tagErotic CouplingsMonthly Cuck Ch. 01

Monthly Cuck Ch. 01


I'm waiting for my girlfriend to finish getting ready so we can go out. Nothing special or unusual about that, right? Guys all over the world have spent decades waiting for their girls.

Except this will be the first time that we're going out with the intention of finding her a stranger to fuck.

As we're waiting, a little back story. I met Staci 8 months, 2 weeks and 1 day ago. I was in the supermarket when a guy bumped the contents of her basket all over the floor. Being a gentleman, I helped her pick her stuff up.

I'll be honest, I'd noticed her walking around the store and had, er, modified my route so that our paths crossed as often as possible. She wore a typical student uniform of a long t-shirt that her tight bum just peeked underneath, skinny jeans and heeled ankle boots... but she wore it like no other student. She was petite but every curve was perfect, and from the brief glances I'd stolen of her face in profile behind her long mousy hair, I could see she was very, very cute.

So when I helped her put her food and drink back in her basket, and she looked up at me with the biggest blue eyes I'd ever seen and smiled, I melted. I mean, I fell apart. I stuttered and mumbled; I was sure I'd blown it. But it turns out, she found that cute. We chatted as we finished our shopping together, and she waited for me to pay for my stuff.

She was going to walk home as she lived nearby but I offered her a lift. When we got to her apartment, she asked if she could cook me dinner as a thank you. I couldn't believe my luck.

It was over dinner that I got a first inkling of her naughty side. She had a hot tongue piercing and told me of her tramp stamp tattoo on her lower back that she got, I thought surprisingly, with her Dad's permission at 14. As the meal progressed, the cute girl's little smiles got sexier, her giggle got dirtier, and the eye contact shifted from flirty to "fuck me".

And that's what happened. I stayed the night, and the whole of the next day.

I was besotted. And she didn't worry about hiding the naughty side of herself right from the beginning. She wasn't embarrassed about what she liked, and I encouraged her. In those first few months, we fucked in every room of her flat, every room of my flat, in my car, and outside the back of her university building. She wouldn't do anal, but she compensated by exploring some of my other fantasies.

She would dress up for me in private. She was an incredibly sexy maid and an amazingly naughty nurse; and if Walt Disney had seen how hot she was dressed as Minnie Mouse, Disney World might be a very different place.

I encouraged her to dress sexier in public, but she resisted. I loved how she always wore high heels (I'm tall and she's quite short, so even when she wears 4 inch heels, her head is still only level with my shoulder); but her skirts were never more than three inches above the knee, and she never put her glorious C-cups on display.

The thing I wanted the most, though, was to see her fucked by another guy. When I first suggested it, she flipped out. She wouldn't see me for two weeks until I eventually managed to communicate to her that it wasn't about me being able to fuck other women. I wanted her and only her. But I didn't want her to feel she was stuck with just fucking me. I wanted her to feel free to be hot and sexy, in public and with other people.

She eventually accepted what I was saying, but wasn't interested in sleeping with other men. She said she wanted me and only me. I should have been over the moon – the most amazing girl in the world wanted to be with me. But a small part of me was still disappointed and, on occasions when she went out with her girlfriends, I reminded her that I would be happy for her to mess around with someone if a guy took her fancy. She always laughed it off but I always waited at home, dick in hand, hoping that she'd do it.

She said that, even though I might like the idea of her fucking someone else at the moment, the reality would probably be very different. She didn't want to risk our relationship. I tried to reassure her I really did want it by keeping it a regular topic over several months, but she gave no sign of budging.

Then came her cousin Hayley's hen weekend. Staci was going to Amsterdam with a group of four girls for two nights. They were all flying out of her hometown, some 100 miles from where we live, so I said I'd give her a lift to her parent's house, where they were all converging. It would give me a chance to meet her family.

Turns out, Staci had told her family that she had a boyfriend, but hadn't told them that I was closer to her father's age than I was to her own, nor had she told them that we had moved in together. I was about as popular as a pimp at a pre-teen's beauty pageant, and realised I'd better beat a hasty retreat.

I kissed Staci goodbye, disappointed that I had yet to see her fancy dress outfit for their first night over there. I knew the theme was Angels and Devils but she had kept it secret and was going to fuck me goodbye in it that evening before they left early in the morning. Now there was no way her father was going to leave us alone together in a bedroom for any useful amount of time. I whispered to her to fuck a stripper for me, and she just rolled her eyes and smiled. I left and went home to wait for her return in a few days.

Those few days later, when her father dropped her home, I immediately knew something was wrong. As I walked toward her to grab her bags, her baby blues filled with tears and she threw herself into my arms, sobbing and repeating over and over how sorry she was, begging for me to forgive her. I took her inside and calmed her down, and asked her to tell me what had happened. She didn't know where to start; I said "From the beginning." She made me promise not to interrupt until she'd finished, and this is the story she told:

"We dropped our stuff at the hotel – which was really fancy, I was quite surprised – and went for some drinks and some cake which, y'know, you've got to do in Amsterdam. I was nervous about wearing my costume, so I had quite a lot of cake, and quite a bit of drink to wash it down with. I couldn't believe how I felt when we left. I definitely didn't feel myself.

"So we go back to the hotel to get ready and I remember feeling relieved I'd lost most of my nerves. I was going to wear a devil costume – a very short frilly red dress with a black corset and horns and a tail and a trident, and I had red fishnet stockings and red glittery heels... It strangely didn't feel as short as when I first tried it on but, God, it was very short. Maybe it was the drink and that?

"Anyway, I went across the hotel to Hayley's room – she was basically wearing just red and black lingerie and some horns but was panicking because she couldn't find the frilly knickers she'd brought to go with it. She asked me what underwear I was wearing and I showed her the black panties I had on, and she asked to borrow them!

"I said no and said she must have another pair she can wear, but apparently she never wears panties so she didn't have any. She was getting really stressed. I said I couldn't just go without underwear, and she said of course I could, she did it all the time, and it isn't like anyone could see. I wasn't sure, but she made me take my panties off and test in the mirror, and as long as I didn't lean over – like, at all – then you couldn't see anything, but I was not comfortable. Of course, then she wouldn't give my panties back. Bitch!

"We were still arguing when the other girls came to find us. I wanted to go back to my room to get another pair of panties, but it was a trek to the other side of the hotel and they said we didn't have time. Hayley promised to buy me some shots; she said that would soon take my mind of it. Yeah right.

"God, I felt so weird walking out of the hotel to the limo. I mean, all of us were dressed pretty slutty. We must have looked a right sight – five horny devils clambering into that limo. I know – nobody chose to be an angel. What a surprise.

"We went to this club and, God, there were so many pervs and that shouting at us! It was a right meat market, I don't know why Hayley chose it. Actually, I do, it's cos the VIP room was really cheap. That's where we went and Hayley at least kept her word about buying me drinks – she lined up 10 shots and told me I wasn't allowed on the dancefloor 'til I'd downed them all!

"Fortunately Suzie, you know, her maid of honour, she came to help me with them. She reckoned my corset wasn't tight enough so she untied it and pulled really hard. I thought I was going to pop, she made it so tight. She spun me around to this wall of mirrors and my tits were nearly falling out the top! I must admit, I did quite like the shape it gave me, and it took my mind off my bare arse for a bit.

"Suzie left me the last two shots and told me to drink up quickly. I asked why and she said cos the police were here. I turned round and there was this guy who was clearly not a cop. I mean, he was built like a wrestler and his uniform was made of latex! I looked at Suzie and she smiled and whooped: "Stripper!"

"I'm going to be honest with you, he was really hot. Like, male model, David Beckham hot. He started dancing and I got a bit carried away and started screaming with the others. He moved to Hayley and started dancing for her, and he got her to take his clothes off 'til he was only wearing this latex thong. It barely kept his dick in – I'm sorry honey, but he was a little bigger than you. Longer, anyway.

"He pulled Hayley up and danced with her, rubbing his body into hers. Then Suzie got up and he started doing the same with her, then he pulled the other girls up one at a time. I was last. I knew what was coming and part of me didn't want to cos, y'know, I didn't want to cheat or anything. But, God, I was feeling really horny and I really wanted to dance with him.

"When it was my turn, he immediately held me really close and whispered in my ear that he'd been saving the best for last. I was so turned on..."

She sobbed. I put my hand on hers to let her know it was okay, and gave her a warm smile. I wanted her to know I wasn't mad. Fuck me, I was as hard as a rock.

She continued: "I took his hand and put it on my tit. I'm so sorry! I pushed myself back against him, and he put his hand between my legs, and...

"...and that's when it got a little wild. I don't want to tell you what the others did 'cos I don't want to get them in trouble and we all promised not to tell. But I have to tell you what happened after we left the club.

"The girls were all ready to move onto the next one and it was about midnight and I was sat on... God, I've just realised I never even got his name! Oh God. Anyway, I was sat on his lap and, honestly, I did not want to move. His thong had... come off... during the show and he was kind of slowly rubbing over my pussy. You could have offered to wipe out my entire student debt then, I wouldn't have gone with them.

"So I stayed. They went on to another club and I took him back to my room. Darling, I'm so sorry, he fucked me. He fucked me so hard and so many times, we were there for hours."

She sobbed again. "When he pushed in me, for the first time, I thought of you. I thought how bad I felt for cheating on you. But I don't know what it was. I don't know if it was the drink, or the weed, or that you'd been telling me for so long that this is what you wanted... no, I don't want to make it sound like this is your fault, it was my decision, and right then, I wouldn't have made any other. It was what I wanted. And long after the drugs and the drink wore off, it was what I kept wanting.

"Honey, he fucked me until my pussy hurt, then he kept fucking me and I kept begging for more. We paused for food, and we slept a little, but in the end, the only reason we stopped was cos I had to come home."

She looked up at me for the first time since she started the story, blinking through the tears in her beautiful blue eyes, and said: "I am so, so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

I smiled and kissed her. She looked stunned.


"I told you this is what I wanted." I said. I put her hand on my solid dick and she looked surprised again.

"Baby, I love you. You are the cutest, sexiest, most beautiful girl in the world. You could have anyone you wanted and, as long as you come home to me at the end of the day, I want you to have anyone you want."

She shook her head in confusion, but slowly started rubbing my cock through my jeans. "Do you fancy an early night?" she asked.

"I thought your pussy was sore?"

"It is. But I need you right now."

She got up and I went to follow, but she told me to wait. "I've got a little surprise for you."

She came back in her devil outfit! Complete with horns, tail and trident; torn fishnets, tight corset and cum-stained dress. She looked so slutty I couldn't wait.

"I was still wearing this the first few times he..." I cut off whatever she was saying by kissing her roughly and pushing her back against the wall. I rubbed at a cum stain and reached under her dress, finding her cunt open and free.

I yanked my jeans down as quickly as I could and teased her pussy with my cock, then slammed it into her in one movement. She grunted and winced, and I kissed her hard.

"His cock was longer than yours, but yours is thicker. And I'm in love with yours." She kissed me back and I fucked her hard, her body thudding against the wall. She pulled her tits out the top of her corset and pinched her nipples.

"See these bite marks? He did them to spark my tenth orgasm."

I lifted her off her feet so I could stand up straight and give it to her harder.

"Did he use a condom?"

"You know I hate them," she panted.

"You let him cum inside you?"

She shook her head. "That's only for you. He came everywhere else though..."

That was it, I came so hard inside her that I thought I was going to black out. I held on to her for dear life and tried to take her whole breast into my mouth, biting hard, and was surprised when she came so quickly too, her cunt milking me for all I was worth. I let her down and we had to hold on to each other to keep ourselves upright.

It took a while for us to calm down. In fact, we fucked twice more that night, and again every night that week. Eventually we spoke about the possibility of her doing it again. She wanted to be sure I was okay with the idea, but as soon as she was, she was quite keen. We laid down some ground rules...

We agreed she wouldn't fuck anyone either one of us already knew. She wouldn't fuck someone more than once, or at least, more than one session. She wouldn't do anything with them that she wasn't willing to do with me. And she must tell me everything about every encounter.

After only a little persuading, I booked us a weekend break in the city. A nice hotel room near some not-very-nice nightclubs.

And that brings us up to date. I'm sat waiting in the nice hotel room near some...

The bathroom door opens and Staci slinks out. Holy fucking shit, she looks hot.

She's wearing a little black dress which doesn't show as much leg as I would like, and it's high-necked so there's no cleavage on display, but it has loads of slits cut out of the material all the way down her left side which makes it obvious she can't be wearing any underwear. In fact, the underside of her left tit is just peaking out of one of the holes. Other than jewellery, the only other thing she's wearing is a hot pair of pink snakeskin pointy-toe stilettos that match the pink of her lipstick. False eyelashes and dark eye make-up really highlight her come-fuck-me eyes, and her hair hangs loose like a waterfall. It's taking all my effort not to run over and fuck her right now.

"How do I look baby?" She bites her lip, seeming slightly nervous.

"I'm lost for words. You'll have your pick of guys tonight, that's for sure."

"I dunno, from what I saw of this club there'll be plenty of choice for them."

"And with you looking as beautiful and fucking sexy as you do, every single one of them will want you." She blushes and I kiss her. "We'd better go or I'm not going to be able to stop myself from taking you right now."

She giggles and leads the way to the door, looking back over her shoulder to see me stare at her teasing bum.


The plan is for us to go into the club separately and for me to watch her from the balcony. She went in first and has been in there for about ten minutes when I finally get in and order my first drink.

Up on the balcony, I look at the spot at the bar that she was going to be sat at. She isn't there. Worried we might have had a mix up, I scan the whole bar area. I can't see her. Please tell me she hasn't changed her mind and done a runner.

From my high vantage point, I start looking at all the dancers below. Maybe she...

There she is! I didn't think it would take her long, but no more than 20 minutes after she got in, she's dirty dancing with some blonde-haired, arrogant looking tool. She's grinding her arse into his groin and his hands are running up her sides to her...

She spins away with a wicked grin. He moves after her though and grabs her arse with both hands and pulls her to him. She leans back, laughing, and hooks a leg around his body, rubbing her bare crotch on the thigh of his jeans. He humps into her and they kiss, sloppily, and I can tell he's enjoying her tongue stud – pink tonight to match her outfit.

He kisses down her neck and she blissfully looks up, and catches my eye. She gives me the naughtiest smile she ever has, and whispers in the stud's ear. He takes her hand and pulls her as quickly as he can through the masses to the gents toilets.

Wow, this must be it. My girlfriend's going to fuck a guy she just met and I'm not going to see it, again. I seriously consider going down there to watch, but it'll probably take too long to fight through the crowd and I can't believe they'd leave the cubicle door open. We should've planned this bit better.

So I wait. And I wait. It's taking long enough that I may well have had time to get down there. And just as I decide that's what I'm going to do, I spy them coming out of the toilets.

She can barely keep the naughty grin from her face. The left side of her dress has been ripped a bit, so it now hangs open high up her hip. He's hanging on to her hand, obviously not wanting her to get away from him.

She turns to speak to him, and I see he's clearly trying to convince her not to leave. But our agreement was that she'd come straight back to me afterward.

He looks gutted as she moves away from him, and tries to wriggle her way quickly through the crowd to me. I move toward her, hurrying down the stairs.

She jumps into my arms and locks her lips around mine, kissing me with as much passion as she ever has. She tastes different...

"Can you taste his cum in my mouth?" she asks with a pout. I nod, and she smiles wickedly. "I love you so much. Now take me somewhere we can fuck, now!"

This was why I got a hotel so close to the club. We make for the exit.

"It didn't take you long to pull him. You didn't have to go with the first one, you know."

"I didn't", she purred, "he was the third, but he had a big cock. I could see it stretching out his jeans!"

We finally get out of the club and walk quickly in the direction of our hotel. At the speed we're walking, her dress is flapping about and her pussy is so nearly visible. She either doesn't notice or doesn't care.

"He seemed a bit of a tool though..."

"I can't wait 'til we get back." She yanked me down into the alleyway beside the club.

"Fuck me. Right here, right now."

Never one to keep a lady waiting, I pin her against the wall and reach up her torn dress, feeling her soaking wet cunt.

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