tagNonHumanMood Slime Series 05: Awakening Ch. 04

Mood Slime Series 05: Awakening Ch. 04


Tricia turned and ran down the hall and through the living room before leaving the apartment. She was wearing heels and a skirt which made it difficult to run but she still did her best. She ran for the elevator pushing the button repeatedly but it was a few floors away still. When she turned and looked back down the hall she screamed when she saw the blue monster floating there staring at her. She ran down the hall and pushed the door open for the stairs and began running down.

Tricia ran down the stairs never looking back until when she finally got to the bottom and pushed the door open before running to her apartment. She got her key out as quickly as she could and ran inside. She backed away from the door looking all around to make sure it hadn't followed her. It was quiet as she watched the door but she didn't notice the blue smoke starting to form behind her. It sprouted it's arms and formed it's face before extending its large erection. Blue slime came dribbling from the tip splattering on the floor behind her.

Tricia heard the dripping sound and turned around slowly. She looked up at the large blue creature smiling down at her before she screamed and ran for the door. She tripped and fell sliding across the floor a little scraping her knee. She knew she was in trouble as she rolled over and slid back until she was against the wall. She was scared for her life not sure what this thing was or what it wanted. The creature floated down towards her getting close as she closed her eyes and turned her head out of fear of what this thing would do to her. She sat for a moment waiting for the inevitable but nothing was happening. She opened her eyes and turned back to see it floating there with a confused look on its face.

"What do you want?" She asked as tears rolled down her cheeks.

The creature tilted it's head still looking confused before it looked down at her knee which was red and a little bloody from where she fell. Tricia was confused as well as she watched as it licked it's hand before placing it down on her wound leaving a layer of blue slime on it before pulling away. It tingled a little but the pain seemed to disappear as the slime hardened almost making a sort of bandage for it.

"What the... um, thanks I guess?" She said confused by what was happening.

It smiled and reached out it's hand again running it along the side of her face which she flinched at first but it felt soft and warm as if it was trying to make her feel better. Tricia sat there still a little scared of what this thing was and what exactly it wanted. With a large blue erection she was expecting to be raped but this thing seemed more interested in making her feel better at the moment.

After floating there a moment longer it turned sideways like it was showing off it's erect penis with a big smile on his face. She could have sworn it was trying to impress her or something but she just raised an eyebrow confused by what was happening. It turned back and was tapping its hands together like it was thinking before it turned around facing its back to her. She was still confused as he seemed to be doing something with its hands but she wasn't sure what until it turned back around and what she saw was shocking.

This thing had taking its own penis and tied it around like a balloon animal in the shape of a dog before it actually made a noise that sounded like "tada!"

Tricia couldn't help but bust out laughing at what it had done. The balloon dog even started to bark and lick her face which was all kinds of weird but she still couldn't help but laugh as it was becoming obvious that this thing had no desire to hurt her even though this whole situation was strange and unnerving. She patted the dog on the head which made the creature smile.

It grabbed the penis dog and with a bunch of quick motions redid it to look like a sword as it floated there with an almost proud look on it's face like he was a brave knight. He swung it back and forth a few times and she swore she could her a metal clanging like he was having a sword fight defending off invisible foes. He even took her hand and kissed it being a complete gentleman as he continued to swing his big blue man sword.

"Wow, thank you my brave night!" She said clapping a little which made him happier.

He unravelled his cock returning it to normal. She kept staring at how long it was and she wasn't sure if it was the show it had put on for her or the slime on her skin but she found herself getting turned on. She felt something rubbing against her leg and looked down and saw its gassy tail caressing her gently. Whatever this thing was it was like it was trying to impress her. She had no idea why but she wasn't afraid of this thing anymore.

"So um... now what?" She asked feeling nervous all of a sudden.

The creature smiled at her before it turned into a mist and began to flow under her clothes. She was a little concerned as it disappeared and she could do nothing to stop it. She lifted her shirt looking underneath and saw nothing and was wondering where it had disappeared to. Suddenly the buttons on the front of her shirt began to pop open followed by the zipper on the side of her skirt. She grabbed her shirt trying to keep it closed her shoes flew off and her skirt followed leaving her there in her shirt and panties as she tried desperately to hold on to both. The elastic in her hair also broke letting her reddish hair fall to her shoulders.

"Woah woah, wait a minute, what are you doing?" She asked getting up from the floor and looking around as she held her shirt closed.

Suddenly the blue mist came seeping out of her clothing and reforming her guest in front of her. He floated there with a confused looked his face as to why she wanted him to stop. It moved closer to her as she backed up until she fell back to the couch a little surprised as she fell. She turned back and was face to face with the blue misty creature. It took it's finger and gently caressed her hand as the feeling gave her goosebumps all over. She also felt its tale gently caressing her thigh getting closer and closer to her panties.

Tricia was nervous as she felt the strange mist get closer to touching her between her legs. The logical part of her wanted to stop it but she was also curious. This creature seemed to want her but not want to hurt her. The fear and excitement just got her very turned on and she couldn't find the strength to fight what was about to happen to her and she wanted to know.

Tricia let go of her shirt letting it fall open as she sat there in a black bra and panties with her shirt hanging on her shoulders. The creature smiled as it reached forward slowly letting is ghostly finger flow under her bra. She let out a moan as she suddenly felt a warm whirlwind around her nipples which felt amazing. Her breathing got heavier as he focused on her breasts before her bra popped open from the front which she knew he must of broken it but didn't care. Her nipples perked up at the attention as she saw his fingers which looked like little blue tornadoes playing with them.

The large cock which had been hard to miss earlier had seemed to be tucked away as she could not see it anywhere. It pulled its hands away from her breasts but left to little whirlwinds swirling around her nipples as his fingers traced across her stomach lowering itself towards her panties. She had never felt anything like this and didn't even think it was possible. She felt the mist trace across the edge of her panties as she felt herself getting wet with anticipation. It was a while that she was waiting but she knew this thing was teasing her. It was actually teasing her wanting her to want it from him. It was such a strange experience but she had never been more turned on in her whole life. She knew it was wrong and maybe even dangerous but she couldn't help it, she wanted whatever this creature had to offer her and didn't care about the consequences.

She felt the misty fingers slide under her panties and brush across her clit making her jump at the sensation. She began to feel the same whirlwind sensation and her jaw dropped as it felt so good but she was unable to speak. She leaned forward spreading her legs shocked at how amazing it felt. Her panties suddenly slid off and went flying leaving her there mostly naked as this thing continued to have its way with her.

It continued to massage every part of her pussy inside and out like there was a hurricane happening between her legs. It pulled back still keeping little storms of mist continuing their work on all of her sweet spots when she saw the cock re-emerge from its body. It must have been at least 2 feet long and was dribbling more blue slime from it's tip. It took its hand and rubbed the tip of its cock before it took the hand and lowered it down towards her pussy. She felt it slide inside her making her jerk her head back at the sensation as it seemed to be using it's own blue cum to lubricate her. Whatever this stuff was it felt incredible as it coated everything almost as if the slime itself would make her cum even if she didn't touch it.

While all the little whirlwinds kept pleasuring her it positioned its giant cock outside her ready to enter. The end still dripped and she looked down waiting for him to shove it inside her. She spread her legs inviting him to enter her as she bit her lip in anticipation. The creature smiled again enjoying her current state before it finally slid it's big cock inside her. Tricia let out a scream as the pleasure went straight down to her very soul and she wasn't even sure what was real anymore. There were no thrusts just a constant movement that flowed into her pussy and through her body exiting through wherever it could like a tornado ripping her apart from the inside but holding her together as well. The mist flowed through every hole in her body giving her never ending pleasure. She felt it flowing out her mouth, through her nipples, even out her asshole and never wanted this feeling to end at it had turned every inch if her body into an erogenous zone.

Her body began to float in the air in the middle of her living room with a blue wind whirling around her keeping her in a constant state of pleasure. It wasn't about having an orgasm, it was about the feeling reaching its peak and then exploding out of every hole over and over again until she was satisfied. She didn't know how to process this as her mouth, her nipples, her ass, her pussy, every hole had a repeating climax over and over again and she never wanted to end. Blue slime began to drip from each hole as well falling on the hardwood floor of her living room. Her body was covered with it as it flowed from every hole like she was cumming from every hole in her body. Even her eyes had a blue glow to them as this creature continued to have its way with her.

Her body and soul were no longer in sink anymore as her physical form squirmed in pleasure and her soul writhed screaming as if there were two separate sexual experiences happening at once. Her body eventually fell unconscious from exhaustion as her soul continued to writhe and scream in pleasure almost separating from her body completely but the blue mist kept them together. The lights in her apartment began to flicker as she let out a ghostly earth shattering scream. It was a heavenly feeling exploding inside her nearly ripping her soul apart before the blue creature secured it back to her body and laid her gently back down on the couch letting her rest from the experience.

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