tagHumor & SatireMonsters Are Due On Erotica Street

Monsters Are Due On Erotica Street


Fade In:

"You are traveling through another dimension... A dimension of orgasms...a dimension of sex... A land whose boundaries start at the summit of her clit and end up her anus... That's the signpost saying, "Give me Head". Your next pop...is in The Pornography Zone..."

(Camera focuses in on Rod)

"The time - the present Erotica Street - somewhere in middle class suburbia. A normal town with some normal people. Little do they realize that "The Monsters will soon be arriving on Erotica Street."

(Camera shows the street as some residence goes outside)

"Hi Jennifer. What you doing this fine morning?"

"Oh hi Fred…Nothing much and by the way thanks for those joints you lent me. Came in handy last night."

"Hi Jennifer. Hi Fred. What are you two doing on a lazy Sunday morning?"

"Nothing Rebecca. Say isn't that Amber?"

"Sure is. You know that girl travels quite a bit."

"Hey...did you hear Bryan and I are working on our boat. Soon we will take you fine ladies out. You will go topless like you promised. Right? "

"In your wet dreams Fred."

"Hey guys what's doing?"

"Hey Scarlet. Hey Wendy."

"You two look horny as ever."

"Oh quit making your moves so early in the morning Fred. Girls have got to be warmed up."

"Oh yeah."

"Hey...there's Josie. I wonder what's with her?"

"Josie definitely looks different."

"Sure does. Let's go ask her."

"Hey Josie. What's up with you girl?"

"(Smiling) Well you wont believe this but while I was sleeping these Aliens come in and fucked my brains out. Turns out I keep having orgasms. I've had 10 already this morning."

"10 orgasms. Shit girl. You are good."

"Hold it I feel I'm going to have another."


"Holy fuck Josie. Are any of those Aliens chics by chance?"

"No Bryan...I couldn't tell in the dark but man they were good."

"I say they were lezbo Aliens and Josie just found out she likes them chics better."

"Fuck you Fred…. they were fuckin' awesome. Hold on a sec…ugh…suddenly I don't feel so good."

"What's the matter Josie?"

"Yeah baby girl...you look kind of pale."

(Suddenly a scream breaks out from Megan's place. The residence of Erotica Street rush over as they see Megan rush out in the buff)

"Oh Yeah...Alien sex rules!"

"Fred...another chic gets banged into multiple orgasmic heaven. Soon we wont be able to scoop."

"I know Bryan. They must have some hypnotic power to make chics believe they have anything but 1-inch penises. This is going to mess things up for us."

"Wow everybody. I just had the greatest orgasmic experience of my life."

"Well you didn't deserve to. They were mine first."

"Hang on Josie. Alien's fuck whomever they like."

I'm gonna kill you Megan "

(Josie brandishes a knife).

(Wrestling the knife away from her) "Get a hold of yourself Josie. It's just some Alien sex."

"Yeah...well it was mine first."

"Bryan...Josie is in a real bitchin' mood."

(More screaming this time from Steve's place)

"Oh fuckin yeah!"

"Wait…that was Steve. What's he screaming about?"

"I don't know. Let's check it out."

(Arriving at Steve's place) "Hey Steve. What you screaming about?"

"Just look dude. I just made about 2 gallons of sperm. Some sexy Alien chic just got me exploding to no end. It was the greatest."

"WAAAAAAAAAAA...(cries Megan)"

"I hate you Steve. I just had my best multiple orgasm and now I feel like shit."

"Sorry Megan...but I'm sure it was an Alien chic."

"With a 14-inch cock?"

"'Told you Bryan "The old hypnotic penis enlargement trick. Steve we knew went both ways anyways."

"Hey...the streets deserted. I think everybody's waiting for the Alien's to pop in."

"Sounds like a good idea. I think I'll just wait and check it out."

"Holy fuck look over their…Josie's got a gun to Megan's head."

"Please Josie...don't do it."

(Scarlet can be heard screaming in pleasure from her house)

"Scarlett's got my Alien-poo. It's all your fault bitch."

(Shots go off)

"Crap Josie. You are going to jail."

(Steve can be heard screaming from his house)

"Arghhhhhhhhhhh...my cock has shrunk. What am I going do with a small penis? I'm going to kill someone."

(Steve pulls out his gun as Bryan and Fred run for cover)

The day goes on and soon it is evening. Soon everyone has experienced both orgasm and sexual frustration as the residence of Erotica Street gun each other down in cold blood.

Overlooking a hillside some sentient beings look down at the deserted street.

"Mission accomplished. We take their world one street at a time. Seems that Erotica Street is typical of earth people as a whole. But that Fred earthling had some good hallucinogens."

(Camera pans on Rod)

"Erotica Street USA, Earth has just had a strange encounter of the sexual kind. Orally submitted for your mouths approval in this...The Pornography Zone."

Fade out to stars

The End

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