tagSci-Fi & FantasyMood Slime Ch. 22

Mood Slime Ch. 22


Before Doll decided to track down Lilith she had returned to the apartment building across the street from the sex shop to see if she could fit in some more fun. She walked past an apartment to which she felt something strange. She could sense horny young man but something wasn't right. She dug a little deeper and she could feel that the person was in pain. "That's odd?" She thought to herself as she decided to investigate further.

She dripped a few drops of slime down to the floor which slithered under the door and in to the apartment. As it moved around she couldn't see much until it got to the bedroom and lying in bed was a Handsome young man, maybe in his early 20's watching TV, but after further investigation she saw both his legs were in casts from the knees down and a visiting nurse log on the side of the bed. Doll had never been able to sense pain before which intrigued her so with a few alterations her pink dress suddenly turned white and molded in to a nurses uniform along with a white hat which held her hair up in a sort of bun as she opened the door.

Alex laid in bed watching music videos, a couple of attractive pop stars came on the screen which got him a little stiff, however the pain in his legs made it hard for him to pleasure himself. Suddenly he heard the front door open and close. "Hello?" He yelled out of his room.

Doll entered his bedroom before responding with "hello, visiting nurse!" She said smiling at him before picking up the chart.

Alex stared at this brunette beauty who was in his room, she looked amazing. Her uniform showed the perfect amount of cleavage and her legs were tanned and sexy as hell. He snapped out of her spell and said "um... a nurse was already here today! And they usually come in the morning, not the evening?"

"Oh?... oh yes it says it right here." She said looking at the chart, "well i can leave if you like?" She said with a smirk.

"Uh no that's fine. I could use the company." He said trying to hide the fact he was checking her out.

Doll put the chart down and asked "so how are we feeling today?"

"Not too great, my legs still really hurt, it's hard to get comfortable." He responded.

Doll looked at his legs and said "I might have a trick that will relieve the pain." She said as she began to massage his thigh above the knee. While she massaged him she sent a few drops of slime down in to the cast, the slime expanded and wrapped itself around his leg cushioning it and warming. She went around the bed and did the same thing to his other leg.

"How do you feel now?" She asked still massaging his thigh.

"Wow, I actually feel a lot better! How'd you do that?" He asked.

"Oh just an old family remedy." She said with a seductive look in her face as she began to massage the upper part of his thigh closer to his crotch, "It's my job to make you feel better, is there anything else I can do to help you feel better?" She said as her hand was suddenly under his shorts teasing the bulge in his underwear.

"Holy crap...um...Wow, that feels..." he said rolling his eyes in to the back of his head. "Hey but uh...won't you um... won't you get in trouble or something?"

Doll looked at him before she lowered her head pulling his shorts and underwear down giving him a few light teases with her tongue. "Only if you tell on me!" She said giving him a slow lick up his shaft.

"Oh SHIT!" He said while she worked his cock, she took him whole in her mouth giving him a few slow sucks while she tickled his balls. "Wow...shit...how?...are you really a nurse?" He asked.

After a few quick sucks she looked up at him before standing up and pulling her outfit open revealing more cleavage, "of course I am, you feel better don't you?" She said pulling the hat off letting her hair down before she climbed on top of him straddling his cock.

As he slid inside her warm inviting pussy realizing she was not wearing underwear he was almost in shock at everything that was happening, he thought to himself "Holy shit is this a dream? Who is this woman? What have I done to deserve this?" He then looked up at her as she got situated on him before he asked her "is this a dream?"

Doll smiled and ripped her outfit open revealing her amazing breast's making Alex hit his head on the headboard out of surprise! "If it is you better enjoy as much as you can before you wake up!" She said with a devilish grin as she started bouncing up and down on him as he placed his hands on her hips and slid them up cupping her breast's in his hands while she grabbed his wrists helping him squeeze them making her moan while her pussy tightened around his cock.

Soon Alex moaned as she bounced on top of him. He didn't feel any pain in his legs, all he could feel was what this sexy nurse was doing to him. She removed the rest of her outfit before sliding her hand under his shirt helping him remove it. Her pussy felt amazing, so warm and lubricated his dick was gliding in and out with not resistance, he couldn't hold back for very long. His dick finally succumbed and emptied in to her while she arched her head back sucking everything he had to give out of him. "Wow! That was amazing!" He said looking up at her while he rubbed his hands on her waist and stomach.

Doll leaned down wrapping her arms around his head and kissed him on the lips, she looked him in the eyes and said, "I hope that's not all you've got!" She said before kissing him on the neck and sliding up rubbing her breast's in his face. After a few more teases he started getting hard again to his amazement. She saw his dick becoming stuff again and climb back on top of with her back to him showing her amazing ass to him before engulfing his cock back in to her pussy.

She as she started milking him again he pulled himself up grabbing her breast's from behind and kissed the side of he neck as the sweat poured out of both of them. He noticed that the more sweaty she got the more amazing she smelled, her hair was soaked and her skin was becoming smooth and slimy under his hands as he reached down and massaged her clit while he slid in and out of her. She began to moan rhythmically as she came closer and closer to cumming as her pussy clamped around cock again squeezing his man juice out of him while she squealed her own orgasm.

Alex was resting his head on her back trying to catch his breath before laying back down on his pillow, she pulled off of his member and laid back on top of him. After a few minutes she started to grind her ass on his lap getting him hard yet again. "Oh my god? How the hell?" Alex said as he stiffened. Doll smiled as she wiggled on top of him.

"Wow for a guy with 2 broken legs you have amazing energy!" She said now tickling his balls with her fingernails.

"No wait, I don't know if I can go again." He said still trying to catch his breath.

Doll rolled over kissing him again. She still smelled amazing, it was almost intoxicating

As she nibbled on his bottom lip before sliding back down on his dick again. "Oh come on, you really don't want any more of this?" She said as she rubbed her whole body on his and began fucking him again.

Alex was so exhausted but she still felt amazing on his over worked cock. "I can't...I mean...I'm just too..." he tried to say before she placed her finger on his mouth!

"Ssshhhhhhhh, it's OK, just relax and let nurse Doll take care of you!" She said as she began to kiss his chest as she rode him one last time making him spray everything he had left in to her before he passed out from exhaustion.

Doll laid there staring at him as he slept before she pulled off of him. She was about to get up and leave but she suddenly felt a little tired herself. "That's odd?" She said to herself as she suddenly didn't want to get up. She looked back at Alex and pulled herself up and rested her head on his shoulder getting comfortable before she fell asleep as well.

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