Floppy, I no longer saw just a cute bunny girl. I was fascinated by her. I wanted to know everything about her, about Wonderland... and what else we could do now that this barrier was broken. I grabbed her hips and pulled them more into my lap. I looked into her eyes with longing and pure desire.

She must've thought the same because our gazes crossed and each of us started caressing the other's body. "Well, now you've done it."

"Done what? Hehehe..." She laughed ambiguously.

"I don't think I can leave anymore now. Think you can live with that? Having me around?" I combed through her hair until I reached her floppy ear and started rubbing the inner side of it. Her face slackened and her lip quivered with the movements of my thumb.

"I'll hngghh... manage. Lucius... I'm ticklish there. You're making me feel hhnaaaahh weirrrdd." She shivered, her legs twitching and her eyes wavering.

I cupped her cheek, giving her a moment to breathe after petting her. "Well, where should we go from here?"

She giggled and leaned into my hand, rubbing her face against it. And with an unbothered expression she answered: "That depends where the river takes us."

"The ri...verrrrrr..." My voice stretched as it got stuck in my throat. For the first time since we sat together, I looked at something other than her. We weren't in the candy-like forest anymore. Our table and chair now sat on top of a lily pad drifting on a gentle river. It was only now that I had my senses together that I noticed how we're rocking up and down. And the strangest thing... we weren't the only ones.

Floating down the river were multiple other lily pads and on top of them... couples. Sometimes just two. Sometimes entire groups who were having wild, passionate sex. It was like the sound finally cut back into my ears when a wave of moans and screams reached me.

Monster girls of all shapes and sizes being taken in all sorts of positions as they drove by us. The men were violently fucking them, some in the dominant role, others being serviced by one or multiple girls.

Blood rushed to my face and I tried not to look to close as I instead focused on Floppy. "Is... is this normal? Where are we? When did we get here?"

She just smiled lovingly and pushed her full, bouncy breasts against me. "I said it before. In Wonderland, you NEVER know where you'll end up. I think it must've happened when we kissed earlier. The queen told me that this happens to couples a lot. Usually it's when they are... really aroused." When she realized what she was saying, her eyes hooded and her tone turned much more sexy. "You were turned on too?"

There was no use in denying it. "How did you expect me not to be? When a girl like you gets this close to a guy like me. Of course I was."

"A girl like me?" She asked, coming closer to me and her mouth hanging slightly open as if inviting me.

I smirked. "A girl as adorable as this very March Hare on top of me. Smack" I welcomed her lips as I entwined my tongue with her. In a deep, sloppy kiss we exchanged saliva and did our best to glue our entangled bodies together.

"Lucius Hare. Hehe, what are two hares like us going to do now?"

"Well, looking around... I guess I have a faint idea."

Floppy started blushing. Her eyes turned soft and hazy. "Will you be gentle? Hehe..." She giggled, starting to toy with the buttons of my suit vest.

"First time?"

Her eyes flickered giddily. "Yeah."

"It'll be a first for both of us then."

Our lips magnetically met as we started undressing. Layer after layer was tossed to the side, landing on the lily pad we were floating on. The surrounding moans encouraged us even more. Just like many others around us we were about to let ourselves fall into madness. A kind of madness that would drive us wild with pleasure.

I never lived a wild life. I always lived by the rules and never questioned anything. But now, there were no boundaries. Nothing predictable. Nothing barred off. Meeting Floppy might have been one of the most liberating moments of my life. I wanted her... I wanted her badly. It wasn't just that she was cute, sexy or sweet. She was the one who I could be free with. Free of worry and free of restraints.

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