tagNovels and NovellasMontana Summer Ch. 06

Montana Summer Ch. 06


All the characters in this story are fictional; any resemblance to anyone alive, or dead is simply just uncanny. All characters in this story are 18 years or older.

Ryan checked the list again. Everyone had headed to Missoula the previous evening, Uncle Bill, Aunt Suzanne, Jessi, Becky, Stan, and their parents. Uncle Bill had left him a list of chores that needed to be done while they were gone. Mentally he checked off the items that he had already completed, things that were going to have to wait until tomorrow, and things that still needed to be done today.

One thing about working on a ranch, there certainly wasn't any opportunity to get bored; there was always work to be done. Although they had only been gone less than a day, Ryan already found himself missing Uncle Bill, Aunt Suzanne, and Jessi. Especially Jessi. It seemed to get harder and harder to get any time alone with her lately, Aunt Suzanne seemed to always pop up at the most inopportune times.

They had had a few minutes together a couple of nights ago, they were in the barn and Ryan had just run his hands under her shirt and was beginning to fondle her breasts when Aunt Suzanne came out of the house on some pretext, and that had put the brakes onto any fooling around. Later that night Ryan had been so horny that he had masturbated while perusing the big tit magazines that had been left in his apartment. After his first round of masturbation was complete he was surprised when he thought that this was only the second time that he had jacked off since coming to the ranch. Jessi and Becky had kept his cock well serviced the whole time he had been here.

He folded the list carefully, and placed it back in his shirt pocket and set out get some hay for the horses in the corral. Bernie perked up immediately as Ryan approached.

Ryan laughed, "I didn't forget about you."

Ryan had discovered that apples and carrots were the key to Bernie's friendship. He cut the apple into slices and slowly fed them to the horse while scratching his ears. Once the apple was gone Ryan began to put hay into the trough, and oats into the buckets around the corral. Finally he checked the water in the trough, and made sure that it was full.

More and more often Ryan had wondered that if this wasn't the life for him? He knew his mother had her heart set on him going to law school, but now the thought of being chained to a desk in an office for the rest of his life was even less appealing than it ever had been. He liked to be able to stop work for a few minutes and stare at the mountains around him. Each time he looked at them it was like seeing them again for the first time. He liked working outside; he liked the physical aspect of ranching. He had put on twenty pounds since arriving here, and it was all muscle. Ryan had looked at himself in the mirror the other night and was pleasantly surprised at the transformation.

Uncle Bill had dropped subtle hints about Ryan working on the ranch, not as a hired hand, but as a partner. More than once he had reminded Ryan that Ryan's father was half owner of the ranch, and that there was a place for Ryan here. Early on Ryan had wondered if his thoughts of staying, and becoming a rancher weren't directly tied to his feelings of lust for his busty cousin. After the night he had seen the Ghost Riders at the foot of Baxter's Canyon, and had realized what they had said to him, he knew his love of the mountains, and the ranch were separate from the feelings he had for Jessi.

Ryan worked until it was almost dark; instinctively he walked towards the ranch house, but then stopped when he remembered that there was no one there. He would shower first, and then fix something up for supper.

As he got into the shower the hot water flowed over his body. That was something else that felt so much better here. Back home a shower was something that you just did every morning, and before you went out. Here it felt so invigorating after a hard days work, he felt so clean and refreshed after taking a shower. As he showered he thought about the rainy day that Jessi and he had had sex in here. His penis began to swell.

Ryan laughed and looked at his stiffening erection, "Whoa there big fella."

He thought he would save that for later, after supper, maybe put a dirty movie on, and slowly stroke himself to climatic bliss before going off to bed. His mind changed gears, supper, what could he make for supper that wouldn't take forever in a day. In his mind he could smell pizza. His stomach growled and reminded him how much he liked pizza. As he finished his shower pizza was still on his mind, maybe he could hop in one of the trucks and head to town and pick up a pizza.

Out of habit he wrapped a towel around his waist before heading out of the bathroom. When he opened the door he could definitely smell pizza, he walked into the kitchen slash dining room slash living room and was surprised to see Lindsey sitting on one of the kitchen chairs with a pizza on the kitchen table.

Lindsey looked up and smiled, "I promised your aunt that I would come out and check on you every couple of days. I hope you like pizza."

Ryan laughed, "I love pizza, let me get some clothes on."

Lindsey felt a little twinge of lust surge through her body, as she looked at his half naked body. She would have loved to have the towel drop and be able to see him completely naked. She still got chills when she thought about the last morning of the camping trip when she had enticed him into allowing her to perform oral sex on him. She had heard Jessi and Becky talking about how large Ryan's manhood was, and had wanted to see for herself. At first she didn't think she would be able to get his erect cock into her mouth, but had surprised herself when not only she was able to get it into her mouth, but also she was able to suck him to climax.

By the time Ryan had reemerged from his bedroom Lindsey could feel herself becoming slightly damp between her legs. He reached into a cupboard and retrieved a couple of plates.

He looked in the fridge and said, "I can offer you Pepsi, or Pepsi to drink."

Lindsey pretended to think for a moment, "I think I will have the Pepsi."

Ryan was famished, it had been quite a while since lunch, and that only had consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich and an apple.

"Quaint little place you have here," Lindsey said as she looked around.

Ryan nodded, "I like it, and considering how little time I spend around here, it's perfect."

Lindsey nodded, in her mind she could picture Ryan and Jessi doing also sorts of things to each other up here away from prying eyes and ears, "Well, it's nice that you have your privacy."

Ryan thought he knew what she meant, but he was wasn't quite sure, "Yes, I like that."

They sat in silence for a few minutes, eating their pizza. Lindsey continued to have visions of Ryan and Jessi performing an ever increasing number of sex acts in this very place. Each time she thought about it, she would get a little more turned on, and the more turned on she got the more lurid the sex acts she envisioned. She looked at Ryan and smiled sweetly, ever since she had lost her virginity to Stan on the camping trip she felt like she had turned into a horny little slut. And Stan wasn't complaining, not one little bit. She wanted Ryan, she wanted to feel his big stiff cock, she wanted to feel it slide between her lips into her mouth, and then she wanted to feel it sliding in and out of her pussy.

After they had finished eating Lindsey raised her arms and stretched, making her already snuggly fitting shirt even more tight, and more revealing. Ryan noticed for the first time that Lindsey wasn't wearing a bra. He must have been hungry. The material just wrapped itself around her breast flesh. Her puffy nipples sat atop her breasts like cherries on an ice cream sundae. Ryan thought her buttons on her top might pop at any moment, rather he was hoping that they might.

"May I use your bathroom?" Lindsey asked.

"Be my guest," Ryan pointed the way.

On the way out Lindsey spotted one of the magazines that Ryan had jacked off to the previous night, and picked it up.

"What's this? Don't tell me you like this kind of porno stuff?" Lindsey said with more than a tinge of disgust in her voice.

Ryan blushed a deep red, "Well, uh, I..."

Lindsey thumbed through the magazine, enjoying the look on Ryan's face, and the pictures in the magazines, "Don't you think it's kind of sick?"

Ryan had regained a modicum of composure, "Well, really they aren't mine, we found them in a box up here after I moved in."

Lindsey looked up from the page, "Them, you mean there is more than just this one?"

"Yes, there was quite a few, and some movies as well," Ryan explained.

"Movies," she looked up from the magazine, "Like the magazines?"

Ryan nodded, feeling a little guilty; he looked down and stared at Lindsey's long, lithe legs for a minute. He had felt his shaft beginning to swell as he watched Lindsey staring at the pictures in the porno magazine. After a moment he looked up at Lindsey, and answered, "Yes, just like the magazines."

Lindsey had never seen a real hard-core porno magazine before, she had seen some soft core magazines, and some even had couples in it, and while some of the pictures had shown the men with erections, it was nothing like this. As much as Lindsey didn't want to admit it, the images were turning her. The thought of watching a video even turned her on more. She had never seen a hard-core porn movie before. Before she had given herself to Stan he had hinted on more than one occasion about watching some triple x rated movies from the store, but she had always managed to change the subject.

Although she had a pretty good idea of the answer, she wanted to hear it from him, "Do you like this stuff? Does it turn you on?"

Ryan blushed a little, "Well, yeah, I guess I kind of like it."

"You didn't answer me, does it turn you on?" Lindsey pressed, enjoying the fun she was beginning to have with Ryan.

Ryan squirmed a little in his chair, he was doing his best to try to get his growing erection to subside, he nodded, "Yes it turns me on."

"Oh, so it makes you get all hard, what do you do then?" her voice became hushed, "Do you masturbate?"

Ryan felt like he was stuck in an episode of the Twilight Zone, here was this vivacious young woman, only a few years older than him asking him if he like jacking off to porn videos, he nodded his head, "Yes."

Although Lindsey had been a virgin until just recently, she had been very active sexually in the solo sense. She enjoyed masturbation, and couldn't imagine anything better than playing with herself. Well, that was true up until she had blossomed on the camping trip. She knew some of her college friends pretended that they found masturbation, by either male, or females somewhat depraved. She also suspected that in the still of a dark night that their fingers found their way to their anxious clits.

"There's nothing wrong with masturbating," Lindsey confided, she didn't want Ryan to suffer too much, "It's a healthy, and normal thing to do. I enjoy it."

Ryan was quite surprised at her admission, Lindsey was one of the last people he could have imagined playing with herself, let alone admitting that she did it, and enjoyed it as well.

"Come here Ryan," Lindsey held her breath.

Ryan stood up, the bulge in his pants was evident, and he walked over to Lindsey.

Lindsey set the magazine down, "Put your arms around me and kiss me."

Ryan was taken aback; this isn't what he expected at all. He put his arms gently around her, and lowered his lips to her waiting mouth. His lips had barely touched hers when her tongue darted into his mouth. She put her arms around him and pulled him tightly against her. She could feel his hardness growing rapidly against her belly.

When the kiss ended Lindsey was breathless, her voice husky, "Would it turn you on if I told you I wasn't wearing any underwear?"

Ryan was turned on, extremely turned on. He was glad his cock was hard, and that it was pressing against Lindsey, "Yes, it would," he answered.

His hands traveled down below her jean skirt, and then he ran his hands underneath, and was surprised to only find her firm ass cheeks in his hands. As his hands squeezed and fondled her butt her hand traveled down to his zipper, and pulled it down. She undid the button on his jeans and then slipped her hand down to his warm, and waiting cock.

"It's so big," she whispered as she tried to wrap her hand around it and began to gently stroke it up and down.

Ryan pulled back a little so she had a little better access to his swelling erection, her hand felt so good on his cock. He also wanted to see her tits; he slowly started undoing her blouse. Lindsey made no effort to stop him; she was totally engrossed with his cock, slowly moving her hand up and down it. It amazed her to think that she had actually sucked him off, she found his member to be even larger than she had remembered.

When the last button was undone Ryan opened her blouse. Her breasts were smaller than Jessi, and Becky's, but she had those puffy nipples that just sat on top of her breasts. Ryan gently touched one, then the other. He rolled them around between his thumb and forefinger and watched as they became erect.

"Do you like them," Lindsey almost sounded timid. She was a little self-conscious about her nipples.

Ryan was almost speechless, he looked directly into Lindsey's eyes, "I think they are fantastic."

He cupped her breasts together and leaned over and sucked on one of her nipples, he could feel her shudder as he lightly bit down. Her breasts were very firm; he liked how they felt when he squeezed them. He could feel Lindsey rubbing his swollen cock head against the palm of her other hand as she continued to slowly rub his steely shaft up and down.

Ryan continued playing with Lindsey's tits, and he looked into her eyes, her lids were slightly closed, a look of wanton desire spread over her face. He reached down between her legs, she moved opened them to allow him full access to her sex.

He was surprised to find hair; he had become so accustomed to Jessi, and Becky with their shaved pussies. It wasn't very long, and it seemed to be neatly trimmed. His finger slid in between her engorged pussy lips, and into her wet tunnel.

"Oh fuck," Lindsey moaned softly, "Fuck me with your finger."

Ryan began to slide his finger back and forth in her pussy as Lindsey continued to slowly jack his cock. His other hand continued to caress her breast, his hands running over each one lightly, feeling her erect nipples rubbing against the palm of his hands.

"You're making me so horny," Lindsey said with lust in her voice.

"You're turning me on too," replied Ryan, "Your hand is making me so hard, I can barely stand it."

"Would you like to fuck me?" Lindsey asked, she knew what he would say, but still, she wanted to hear it from him.

"God yes!" Ryan exclaimed, "I want to fuck you so badly!"

"Take me to your bed," Lindsey whispered, and then slowly licked, and then bit his ear.

Ryan led her into his bedroom, Lindsey sat down on the bed, "Take your clothes off for me," her voice had a sense of urgency.

Ryan pulled his shirt off, and then pulled his pants off. He stood there, in front of her, naked. His cock stuck straight up into the air. The head of his cock was swollen, and looked like an angry purple plum. The tip was wet with his pre-cum juices.

Lindsey slipped her shirt off, and tossed it on the end of the bed, she stood up and undid her skirt, and let it drop to the floor. She sat back on the bed directly in front of Ryan and reached out and grasped his stiff erection, and pulled him towards her.

"I want to suck you," she said just before she placed his cock into her waiting mouth.

Ryan set his hands on the top of her head, "Oh fuck that feels good."

Very slowly and deliberately Lindsey moved her head up and down, taking his cock deep into her mouth, she would force as much in as she could take, almost to the point of gagging, and then sucking very hard and pulling her head back, her tongue working the shaft as it retreated.

Ryan couldn't believe how her cock sucking talents had improved from the camping trip; lucky Stan must be the recipient of a lot of practice on her part. Over and over, she repeated the motions with her head. Ryan felt on verge of cumming when she stopped.

She smiled up at him, "I'd love for you to cum in my mouth, but I really want to feel that big cock fucking my pussy."

Lindsey leaned back on the bed, lifted her legs, and then spread them wide open, "Fuck me Ryan, put that big cock in me, and fuck me with it."

Ryan grasped his cock in his hand, knelt against the bed, and began to rub his cock head slowly up and down Lindsey's willing slit. She rested her legs against his shoulders and then propped herself up on her elbows and watched him teasing her hungry pussy with his cock.

"You're driving me wild," Lindsey's face had a look of desperation, "Shove your cock in me, and fuck me with it."

Ryan continued his teasing, "You like my cock? You want me to fuck you with my cock?"

"Oh yeah baby, I want to feel your big strong cock inside of me, fill me with your big, stiff, dick," Lindsey responded. She was moving her hips back and forth, trying to capture his cock.

Slowly he began to put pressure on his hips, sinking his cock inside of her a little at a time. Each time he would sink another inch of his cock into her, her pussy felt so good on his cock, it was almost a creamy smoothness. Finally his cock sank all the way into Lindsey's creamy cunny.

Their eyes locked together as Ryan began to pump his cock into her, moving very slowly until he was almost all the way, then thrusting very hard, so hard that her ass came up off of the bed, then slowly he would withdraw, and begin slowly pushing back with the hard thrust at the end.

"That feels so good," Lindsey panted, "I love how you fuck me."

"Your pussy feels so good on my cock, I love fucking you," responded Ryan.

Over and over he repeated his movements, he sped up a little, always thrusting hard right at the end. He knew he was at the perfect speed, if he didn't speed up any more he felt like he could fuck her like this forever and not be in danger of cumming. He wanted to give her a fucking that she would never forget.

If Lindsey had thought sex with Stan was good, this was over the edge. She had already had one small climax, and she could feel a second one building. His hard member filled her up like she had never thought possible. His sharp thrusts sent surges of pleasure surging from her clit.

Their eyes remained locked on the other, each one willing the other to higher levels of pleasure. Her hips had begun to move with his, and like his, she thrust hard towards him as he thrust his cock hard into her.

Ryan sort of rolled over, pulling Lindsey with him, so that she ended up being on top, he pulled her tightly against him, he could feel her breasts mashing into his chest. He put his hands on her firm butt cheeks and began thrusting harder than ever into her slippery tunnel.

"I love your cock," whispered Lindsey hoarsely as her orgasm approached, "I love how it fucks me, I love how it feels in my hand, and I love feeling it in my mouth."

Ryan responded back, "Your pussy makes my cock feel so good, I liked how your hand made me so hard, and I loved how you sucked on my cock. You made me want to cum so bad in your mouth."

"I love taking your cum in my mouth," Lindsey moaned as she felt her body began to spasm with pleasure, "If you want me too, I will suck you off, you can finish in my mouth if that's what you want."

Ryan felt drunk with lust; it turned him on to hear her talk like that. He could feel her cumming; he could feel the wetness explode around his cock. As much as he wanted to pull his cock from her pussy and move it to her mouth, he loved fucking her hot, tight cunt.

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