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While her husband undressed in the bathroom, she hung her bra on the doorknob and then pulled off her panties. Glancing at herself in the mirror for a moment, she ran her hand up through her hair and let the strands fall onto her shoulders. Her breasts sagged just a bit, but she smiled knowing she was in much better shape than her friends. She adjusted some pillows and climbed onto the bed, resting her back against the stack of pillows.

She had been ready for him when he got home. It had been several days and it seemed they had to keep up the average, three times a week except when she had her period. But today it was different, he had brought her flowers. Wondering if there might be a message somewhere, she asked herself, "Had he been with someone else?" She knew they were at that age when something seemed to...

"Oh babe, I love seeing you like that," he said, staring where she had been absent-mindedly touching her nipple.

"You!" she said, rolling over onto her stomach in mock modesty.

She remained on her stomach, wishing that he might begin kissing her ankles and slowly, wetly work up her calves, thighs and up her back. Just the thought of is sent a shiver down her back, a shiver quickly intterupted as he grabbed her leg and turned her over onto her back, gently, but insistently opening her legs.

Glancing down at him between her thighs she hoped for a moment he might remain down there, running his scratchy face along her thigh and settling between her legs, running his tongue up her slit. She closed her eyes hoping she'd feel his hot breath flow over her pussy, but feeling his hands grab her breasts, she groaned in disappointment.

"Oh you like that do you?" he said teasingly, moving his mouth to her nipple and roughly sucking it into his mouth, his teeth painfully sliding over the sensitive tip. She flinched and he moved to her other breast, this time a bit more gently.

It was like this every time, three times a week, twelve – thirteen times a month. She'd usually come in spite of his fumbling, she needed to, otherwise he'd sulk, his pride wounded in not "pleasing" his woman. To keep him happy she'd let herself drift to that day at the pool, when one of the waiters at the club went for a swim. She'd picture that young body climbing out of the pool dripping wet, walking over towards her to grab a towel. Yes, her husband could "please" her then, as if her orgasm was all there was to it.

She felt her husband's cock pressing against her, trying to gain entrance before she was really ready. Reaching down, she took hold of one of her lips and opened herself while she guided him in with her other hand. Their skin stuck a bit as he pushed, withdrew and then pushed again, slowly, patiently working further into her until she became wet enough to comfortably take him in.

He was careful not to hurt her, ignoring the fact that if he just took the time before shoving himself into her, it might be easier. Had he forgotten the simple joy of touching, teasing, kissing, loving? Noticing his quick breathing she knew he hadn't been with anyone else in the past few days, no he was getting there too fast. So the flowers really were for her, a nice surprise in an otherwise mundane day... life?

She felt him pause in his thrusts, as he let the sensations subside a bit so she could catch up, but she knew she wasn't catching up today, so she reached up and toyed with his nipples, whispering, "Come on, give it to me."

He clenched his teeth and shoved his cock deep inside her. Quickly withdrawing he then thrust again, and then again, faster now as his breathing got louder. She pressed her hips up to meet each thrust, as if she was as turned on as he was. He moaned and she cried out, "Oh yes, yes, again."

She felt him cum, the break in his rhythm as he pushed himself deep, deep inside her. She tensed her muscles, faking a spasm, in a few moments she did it again, as she watched a smile come across his face.

"Was it good?" he asked.

"The best," she lied.


"You felt me come didn't you?"

"Yes, I did... yes I did."

She didn't move, hoping he'd wrap his arms around her, maybe try to keep his cock inside her for a few minutes more, but he quickly withdrew and headed to the shower to wash her off his body. It was as if he needed to get clean to return to his wife, and yet he was already home.

Knowing she'd have a couple of minutes as he lathered up his cock and scrubbed any trace of her from him, she rolled over onto her side and moved her hand up between her legs. Returning to the pool she watched the waiter slowly towel off his chest and abs. Letting her eyes glance downward she stared at the bulge in his tiny bathing suit as she circled over her clit with her fingers.

He'd walk away, heading for the diving board, his ass flexing powerfully with each step and she pictured it driving that wonderful cock into her pussy. Dipping her fingers into her wet cunt, she lubed up her fingers and returned to her clit as the man climbed up the ladder to the diving board. Moving her fingers faster now, she pictured him jumping up once and landing on the board, letting it flex under him and then spring back as he flew into a perfect swan dive.

As he descended in slow motion, she arched her back and moaned, timing it, timing it so... so... just as he entered the water she came, feeling the intense pleasure splashing though her body. She clamped her legs tight and let the pleasure take her, her cunt contracting over an inmaginary cock.

Finnaly remembering her husband in the shower, she quickly concentrated on regaining her composure. She rolled onto her back, keeping her legs crossed.

He stepped out of the bathroom already in his shorts and pulling on a tee shirt. As he headed to the bedroom door she asked, "Where you going?"

"The game... on TV," he mumbled as he passed through the door.

She rolled back onto her side grumbling to herself, "There has to be more, there has to be more, there has to be..."

The waiter climbed out of the pool and walked toward her, grabbing a towel and drying off his chest and abs. She let her eyes drift downward as she reached her hand between her legs again whispering, "There has to be more."

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