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Today, I want to talk, as it were, about hair and how it enhances facial expressions and, therefore, personality. Too often, writers of erotic fiction overlook this means of helping to characterize their shemale (and female) characters. However, when hair, whether blonde, brown, black, red, or some other, more exotic hue, and whether straight, wavy, or curly, long, medium, or short hair is an excellent means of suggesting thought, emotion, frame of mind, and much else that is or can (and should) be related to sexy looks and to sexuality per se.

In referencing characters for this purpose, I am considering male-to-female transsexuals, or shemales, because I find them irresistibly beautiful, but the same observations apply to lesser women, or females, as well.

Stereotypes apply unless a writer is careful to neutralize or subvert them, so, in general, blonde hair will suggest an idealist or a ditzy nature; brown or black hair, intelligence and responsibility; red hair, a fiery temperament.

Blonde hair coupled with dark eyes and dark eye makeup can accentuate the eyes and, therefore, both their gaze and their expressiveness, giving a shemale a joyous, a soulful, a grieved, a pained, a concentrated, a concerned (or any of a thousand other possible) appearance. The same is true of dark or red hair coupled with light eyes. Contrasts between hair color and eyes are useful in promoting character and nuances of personality.

Specific hairstyles and cuts, however, are important to consider, and a careful writer can make a shemale character's coiffure speak volumes about her. Hair restrained in a tight bun atop or behind the head suggests an equally tightly controlled personality. The way that she holds her head and the way that her hair falls are also important as means by which to imply various qualities--or can be, when a writer is an adept enough craftsman and a concerned enough artist to give these matters some thought before describing his or her shemale.

Likewise, some styles, such as ponytails and pigtails, reinforce a character's youthful appearance, and cornrows and braids can help to establish or reinforce a black shemale's ethnicity. In interracial sex involving two transsexuals, it is a good idea to make one shemale blonde and the other dark-haired with correspondingly contrasting skin tones: Asian and Caucasian or African-American and Caucasian, for example, or even Asian and African-American.

When the head is cocked to one side, the hair falls free on one side of the head while falling along the neck or over the shoulder on the other side, thus seeming to expose one side of the face while covering the other. A peek-a-boo, now-you-see-me, now-you-don't effect results, suggesting that the shemale is coy. She wants to reveal herself, but, at the same time, she is hesitant to do so, combining the tendency to attract with the propensity to hold back, to give and to deny herself. If the model also bites her lower lip, she adds a sense of innocence, feigned or real, depending upon the situation she is in. A bit lower lip doesn't have the same air of innocence, for example, if the shemale is naked with a cock up her ass as it would if she were wearing a white blouse, pleated plaid, knee-length skirt, and a pair of glossy black, round-toes dress shoes.

A direct stare by a shemale whose hair hangs over one side of her face, obscuring one eye, is mysterious, for half her face (and gaze) is hidden from view and, therefore, furtive. Such a look is intriguing, appealing to the reader's curiosity. What is this shemale like, behind that curtain, or veil, of her hair?

When a large ringlet happens to lie near a specific facial feature, the circle of hair calls attention to this other feature. For example, the ringlet can emphasize an eye or a mouth, especially if the eye or the mouth is opened wide so that it, too, resembles a circle. The human brain, male and female alike, seeks similarities and patterns. Circles of hair parallel circles of eyes and mouths. A writer might do well to remember this in describing a shemale's startled or frightened look or to underscore a scene in which, in fellating her man, her lips form a ring.

Hair that hangs down both sides of a shemale's face frames her countenance, especially if her hairstyle includes bangs. The effect is to suggest that she is a picture, or a portrait, rather than a person, an artistic rendering, a likeness, an image, idealized, perhaps, and made eternal as an object of pleasure and study.

Especially if it is wavy, hair that flips away from the face and the back of the head suggests frenzied motion, or a wild response, to an ongoing action. If the context allows, this motion or response may be interpreted as the onset of orgasm. Certainly nudity, the straddling of a naked man or woman by the shemale, or the insertion of a penis into the shemale's anus would make such an interpretation of the significance of such "flyaway" hair a reasonable one.

Short or pulled-back hair allows the writer to focus exclusively on the character's face. Her personality becomes more important than her physicality, even if she appears in a sexual situation. Short or pulled-back hair is therefore a good option for a scene in which the sex is described as lovemaking rather than as simply sex and the tone is one of tenderness rather than roughness, with love emphasized over lust, and cooperative interaction between partners, rather than dominance and submission, is the theme of the scene.

Relatively short, wiry or curly hair can seem to explode, as it were, from the shemale's head, as if, during the more intense moments of sex, or during orgasm itself, she is literally explosive with passion. Short hair, precisely because it is short--in other words, because there is less of it--also redirects the reader's gaze to the shemale's face, giving the writer the opportunity to focus on expressions of outrage, fear, discomfort, annoyance, joy, lust, or any other strong emotion that is called forth by the action and is especially pertinent to the scene.

Highlighted hair gives a shemale a festive look, brightening a brunette's tresses or darkening a blonde's goldilocks. The qualities associated with the blonde and the brunette stereotypes are also mixed, so that the ditzy blonde may be seen as less scatterbrained and the brunette as less anal retentive. In either case, highlights can make a shemale seem less one-dimensional and more well-rounded, so to speak. Streaked hair, on the other hand, is apt to give the shemale character a wild look.

To enhance the color of a shemale's hair, the writer should mention, in his or her description of the scene, other items in the setting that match or come close to matching the shade of the shemale's hair. For example, if she is a blonde, the writer might point out--in a subtle manner, of course--that her goldilocks' color resembles that of the bright sunflowers in a vase near the couch upon which she is seated or in the corner of her boudoir, to which she has only just now repaired for sleep or sex.

The color can also be contrasted with another object in the setting. A brunette's dark locks might be juxtaposed in one's description of her living room with the yellow flowers in a mural above the couch or, if the chamber is a bedroom, on the sandstone-colored wall above the mahogany bed's headboard. Beauty is enhanced when it is related to other beautiful things; beauty borrows from beauty, as sexiness borrows from sexiness.

How does one describe hairstyles? One way is to look at websites that are devoted to hairstyles and examine the ways that their writers describe hairdos. Maybe make a list of adjectives that frequently appear. In addition, you might even keep a folder of images that depict various types of short, medium, and long hairstyles. One such site uses such adjectives as "shoulder-length," "styled thick and heavy," "lots of body," "wispy, jagged bangs," "layered," "eye=long fringe," "flippy," "clippy," "lowlights," "tapering," "clipped," "blunt," "tousled," "boyish," This site also names various styles: "beveled bob," "short nape," "kneaded bob," "choppy bob," "concave bob," "pixie," "coronet."

You'll be naming and describing hot hairstyles as if you were a hairdresser yourself, but remember that there's a method to your madness: the descriptions are meant to characterize your shemales; they're not there just for the fun of it.

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