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More Changing Room Fun


His name was Michael. He was tall, 6ft 4in, dark, mmmmm chocolate, comes to mind and handsome. His face was so awesome to look at soft dark brown eyes with long black eyelashes, that where covered up with a pair of gold rimmed round glasses. His Hair was black tight curl that sat flat to his head. His torso was thick and hard. His arms were muscular and hard. His hands looked like they could crush you in one grasp, but Michael was as gentle as a lamb.

Michael had a formal Christmas party to attend. He looked in his closet for his suit, took it out, laid it on the bed and stood back to look at it.

"That will never do," he laughed to himself. " Its so out of date!"

Off to the nearest mall he went.

Michael walked into Mr. Big and Tall because that was the only store that had clothes to fit his frame. He looked around the store was a buzz with Christmas shoppers. So Michael took his time.

It was the he spotted the newest clerk, Rita. He stood a minute to watch her. She intrigued him. Maybe it was the way she walked, on the other hand, it could have been the way she bent over and you could see the garters and thong she wore under her short skirt. What ever it was, Michael's eyes were glued to her.

Rita was a plump 180 lbs and 5 f 5. Her tits were a perky 38 B. They jiggled as she walked toward Michael. She has on a short black skirt and a white blouse with gold buttons down the front. The blouse plunged in the front, which revealed a beautiful cleavage.

"I'll be right with you, sir" she looked right at Michael.

"That's fine, miss. Take your time, I'm in no hurry" Michael said and smiled as she swished by him hurriedly.

"Great!" she replied but didn't look back. She was scurrying around the store helping the customers.

As Michael watched her, he picked out a shirt, tie and a formal suit.

What he didn't notice was the bulge in the front of his pants. He was obviously aroused watching Rita bend over and her tits that jiggled when she walked.

She saw Michael was looking for help now and hurried over to him.

She had been admiring him since he walked in. He smelt good too!!

"Hi. " She said as she walked towards him " Ready to try those on? She asked with a smile that could light up a room.

"Sure" he said "

Rita took the suit and showed him to the change room. It was quiet in there, lots of mirrors and no one around. People were buying clothes for gifts not trying them on.

Rita showed him to the furthest change room it was bigger that the rest, more room to change and move around in.

"Here you go," she said as she hung up the suit

She turned around to look at Michael and saw the bulge in the front of his pants.

"Holy fuck!!" she thought. "He huge"

She told him to call her when he had the suit on. Then she could tack the suit if it needed alterations.

"Oh. By the way, I'm Rita, just holler when you're mad!" she smiled as she squeezed by him.

She brushed the front of his pants softly with her hand, as if it were an accident.

"Sure thing, pretty lady" he smiles and winked at her.

He closed the door to the change room and rubbed the bulge in his pants.

'Damn!!" He whispered, " and she smells good too"

Michael hurried to put on his suit. If you thought he was handsome before you see him in this suit! Michael walked out to find Rita. Nevertheless, to his disappointment she was not to be found. Kelly came over to help.

"Wow that looks great on you. You have great taste. It looks like you need to it be altered. " Kelly said

"Nawwwwwww its ok I'll wait for Rita". Michael explained "She said she would help me, but thanks any way"

"Sure thing" she replied, "I'll go find her. I'll be right back"

Kelly skipped off to find Rita.

Michael walked back in the change room where the big mirror was and was admiring how well the suit fit when Rita came in.

"Wow! Kelly was right. you do have excellent taste. She said as she walked in.

"Very handsome indeed " she giggled.

"But I see we need to altar the pants. The shirt and Jacket seem to fit fine. How does it feel, sir?" she said as she examined his fit.

"Michael" he said

"Pardon me?" she asked

"My name is Michael," he said with a twinkle in his eye

"Oh, Ok Michael, does it feel good?" She asked innocently.

"Depend," his voice got sexy.

Rita was bent over looking thru a basket for a measuring tape. She turned around and looked at him.

"Depends on what," she asked Very innocently.

She folded her arms under her tits and that made them jut out further. She had on the most seductive look.

"On this" Michael said as he traced hi finger down her cleavage.

"By the way," Rita said, "you do to. Smell good "

She was outside his change room listening to him mutter about how yummy he thought she was.

Michael laughed.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes it does feel good but I'll bet this feels better.

Michael slid his hands inside her blouse, pulled out her tits and pinched them softly. Rita moaned at the touch of his hands and kicked his dressing room door closed.

She did nothing to brush him off. So, he played a little more and moved his hand to her waist. He caressed her waist, moved her skirt up a little and looked down at her stocking tops. He could see Rita getting a little aroused, as she was moving closer. Michael leant over as if to whisper something and kissed her cheek. Rita didn't back away when he put his head down again to peck her cheek she turned full face to him and they kissed. As they did this Michael put him arms around her waist and she returned the motion.

She let her hands wander to his bulge.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 'I like the feel of this " she teased him

Michaels legs buckled as she rubbed his cock thru his pants. Michaels hands found the top of her garters and nylons. Then with one hand pinching her nipple his lips on hers he found his way to her well-rounded ass. Michael stroked her ass as if it was silk, moaning as he did.

He broke away lifted her skirt and stepped back to admire his catch. He turned her around and bent her over a chair slowly he caressed her ass and found the top of her thong. She could hear his breathing as he pulled it over ass and pulled it down her legs. They dropped to her feet. Rita stepped out of them and spread her legs for him.

There she stood tits hanging outside her blouse, bent over a chair with her skirt up around her hips. Her panties on the ground and her "Fuck me" shoes on. Michael still had all his clothes on.

He continued to caress her ass and knelt on the floor. His hot lips touched her skin like a branding Iron. Her bald pussy pouted at him as she parted her legs more for him. He took in a deep breath inhaling her musky womanly sent. He kissed every inch of her ass, moaning softly and now she was dripping with cunt juices, stirred up by his hot breath on her ass.

She spread her legs letting him slip his hand down farther to the hot slit of her bald pouting pussy. His finger toyed with her clit, causing her to push back hard against him. She was moaning low in her throat. Rita looked down between her breasts watching his hand manipulating her pussy. She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

Michael turned her around, facing him. He kissed her hard, grinding his soft lips into hers. Rita put her hand down between them rubbing his hard cock through the material of his pants. Its size alarmed her. She wasn't sure she could take him inside her. Michael picked her up and stretched her out crossways on the floor. He spread her legs as he knelt between them. He pulled her legs up slightly as he put his lips to her swollen pussy. Michael licked her hot slit flicking his tongue on her clit. His tongue bounced all around the soft crevasses of her lips. His tongue was rough and thick, adding to the pleasure. Up and down, he slid his tongue. Finally, stopping at her clit. He pushed the hood down with his tongue and his lips devoured her love button that now resembled a mini cock. Michael sucked his as if it were the last time, slowly and softly enjoying every second it was in his lips until she had an incredible orgasm. Rita's whole body quivered as the extreme wave of pleasure consumed her.

Michael heard Kelly come in to find Rita. He stood up quickly and pulled Rita up with him. Rita quickly stuffed her tits in her blouse and pulled down her skirt. She knelt in front of him with the measuring tape.

"We just need one more measurement sir"

Rita placed the measuring tape on the inside of his leg for an inseam measurement. Michaels cock was at her face and a huge bulge it was.

"Then I can get this off to the seamstress. " She continued the conversation quickly so Kelly would leave.

"Just a sec I have to get more pins. '

Kelly had hear them talking and left.

Rita went out to check where Kelly was and came back to Michael.

"Your turn' she sad as she rubbed the front of his pants again.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm I think it's a little big, " she giggled. "Let take it out and see. "

Rita unzipped his pant and they fell to the floor. Michael wasn't wearing anything underneath so his cock sprung out and hit her stomach.

"Holy fuck!!" She whispered, " You ARE huge!!"

She dropped to her knees and stared his cock. It WAS huge, bigger than anything she'd ever imagined. Rita put her hand on his rock hard cock, stroking it back and forth. Michael put his hand on her shoulder pushing down gently. She knelt down in front of him resting back on Her ankles. Michael held his cock with one hand, the back of Her head with the other. Rita put both her hands on his muscular legs while he slowly moved his cock in and out of her mouth. Her lips were stretched trying to consume the thickness. Michael increased his tempo. Rita was breathing hard through her nose. She couldn't pull her mouth off his cock, his strong hand at the back of her head, holding her in position. Michael put both hands on her head and fucked Rita's mouth until he shot his hot load down her throat. She started to choke, trying to swallow the hot liquid as it hit the back of her throat. She took two gulps and got it down. Michael pulled his cock out of her mouth, holding it right at her lips. He spewed a second load all over her face. Rita licked her lips trying to consume as much of it as she could. Michael's cock started to soften in his large hands. He reached down and helped her to her feet.

"This is fucking awesome," He said. "Fuck"

Rita whispered, "Michael stay here, I have to close the store. That's why Kelly was looking me. She'll want to go home. "

Rita tidy up then went out and was gone about ten minutes.

"All is Clear honey' she said out loud

Michael grabbed her as she walked thru the door.

"I'm so fucking hot for you!!! " he bend her over the chair again and knowing she didn't have panties on, spread her legs wide open. She was scared that he was going to tear her apart with his hard cock. Rita looked back at him,

"DO you want my slutty little cunt wrapped around that cock?"

He nodded

"Well, take it then. Ram that huge black cock into my wet cunt, Michael. I wanna feel you pounding my white hole. "

He grabbed her and lifted her up letting her wrap her legs around his waist. He reached down between them and rammed his cock straight into her cunt hard and fast. Rita almost came right then but instead just moaned and told him to pound her and to shoot his hot cum into her juicy white cunt. He started pumping her harder and harder not saying a word but just grunting and pounding at her cunt. Rita moaned and he bit her shoulder a little, as he pumped into her juicy swollen cunt. He leaned his head down, sucked and bit at her nipple while he fucked her cunt hard and fast. There wasn't anything sweet or soft about it.

He was straight out fucking the hell out of her. Rita moaned into his ear and started cumming around his cock. Her muscles were throbbing in spasms and clenching his shaft hard. He grunted and groan loudly into her shoulder and before Rita knew it, he was shooting loads of his black cock pumping cum deep into her juicy white cunt. Rita moaned one more time and came all over the head of his cock while he was pulling out. She dropped her legs and licked her lips.

He stood with his head against the wall, eyes closed and out of breath while Rita knelt down and licked him clean until he was a soft 6 in.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... would you like that gift wrapped sir? Rita giggled and continued to suck him clean.

Michael just looked down at her and smiled... "Danmmmmmmm woman!!"

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