tagNovels and NovellasMontana Summer Ch. 15

Montana Summer Ch. 15


This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any real person is just proof there is a pattern to randomness in the universe. All characters are eighteen years and older.

Suzanne lay in bed beside her husband. She rolled over. "I'm worried, Bill."

Bill wasn't asleep, and he opened his eyes. "What? Worried? What are you worried about?"

"Jessi and Ryan," She whispered in the dark. "I'm worried if the tests don't come out the way they hope they'll do something..." Suzanne felt tears welling up in her eyes.

"Hush." Bill reached over and put his arm around his wife. "You've nothing to worry about. I had a talk with Ryan a couple of days ago. He promised me they wouldn't do anything foolish."

"I hope so," Suzanne replied quietly. Bill's arm around her comforted her.

"I'm glad you didn't listen to your mother's advice and married me anyway." Bill kissed Suzanne softly on the cheek. "I've never regretted marrying you, not for a minute."

"I haven't either, Bill. I could never see myself being married to anyone else." Suzanne paused as she thought for a few moments.

"Do you suppose that's how Jessi and Ryan feel about each other?" Suzanne asked.

"I think it's exactly how they feel." Bill's voice was warm and soft.


Charlie was up before the dawn. The older he grew, the earlier he rose. His wife teased him that before long he would be getting up before he went to bed.

This was his favorite time of day. All was quiet. The slate for the new day was clean and always held promise. He gave thanks as the sun rose. He had been granted another day. Winter was almost upon them, and Charlie knew he was in the winter of his life. More and more, he looked at each day as a precious gift not to be squandered.

He thought of the two still sound asleep in the tent. His son was in the summer of his life, and Ryan in the late spring. So much lay in store for the both of them. Charlie smiled. There was no envy in him, only joy.

There were no regrets. What was the point of regretting what was already done? Charlie was well aware at times, he had made poor decisions in his life. He hoped he had learned from those choices and had tried to not make the same mistakes a second time.

Steam rose as the orange flames from the fire licked at the soot-covered coffee pot. As soon as the coffee was ready, Charlie would start cooking breakfast and wake the sleeping pair in the tent.

Charlie felt an affinity to this place. This is where his ancestors had lived. It was a link to his past. He slipped his hand inside of his shirt and felt the bear claw necklace Ryan had given him. It was another link to the past.

The aroma of brewing coffee and the sizzle as it boiled over broke Charlie's reflections. He pulled the coffee pot from the fire, opened the lid, and poured a cup of cold water into the pot to settle the grounds.

The smell of coffee and cooking bacon found its way into the tent. Ryan opened his eyes and lay there for a moment. His stomach growled and reminded him he was hungry. He pulled his pants and shirt out from beneath his sleeping bag.

Ryan wasted no time in getting dressed. The chill in the air saw to that. As he pulled his boots on, he called over to Walter. "Hey, Walt, you might want to wake up. It smells like your dad has breakfast cooking."

Walter opened his eyes and stretched. "Yeah, we better get out there, or he'll eat it all."

Charlie looked up as Ryan came out of the tent. "Good morning! Hope you slept well."

"Like a rock," Ryan replied as he stretched.

"Is Walt awake?" Charlie asked as he kept watch on the frying pan full of sizzling bacon.

Ryan nodded his head as he picked up a towel and a bar of soap. "Yeah, he's getting dressed."

The cold water sent a shock through Ryan's body as he splashed it on his face. There was no doubt he was fully awake now. He watched the steam rising from the creek as he knelt by the water. He couldn't imagine a more perfect morning. The sky was clear, the air was crisp, and the aroma of fresh coffee and bacon beckoned.


Norm Campbell finished his cup of coffee and looked Vincenzo. "If you have more guys coming, you need to call Tony."

Vincenzo turned from watching the rising sun. "What for?"

"I need a couple of gallons of nitric acid, and a couple bottles of mercury."

"What do you need that for?" Vincenzo was curious.

"I have some with me, but not enough for the number of people coming. The nitric acid is used to dissolve the impurities. Mercury is then added and boiled off, leaving pure gold," Norm replied. He thought for a moment and added. "Make sure his guys get steel gold pans, and not aluminum."

Vincenzo shrugged his shoulders. "Does it really make a difference in the pans?"

"Yes, the mercury reacts with the aluminum, and will end up destroying the pans, among other things," Norm explained.

The sun had fully risen by now. Both men got up from their seats at the table and put their dishes into the RV's sink.

As he pulled his coat on, Norm commented, "I'm going to head further up the creek and see what I can find."

Vincenzo picked up his camera case. "I'll be up there in a while. I want to take some pictures first."

Norm left the RV and pulled his pack from the storage bins located underneath the vehicle and began to make his way towards the stream.

After Norm was gone, Vincenzo pulled his cell phone from his pocket and dialed a familiar number.

"Good morning, Vincenzo." Tony answered his phone.

"Good morning, Padron." Vincenzo greeted his boss.

"I was talking with Mr. Campbell this morning. When you send the men, there are some items he asked be sent with them."

Vincenzo listed the items Norm had requested. "I have been forced to rethink our conversation of last night."

"How so?" Tony enquired.

"I think I will need Mr. Campbell until we are finished here. It seems the process of obtaining the gold may be a little more complex than I first thought."

"I trust your judgment, Vincenzo."

Norm hiked up the creek. He noticed a change in Vincenzo last night. Hank's words of warning echoed in his head. He slipped his hand into his coat pocket and felt for the weapon Hank had given him. He felt relieved to find it still there. At least Vincenzo hadn't gone through his pockets.

He stopped and thought for a moment. He turned around and made sure he wasn't being watched. Once he felt he wasn't being observed, he pulled the gun from his pocket and ejected the magazine. A wave of relief washed over him when he saw the ammunition was still there.


Stella looked over at Kenny. He was still sound asleep. She smiled and reached over and stroked his cheek with a gentle touch. There was no doubt about it. She had fallen in love with him. It didn't matter that he wasn't exactly handsome. He treated her far better than any man before. For the first time since she could remember a man treated her as a person and not just as a sexual toy.

He did nice things for her, bought her little gifts for no reason, sent her flowers just to let her know he was thinking of her. The one thing above all else, the thing which meant the most to her was, when he asked her opinion, he actually listened to her.

She had been nervous when they had entered the DA's office yesterday. Kenny patted her on the knee and promised that everything would be okay. By the end of the meeting, Kenny got what he had wanted. The felony charges would be dropped, and she signed an agreement pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of trespassing.

Kenny paid the fine for the misdemeanor at the courthouse. They went out to dinner to celebrate. There weren't many choices for fine eateries in the small town, but the one steakhouse there was, promised local beef. Kenny grudgingly complimented the quality of the food.

After returning to the hotel, they engaged in a long bout of lovemaking. They both were exhausted by the time they were done, and Stella had fallen asleep with his arms wrapped around her.

She leaned over and brushed her lips over his chest and left a soft kiss. There was no response and she smiled. Her voice was quiet. "I love you, Kenny. I think you know that."

A grin spread across her face as she whispered, "And I know just how to wake you up."

Stella slipped her hand under the blank and brushed her fingertips across his flaccid member. She raised the sheet and watched her fingers teasing him. The sight of his cock beginning to become erect pleased her.

There was still no response from Kenny. His eyes were still shut and his breathing was slow and quiet. The tips of her fingers continued to slowly graze up and down the length of his growing erection.

She slipped her fingers down further and ran them over his balls. From experience, she knew that if she wanted him to stay asleep, not to touch him there for anything more than a short period of time.

His organ slowly swelled, and the blood filling the spongy tissue and Stella smiled as his cock continued to thicken until it was fully erect. She used the tip of her finger to stimulate the sensitive area on the underside of his erection.

The first time she had done this, she had been able to make him orgasm with just using the tip of her index finger, and Kenny hadn't woke up until just before his cock had pulsed, sending streams of thick, white jizz all over his stomach.

That's not what she wanted today though. She wanted him to wake up and enjoy her giving him pleasure but—not just quite yet.

Stella slipped her free hand between her legs and her fingers dipped between her already swollen lips. She exhaled in a slow stream as her finger slid up and down her wet slit.

She repositioned her body so her head rested on Kenny's belly. Her tongue flicked at the tip of his swelling cock-head, moving it in little circles. Occasionally, the very tip of her tongue probed the slit at the end of his cock.

Her head moved slowly as she opened her mouth and let his cock slide through her lips. Stella was careful not to move too quickly. She wanted him to wake slowly as she sucked him.

The feeling of his organ filling her mouth and what she was doing turned her on. Her fingers rubbed her clit in a slow circular motion. She swirled her tongue around the head of his erection. She took him further into her mouth in a slow, deliberate fashion.

She held him deep in her mouth for a moment and slowly began to pull her head back, sucking lightly until just the tip remained in her mouth. Her finger dove into her velvet-soft tunnel and began to slide in and out.

Stella moved her head back and forth over his fully engorged cock. She liked how the smooth skin of his wet shaft felt as it moved over her lips. The tip of her tongue caught the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum leaking from his swollen head.

Kenny was dreaming. He was in a courtroom, trying a case. After taking a seat, he found he had a hard time hearing what the judge was saying. He felt a set of lips on his cock. He looked down and saw Stella dressed in a business suit sucking his cock. The more she sucked, the less he could hear.

The courtroom slipped from his sight as his eyes began to open. The image of the black-robed judge evaporated but the feeling of his cock being sucked only grew more real. His eyes slowly opened to the realization Stella had his erection in her mouth.

She felt his hand move to her head and he began to stroke her hair. He was awake. She felt his hips thrusting in time with movements of her head.

"Oh, baby," Kenny moaned. "That feels so good."

He reached around, cupped her firm breast, and played with her erect nipple. "You have the finest tits, baby." He liked how firm they felt as he squeezed the supple flesh of her breast. He rolled the rubbery nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Stella's finger rubbed against her clit, moving faster and faster. It wouldn't be long before she would peak. His hands and voice were driving her to the brink.

The tip of her tongue pressed hard against the underside of his shaft as her head and his hips combined their movements. She wanted to feel him cum in her mouth. She wanted to taste him and drink his essence.

"You suck my cock like it's never been sucked before." Kenny's whisper was hoarse with lust. He knew he wasn't going to last long.

She felt the end of his cock hitting the back of her throat as she struggled to suck all of it into her mouth. As her body began to shake, she placed her hand on his wet shaft and began to jack his cock with short fast strokes.

Stella let the tip drop from her mouth. "Cum in my mouth baby, let me taste you." She slid the tip back in her mouth and began to work his organ with her mouth and hand.

"Oh, baby, I'm gonna cum in your mouth." Kenny closed his eyes as he felt his cock pulse and the slight burning sensation as his creamy cum burst into her mouth.

Lights flashed in Stella's head as she tasted his semen spurting over her tongue. Her head was still as her hand coaxed every drop of his pearly white cum from his cock into her mouth.

Her pulse was still racing when Kenny pulled her body up beside him. She felt his lips on hers, and his tongue slip into her mouth. She loved that. Unlike most of the men she had known, Kenny never had a problem kissing her after she had performed oral sex.

She snuggled against his body and felt warm.

"Good morning, baby." Kenny's voice was soft and gentle as he wrapped his arms around her.


Ryan set his plate down. "That was a good breakfast, Charlie."

Walter nodded his head in agreement. "Damned good."

Charlie beamed with pride. "Thanks." He didn't care to cook at home, but once out in the mountains, he found cooking a relaxing and almost spiritual experience.

Ryan stood up and stretched his legs. It felt good to be out here. Although the temperature was still well below freezing, he felt as warm as on a spring day. He sipped his coffee as he looked towards the creek. It all felt so familiar to him.

"I cooked, you clean up." Charlie spoke to his son.

"Sounds fair to me." Walter finished his cup of coffee and began to heat some water in a pot.

Ryan turned as he heard Charlie's voice. "Well?"

"I feel like I've been here before, and just not in my dreams. It's so hard to explain."

Charlie knelt down on one knee. "I love this place. I wish I could live here."

Ryan looked down at Charlie. "Why don't you? There's nothing stopping you."

The older man chuckled. "I don't think I could get the wife away from her modern conveniences, not to mention her afternoon stories on the television."

"I guess you feel the same way about this place as I feel about the cabin." Ryan paused and thought for a moment. "Funny, isn't it? Will lived at the cabin, and Spotted Owl lived here. It's a bit like going back in time."

Charlie hadn't thought of it in those terms before. Ryan's comment about it being like going back in time caught him by surprise. Charlie had no answer for it. He felt there was a lot of truth in the statement. His voice was quiet when he finally replied, "I never thought of it like that." He stood up and brushed the snow from his knee. "You show an understanding beyond your years at times."

Ryan smiled as he looked at Charlie. "I've had a good teacher."

Charlie felt a warm pride inside. "I wish I could help you more."

"I don't think you could have helped me anymore than you have. The most important lesson you taught me was it's the journey to discovery which is important, and not necessarily the answer."

A small smile crossed Charlie's face. "It's good you took it to heart. I was more than twice your age before I learned it was true."

"Something is going to happen," Ryan stated in a matter of fact voice.

Charlie was curious. "What will happen?"

"I don't know. Spotted Owl told me to seek my vision here." Ryan looked at Charlie. "I can feel it out there." He pointed towards the mountains. "My vision is out there—waiting."

"Waiting?" Charlie was astounded. "You can feel your vision?"

Ryan nodded. "It's hard to explain. I just know."

"I don't know what to say." Charlie had never heard anything like this before. "It takes most people careful preparation and sometimes days to have a vision, if they have one at all."

Charlie carefully studied the young man. His eyes seemed to be staring off into another place in time. There was no doubt in Charlie that Ryan had an incredible gift.

"Do you know where you will seek your vision?"

Ryan nodded, turned, and pointed to a specific spot. "There."

Charlie suddenly felt a cold shiver run down his back. He had a fairly good idea what that spot was. It was most likely where Spotted Owl's thipis had stood.


Jessi watched the minute hand on the clock slowly move. In front of her was a piece of paper with a phone number. She wanted to call, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to hear what he had to say.

She went to take a drink of coffee, but her cup was empty. Good! It was an excuse to delay calling, even if for a few minutes.

"Coffee ready?" Becky walked into the kitchen and stretched.

"Yup." Jessi reached into the cabinet and retrieved a cup emblazoned with the John Deere logo. She filled the cup and handed it to Becky. "What time did you get in last night?"

"Just after midnight," Becky answered. "I invited Josh over for supper tonight. I thought maybe we could order pizza and rent some movies."

"Sounds good to me." Jessi sipped on her cup of coffee.

"Did you call yet?"

Jessi shook her head. "No, not yet. I wanted to make sure that he was there before I called."

Becky looked at the coffee pot shaped clock over the stove. "Well, I think he should be there by now. Call him."

"I know. I'm just kind of nervous, especially after what he said last night."

"I'm up now. Let's do this together." Becky put her arm around Jessi's shoulder and gave her a hug.

Jessi nodded and retrieved the cordless phone and punched in the numbers. As the phone rang, she looked at Becky. "Here goes nothing." She was already prepared to hear the news she had been dreading. She felt like she was trying to grasp on to a dream made of smoke.

"Good morning, DNA Lab." The familiar voice of her instructor answered.

"Hi, it's Jessi McFayden. I was calling to get the results."

"Hi Jessi. Yes, I have them right here." He gave Jessi the numbers for the matching samples.

Jessi wrote down the numbers on a pad of paper. "There's no chance of error?" It was her last gasp hope.

"No," replied her instructor. "We double check all of our results as we do them."

"Okay, thanks." Jessi hung up the phone and then looked at sample numbers they received when they donated a vial of blood for the DNA tests and compared them with the numbers she just wrote down.

The number assigned to Ryan didn't appear on the pad. She gasped audibly when she realized what the numbers her instructor had given her meant.


"Look." Jessi was speechless.

Becky leaned over Jessi's shoulder, and when she realized whose samples matched, she dropped her coffee cup. "What the..."

Jessi looked up at Becky. "I don't know what to say."

"Me either." Becky was shaken to the core of her existence.

Both girls were silent. They just stared at each other. Finally, Becky stated the obvious. "This means we're sisters?"

"Half sisters." Jessi's hands were trembling. "This means we have the same father."

"I just don't know what to say." Becky continued staring at Jessi. She shook her head. "Sisters? God almighty! This is so weird. I've always thought of you as my sister. I just never imagined."

"I know. I've always felt the same way." Jessi started to laugh. "Remember when we were young, how we would dress the same, and do our hair the same and then laugh when people would ask if we were sisters?"

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