tagNonHumanMonsters in the Mountains Ch. 04

Monsters in the Mountains Ch. 04


This is the fourth chapter in this series. Minimal effort has been made to explain backstory, so it is recommended that chapters one through three be read first.


By sunset on the fifth of July, the first floor walls were mostly in place of the cabin Jordan was building on the land he had inherited. High stone exterior walls were built, but the cement mortar was still wet. Jordan needed to put in flooring, which meant that he would finally have to finish inspecting the cellar so he could frame the inside and install a floor over the top of it.

Jordan had just gotten the ladder out of the shed and climbed down inside when his phone started ringing. It was his father.

"Hi dad." Jordan greeted him.

"Hey Jordan, your mom and I were talking about coming up to visit you soon. What do you know about the Cattlemen's days rodeo there in Gunnison?" He asked. "Your mother and I thought we could come up for the rodeo and visit you. Do you have any plans next weekend?"

Jordan rolled his eyes. They wanted to meet Megan. Kaitlin's parents would be in town too, and he would be expected to play monogamous boyfriend to Kaitlin.

"Yeah, Dad. I'll be here." Jordan answered.


There was a long pause, as Jordan realized the slow-moving disaster that was falling upon him. His girlfriend, Kaitlin would be hosting her parents the same weekend, and neither set of parents were aware of the triad relationship that they formed with Megan.

"Jordan? You there?" His father broke the long silence between them.

"Yeah dad, I'm guessing this is mom's ploy to meet Megan?" Jordan asked.

"Not just your mom. I want to meet her too. Our only son has been making a new life for himself. Both your mom and I want to be a part of it still." Jordan's dad admitted.

"I'll have to ask Megan to check her schedule, see if she'll be around those days." Jordan finally dodged. "I'd hate for you to come up and miss her. Maybe another weekend would work better?" Jordan was pleased with his quick thinking.

"We'd still like to come see you, regardless." Jordan's father replied. "I'd love to try riding a horse again, and see my Great-grandfather's mining claim land if the offer's still open."

"Um... Yeah. I'll definitely give you a tour." Jordan said, realizing how stupid Kaitlin must have felt rolling out the red carpet to her dad as she was making the same offers.

"Alright, your mom and I can book a hotel room and we'll go ahead and buy admission to the festival. I know your mom enjoys watching the bull riding, so I'll make sure we get rodeo tickets for you and Megan too." Jordan's dad offered.

"Thanks dad, like I said, Megan might not be there." Jordan attempted a dodge.

"Alright, we can buy her a ticket at the gate. What hotels are there up in Gunnison?" Jordan could tell that his dad was asking to be invited to stay with him, and he realized that it might give him some flexibility.

"There's a Holiday Inn, but I have a pretty nice sized apartment with an extra guest room." Jordan offered. "Why don't you and mom plan on staying with me while you're in town?"

"We wouldn't want to impose." Jordan's father half-heartedly offered.

"Not at all, dad. If you and mom are driving all the way up here, the least I can do is put you up for a few nights and poison you with my cooking."

Jordan's dad laughed, and accepted. They had little else to say, and ended the phone call with their goodbyes.

Jordan began the walk up to the mine where Megan was spending her final day with Kaitlin and the Bigfoot before she began her midwife crash course in the maternity ward in Gunnison. Jordan had seen her reading an e-textbook when he had left the mine where they slept that morning, but as he entered the darkness, he didn't see the shine of her tablet screen.

Instead, he could hear the soft moans and gasps of two women in the throes of passion. As his eyes slowly adjusted to the low-light cast by the LED lamp, he could see their beautiful naked bodies writhing on the straw bedding. They were off to one side, and the sleeping bodies of all five adult Bigfoot were piled up around them, though none woke to observe their play.

To Jordan's surprise, Kaitlin was on top, the larger redhead had the smaller blonde pinned to the floor. She held her wrists above her head, and the two women rubbed their thighs across one another's pussies, grinding their hips into one another's legs.

"Are you just going to watch, or are you going to help me get her off?" Kaitlin asked in a husky voice.

Jordan had been so fascinated watching Megan's small perky breasts indenting and being engulfed by Kaitlin's much larger set that he almost missed the question. He looked up to see Kaitlin's green and Megan's blue eyes hooded in lust staring up at him.

Jordan wasted no time stripping naked. Kaitlin was clearly the stronger of the two, and she rolled Megan over, presenting Megan's gorgeous butt to Jordan, as she was held up. Jordan could see the smeared arousal of his blonde lover, and her lower lips were open to him.

Jordan positioned himself over her opening, rubbing his cock around to gather the flowing moisture to lubricate the head. He pushed gently, easing into Megan's warm passage. She had clearly been riding the crest of an orgasm for a while, because Jordan was barely inside before he felt the rhythmic pulsing of Megan's pelvic muscles.

"That's it baby." He could hear Kaitlin encouraging Megan. "Come for me. Come for both of us!" Jordan could feel a hand rubbing the spot where he and Megan connected. Kaitlin was rubbing her clit, and the hand wandered up, cupping and gently massaging Jordan's sac.

Jordan gave long strokes, driving through Megan's orgasm, until he could feel her begin to relax, and Megan's counter-movements became less urgent. Underneath them, Jordan could feel Kaitlin's excitement as her hips continued moving.

He slowly withdrew from Megan's sopping slit, and brought a hand to his cock to probe for Kaitlin's opening. Kaitlin was rubbing herself, and when she felt Jordan's wet member on the back of her hand, she grabbed it greedily, and pulled it to her opening.

Jordan slid in with barely any friction. He had to adjust his legs to get a better angle, and his view was of the two beautiful women, locked in an embrace. Megan's light tanned skin contrasted beautifully against Kaitlin's pale pink. The petite Megan had her arms around Kaitlin's neck, and Jordan could see Kaitlin's large breasts spilling out around Megan's sides.

Megan was shorter, and so had slid up Kaitlin's body to kiss. Jordan had a clear view of Kaitlin's soft pink folds where his cock was now buried. Megan repaid the favor, heightening Kaitlin's arousal from her place sandwiched between her two lovers. Jordan began gently fucking, taking his cues from Kaitlin's writhing hips.

Like Megan, Kaitlin had been led to the precipice of a monster of an orgasm, and in the space of a dozen strokes, Jordan pushed her over the edge.

This time it was Megan's turn to coo and encourage her lover through the heights of bliss.

"That's it. Come for us!" Megan breathed into Kaitlin's ear, taking the opportunity to nibble her earlobe, and lick and kiss down the redhead's neck to the spot on her collarbone that Jordan so often lavished with attention.

Kaitlin's face grew sweaty, and in the low light Jordan could see blotches of red emerge on her face and down her neck. She was holding her breath, her face twisted in a mask of ecstasy. Megan continued kissing, adding little affirmations of love and beauty in between each kiss.

Jordan felt his own climax fast approaching, and didn't hold back. He kept his eyes open, counting his luck as he filled his young lover full of his seed. As he felt his orgasm subside, Jordan realized that Kaitlin was still riding her crest. He had lost track of time, but was starting to worry about Kaitlin. Small, short gasps were all the breath she took, and she seemed to be lost to the world.

Finally, she seemed to relax. Megan looked up and called Kaitlin's name. She put one hand on the redhead's face.

"Damnit, Jordan! You did it again! What is it with you fucking women unconscious?" Megan faked outrage.

"She just stopped breathing!" Jordan said in wonder. "Is she breathing now?" He asked.

"Yeah, but I should probably get off of her." Megan said as she stood.

With the removed weight, Jordan could see Kaitlin's large breasts begin to rise and fall more evenly. Megan slipped down between Kaitlin's spread legs, and seemed to study the other woman's sex. Jordan leaned forward, wrapping his arms around his petite blonde lover.

"Whatcha looking at?" Jordan asked, already knowing the answer.

"If you told me a week ago that I would be staring at Kaitlin's pussy, considering licking it, I'd tell you you're crazy." Megan said, not breaking eye contact with the pink folds, slightly separated, and leaking Jordan's seed. "But..."

Megan leaned forward and tentatively licked the combined juices of her two lovers off of Kaitlin.

"Mm. But here I am, and it's all I want right now." With that, Megan leaned in and licked again, firmer this time. On the second stroke she latched on, sucking with her lips.

The passed out Kaitlin came awake at that. "AAHHH!" She sat up suddenly. "Sensitive!" She squirmed away from Megan's mouth.

Megan and Jordan both laughed as Kaitlin humped her hips a little, shaking through the new waves of sensation.

"Welcome back." Jordan said with a smile.

"What happened?" Kaitlin asked.

"You passed out. It happens to the best of us." Megan answered with a grin.

"Oh." Kaitlin seemed confused. "We were..."

"Fucking." Megan confirmed.

"Megan!" Kaitlin's eyes came wide open. "Did you just go down on me?"

Megan got a sheepish look. "I was just cleaning you up. You're not upset with me, are you?"

Kaitlin visibly calmed. "I'm not mad... I... I liked it. I'm just not sure I'll ever be able to reciprocate."

"That's okay." Megan said. "Jordan can ...fill... that role." She wagged her eyebrows, and flashed her beautiful smile.

Kaitlin smiled at her two lovers then, and looked at Jordan.

"Aren't you supposed to be working? Inspecting something?" Kaitlin asked him.

"The cellar, yeah." Jordan replied. "But I was interrupted by a phone call. Please don't be mad at me, but I pulled a Kaitlin."

"You got off from riding a horse?" Megan asked playfully. Kaitlin gently smacked her, sitting up, and starting to return to her natural color.

"No, though I agree that from now on 'pulling a Kaitlin' should be that, and not the stupid thing I just did." Jordan admitted. "My dad called. He and my mom want to meet you, Megan. They asked to come up for the Cattlemen's days rodeo."

"You didn't!" Kaitlin realized the problem.

"I couldn't talk him out of it." Jordan admitted.

"Jordan! My parents are going to be here! They're expecting me to have a boyfriend! They can't meet your parents! Especially if your parents think you're dating Megan!" Kaitlin shouted. Her agitation was beginning to waken the sleeping giants around them. Kaitlin took a deep breath, calming herself as Sarah shifted in her sleep, her toddler son, Bam-Bam crawled from her grasp to find another female to sleep with.

"Can you introduce me to your parents as Megan and ask them to call me Kaitlin all week?" Kaitlin asked.

"No!" Megan, who had been silent snapped. "Jordan, you said you were going to stop lying to your parents, hiding one of your girlfriends just to appease their puritanical sensibilities. I let it go because you didn't want to burden them down with too much at once, but this is the perfect opportunity to stop the lies!

"Invite your parents up a few days early. Let them adjust to the fact that you're in love with two women. Ask them to help us deceive Kaitlin's family." Megan pleaded.

Jordan looked up at Kaitlin, who nodded. He let out a big sigh, out of better ideas.

"Alright. I'll see if they can come Thursday." Jordan said.

"Where will they be staying?" Megan asked. "Aren't the hotels all booked for the rodeo?"

"No, they'll be staying in my guest room." Jordan explained.

"On your futon?" Megan sounded outraged.

"Well... yeah." Jordan didn't see the problem.

"Jordan, you're a grownup now. It's time for you to get a real bed for your parents to stay on when they come to visit." Megan explained. "Kaitlin, where are your parents staying?"

"Oh, they have an RV with a horse trailer at the back. They'll be bringing that." Kaitlin explained.

"Okay. So we need to do logistics here." Megan's mind started working. "I'll get a new bed ordered tonight when I go back."

"Do you have to go back to town tonight?" Jordan knew how much better she slept when she wasn't alone.

"I'm meeting my instructors at eight tomorrow morning. I'm not riding the motorcycle down the hill so early in the morning. I will need to shower and dress up for my lessons. It just makes sense." Megan explained. "Is it alright if I get rid of your futon?"

Jordan wanted to protest, but the look Megan gave him didn't leave room for discussion. "Sure." He said. "Do you need my credit card for the new furniture?"

"Jordan, I told you. My parents left me plenty of money in their will and insurance policy. You bought me a horse, I can buy you a bed." Megan said. "Is it too much to hope that we three might have shared finances one day?"

Jordan smiled. He liked the idea of a future with both women. "Not too much to hope." He confirmed. Kaitlin smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Okay. That's settled." Megan said commandingly. "I have four days on and four days off for the next two months. I should be done for this week sometime Thursday evening.

"Jordan, please let your parents know that I would love to meet them this Thursday for a late dinner. Kaitlin, when do your parents arrive?"

"Saturday. Probably sometime in the afternoon." Kaitlin answered.

"Okay, so that gives us just one full day to win over Jordan's parents, or drive them screaming back to Denver before your family arrives." Megan said, mentally planning out the coming week. "You two stay here and make sure the Bigfoot stay fed, sexed and safe until Thursday morning. I will cook and clean for you guys' parents.

"Kaitlin, don't tell your family that Jordan's parents will be here until we know for sure that Mr. and Mrs. White will be onboard with keeping our 'secret.' I'll do some shopping for us... clothes, food, furniture. Kaitlin, let's go for sweet yet sophisticated clothing and makeup. I'm guessing Jordan's dad will be too short-circuited by the thought of his son with two women, so it will be his mother we will have to win over.

"She's all about the grandbabies, so we have to give off the 'future mothers' vibe." Megan was rambling, thinking out loud. Kaitlin had nodded along with her instructions, but her eyes grew large at the scope of Megan's planning.

"Do you look good in a dress?" Megan asked. "Oh, who am I kidding? You look good in anything." Megan continued, answering her own question. "Something green? With a conservative neckline. Jordan, you're wearing pants and a collared shirt. We have to get your parents thinking we've domesticated you.

"Jordan, do your parents have any allergies?" Megan continued. Jordan just shook his head. "Then we're having lasagna and Garlic bread with a Cesar salad for dinner. I'll have the lasagna assembled and in your refrigerator Wednesday night. The rest I can assemble when I arrive, but you'll need to bake the lasagna fresh. 350˚ for an hour. I can probably get off by six, so start it at five thirty so that it's ready when I get there." Megan pulled out her tablet computer and started making notes.

"Don't worry you two, I'll make sure that both of your families leave next week believing you're both in good hands. We'll have to make some contingencies for whether Jordan's parents are on board with deceiving the Schmidt's. Both of your dads have been promised a tour of the land up here.

"Maybe Jordan could bring them up here on horseback at the same time, and we could have a girl's afternoon?" Megan suggested.

"What about the Bigfoot?" Kaitlin asked. "My dad knows, but he doesn't know that's why I'm here."

"My dad doesn't and can't know" Jordan said.

"Not that it matters, they're nocturnal and wouldn't approach strange humans anyways." Megan said. "But why not tell your dad?"

"You work for BFRO!" Jordan replied. "Aren't you supposed to be all about keeping secrets?"

"From people who don't need to know, yes. But these are your parents, Jordan. Could you trust them with the secret? Would they tell anyone?" Megan asked

"My mom would tell everyone within seconds of getting an internet connection." Jordan admitted. "My dad is trustworthy, but it would be a burden to him, not telling my mother."

"Like I said, it won't matter." Megan said. "Bring them both up in the morning together. Steer clear of the mine, and the Bigfoot should stay hidden."


Jordan dressed and went out to the flat rock outside the entrance. He pulled out his phone and dialed his father.

"Hi Jordan, is Megan going to avoid us?" Jordan's father said in greeting.

Megan sat on the rock behind Jordan, and in the calm morning air, she heard the question as she sat down. She wrapped both arms and legs around Jordan as she cuddled his large frame from behind.

"No Mr. White, I'll be here. I'm looking forward to meeting you!" Megan said sweetly.

"She does exist!" Jordan's dad joked. "And please, call me Steven! Bev and I are so looking forward to meeting you."

"I can't wait." Megan called into the phone over Jordan's shoulder.

"Dad," Jordan interrupted. "Megan gets off work on Thursday night, and has offered to cook for us. If you can stand me for an extra few days before the rodeo, we'd love to have you and mom up Thursday evening."

"We, huh?" Jordan's dad caught the invitation.

"Yes, we would like to make dinner for you and we would be happy to show you around town." Megan answered for Jordan.

Steven laughed. "Alright, it's good to hear that he's got a girlfriend who's going to keep him in line. I'll have to take work off Friday, but we can make that happen. We'll see you both this Thursday. And Megan, Bev can be a little... intense. I'll try to reign her in, but please be prepared for some personal questions."

"Sounds like a fun afternoon of girl-talk." Megan said with a smile, undaunted.

Jordan and Megan both said goodbye to Jordan's dad, and the call ended.

"He seems nice." Megan said.

"My dad's a great guy." Jordan said. "I feel so bad for deceiving him, and asking him to help us deceive Kaitlin's parents.

They were silent for a few moments, with Megan still wrapped around Jordan's back, and her head laying on his broad back.

"I'd better get going. So much to do before tomorrow morning." Megan finally said, and she breezed back through the mine entrance. A few minutes later she emerged with her backpack. "Here's a notebook and an ASL dictionary." Megan handed the books to Jordan. "I've made notes of who has learned what symbols. It would be great if you and Kaitlin could try to learn the same words, and try communicating them.

"Something else, Jordan." Jordan looked up to see an expression of conflict on Megan's face. "The Bigfoot are starting to understand English words. They'll never be able to speak them, but they may get to the point that they understand us when we talk. They certainly have the intelligence for it. If you and Megan could just try talking to them. Explain your words like you're talking to children."

"How do you know that they won't learn to speak English?" Jordan asked. "I bet they could at least speak some words."

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