tagErotic CouplingsMoonlight Mistress Ch. 01

Moonlight Mistress Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Russ

I have multiple lovers. Jealous? You shouldn't be. Sure they have money, otherwise, why would I be with them? And the sex is always exhilarating and non-stop. The men treat me right and shower me with gifts. But you know what? It's damn hard keeping them all happy. It's even more difficult keeping them a secret from each other. I have a system all down pat.

For the past year, Monday nights are for Eddie. At 30, he's younger than me (although he doesn't know it. Tall, athletic, and very energetic. He has more money and more kinks than anyone I know. One would automatically think he's a keeper.

Wednesdays are for Jason, and they have been for about eighteen months. At 40, he's slightly older than me. He's not so hot, and he's not so rich. He has a receding hairline and the beginnings of a beer belly. I have a strong feeling he's married. He has that defeated and henpecked look about him.

But I follow the don't ask, don't tell rule. Normally, I wouldn't give Jason the time of day, but there's something to be said about being the highlight of his week. Hell who are we kidding? I'm the luckiest thing that has happened to him in his life. But that's not why I hook up with him every Wednesday. Jason comes in real handy at times. He can call in a favor for anything at any time. I would think he was part of the Mafia or something, but he's just not that interesting.

And then there's Russ. Russ is the oldest of the lot. He's in his late fifties. He reeks of sophistication and success. I would love for some of that to rub off on me, but after seeing him every Friday for the past 2 years, I can safely say, if it hasn't happened yet, it's not going to. Russ was my provider, my sugar daddy. He had bought my condo for me and on special occasions he gives me exquisite jewelry. Only with this type of set up our expectations are clear and up front. There's no confusion. No hurt feelings. I'm a sure thing. I like this kind of arrangement and I've decided long ago dating is for amateurs.

Was that the doorbell? Uh oh. What day is it? Shit. I have no clue. My gut twists sharply. I wrap my arms around my stomach and stare at the door. I hate when this happens. That's one of the downsides of being a moonlighting mistress. Is it Wednesday? I hurry towards the door, fix an inviting smile on my face and grab the doorknob. My heart is pounding against my chest. Sometimes I have weird dreams of all three guys showing up at the same time. Not that it would happen, I made sure of it. But the possibility, no matter how remote, still gets my blood pumping.

Swinging open the door, my first thought is that there is only one man in front of me. Whew. I pause, connecting the name with the lover. I'm very proud that I have never called out the wrong name. Ok, I admit that I use the same endearment for each of them. It's safer that way, especially when my mind wanders during sex.

"Hello baby." I say seductively.

Today is Friday. My smile grows and it's probably with relief when I see Russ. I lean forward letting my high and full breasts brush against his arm. I place a gentle kiss on his lips and slyly dart my tongue in his mouth, tasting a hint of cigar. I usher him inside.

"I've missed you baby."

Ok, not entirely true. So what. It's what they all want to hear and my job is to create a fantasy for them. And it's not like I can't stand to be around Russ. Would I spend my Friday nights with him if money wasn't involved? I don't know. I like fucking him. I like getting paid to have sex. I probably shouldn't admit to any of that, especially the last part.

But it's true. I might get paid to have sex, but that doesn't mean I'm the most knowledgeable person about the subject. Being a kept woman isn't about knowing ancient sexual secrets I remind myself. It's all about attitude. I am to act as if I exist solely for his pleasure.

"I know I'm late." Russ says in his usual brisk tone.

He steps inside and takes off his coat.

"Would you like something to drink?" I ask him.

He's into single malt aged scotch, but I don't have a bottle available. I'll have to improvise.

"No thanks baby, I can't stay the night."

I pout and look at him through my long eyelashes. I'm really good at pouting. It's one of my most effective weapons. You wouldn't belive the stuff I can get out of men just by protruding my lower lip.

"I know, I know". Russ cups my cheek with his hand still cold from the night air.

"You hardly get to see me as it is." "It can't be helped." "I'm a busy man."

I quickly lower my eyes hoping I'm the picture of disappointment, but my mind is whirring. Does Russ truly believe I wait all week for him? That I live for these precious hours? Is he for real or is this part of the fantasy? Men are really gullible, I think as he heads straight for the bedroom.

He's not stopping for a chat or for cuddling. He's really in a rush. Sometimes I suspect he has me on the side simply because he can. I'm like the fire engine red Ferrari parked in his garage. Expensive, high maintenance, and designed to make people envy him. And like all status symbols, successful men don't have time to maintain and enjoy them.

"Sit on the bed." he tells me.

I sit gingerly on the corner of the bed. Russ stands in front of me.

"Spread your legs." he says.

I follow his order, but take my own sweet time doing it. After being with him this long I can read his moods. He wants me to act shyly instead of naughty today. It's my goal to give him anything he wants. He steps between my legs. He reaches out and places the palm of his hand on top of my head. His touch is tender as he strokes my hair. I glance up at him, but he's not looking at me. He's watching our reflection from the full size mirror beside my bed.

"Come on baby, you know what I want." he says to me.

I slip my fingers under the waistband of his underwear and push it down his hips. His cock is right in front of my face. I lick my lips with anticipation as I inhale his hot musky scent. Stroking his cock with my fingertips, I know the sensation is too light and teasing for him. He thrusts his hips closer towards me.

"Suck me." he says, his voice almost a growl. "I want you to take every inch."

I grab the base of his cock with one hand and squeeze him. The way he flinches gives me a perverse sense of satisfaction.

"Do I need to feed you myself?" he asks. His low commanding voice makes me wet.

"No" I tell him and wrap my lips around the tip of his cock.

I love the taste of Russ. Salty, warm, and male. He keeps playing with my hair and murmurs encouraging as I slowly make my way down his cock. I slowly pump his cock with my right hand, and reach down with my left hand and began gently massaging his balls. I enjoy how he twitches beneath my touch. I want to please him like no one else. I open my mouth wide and slowly engulf his cock down as far as I can go.

It feels harder and hotter than any cock I had ever had in my mouth. I hold my mouth there for a moment and work my tongue over the bottom of his cock. He lets out another moan and grabs the back of my head. I slowly reverse my mouth back to the tip, and then with my lips pressing against his cock, I slowly down him again.

I proceed to lick the side of his cock while alternating my mouth on the tip, sucking down a couple inches then back to licking his cock. He holds my head trying to get me to take more of him in my mouth. I open my mouth as wide as I can and let him impale his cock into my mouth. It feels so hard and hot, I want to taste his creamy cum. I let his hand guide the motion he wants. I try to make my mouth an object that is here only to please his cock. I consume his manhood, over and over again, keeping a steady rhythm.

While my hands are holding onto his thighs, his cock is like a piston going in and out of my mouth. He finally lets go of my head.

He tells me "don't stop, I'm about to cum."

I don't stop and in about three or four more sucks, I feel him stiffen and he tells me he's cumming. The first blast hits the back of my throat while I am way down on his cock. I squeeze my eyes shut as he bellows. His hot cum splattering on my face, I remain still, my mouth still open as the sticky cum drips from my nose and chin. Russ' hand trembles as he pats me on the head. His praise tumbles over me as my body pulses for completion.

"Go and clean yourself up" he suggests, "and then you can see me off."

It looks like I'm in charge of my own satisfaction for tonight. I stumble into the bathroom and strip off my clothes. My shower takes longer than necessary as I grab the handheld showerhead and turn the speed onto massage. I feel my body begin to warm up. I feel my breasts become firmer and there is a softening deep in my pussy as my desire takes hold.

My pussy is aching from imagining his beautiful body and cock, so I let go of my breasts and slide my hands down my wet stomach to touch myself. I gently rub my clit with my first finger on my right hand, my hips automatically shift as it sends a wave of pleasure through my body.

I push one finger from my left hand into my pussy and it is very slick with my juices, so I slide in another finger. I move them slowly in and out of me, I can feel my orgasm build as I move my fingers in and out faster, rubbing on my clit harder with each stroke. But I decide I don't want to cum yet, so I slide my hands back up to my nipples, rubbing them, pinching them lightly while I continue my fantasy fuck.

As I imagine fucking Russ, I put my hands back on my pussy again, burying two fingers deep in myself, I slide them in and out, just like it was him. I curl them just a bit and as I thrust them back in I hit my g-spot.

I can't stop my orgasm this time as I feel my pussy walls tighten around my fingers, imagining it was his cock. I feel these waves of pleasure radiate through my body as I push my fingers back in my pussy again and again. Aiming the showerhead close to my swollen clit, it doesn't take long to go over the edge. I clench my teeth and swallow back the moans. Black spots dance before my eyes as my legs wobble. I want to sink to my knees and continue, but I know Russ is outside, waiting.

With great reluctance, I finish my shower and turn off the water. I grab my bathrobe off the back of the door and pull it on, loosely tying the sash. The gap offers glimpses of my firm breasts and my smooth shaven pussy. Just enough skin to make Russ do a double take. It doesn't matter if he just sampled me; I'm a firm believer in advertising. When I get out of the bathroom I see Russ is waiting for me in the living room. All traces of my lust driven, out of control lover are gone and replaced by the sophisicated gentleman in a hurry.

"I'll see you next week", he promises as he leans down for a swift kiss and a possessive grope of my breast.

Before I can say a word he's gone. I close the door behind him and lock it. I turn off all the lights deciding I'm ready to call it a night. I wander into my room and notice how everything is quiet and undisturbed.

That doesn't stop me from stripping the clean sheets off of the bed. The champagne silk is beautiful, but I see them more as a prop to set the mood. I toss them in the dirty clothes basket and grab my favorite sheets from the closet. The bright red designs are too feminine for my lovers, so I save this bedding just for me. It's a private ritual I have. The sheets signify the start of my weekend. I remake the bed, take off my robe and dive under the warm covers. The next two days are strictly for my pleasure.

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