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Moon Dance


It had been a long tough summer. My company had assigned me as usual to be the lead on major development project. For the past four months I had worked seven days a week, twelve plus hours a day. It seemed all I did was work and sleep. I seldom even had the energy for a stress-relieving jack off. The big celebration party and large bonus check after the successful completion of the project had done little to help me recover my wits.

As I sat at my desk trying to get through yet another inane e-mail memo, Brent Philips stepped into my office. He clearly had a mission on his mind. Brent is Vice President of Operations for our firm and though not really my boss, as he is one of the four top executives that run the place he is my superior. More importantly, Brent is my best friend, the only person in the world I share all my deepest feelings with.

“Damn, buddy! You are a mess. How many times have I told you not to let this place chew you up?” Brent said in his usual cheery boisterous way.

His smile always lifted my spirits. There was a clink as the key he held dropped onto my desk. The quizzical look on my face was all Brent needed to launch into an explanation. He told me that it was the key to his mountain cabin in West Virginia and he had already cleared my calendar for as long as it took for me to get myself back in fighting form. I had joined Brent on many trips to the remote cabin. A man could get completely lost out there; all the latest amenities but not a soul around for miles. I started to protest, but Brent was hearing none of it.

“Look, Jason, you are on the edge, closest to burn out I have ever seen. Fucking company isn’t worth it, nor are you much good to the company like this and I am not letting my best friend in the world wig out. I love you bro, now get out of here and go retool! Grab some underwear, socks, a hiking outfit or two, pajamas if you are embarrassed to be naked in front of the squirrels and get the fuck outta Dodge for a couple of weeks!” Brent said in a clearly concerned tone.

I knew he was right and that cabin would be a good place to forget the world for a few days anyway. I grabbed the key, stood and walked around the desk. Before turning for my office door, I impulsively grabbed my friend and pulled him into a tight embrace. The lump in my throat prevented me from voicing the thanks and other emotions I was feeling for him at that moment. So I kissed his cheek and quickly left the office, a little afraid of the feelings I was having toward him.

The drive to the cabin took about four hours and was uneventful. It was already twilight when I pulled onto the long gravel driveway that led through the woods to the clearing where the isolated cabin stood. The sound of my car startled a herd of deer that were grazing on the long grass of the front lawn. The cabin appeared almost as an apparition, out of place in the pristine surroundings as if some otherworldly wizard had plunked it down through the opening in the forest canopy. Though I had visited Brent’s cabin many times, its sudden appearance in the middle of nowhere always managed to startle me.

I jumped out of my car, surveyed the surroundings and filled my lungs full of clean mountain air. I knew immediately Brent was right about my need to get away and this was about as away as one could get. I grabbed my small duffle and the couple bags of fresh food I had brought along from the city. Brent told me the beer cooler was full, the bar stocked and he always kept enough canned and dried food in the cabin to get through to the spring thaw. I entered the cabin and as always marveled that Brent had managed to build a getaway place with every modern convince where one would expect only to find the cabin of a reject from a scene in Deliverance. I through the perishables into the frig and then stripped down to my boxers. It was unusually warm for October in the mountains and since I was all alone I decided I would be comfortable.

After getting the cabin windows opened to air out the place I remembered the large Jacuzzi and decided that was just the thing to relieve the stiffness of the drive. The tub was in the corner of what Brent always referred to as the recreation room. Besides the built-in large tub there was a comfy, overstuffed, reclining love seat and beautiful walnut regulation pool table. The carpet was plush with large pillows scattered about. On the wall opposite the tub was a unit with a complete set of state of the art audio/video equipment, including the biggest high definition television I have ever seen. I knew from a past visit that the extensive video collection included some choice pornography, which I knew would come in handy later.

As the water filled the tub I slipped off my boxers and climbed the built in stairs next to the tub and then lowered my tired body into the warm swirling waters. Almost instantly, I began to feel the tension drain away. I took the remote and clicked on the stereo. I was surprised to hear the mystical soothing sounds of Sting’s Desert Rose instead of the loud rock-n-roll Brent usually played. I shut my eyes and my mind began to wander. As the line, “I dream of love as time runs through my hand” played I tried to recall who it was Brent had mentioned bringing up here last. Oh yes, the new accountant, Susan Patterson. It seemed Brent eventually managed to get all the single women in the company up here and a few of the married ones to. I never could figure out how he maintained a professional relationship in the office with all of his bedmates. Whatever Brent had, he should find a way to sell it; hell I had more then once wondered myself what it would be like.

It was just like Brent to let Sting do his seducing for him. I imagined Susan stretching out one of her long silky legs and running he toes up Brent’s chest as Sting sang, “I close my eyes, this rare perfume; Is the sweet intoxication of her love.” I see him take her foot and raise it to his lips and gently take her toes between his lips while Sting croons, “This desert flower; No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this.” Just as Susan stands reveling her nearly perfect nude form, Sting almost whispers, “Is the sweet intoxication of the fall,” and suddenly all was quiet.

I opened my eyes and realized it is just me alone in the now cooling waters. I decided I had had enough and quickly exited the tub and dried off. Now thoroughly relaxed I went into Brent’s luxurious bedroom to try to get some badly needed sleep. As it was warm I stretched out on top of the plush comforter. I hadn’t bothered with pajamas, as I was not shy in front of squirrels or other creatures for that matter. I always slept in the nude. I hadn’t really noticed my semi erect state. I guess the soothing Jacuzzi, erotic imagery and the fact that I had not even so much as masturbated for weeks was to blame for that. I reached down and causally fondled my balls and growing shaft as my mind took me back to the first time I had seen Brent’s bedroom.

About five years ago, Brent had called me and said that his weekend plans had suddenly changed and he was alone in the cabin. He thought that it would be a good chance for me to see the finished retreat and we could get trashed and tell lies. I had been to the cabin once before for a few hours when it was still under construction. Since I too was alone and had nothing to do I had eagerly agreed. I made it to the cabin about just about as the sun was beginning to set. Brent was ready to party it seemed. Almost before I had gotten in the door he handed me a joint and a drink. We talked, smoked, drank and laughed for about an hour. It felt good to loosen up with my buddy, we were both so busy it seemed we rarely got the chance.

About the time I was truly feeling no pain, Brent said, “Damn, J, you been here nearly an hour and I have not even shown you around my little paradise yet. Come on I will give you the grand tour!”

I reluctantly got up and followed him around as he showed off the kitchen, recreation room, two guest rooms and his little den. I had already seen the great room that served as a combination living / dining room. When we came to the door to the bedroom, it seemed Brent was hesitating. He had a kind of funny grin a little Cheshire Cat like which I attributed to the weed. Brent swung the door open and ushered me into the elegant room. I immediately stopped dead in my tracks. There tied nude to the four corners of Brent’s brass bed was Jill, his current girlfriend.

Brent had been dating Jill for about six months. She was a stunning woman, about five foot nine, long auburn hair with the most amazing green eyes I had ever seen. I saw that her tits were as perfect out of a bra as they always appeared in one. She had an hourglass shape that reminded me of a classic movie actress’s body. Her pussy seemed to wink at me as it set offered up like a prize under a small well-trimmed patch of hair. Jill was clearly feigning the struggling moves as she wriggled on the bed. I was nearly paralyzed with shock. Brent quickly hustled me out of the room.

“Wow sorry man, guess I should have explained, but Jill thought it would be more fun to surprise you!” Brent blurted out before explaining Jill’s fantasy to me. She had wanted to be held captive and made to pleasure any man her captor ordered her to service. Once I knew what was going on I happily agreed to play along.

Brent suggested that we strip and enter the room naked. We quickly removed our clothes and tossed them aside. Brent’s already hard cock drew my attention. I was having feelings I had not had before. I was not exactly attracted to him but being naked and hard with my buddy was erotic in a way I had not expected. My own cock was already twitching at the thought of fucking Brent’s hot girlfriend while he watched. “Come on buddy, let go! My hot slut is waiting for that big cock,” Brent said smiling as he looked down at my erect shaft.

We entered the rooms and Jill once again feigned a struggle. Brent went to the bed and put his face close to Jill’s face. He began to speak in a surprisingly menacing voice. He told Jill that he was going to untie her and she was to service his friend. Then he reminded Jill that there would be severe consequences if she disappointed me. Once untied, Jill tried to cover herself with her hands, but Brent was having none of that. He roughly pulled her hands away form her body and told her that she was not to resist. Then Brent motioned me to the bed and told me that Jill had a talented mouth. Not one to miss a cue, I moved to the head of the bed and climbed up and straddled Jill’s face.

Brent barked, “Show him how talented your tongue and mouth are slut!”

I was shocked when Brent took hold of my cock and pushed my now throbbing cock head against Jill’s lips. Another man had never before touched me. Jill opened her mouth and slid her tongue out as Brent continued to hold my cock for her. As Jill swirled her tongue over my glans I began to moan softly. Brent moved his hand down so Jill could lick my shaft. I no longer cared who’s hand it was holding my shaft as I closed my eyes and enjoyed Jill’s tongue bath of my cock. Then Brent helped to reposition me so that my balls hung down against Jill’s lips. At this point, Brent left us and crossed over to sit in a big comfy easy chair to watch his hot girlfriend suck my balls.

Once Jill had thoroughly sucked and licked my tightening ball sack she began kissing her way up my shaft. She sucked the precum that had oozed from the tip and then swallowed my cock easily like a well-practiced whore. As I was enjoying Jill’s expert deep-throating technique, Brent began encouraging me to fuck his slut’s mouth. I grabbed Jill’s head and began pumping her face; sliding my cock in and out of her throat. I heard her muffled moans around my cock as her body squirmed under me. I had never treated a woman like this and was amazed at the effect it was having on Jill. I reached back and began fingering Jill’s dripping pussy. Her labia were swollen and her juices were flooding out of her pussy she was so turned on by having her mouth fucked like a cheap whore. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, mostly to give myself a chance to calm down. On impulse I slapped my cock softly against her face. Jill’s moans filled the room, encouraging me to slap my cock against her face several more times.

Brent walked back over to the bed and handed me a dildo so large it was almost grotesque. He told me that he bought it just for this occasion and wanted to see it used on her cunt and ass. When Brent returned to his chair, I slid around into a sixty-nine position and began licking Jill’s engorged nub as I slowly slide the long, fat, plastic dick into her pulsating cunt. Jill pushed her ass up off the bed taking the dildo deeper into her as she once again deep throated my cock. Though her mouth was full of cock I could still hear her screams of ecstasy as the giant plastic cock hit bottom and I bit into her clit. I pulled away from Jill and slid off her squirming body. I continued pumping her orgasming pussy with the monster dildo as turned to look over at my friend. Brent was smiling broadly and pumping his pulsating manhood violently with his fist as he watched me turn his beautiful girlfriend into a wanton slut. His large swollen cock head glistened with oozing precum.

I jerked the dildo from Jill’s steamy pussy and moved it to her mouth. As her pussy juice dripped from the huge sex toy I shoved the end past her lips. I told her to suck it like she was going to suck her man’s cock while I fucked her slut cunt. Brent’s loud moans indicated he liked the idea. Jill willingly opened her mouth wide and sucked in as much of the dildo as she could, savoring the taste of her own cunt. Satisfied she was ready, I pulled her off the bed and led her to Brent. I pushed down on her shoulders and she fell to her knees between Brent’s legs. Jill began deep throating Brent’s cock and fondling his tightening ball sack as she wiggled her ass at me. Her postion left both her pussy and ass open to my pleasures. I knelt behind her and slid my cock deep into her well-stretched and lubed cunt.

Brent cried out, “Oh god yes! Fuck my whore as I make her swallow all of my meat!” as he grabbed Jill’s head and forced it down hard.

I decided Jill needed one more thing and went back to the bed to get the dildo. When I returned I shoved the dildo deep in her pussy to coat it in her slippery juice. I could see from the glazed look in Brent’s eyes he was close to cumming, so I quickly withdrew the dildo from Jill’s hot cunt and pressed it into her ass.

Though muffled by Brent’s cock, her moan’s from the mixture of pain and pleasure filled the room. To my surprise she pushed back, trying to get more of the huge plastic shaft into her ass. I put my cock back in her pussy and began ferociously pumping her now much tighter cunt. The dildo smashed the walls of her rectal canal down into my cock’s path. I continued fucking her wildly as I listened to Brent’s orgasmic screams. I had never before seen a man cum and was mesmerized by all the sights, sounds and smells of sex that were assaulting me. I was so involved in the scene, I hardly noticed when Jill had yet another violent orgasm. Her pussy clamped on my cock and I felt my body jerk as my cock spasmed and flooded her pussy.

My daydream came to a sudden end as warm droplets of my cum landed on my neck, chest and belly. It was as if my cock, fully loaded from abstinence, was a cum cannon. I squeezed my cock in my fist as my body shook from one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had while masturbating. As my breathing returned to normal, I grabbed the towel I had dropped on the floor and wiped my spilled seed up. I drifted off to sleep with a vision of Jill, Brent and I entangled, collapsed, sated and exhausted in the very same bed, all those years ago, after that incredible wild fuck fest.

I awoke with a start. I had the eerie feeling one gets when awakened in a strange place. As I struggled to recall where I was, the fog slowly lifted and I recalled the events of the previous day. The light of the full moon streamed through the open window bathing the room in an ethereal glow. The green light of the alarm clock caught my attention as the numbers changed; it was 1:00 am. Goose bumps rose on my flesh as a gentle breeze made the cool autumn air dance over my naked body. Knowing I would not be able to easily return to my dreams, I climbed out of bed and stretched in a feline manner as if I had just arisen from a catnap. I shut the window and headed to the kitchen for a drink.

The clear mountain spring water that flowed from the cabin’s tap was cool and refreshing. As I drained the last drop from my class, something drew me to the front door. I flung the door wide opened and listened. Was I imagining the beautiful sounds filling my head with exotic imagery? Was my groggy mind interpreting the song of the autumn wind as some mystical siren’s song as Ulysses did on his epic journey? Were the night creatures of the mountain singing a final farewell to their days as they prepared for winter’s cold? Whatever it was, the sounds held me transfixed, as I stood there nude in the doorway. My bodies strong shudder in response to the cold chills running along my spine broke the trance. I realized that if I did not soon retreat to the protection of the cabin, the mountain song might well be the last sounds I ever heard.

I closed the door and returned to the bedroom meaning to crawl under the thick down comforter and continue my slumber. Instead, as if under a spell, I went to Brent’s closet, where I found his plush robe and warm slippers awaiting me. Now more suitably attired, I returned to the front porch. I sat awhile in the swing listening to the strange song. There was something about the song that convinced me it was indeed a call. I did not know who or what was calling or even if I was the one being called. But I knew I had to find the source of the beautiful mystic sounds. I stepped off the porch and walked through the tall, unmown grass of the front lawn, following an unseen pied piper. The dew was icily wet on my exposed calves. However, I cared not; a force I did not understand as if I was bewitched by the song was leading me onward. I passed from the lawn into a stand of woods. I had no idea how vast the woods might be. I only knew I had to follow the call of the music wherever it led.

If not for the full moon I would have quickly become lost in the dark foreboding woods. The woods became thicker and I feared I would not be able to continue. Just as I was about to give up hope of completing my quest, I saw the flickering glow of a fire ahead. I moved cautiously toward the flickering light. As I drew closer a mystifying sense of calm slowly replaced my curiosity and anxiety.

I stopped when I saw the clearing. A blazing fire in the middle of a circle of white powder illuminated the trees surrounding the forest oasis. A shadow danced about against the trees on the far side of the clearing. The cause of the image was hidden to me behind the fire. My mind reeled with confusion. I shook myself as if to pull myself out of a dream, desperate to awaken in my bed with only an open window causing the chills my body tried to fight off. A bizarre fear that I had discovered some unknown mountain demon paying homage to his evil god came and went quickly.

This was no dream and I soon came to know the shadow projecting onto the tress was no evil apparition. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen danced around to my side of the fire. She wore an elegant robe of royal blue velvet. Her legs and feet were bare below the intricately embroidered hem. The ringlets of her multicolored hair bounced on her shoulders as she danced. The fire causing the highlights in her hair to shimmer like threads of spun gold were woven delicately woven amongst her multihued locks. It seemed as if she was floating about as she merrily pranced to the rhythm of the mystical melody that filled this portion of the forest. The beautiful Gaelic sounding song came from a small portable device set amongst many objects I could not make out on an altar-like structure behind the woman. At first I imagined that this must have been the source of the melody that drew me to this scene. However, I soon discover it was not this box that had called out to me in my sleep. The woman began a lyrical chant as she continued her exotic dance. I knew at once it was her beautiful voice that had drawn me from the warmth and comfort of the cabin to my fate in this remote clearing. My mind raced again. What was my fate to be now that I had found the source of the plaintive cry? Was I now in the presence of the siren of myth? Would forest creatures in her service devour me? Or perhaps, she was a forest witch and I was to be sacrificed to the fire to appease the giver of her magic? I did not know or care at that point what fate awaited me if I tarried in the glow of the rising bonfire. All I knew was I had to see the rest of her dance as I struggled to make out the words of her beguiling chant.

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