tagRomanceMoonlit Beach

Moonlit Beach


Inspired by the Beautiful & Sexy Joni

Joni is the kind of woman that catches you by surprise. You simply don't go looking for such a stunningly beautiful woman and really expect to find her. If you are lucky, she just appears, like a genie out of a bottle.

That is how I met Joni. Through the magic lamp called the internet. I happened, by pure luck, upon her profile in the members directory of an internet service and I was struck by the playfulness of her comments there. Naturally, I wrote her a quick note, introducing myself and asking her if she might like to correspond. To my surprise, she wrote back and soon we where exchanging e-mails and sexy pictures.

I love to flirt, but with Joni, it didn't take much effort because I had never seen a more beautiful woman. At times the pictures she sent me captivated me so that it was all I could do to break away from them and resume my life.

And the odd thing was that she seemed to like me. See, you just can't plan for something like that.

As time went by, our letters became more erotic and we both soon felt a desire to meet, a chance to see if this was just an imaginary internet fantasy that we were living or if it could become some real, something tangible, something to savor.

We made arrangements to meet at a bed and breakfast near the shore, a place she had heard of but had never visited. As the day of our meeting approached, our letters, always filled with desire, became laced with apprehension.

Arriving at the bed and breakfast about 10 minutes before the appointed time, I lingered near my car, pacing back and forth in nervous anticipation. Finally, I saw her drive in and my heart skipped a beat. She spotted me and parked the car, finally to emerge and approach me.

My god, she was even more beautiful in person! Joni was wearing a marvelous sun dress that showed off her body well and on her feet she wore open-toed shoes, and I loved the sight of her red-polished toes! She must have seen the expression on my face because Joni ran the last few steps into my arms and we embraced. "At last I can hold you," I whispered to her and I held her tightly.

We got our bags, quickly checked in and went to our room. Once inside the door, we embraced again and this time we kissed, every so sweetly.

Since it was nearly dinnertime and since we had the entire weekend to play, I suggested that we go down to the dining room.

The food was fantastic and we had a wonderful time chatting and flirting over the meal. I loved the way Joni would touch my arms as she emphasized some point as she talked. Laughing at my corny jokes, this woman completely charmed me. I couldn't take my eyes away from her lovely face and her beautiful brown eyes.

So engrossed were we in each other, we hardly noticed that we were the last people remaining in the dining room. I signed the check and we decided to take a walk along the shore.

The moon was out and the warm August breeze blew its soft caresses over us as we walked hand-in-hand. Joni looked so beautiful in the moonlight. Taking off our shoes we walked barefoot through the sand, wading now and again into the surf. Joni would jump back in mock fright if a particularly big wave bounded in and I would pull her closely to me for protection.

It was late and as we walked, we only had the moon for illumination. It was such a romantic evening.

After a while we arrived at a secluded portion of the beach. Not another living soul was near us. Stopping in the surf, I held Joni in my arms and kissed her passionately. She gave me this look of such great longing that I only wanted to hold her in my arms.

Giggling, Joni broke away from my grasp and ran a short distance away from the surf. Standing before me, she tossed her shoes away, and let the straps of her sundress fall from her shoulders. Slowly, Joni allowed the top of her dress to fall lower until her magnificent breasts were exposed to me. My heart was pounding in my chest. Her pictures didn't do her justice. She was much more beautiful and desirable in person!

Finally, letting the dress fall to the sandy beach, Joni stood before me naked for she had not been wearing any panties.

I moved towards her but she raised her hand to stop me. "Now you," she said, sweetly but forcefully.

Quickly I began removing my own clothes. Shirt, pants and shorts were quickly tossed aside and I stood before her, naked and cock erect. I loved the way she looked me over, her eyes caressing my body as she took me in. Using her finger to beckon me towards her, she smiled a wicked little smile that sent shivers through my body.

We embraced again and kissed the sweetest, most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. I felt her hard nipples on my chest and could feel my cock pressed against her leg. My hands explored her back and butt, and with each caress, my desire for this beautiful woman increased.

Pushing Joni gently down to the sand, I looked at her gorgeous body in the moonlight. Everything about this woman affected me and I was nearly beside myself with desire. Her breasts were perfect, her stomach trim, her legs long and lithe, and between those legs was the most wonderful pussy I had ever seen, smoothly shaven, with a little glint of moisture glistening in the moonlight.

I knelt between her legs and leaned forward to taste her pussy. She shuddered slightly as my tongue touched her swollen clit. The fragrance of her pussy filled my nostrils and only served to intensify my desire. I nibbled at her pussy lips and licked them tenderly, feeling the texture of their folds and tasting the growing moisture between them. As I did this, Joni began to writhe and moan. Her fingers clutched at the sand as I pushed my tongue as deeply into her sweet pussy as I could. I looked up past her breasts with nipples as hard as diamonds to her face and saw a look of pure desire there. I knew that I wanted her to cum and pour her cum all over my face. My attention to her pussy became more fervent and soon her moans became cries of pleasure until finally she erupted with a scream of ecstasy as she came hard in three waves of orgasm, her cum soaking my face, my tongue drinking in its flavor.

When at last I thought she was through, I raised up to my knees again. Joni looked at me and said, "I want you inside of me. Please, I have to have you inside of me."

Moving up between her legs, I placed my throbbing cock at the entrance of her wet pussy. Her face was begging me to enter her and so I slid the head of my swollen cock into her. Again she shuddered from the pleasure of the feeling and my head reeled with the sensation. I began to slowly insert my cock into her pussy, but, as if by some magical force, her pussy virtually sucked me into her. Oh my god, I could feel her hot, wet pussy surrounding the entire length of my cock.

The pleasure was excruciating. We looked into each other's eyes and I knew she was feeling the same sensations as I was. I began pumping my cock in and out of her and she moved in unison with each stroke. After only a few such strokes, she was cumming again and using her legs to pull me into her more deeply. I knew I wouldn't last much longer, but I gamely kept up the pace. No sooner did her orgasm subside when another one rose to take its place. Joni was writhing frantically beneath me and I could feel my own passion rising in my body. I could feel my balls slapping against her ass as my cum emerged from them and soared through the shaft of my cock. My body tensed and my cock stiffened as I shot my cum into Joni's pussy. I thought I would die from the ecstasy of it. I could feel the spasms of my cock and I'm sure that she could as well as my cum joined with hers.

Finally I collapsed on top of her and we lay there together basking in the afterglow, my cock still pulsating inside her. I rolled off of Joni and she lay in my arms looking at the moon and listening to the surf roll in.

We made love right there on the beach two more times before dressing and returning to our room, where we made love four more times during the night. Each time it was wonderful, but none could compare to that first time on the beach. Every sensation of that moment has been permanently etched into my brain and will live with me forever.

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