tagErotic HorrorMood Slime Series 05: Awakening Ch. 12

Mood Slime Series 05: Awakening Ch. 12


Ezrina was enjoying watching everyone have fun with her children but she was starting to feel a little left out. She had this sexy body and she hadn't had any fun with it as of yet so she decided it was time for take it for a test ride. It was hard as most of the surrounding apartments were being occupied by her children or other creatures Nina had brought into this world. She began to lose hope after strolling along the 3rd floor when she came across a door that had nothing going on behind it. There were no sounds of passion or cries of ecstasy, all she could hear was a TV on and sense a young man inside.

"How has none gotten to you yet?" She said to herself before approaching the door.

Inside a young man named Bruce was sitting on his couch half asleep as he watched a movie. His eyes were closed as he was listening to the TV and trying to sleep when he suddenly heard a knock at the door. He opened his eyes a bit shocked and curious as to who would be knocking at the moment. He got up and went to look through the hole to see a blonde girl standing there.

He opened the door and said "um, hello can I help you?"

Ezrina stood there and breathed in his scent before she smiled brightly. "You're a... Oh my... oh I am going to have fun with you!"

"Excuse me? Listen lady I don't know who you are looking for but..." he stopped as she pushed him back and stepped into his apartment closing the door behind her. She leaned back against it smiling at him and biting her lip before she said "trust me, this will go better for you if you don't resist." She said before stepping towards him.

"Resist? What are you talking about? Hey wait aren't that girl who lives in 4E upstairs?"

"You're a virgin." She suddenly said as she watched him circling him as she did.

"What, no of course not, what makes you think that?"

"No, I can smell it on you, you are untouched."

"Listen I think you should leave."

"Oh no, I'm not going anywhere." She said pushing him down on the couch before straddling him.

She was much stronger than he expected but he couldn't help but see where this led. She moved her face around breathing in his scent as he began to hear purring of even growling coming from her. He wasn't sure what to do or what this woman wanted from him but he began to feel himself getting turned on. She noticed it as well feeling his cock stiffen in his pants beneath her.

"What do you want?" He asked before she opened her eyes and looked down at him.

"I want you." She said before sticking out her tongue and shoving it into his mouth.

Bruce was shocked as this sexy blonde shoved her tongue in his mouth feeling it wiggle around in inside before pulling it out. "This is, I mean are you trying to rape me?"

"Rape? Such an unusual term, so you do not want me?" She said before sliding her shirt off showing off her small but very nice looking breasts.

"Oh God, I mean, you're very, but I'm..."

"I know what you are, which makes you all the more, Yummy!" She said grinding against his lap getting him even more aroused. "But I don't want you to feel violated, so if you don't want me to rape you, as you put it, just give in to me, I promise you that no other woman will be able to take your virginity as good as I can." She said before she started to lick his face.

"Oh God, your so..."

"You want me yes?"

"Very much so!"

"Good, just relax, I smell the fear in you, the fear of disappointing me, the fear of the unknown, the fear of blowing your load before you're ready, but let me tell you something." She said leaning close to him kissing the side of his neck before whispering in his ear "never be afraid to cum with me." She said before sticking her tongue in his ear. When she pulled it back she grabbed his face turning it towards hers and said "because I will make you cum over and over again until we are both satisfied!"

Bruce swallowed hearing her words. He was so confused as to what was going on that he thought he was dreaming. This beautiful woman showed up at his door and is now going to not only take his virginity but do it over and over again. He wasn't sure how much he would be able to handle but he was both excited and terrified.

"Now, I wish to examine my prize." She said climbing off of him before kneeling down and opening his pants. She slid his pants and underwear off of him seeing his cock standing there as she smiled. "Ah, there it is." She said touching and stroking it as he sat there enjoying her attention. "What a waist that this has not felt the inside of a woman."

"Not from a lack of trying." He said still enjoying her touch.

"The woman of this world are stupid, you people look at sex which such shame, waiting for the perfect mate or saving it for someone special, this cock deserves to be ridden and deserves to plant its seed in whomever it wants."

"Whomever IT wants?" He asked confused.

"I take your virginity as a gift, to be the first to feel this magnificent piece of flesh inside her I can hardly contain my arousal." She said as she began to lick his cock like an ice cream cone. "Oh the taste on untainted cock." She said as she continued to lick and suck on it as Bruce was in shock at how amazing this felt.

She continued sucking on his cock as her hands played with his balls. Her lips were soft and her tongue playful as she moved her mouth up and down taking his shaft deep into her throat. She could tasted the precum as it dribbled out getting even more excited being the first to taste his seed.

"Oh Fuck!" He moaned out as he felt himself almost ready to pop.

"Yes." She said between sucks "please let me be the first to taste of you cum, surrender it to me, surrender it to Ezrina!" She said almost growling as she continued to quickly work his shaft.

He could hear her purring like a beast but the vibrations it was causing felt amazing. Her eyes began to glow red which worried him a little but he was so close to cumming that it almost didn't matter as his shaft began to twitch. He held his breath as he felt his balls tighten and she grabbed his shaft and began to suck every last drop of cum that came squirting out of him. He tilted his head back and enjoyed the moment as his cock blew much harder than it ever had before. Ezrina kicked up every bit letting none escape her lips before finally releasing him and standing up in front of him.

He sat there as he cock felt a little strange like something wasn't right. "My dick, it's burning!"

"Are you ready?" She said sliding off her pants.

"Ready for what?"

"Are you ready to give yourself to me, to give your pleasure to me, to let me show you wonders you never thought possible."

He stared into her eyes which were so seductive as she looked down at him before he said "Oh God yes!"

She smiled and pulled him to his feet before quickly leading him to the bedroom throwing him on the bed with an inhuman force before climbing on top of him quicker than he could even see in time she was face to face with him. She grabbed his shirt and ripped it to shreds leaving him there naked as she began to kiss his chest dragging her fingernails across it and even biting him a little.

"I have tasted your seed, your cock belongs to me now, soon you will give your body to me as well." She said hovering her pussy above his quivering member teasing the tip with her slit not letting him enter her completely. "There is no turning back now." She said as she continued to tease him." Do you feel it, do you feel the beast inside you ready to break free?"

Bruce wasn't sure what she was talking about but he did feel a passion inside him and he wanted to fuck her more than anything. She continued to tease his cock leaving a layer of her vaginal fluids dripping down his shaft. She pressed her lips to his before grabbing his hands and placing them on her waist near her ass.

"I want you to touch me, I want to feel your hands exploring my body, I am yours just as you are mine and all the pleasures that come with this." She said nuzzling against his neck. "You want to feel my insides don't you, you want to empty your seed into me over and over again."

"I do!"

"Then my pet." She said before kissing him again and said "I am yours!" Before plunging herself down letting his aching cock slide inside her easily.

"Oh fuck!" He yelled out as she finally let him enter her.

She moved her hips squeezing his cock with her vaginal muscles making him moan out loud. His cock was still burning from earlier which made it feel much more intense. Whatever she had done to him made everything thing feel 100 times better as she bounced on top of him. His hands ran all over her skin before feeling her breast which perked up at his touch. She still purred like wild animal as she took from him what no woman had offered to before.

"Oh shit!" he yelled out again as he felt himself ready to cum once more.

"Let it go, let it happen!" She growled at him.

Bruce was shocked at how good all if this felt. He never imagined sex could possibly feel this good but whoever this woman was was making him feel better than he could ever have possibly made himself feel. She ran her fingernails along his chest leaving red lines that barely broke the skin as she glared down at him with those odd red eyes again. As strange as this all was he couldn't help how good it felt and he couldn't hold on anymore as he yelled out before his cock exploded inside her.

"That's a good boy, let out the beast!"

"What are you talking about?" He asked not sure what she was trying to do as he moaned at the sensation.

She continued to ride his cock which was still ready to go but he felt strange. His passion was like a fire burning hotter as he pulled himself up towards her. He wrapped his hands around her as he buried his face into her neck sucking on her skin as she let out a moan. He dug his fingernails into her back as she let out another moan before he felt a warm liquid trickling down his hands. He looked at his fingers which were red with blood but his fingernails looked more like claws and the skin was starting to turn a dark almost black color.

"What the... what's happening to me?" He asked confused by what he was seeing.

She ignored him before pressing her lips to his as she continued to move her waist milking his throbbing cock. Her eyes were now fully red as she glared into his with a sick smile on her face. She gave him another kiss ducking on his bottom lip as he watched horns grow out of the side of her head. His vision was starting to change as well as everything seemed much more detailed and he could sense and hear things he couldn't even imagine. Bruce was freaked out as for a second this woman looked like a large beast or dog like demon on top of him but it only seemed to happen in flashes like it was in his mind. He could hear her growl and purr as well but every time he tried to concentrate he saw the sexy blonde on top of him but that beast still flashed over his eyes.

"What are you... what are you doing to me?"

"Give in to me, become what you were meant to be!" She said making him cum again as he held her tightly letting the feeling rush through his body.

His arms were a dark charcoal color and he could feel his muscles begin to tighten. She was still fucking him with a beastly fury as he felt a change inside him. His teeth began to feel sharper and two horns began to sprout from the sides of his head. She ran her fingers across them almost giggling to herself as she did knowing what she had done to this man. Bruce felt his body change even more as he picked her up and slammed her against the wall. She smiled at him as he began to ram his cock into her harder cumming again only this time letting out a loud beastly roar as he did.

"That's it, have your way with this body, fuck me like the beast you are!" She said proud of her work.

He threw her down on the bed as she rolled over to look up at her creation. This tall dark skinned beast stood before her looking like a man but with traces of her species. His muscles were toned and his hands and feet now had sharpened claws of them. His face looked mostly the same except for the darkened skin, sharpened teeth, horns and fire red eyes. He approached her before grabbing her and flipping her over pulling her towards him before shoving his enlarge cock back inside her.

Even Ezrina was a little shocked at how powerful he was as he fucked her violently. She had always dreamed of finding a virgin to create the next step in their species. Gozerian Terror Dogs always had to possess a body but now this man was half human and half demon. She was so proud of her work as his cock slid inside her shooting his seed into her over and over again. The sexual energy was palpable and she smiled knowing Nina was getting much more powerful from her little excitement as she was enjoying it herself.


"Oh yes!" Nina called out as she had a tendril of slime between her legs giving he pleasure as she absorbed the energy around her.

Ezrina and her children had brought her more than she thought was possible as she began to glow again. Her orgasm grew closer as she began to open herself up to release countless creatures into the world in an explosion of light and slime. The energy was so powerful that the ceiling of her apartment burst out as a beam of light shot into the air lighting up the sky. Creature of all shapes and sizes began to pour out of it looking for fun for miles around.

Kevin looked in his rearview mirror seeing the light in the distance knowing where it was coming from. He had stopped the car as he was attempting to call the Ghostbusters but he was having trouble getting service. He was worried about Nina and what was happening back home. It before he could do anything his car began to act strange as his engine sounded like it was growling all of a sudden. His seatbelts strapped itself in holding him down as slime began to pour from his vents. He assumed it must have been from when he drove through the tendrils that were now possessing his car. He struggled to get free as his car seemed to come to life and start driving on it's own heading back towards the apartment complex and Nina.

As he went of he saw what looked like phantoms of light flying past his car heading out for miles. He wasn't sure what was going on but he had no choice as he was a prisoner to his own car and whatever this pink ooze was.

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