tagInterracial LoveMoor King and German Amazon

Moor King and German Amazon


In the year 1221 A.D. the Kingdom of Spain, also known as Al-Andalus, is under Moorish rule, as the Spaniards called the Arabs who rule the Kingdom of Spain and much of the Iberian Peninsula. Omar Hafiz, the tall, dark and handsome son of an Arabian sheikh and Somali princess accompanied his cousin, Arabian prince Khaled Hafiz, from East Africa to the vastness of Spain to inspect the Kingdom which Khaled Hafiz would one day rule. The Iberian realm was proving to be quite a challenge for even the most seasoned of Muslim warriors because of its warlike natives, the unruly Spaniards. Even after being ruled by the Arabs for centuries, the Spaniards were still a rude, brutal and mean-spirited people. For the most part, the Arabian conquerors were benevolent rulers.

The Arabian overlords didn't slaughter the Spaniards or force them to convert to Islam en masse like many Europeans feared they would once they took over Spain. Rather, they tried to understand the people they conquered and treated them with respect. That's what the socio-cultural policy of Convivia was all about. The Spaniards couldn't stomach being conquered by the Arabian overlords, no matter how benign they were. Never mind that the Arabs shared with them their knowledge of medicine, navigation and countless other priceless discoveries. The bigoted Europeans refused to admit to themselves that men from other races, other lands could be stronger and smarter than them.

The Spaniards continued to reject Islam even though the Dhimmir tax imposed upon non-Muslims in Spain by the Arabian overlords impoverished many Spaniards. What a stubborn and foolish people these Iberians were! The Arabian Kings wondered what it would take to break them. Alas, that discovery eluded them still. From time to time, the Moors had to quash down violent uprisings. Scores of Spaniards left Spain for nearby Greece and other European realms still under the control of Christendom. The Muslim armies held onto Spain but hesitated to venture beyond its borders, lest they face all of Europe in an all-out war between Christianity and Islam.

As the son of a legendary Arabian warrior prince who married a beautiful African Muslim woman from Somalia, Omar Hafiz knew he was different. At the age of twenty two, he was six feet five inches tall, with light brown skin, curly Black hair and pale brown eyes. Everywhere he went he got stared at. The Arabs were used to seeing men with dark skin, for many Africans were Muslims. There were many racists in the Arab communities back then just like today, but the clerics ordered the Arab ruffians to show respect to their fellow Muslims, especially since Europe was at war with the Muslim world in those days and the Arabs knew they couldn't win without help from Muslims of all races, including Africans.

The Arabs weren't in love with the Africans, Asians and others who made up the majority of Muslims worldwide. They needed their help, that's why they reached out to them. The Prophet Mohammed knew that the Arabs were racist as hell, that's why he told them that the Black man was not below the Arab man or the White man. He specifically wrote it down in the noble Koran itself, hoping the Arabs would get the message. Naturally, many Arabs had selective memory when it came to that particular Hadith from the Great One. Omar knew himself to be just as strong as any man on God's green Earth, and he feared no one. Born in a prince's desert citadel, Omar knew himself to be of royal blood and carried himself like a future King.

The Spaniards weren't used to seeing dark-skinned men from Africa wearing armor, riding horses and carrying weapons. The Spaniards had always been a racist bunch and like most Europeans, they considered themselves superior to other races, especially dark-skinned peoples from Africa and beyond. Omar fought many a Spanish rebel in his day, and each of these pale bastards tasted the end of his curved sword. Whenever they fought him, they constantly jeered him because of his dark skin and seemed quite surprised by his fighting prowess and stern mien. These godless racist White men were the enemies of Islam and Omar showed them absolutely no mercy.

Growing up half Black and half Arab, Omar Hafiz was used to encountering racism and intolerance. Not even his famous father's fabulous wealth, power and good name could shield him from that. The fact that his father married an African woman didn't sit too well with the rest of the Hafiz clan. Still, his father chose his mother over all the Arab women he could have had because she was beautiful, strong and fearless. All the qualities a future King would want in his queen. A man or a woman's worth, beauty or intelligence had nothing to do with their skin color. All men and women were equal in the eyes of Allah, the Benevolent One, the Merciful. The Most High created the Jew, the Christian and the Muslim, the Blackest man, the Whitest woman, the Chinese and the Arab. All human beings were worthy in the eyes of Allah as long as they obeyed His commands. Omar Hafiz sighed to himself.

When would the mundane world finally catch up to the wisdom of the Prophets? Moses tried to enlighten the Hebrews and the fools rejected his message, and he couldn't enter the Promised Land because of them. The inspiration behind Christianity, Jesus Christ, known as Isa Al Masih in Islam, tried his best to enlighten the world and shared the Word of God with them. Led by the Romans, the foolish and cowardly Jews murdered him and then, feeling guilty, began to confuse the messenger with the message, thus leading to the creation of a belief system based on the life of the messenger rather than the message itself. Fortunately, when the Prophet Mohammed came along, he fared a bit better. He wasn't murdered by his followers, nor was he deified. He simply shared the message of God with the statue-worshipping, brutal and godless Arabs, and then died and presumably went to Heaven. Although he loved Islam dearly, Omar respected both Judaism and Christianity, he just couldn't stand some of the ones he met in Al Andalus.

Omar rode his horde, a magnificent ebony stallion bred in the Saudi desert. He named his horse Marduk, an ancient word meaning Devil. The massive Black horse with the bright eyes looked devilish indeed. Riding him into battle, Omar knew they made for a fearsome sight. He smiled to himself as he thought about his darling wife. The six-foot-tall, busty, big-bottomed and heavyset but still gorgeous, blonde-haired and green-eyed White woman he encountered while lost in Germany. Hilda Hauser was something else. The blonde giantess who wielded a massive axe most men couldn't budge nearly ended his life when he led an ill-fated group of Arabian and African Muslim warriors into her village in northern Germany. The Teutonic natives swarmed over the Muslim troops, slaughtering them. Omar was able to get away, taKing the wounded female giant with him. He took her back to Al Andalus as his captive, for his pleasure. What a trophy she would make. He just never thought he would fall in love with her. This wild, fearless woman got to him like no one else would.

At first, Hilda Hauser was like a lioness in captivity. She refused any food or drink he offered her, and she snarled like a beast whenever he came near her. She only allowed female servants to feed her and she attacked male attendants of his war camp on sight. This White woman was fearless, so unlike the White women he saw in Spain. She prayed to the pantheon of the Norse Gods, to Thor the mighty Thunderer, Sif the swordswoman, Tyr the warrior and Odin the All-Father, not to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whom all Christians, Jews and Muslims acknowledged as the One True God. How peculiar. Muslims showed some basic respect to Christians and Jews because of their common monotheism but they treated Pagans like shit because they considered them unbelievers.

According to the Muslim policy in effect in Al Andalus during those days, Omar should have sold Hilda Hauser into slavery, or had her killed for her impudence. Instead, he gave her the gift of freedom. He gave her a sword, a horse, and a paper bearing his seal in Arabic and in Spanish, acknowledging that although a Pagan, she was a free woman. This was unprecedented. Hilda Hauser took the sword he gave her and instead of leaving immediately, she raised the blade to his throat. Swearing in German, she told him that she should kill him for thinKing himself above her because of his faith and royal heritage. Very calmly Omar asked him why she hadn't killed him yet. Hilda smiled and lowered her sword. Then she kissed him.

Omar Hafiz, the son of legendary Arabian sheikh Hussein Hafiz, took the Teutonic barbarian woman Hilda Hauser as his wife. Omar went back to his castle, at the heart of Al Andalus. As soon as he got home, he went to his wife's bedchambers. He found the six-foot-tall, gorgeous blonde Amazon waiting for him. What a lovely sight! Grinning, Hilda gestured for him to come to her. He took her into his arms and kissed her. How he missed her. The other Muslims called him insane for taKing as wife a barbarian woman who refused to convert to Islam and shunned traditional Muslim female clothes like the hijab or burka. Hilda Hauser went around wearing loose-fitting long-sleeved shirts and pantaloons, and she also carried a sword. And he loved that about her. To him, she was gorgeous, fearless and exotic. The kind of woman any strong man would be proud to call his own. He had no use for the backstabbing Spaniard females or the dull and boring Muslim women. The hot-tempered, foul-mouthed and fiery German amazon excited him like no other woman ever has.

Hilda Hauser looked at Omar Hafiz, the man she loved, as she undressed for him. How she missed him. He'd been gone for three days, putting down the latest uprising of Spanish rebels. The two of them lay in bed. Gently he caressed her breasts, and licked them. Her hands found his erect member, and stroked him to full hardness. She was ready for him, but he stopped her. He wanted to explore her body a bit more. Hilda lay there, legs spread, as he fondled her tits while fingering her pussy. Hilda cried out in pleasure as Omar began licKing her pussy, flicKing his tongue over her hyper sensitive clitoris. The big Black Muslim stud had her right where he wanted her. Soon he had her squirming as she howled in pleasure. Omar smiled and told her she hadn't felt anything yet.

Hilda climbed on top of Omar and impaled herself on his hard, thick member. Omar put his hands around her hips, and thrust his dick into her pussy. Hilda cried out in pleasure and rode him hard. Omar looked at Hilda, mesmerized as she bounced up and down on him. Hot damn, this woman was so damn beautiful. She was better in bed than the Spanish, Arabian and African women he'd taken to his bed in his early days. He put her on all fours, smacked her big White ass and slammed his dick into her. Hilda screamed and urged him to fuck her harder. Laughing, Omar grabbed her long blonde hair and yanked her head back. He fucked her as hard as he could, and she still wanted more. Hilda told him she wanted him in her ass. Omar smiled smugly and nodded. Well, who was he to refuse such a request? Like any good husband, he had to keep his wife happy.

Hilda got on all fours and spread her big White ass cheeks wide open. Omar came up behind her, and caressed her big butt while lubricating her hole. Gently he pressed his dick against her asshole. Hilda gritted her teeth as Omar pushed his cock into her asshole. Back when she lived in the environs of Heidelberg, Germany, she used to experiment with lots of guys and girls as well, and along the way she discovered she loved anal sex. When she married Omar, the big Muslim guy from Africa, she found that his strange religion forbade her favorite form of sexual fun. Well, little by little she convinced him to give it a try. That's why he was happily sodomizing her right now, pounding his cock into her asshole like his life depended on it. Hilda screamed in delight, rubbing her pussy while Omar's big prick filled her asshole, just the way she liked it.

Omar fucked Hilda's ass until he came, then squeezed his dick out of her as her orgasmic screams filled the air. Hilda took a moment to recover, then told him it was his turn. Omar looked at her with the mixture of excitement and apprehension he always felt when she wanted to try THIS sex act. The first time she broached the subject with him he flat out refused because he thought only homosexuals and sexual deviants would allow themselves to be penetrated in this manner. Hilda had since convinced him that he had nothing to fear and that she knew pathways to pleasure which he could only dream of. Curious in spite of himself, he gave it a try...and now he was hooked.

Hilda smiled wickedly as Omar got on all fours and spread his hairy dark ass cheeks wide open. She lubricated his ass just like he did hers earlier. TaKing the phallic-shaped piece of wood, she dipped it in oil then pressed it against Omar's asshole. The big Black Muslim guy tensed, and she spanked his ass lightly, telling him to relax. Omar nodded, and did as he was told. Grinning, Hilda grabbed his cock and balls from behind and squeezed them gently while pushing the dildo deeper into his ass. Groaning, Omar felt himself open up to take his wife's wooden toy. Hilda slowly but surely pushed the dildo deeper into him, eliciting sharp groans from him. Pausing, she asked him if he was alright. Omar nodded, and softly asked her to continue. Nodding, Hilda pushed the dildo further up his ass. Omar screamed, and Hilda continued worKing the dildo up his ass until it could go no further. Moaning softly, Omar slumped on the bed. He was completely in her power. Just like she always wanted. Hilda asked Omar if he'd had enough and he nodded, offering her his unconditional surrender. Slowly she pulled the wooden dildo out of his ass, and he sighed in relief.

Omar Hafiz lay on the bed, his big muscular body covered with sweat, for he was completely spent. His darling wife Hilda Hauser the Teutonic amazon rolled on top of him, and took his dark, handsome face into her hands. Gently she kissed him, and asked him how he felt. The Afro-Arabian Muslim stud told her he felt great, and thanked her for a wonderful, twisted and absolutely kinky experience. Hilda smiled, and rested her pretty blonde head against his hairy chest. Tonight was a very special night for the two of them indeed. It was funny how life worked out. Omar Hafiz, the son of two worlds, neither fully African nor Arabian, yet a blend of both, always felt like an outcast everywhere he went. He'd known glory on the battlefield and won countless honors for the royal house of Hafiz in which he was born, he'd even been compared to Saladin himself, one of Allah's finest warriors, but he had never known happiness or love until he met Hilda Hauser, the wild blonde woman from Germany. Fate truly worked in mysterious ways. Before she fell asleep, Hilda whispered into his ear some truly wonderful news. She was pregnant. Omar smiled and cradled her into his arms. God be praised, he said as he kissed her forehead, then went to sleep.

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