tagIncest/TabooMoral Dilemma

Moral Dilemma


Aunt regrets stealing his virginity. She makes it right

We all enjoy the sex. It's in here with a bit of a story.


Thursday, Feb 13th

Harvey Fielding, the aged patriarch of the family stood and looked out with pride at the group sitting around the dinner table. Three generations were present. With him, were his two daughters and their families. Harvey's wife was not with them. Unfortunately, she had passed away.

They were at his eldest daughter's house in Richmond, Virginia. Meadow was a divorced woman with a single child. Her daughter, Wendy, was twenty and a sophomore at Randolph-Macon College.

Sitting across from them was his other daughter, Breeze, and her family: her husband, Bill and their son, Arlo.

The group had enjoyed a good meal.

Harvey Fielding said, "I stand here a proud and happy man. These get-togethers are too short and too infrequent."

His family murmured their agreement.

He continued, "Congratulations Meadow, on being recognized by the National Association of Women Lawyers for the mentoring program you run for high school girls."

Everyone raised their glass and congratulated her. Then Harvey said, "Congratulations to Arlo for his scholarship to my favorite school, Randolph-Macon College. If I say so myself, it is an excellent institution of higher learning. I am pleased that you're planning to major in Philosophy and Ethics."

Breeze laughed and said good-naturedly, "Father, it looks like you won. Arlo has your temperament. I tried to develop his artist side, but he has none."

"Wendy caught that bug," Meadow said with a laugh. "Maybe you and I should trade kids."

Breeze was a talented artist. She inherited that skill from her mother. Like her mother, Breeze could draw, paint and sculpt. She and Bill earned their living selling the art they produced.

Harvey dramatically lowered his voice and said, "Arlo, happy as I am that you'll be joining your cousin Wendy at R-MC, unfortunately, I have to report that the quality of the teaching staff there has diminished significantly recently."

He was kidding and everyone knew it. They all laughed. He had retired from the college last year after thirty years of teaching philosophy and ethics.

He waited for the laughter to die and then said, "And lastly, let us say bon voyage to our travelers. Breeze and Bill are off tomorrow for a well-deserved, ten-day vacation to St. Bart's. While they are having fun in the sun, the rest of us will be suffering through a cold and dreary Virginia February."

Breeze said, "I'll send you all photos from the warm and sunny Caribbean."

"No thanks," Harvey chirped. "I don't need to see pictures of you two naked."

The family laughed. Bill and Breeze were artists, but they weren't free spirits. Everyone knew them to be serious, shy, quiet souls. They would never frolic naked on a beach or anywhere else for that matter.

Harvey waited until he had everyone's attention and then he said, "I will close the night with a quote from a brilliant philosopher." He raised his glass and said, "To alcohol: the cause of, and solution to all the world's problems. At least so says Homer Simpson."

Cheers and laughter broke out. Everyone raised their glass and drank.


After the meal, Bill and Breeze said their goodbyes. They had to catch an early flight out of Baltimore-Washington Airport and they were spending the night at a hotel near the airport.

Breeze hugged her boy and said, "Enjoy the tour of the campus and sitting in on some classes. Promise me you will talk to the other students." She looked concerned.

"Ah Mom," Arlo whined.

Arlo took after his parents. He too was a shy person. He was naturally quiet, but it was more than that, he was awkward around people and uncomfortable to engage with them. He was not a "people person" and had never had a lot of friends.

His behavior was partly due to his timid nature. His upbringing also contributed to his demeanor. When he was young, he only had limited opportunities to interact with other children. He hadn't attended regular school. He was home schooled.

His parents taught him what they thought was necessary and let books supplement their efforts. He became a big reader and gravitated to ethics because it was a field of study that suited his nature. He could read and think and pursue it alone.

Arlo's opportunity to connect with other kids was hurt by his family's nomadic lifestyle. The family was forced to move to follow artistic projects. He was always the new kid in town and he often moved before anyone got to know him or he got to know them.

His parents prayed he would outgrow his shyness. They hoped that college would be that time.

Wendy was the next person to say her goodbyes. She was returning to school.

"Bye Mom," Wendy said. "My sorority is having an event."

Meadow knew that was code for "I have a party to go to". She was fine with that. Wendy was a good girl and she kept her grades up. However, she felt they should give her nephew an opportunity to attend the party.

She said, "Wendy, why don't you take Arlo with you?"

Wendy was planning to hook up with her boyfriend. She didn't want to be stuck with her nerdy cousin. However, she knew she couldn't object outright. She decided to roll the dice and invite him. She was betting his shy nature would cause him to decline.

"Arlo," Wendy asked brightly. "Would you like to go? There's a party tonight. Lots of people will be there."

Arlo started to sweat. Crowds and parties scared him. He stammered as he responded, "Ah. Ah. No, thank you. Gramps and I were planning to discuss ethics."

Wendy smiled. She was happy her plan had worked and she when off to the party unencumbered.

Meadow cleaned up and headed off to bed. It had been a long day for her.

Harvey and Arlo had an enjoyable time discussing philosophy and ethics. Harvey played the role of professor. During their conversation, he asked,

"Arlo, what does it mean to be good."

Arlo spoke clearly. He was comfortable talking to his grandfather and very comfort talking about ethics. He gave the textbook answer. "To be honest, courageous, respectful and concerned about others. To be a good citizen. Obey the laws, protect the environment, be informed and be involved with society."

"Why should we strive to live by these standards?" the old professor asked.

"Our world would be unpleasant and chaotic if we didn't. We'd be miserable if everyone lied and cheated and was mean to each another. If people acted on their baser instincts of greed and self-interest, we couldn't build a functioning society."

"Do you believe the goals of humans are joy, happiness, and contentment and the best way to achieve these goals is ethical behavior?"

Arlo nodded.

"I agree also," Harvey said. "Now, how do we get there?"

They discussed different versions of ethical theory. Arlo was a proponent of one theory. His Grandfather favored another.

Harvey summed up his argument this way. He said, "As you know, in consequential ethics, the outcome determines the morality of the act."

Arlo interjected, "For you, the end justifies the mean. Do you really believe there are no standards of behavior that should be upheld?"

"Yes and no," Harvey conceded. "What makes an action right or wrong is the consequences of the action. Being truthful is a noble goal, but I believe it is okay to lie sometimes."

"But a lie is a lie," Arlo stated. For him, everything was black or white.

"Yes, a lie is a lie," Harvey agreed. "But a lie can be a good thing. Consider this scenario, an overweight wife asks her husband if her butt is too big. Which is the better choice? If he's truthful and says "Yes, dear. You're fat." He hurt her feelings. If he lies and says, "No. You look fine." She is happy and believe me, it increases the husband's happiness too."

"That's an innocent lie," Arlo pointed out. "You need to be truthful about significant things."

"Like life or death issues?"


Harvey said, "What would you do in this circumstance? A criminal breaks into your home. He demands to know if anyone else in the house?. You know your mother is upstairs. Do you tell him? Or do you attempt to protect her and say 'I'm the only one here.'"

"I lie to protect my mother," Arlo answered.

"Exactly," Harvey said. "It is acceptable, I would argue necessary at times, to break the moral code to be moral. The essence of morality is determined by the outcome of the act. One cannot blindly follow a set of precepts and expect to achieve good results."

Arlo said, "You make a good argument for your system, but I still have problems with it. Many people believe in God and follow the Ten Commandments. That is a good thing for them and society. They would say you are replacing God's law with man's judgment. Religious people won't like that. And considering the nature of man, won't a man always find a way to justify his behavior?

"And isn't it a better, simpler and faster method of moral behavior to have standards and to live by them? I can see the world grinding to a halt as we all say 'Time out. I need to do a moral calculation of all my possible actions to see which is best for the greatest number of people.'"

Harvey laughed and said, "This is exactly why I find ethics so fascinating. Lying is bad. You should strive to always tell the truth unless the situation dictates that a lie is the better choice. You should follow God's laws except when you know better. The end justifies the mean except when it causes you to break some moral code."

Harvey smiled good-naturedly and said, "Another reason I find Ethics so fascinating is because it is the perfect excuse to argue and drink. Two of my favorite things."

Harvey stood and finished his drink. He was impressed with his grandson's grasp of the subject and his intellect.

"Arlo, I'll leave you with one more question that may push you to my side. If the tip of your dick is resting on the labia of a beautiful and willing female, would you lie to her so both of you could enjoy out of this world sex?

"Let's say she pauses and asks if you love her. What are you going to say?

"In my scenario, you like her, but you aren't in love with her. If you are completely honest, you and she miss out on a wonderful experience. You deny each other the joy of great sex.

"Ethics is about good and evil, right and wrong. If the goal of your actions is the greatest good for the greatest number, then you must lie and fuck her. To needlessly uphold a rigid, abstract standard in this situation serves no purpose, correct?"

Harvey walked away. He grabbed his coat and returned to his house. Arlo went to bed. He laid on the floral sheets and pondered the last question his grandfather put to him. His dick was hard and thought the answer was obvious.


While the virgin, Arlo, was thinking about sex, his cousin, Wendy, was having sex.

She had recently begun dating the handsome captain of college's baseball team. That was a big boost to her social standing because he was a big man on campus. All her girlfriends were jealous. At the moment, Wendy was giving him a blowjob.

"Oh!" Wendy cried in distress. The hot brunette gagged on his dick and pulled off. She coughed repeatedly. Her eyes watered.

Warren, her boyfriend, chuckled. He knew he had a big dick and he enjoyed watching his conquests struggle with it. The only thing he enjoyed more was when they beg for it.

"What's the matter, Wendy?" he asked pretending he didn't know.

Wendy had been struggling with the girth of his cock as she knelt topless beside him on his bed in his bedroom blowing him. When the bastard rocked his hips forward, he drove his big dick in deep, too deep into her mouth. He caused her to gag and cough.

He had done it on purpose just to mess with her. While she coughed, he guided her to her back. He hiked up her dress and pulled her panties off. He sat beside her and gently brushed the hair from her tanned face.

He consoled her, "Better now? Good. Let me see your beautiful face."

She smiled at his words of false concern. She said, "Yes. I'm better."


Warren climbed on top of her and shoved his cock inside her.

"OH!" she cried. "Warren! I need time."

He pushed his dick in further and further. Her internal organs were rudely shoved aside.

She broke out into a sweat. She spread her legs as wide as possible as if that would make his sudden penetration any easier.

"Oh. Oh. Oh!" she grunted in shock.

"Oh baby, you're the best. I love your tight pussy," he cooed. He did love a snug cunt. He also loved surprising his women and watching them squirm and wince when he rudely slid into them before they were ready.

He looked into her eyes and saw the shock, the pain, and fear his action generated. It made fucking her more exciting for him. He casually stroked in and out of her. He saw her battle to accommodate his size and the sudden assault.

She didn't complain. They rarely did. She struggled at first. She worked hard to handle him. Her body adapted and lubricated.

Warren grinned at her. It grew into a full smile when he saw a flicker of pleasure replace her look of distress.

"Emm. Oh. Yeah," she groaned as her vagina fully opened and her lubrication level maxed out. Pleasure replaced pain and then, the fucking began.

Warren was a sexual narcissist. Like any good narcissist, he had great admiration for himself. He also had a grandiose sense of his sexual prowess. He didn't have sex, he put on virtuoso performances. When he wasn't abusing her, Wendy felt things and levels of pleasure no other man elicited.

He worked his magic. She came on his cock twice. She was now a puddle of quivering flesh.

"Oh God! Oh God! Warren come inside me," she begged. "I can't take it. If you make me come one more time, I'm going to pass out."

Those were the words he was dying to hear. He ramped up his efforts and made her come against her wishes.

"Oh God. Oh God! Oh. Oh! Oh!" she cried out.

Wendy came hard. Another glorious orgasm wracked her body. She felt dizzy and then experienced a sudden loss of consciousness.

Warren watched and congratulated himself, "There it is, la petite mort. The little death."

He was proud that he had fucked her so well that she had fainted. Wendy woke to hear him groaning and still screwing her, "Oh yeah. Oh, fuck. Ahhhh."

She hugged him and said the words he loved to hear. "Oh, Warren. You fuck me like no one else."

That punched his ticket. He enjoyed hearing those words more than he had enjoyed having sex with her. He felt victorious once again and he came.


Friday, February 14th

Aunt Meadow and Arlo had breakfast together. She said, "Today's the big day. So, you're going to sit in on some classes?"

He nodded to avoid speaking.

They left at the same time. He went to the college to tour the campus and she went to prosecute a child molester.

Arlo returned to this Aunt's house late-afternoon. No one was there. He watched television.

"Indiana Jones, you rock," Arlo said.

He had just watched the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark". It was his favorite movie. In his dreams, he was the handsome, swashbuckling hero. He won the girl and saved the day. In real life, he was a shy eighteen-year-old who was awkward around people and especially timid and nervous around females. Needless to say, he didn't date and he was a virgin.

He walked into the bathroom and said, "I love indoor plumbing."

He peed in the toilet, flushed and said, "Why do my parents put up with a smelly, camper toilet when if we lived like normal people we could all use this wonderful, hygienic device?"

Since his parents moved frequently to work on commissioned art project, they lived in a camper that they pulled by an SUV.

"How about a shower?" he asked rhetorically.

He answered himself continuing to talk out loud. "That sounds good. A nice, long, hot shower. Another marvelous experience denied to trailer people."

Arlo undressed. He dropped his clothes in a pile on the floor.

He said, "Oh. They have a hamper."

He left his clothes on the floor and went to the wicker container. He flipped open the top. He saw a sexy black, lacy bra and a pair of panties.


He picked up the bra. He had never seen something so beautiful, so sexy, and certainly never on a live girl. He was not the kind of guy who could seduce a woman.

None of his mother's bras were like this one. She was a petite woman with small breasts. She usually didn't bother with one because she didn't need to. If she wore one, they were soft, stretchy bandeau tube style bras. Functional. Not sexy.

"36C," he snickered as he read the label. "She certainly is the big sister."

He examined the cups and fingered the lace. His dick got hard thinking about the soft flesh that filled them. Next, he picked up the underwear. It also had lace and was alluring. He studied it and did the unthinkable. He brought the crotch to his nose and sniffed.

"Oh! Emmm."

He was overwhelmed with the acrid, musky odor of a woman. His dick twitched and grew hard. He said, "Aunt Meadow wore these! This is her scent."

He held the panties to his nose with his left hand and stroked his dick with his right.

"Mmmm," he groaned breathing deeply.

He looked around for something to use as a lubricant. He spied hand lotion on the counter by the sink. He pumped a large amount on his hand and masturbated. He sniffed the panties, stroked his cock and kept thinking about how this article of clothing had been pressed up against a woman's pussy.

"Oh! Ohh! God!" he called out as he came in the sink. He dropped the panties and gripped the counter for support as he jacked off into the basin.

"Oh! Fuck," he cried as the last of his spunk landed in the sink. His heart was pounding and his breathing was ragged. He rested a bit and then turned on the tap and cleaned up. He sent his cum down the drain.

He returned the sexy underwear to the dirty clothes hamper and hopped in the shower. He shampooed his hair and scrubbed his body hard. He was trying to wash away the sin of masturbation made worse by sniffing his Aunt's soiled underwear.


Hours later, Meadow shouted, "Hello, Arlo" as she entered her home.

Arlo had been reading a book. He stood and silently greeted his Aunt.

She came into the family room and asked, "Did you have a good day? Did you find a way to amuse yourself?" she asked with a warm smile.

Arlo blushed. Immediately, he thought, "Oh God! It's like she knows I beat off while sniffing her panties". He was embarrassed and stuttered as he answered her, "Ah. Ah. Yes."

He held up his book and said, "Emmm. I find a good book is always good company."

"Yes. We all would be better off if we read more."

She looked at her watch and said, "Oh. I have to hurry. I have a date tonight. It's Valentine's Day, but of course, you know that. Will you be okay on your own?"

"Yes. I'll order a pizza."

Meadow dashed off to shower and changed.


Wendy and Sue grabbed their workout towels and dabbed at the sweat on their faces. They had been exercising at the college gym.

Sue said, "Let's hit the showers here. The ones at the dorms will be jammed since its Friday night and Valentine's day."

"Good idea."

The two friends went into the women's locker room. They stripped and headed to the showers comfortable and nude. The two women were great friends but physically couldn't have been more different.

Sue was light, bright and fair. She had short blond hair and piercing blue eyes. She was medium height with a slender, athletic build: thin hips and small breasts. She had great legs and a cute, little butt.

Wendy was dark. She had a deep tan and soulful brown eyes. Her hair was black, like licorice, and like the candy treat, it was shiny and wavy. She was taller than her classmate and boasted a curvy, hour-glass figure. No one ever mistook her for a boy. She had wide hips and a full rack.

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