tagNonHumanMoonlit Meal

Moonlit Meal


I followed him a bit closer than I had been. I had made up my mind, and it no longer mattered if he noticed me or not. It was the same as the nights before. He left the store, hands in his pockets, striding casually along in the dark. The most important things in selecting him had been his regular habits - his timing and route never varied - and the fact that his walk home was nearly entirely through quiet, empty streets and dark parkway.

The bonus was him. Lean and healthy, he was oddly attractive to me. Not just as a meal - gods know how rare it is to find one that's healthy, isolated, and not some athletic freak that's going to give you a hard time with a bit of futile hand-to-hand combat - but I admired his appearance. As I said, he had a trim build, but not skinny. He had the slim hard-looking muscles of youth that spoke of speed and agility. He was tall but not gangly. His hair was a bit longer than the popular styles, scissor cut instead of clipped, and a rich brown color that seemed to me to pick up highlights even in moonlight. His eyes ... that was it. His eyes were dark, the colour of a cup of black coffee. They shone with an intelligent intensity, yet had a soft inviting expression in them every time I had seen him. They were framed in exquisite curved black lashes. I recall thinking that I would be sure to look deeply into those eyes and remember them once he was in my grasp.

He turned and walked into the little city park surrounded by small businesses and factories that he always cut through. There was no lighting there other than a single bulb in front of a warehouse door at the far side, but the moonlight showed that he was making good time and I should now hurry.

Pursuing such an attractive meal, I found myself in a hurry and cursed my choice of a black tank top, mid-calf length cotton gauze peasant skirt - also black - and sandals. The outfit wasn't as convenient as my usual pants and boots, but I just wanted to look really good for this one. Life was short on romance for this Nightstalker. I thought I might catch a look of approval mixed in the expected terror. That would feel good.

I made good time, and silent, dashing through the large old live oaks that graced this somber area with a bit of Nature's majesty, and he had not quite reached the other side of the grassy open field in the middle of the wooded park. I slowed to a walk and let my footsteps be heard when I was several steps behind him, and was strolling casually when he turned to see me.

I apparently had not made a mistake in my choice of clothing. His look of surprise was thickly laced with admiration. Frankly, it was not veiled in social appropriateness in its early moments - it was the look of lust. I was filled with a deep, sweeping rush of life as I let myself fill his gaze. I was amazed that I felt so without having pierced his skin. Smiling sweetly, and more seductively than I intended, I closed the gap between us with a final step. At that moment I placed a hand on his shoulder while running the other down his chest and bared my fangs.

Oddly, the look of terror that usually flashes across a meal's face at this point wasn't there. The lust remained and actually seemed to intensify. Without thinking, my hand slid from his chest to his crotch. What my hand found was an obviously large, obviously hard cock making an obvious bulge pushing against the denim of his jeans. I was definitely going to make this a small meal, as I had decided to take advantage of that bulge, and knew it would need an adequate blood supply.

Not even thinking to move my hand, I leaned toward his neck, licked the groove between the muscles beneath his ear, and finding the warm flow of the vein beneath his skin, I sunk my teeth neatly into the rich supply of blood. Immediately I was filled with life. Not just the usual rush of renewal pulsing into me from a meal, but an orgasmic flood of intense sensation. My mind flickered as sensation took over for a span of time that was no doubt brief, but felt indeterminate. Once this feeling subsided, I withdrew from this mysterious prey's neck and neatly licked the wound closed. I was as fully satisfied as though I had drained him dry, but I had only had a small drink.

As my thoughts returned, I noticed that my hand still held his dick through his jeans and it remained as firm and anxious to escape as before! Since most victims tend to faint dead away the instant I pierce their skin, I was a bit surprised, but not as surprised as I was to look up into this young man's eyes and see no fear. What I clearly saw on his face was a smile and the look of pure desire.

My lust inflamed by his hungry eyes, I slid my other hand down his torso, nails lightly dragging across his shirt. I pulled open his belt, still staring into his face, some animal passion in his dark shining eyes bypassing my mind and reaching directly to my pussy, making it as hot and wet as if he had physically touched it. He made no move, however, except to raise his left eyebrow a bit, enhancing his predatory grin, and I moved my gaze down his body to his crotch as I lowered myself to my knees. I had undone the button and was slowly pulling the zipper down as I settled myself kneeling in the thick grass, my hands slightly trembling. It occurred to me that I had not seen an erection in a long, long time, but the thought seemed faint and far away, since primitive sexual desire had completely hijacked my brain by then. I slid his jeans down until the spread of his legs stopped me – he stood with his feet a shoulder's width apart – and I put my attention on his boxer shorts. In contrast to his plain and cottony outer clothes, they were a silken fabric with a jacquard pattern woven into it, the dark solid color indeterminate in the moonlight. The cloth was stretched tight over his raging hard-on, and I stretched the waistband to its limit lifting it over his cock and pulling the shorts down over it to his jeans.

I was transfixed. The long, thick pillar of male sexuality stood erect before me, hard as iron and arcing toward the moonlit sky. At its broad base an astonishingly smooth scrotum stretched over his large and exceptionally rounded balls. His pubic hair was short and smooth, lying close to his body. His cock twitched ever so slightly as if it were telling me to get on with it – which I immediately did, with more lust and vigor than I thought possible.

Tipping my head back a bit and shaking my head to toss my long thick hair back behind my shoulders, I curved my hand over his cock and held it mid-shaft between my fingertips and the heel of my hand, leaving the entire underside exposed. Turning my head sideways I gently and quiveringly kissed the thick base of his dick, licking and tonguing it in exploration. Carefully tucking my lips over my teeth, I sealed my mouth to the underside of his cock and slowly slid it up the length of it, my tongue pressing along the prominent muscular ridge within which hot cum would flow as it was pumped out. The thought of him cumming caused my clit to press against my panties, which were quite nearly dripping wet by then. I slid my mouth up and down this ridge several times, and then gave in to the desire to lick. My tongue flattened around his hot round balls and I pulled it across each one, over and around, under, behind, on top, sometimes faster sometimes slower. I licked gently and I licked rough, I licked in short stabs and I licked in long sweeps – randomly and hungrily, I wet and groomed his balls.

Still holding his cock and moving my other hand from his thigh to cup his damp balls, I moved my tongue on to his shaft. I pressed against the base, just above the balls and roughly licked side to side, sucking and slurping and giving a few kisses before moving my hand down and gripping it gently just above the other hand which was cradling the nut sac. I tongued and licked the shaft of his dick as I had his balls – slower and faster, hard, soft, short and long at random, but always hungrily – reeling with the feel of the hard flesh under my mouth.

I touched the tip of my tongue to his cock at the edge of my thumb where I held it – as much for my balance as anything, he was so hard and stiff – and hesitated. I had become aware of the fingers of one of his hands resting lightly on the side of my head. I slowly pulled my tongue-tip up his cock-shaft and paused at the head. I had not been here before and it suddenly seemed powerful and exciting. I felt around the ridge with my tongue from one side to the other, and then let it slowly travel up to the tip of the head. It was a wonderful shape, broad with a slight sweeping dip from the upper rim to the hole, now gleaming with pearlescent pre-cum, giving it a definite "tip." I licked the precum off. It was wonderful. The slick liquid was saltier than his blood had been, and somehow sweeter, too. I went mad. I licked across the head of his dick like it was a melting ice cream cone. I licked in circles, first to the left, then the right. Licking across it, I flattened my tongue and pulled off more precum, licking lightly then harder, gently then and then rough. Finally I tucked my teeth safely in my lips and pressed my mouth over the head and sucked as I licked.

He broke his silence with a soft low moan, nearly a growl. I sucked the head gently until the flavor of the precum drove me wild and I plunged his cock up to my hand and into my hot wet mouth. I pushed my head down and up over him, fucking him with my face. He moaned again, this time from deep in his throat. By this time he was resting the fingers of both hands on my head, but never once pushed or pulled on me. I worked my tongue over his shaft with each stroke, twisting my head a bit to the left or to the right so I could reach more of his tasty cock with it. As I sucked deep and sucked faster I began to slide my hand up and down with my head, keeping my thumb near my mouth, rubbing his whole dick, while still caressing his balls with the other hand and fingering the flesh around them.

I pulled his cock down lower, away from the roof of my mouth where the head had been sliding, as I began to gag while taking him in deeper. Pressing him against my tongue, I face-fucked him deep and fast. I felt his balls pull tight to his body as the underside of the base of his shaft became even more hard and swollen! Then he grabbed my hair and pulled my head tight against him, his cock down in the back of my throat as I held my hand and lips firm around his shaft and drew deep breaths through flared nostrils.

His cum pumped through his cock as his orgasm exploded. I felt load after load ripple through his dick before it shot down my throat as I hurried to swallow it down. I drank it in hungrily, and a good thing, too, as I surely would have drown in so much. He moaned as he came, a long low howl that I was vaguely aware of being answered by dogs in the far distance. I remember the intensity of the moan as it contrasted with his general silence.

When he had finished, he gently, very gently, smoothed my hair back into place, removing the loops and musses made by his fingers when he had grasped it. He had pulled no hair out, and indeed, had not jerked nor had he pulled hard enough to hurt my scalp. Stepping back and removing his impressive manhood from my now weak grasp, he pulled his clothing back up and re-fastened his jeans and belt. I was spent, yet he still managed to have a hungry look. The thought flashed through my head that I had somehow in my mindless horniness managed to not satisfy this man and a vague irrational fear passed through me.

I was therefore frightened – me! frightened! – when he stepped forward once more and pulled me to my feet. He looked at me with that hungry wild animal look, but not one of anger, and then he effortlessly lifted me off my feet and laid me in the grass in the moonlight. Pinning my arms gently, he leaned down and lightly kissed my lips. Slowly sitting back with a hungry smile in his eyes, he grasped the straps of my top and pulled them down my arms, trapping them at my sides and baring my breasts. I felt as if a gasp would escape my lips, which were still quivering from his innocently seductive kiss, but no sound came forth. The only sound was my breath and my heart pounding in my ears. He held me in his gaze a moment then lowered his head once again, this time touching the tip of his tongue to my breast. He drew slow, delicate patterns on my breasts with his saliva, which was warm on his tongue then cooled as the air drifted across it, chilling me delightfully and drawing my nipples into two stinging hard knots, yearning to be touched. Finally, his tongue worked its way toward a nipple, lazily circling closer to it and at last lapping over the surface, wetting the stiff dark tiny tower. He then quickly took it into his mouth and began sucking and tonguing my tit very vigorously compared to his earlier teasings. His hand slid over my other breast and gently stroked the skin, then firmly massaged the soft mound, occasionally tugging on the nipple with his fingers. I had regained just enough movement to reflexively press my chest up towards him as his sucking and fondling pulled up ghosts of memories. Old memories, for a very long time the only touch on my body of a carnal nature had been that of my prey - just before becoming my blood meal.

Then just as I thought I would cry out, he rose up again, but now had a very purposeful look to him, one that made him seem much more formidable than the casual young man I had stalked to this place in the moonlight. He seemed to glide down my body, leaving me semi-bound by my tank shirt, my breasts, covered in sweat, shining softly in the moonlight. Grasping my ankles gently, he ran his hands up my legs to my knees, raising my skirt, pushing it with his forearms and slowly spreading my legs. Situating himself on his knees between my lower legs, he took the hem of my skirt and lifted it to my waist slowly, as if uncovering some unknown treasure. After draping it there, he seemed to study my abdomen as if it were a map, gazing at each part of it. Then he placed his hands on my sides at my hips and drew them downwards to my outer thighs and on to my knees again.

Lowering his mouth to my body for a third time, he kissed my knee. Then slowly, methodically, maddeningly, he kissed the inside of my thigh, placing one kiss just above the last, pushing my leg outward, spreading me open more as he worked his way up. When he reached the top of my thigh and his hair brushed against my pussy his lips detoured to the top of my thigh and his little kisses began a slow arc up to my navel and down to my other thigh. The little kisses gave way to a few little licks, then long, sweeping drags of his hot wet tongue as his mouth worked its way to my shivering slit.

As he reached my pussy, kept neatly trimmed for my own sense of appearance, he lifted all but the tip of his tongue from my skin and let it dance around the top of my cunt lips, from which my hardening and swollen clit was now protruding. Lightly brushing down the length of one cunt lip and up the other, his tongue managed to not touch my clit at all and at long last a whimper managed to escape my mouth. I squirmed a tiny bit, still feeling myself held in some invisible grasp, and he looked up into my face and grinned an ambiguous grin - one which could have been intensely evil or intensely playful. I did not spend much energy trying to decide which it was.

He slowly lowered his head and I was treated to the electric touch of the tip of his tongue on the tip of my clit. He pulled the wet, slightly rough tongue tip slowly down the length of my clit to the opening of my pussy, spreading the lips apart like some curtain opening on the stars of a great play. He circled it like a predator about to take its prey. He circled again, the other direction. He quickly thrust his tongue in, wedging it in the tight, muscular ring of flesh separating my outside from my inside. My heart raced as his tongue pushed in and twisted around, first this way, then the other. My thighs trembled as he held them firmly and gently in his hands.

When I was nearly numb from the thrusting of his tongue, he slowly drug it up again, pressing hard between my cunt lips, to the tip of my clit, then deliberately placed it back at my pussy hole and licked slowly upward again. He repeated this slow, long licking for what seemed like days. I prayed he would go faster, I wanted to cry out to him to, but my voice was still bound.

At last he paused and I thought I would have some relief, but at this point he put his mouth around my clit and started sucking it slowly, drawing it into his mouth and pressing his tongue on it, then relaxing a bit then sucking it in again. This ritual he repeated in mind-numbingly slow motion until my nipples stung, my lips stung and my cunt felt like it would explode. Just as I was about to pass out - I am sure I would have - he slid a hand off my thigh and pressed his knuckles against my pussy, pushing it open, but not penetrating the interior, only causing a great deal of pressure. At the same time he began to suck and lick quickly and furiously at my clit. In the span of a few seconds my pussy was spasming wildly, juices gushing from it as it pumped against itself and my back arched as I let loose a long howl from deep inside myself that started low and built to a high pitch before it trailed off.....

I lay there in the grass, panting, hardly noticing and not caring that I could now move and speak at will. He sat on his knees in-between my feet, smiling warmly into my face. I felt, for the first time, that his intent was benign. I was compelled to speak.

"You were... that was so nice."

He broke into a wide smile and let slip a chuckle. "You're very welcome. I thought you might not have any more opportunity for such recreation than I do."

He began straightening and smoothing my clothing and helping me sit up. I asked, "What exactly do you mean? I admit romance is not generally on my schedule..."

"Mine either," he said softly. Then he put his hand in mine and I saw that it had become hairy - no - it was soft and furry and his nails were thick and dark. Turning in the moonlight he showed me his ears, which had become tall and pointed and covered with a fine, dark fur. "We don't actually look like dogs entirely in the moon - unless we choose to - but I thought it would be inappropriate for the occasion."

Finally understanding quite a few things, I could not help smiling and letting out a laugh. "I see now. At least I do a little bit. I actually thought your kind was [and here I had to blush] a myth."

"Well, you know better now, I hope. We are nearly to my apartment, would you please come and allow me to be your host and let you uh.. 'freshen up'? Or must you leave me now?" A disappointed look fell on his face.

"I would like to see where you live. I would also like to know you better. It only seems appropriate." I grinned and I'm sure I let my fangs show; I felt no need to hide them, after all.

He helped me up and took my arm and walked me to his home. I don't think I'll elaborate on that now. I will tell you this: it was the start of a very very long relationship.

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