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Frustrated Cherry

Devon slipped her hands under her top, cupping her perky breasts and adjusting her tits until her bra held them comfortably. They fell into the same position as before when she removed her hands, yet they looked better.

She was admiring the reflection within her vanity mirror. Mark would be picking her up soon and one look at her would tell him all he needed to know: tonight her virgin pussy belonged to him.

"My tight little cherry," Devon whispered. She lifted her black skirt and admired her mound-hugging thong. I'm already wet. The V of the silk hugging her mound was highlighted by her naked thighs and the elastic string around her waist was invisible under her skirt. It circled to her ass, where it disappeared between her succulent teenage buns. Why bother with panties at all?

Her top was a wraparound blouse circling her neck, crossing over her breasts and curling around her back to the front and tied underneath her tits. Her fit stomach, shoulders and arms were exposed, as were most of volleyball-toned legs beyond the hem of her short skirt. Her heels caused her calves to go taut and standing sideways, the curve of her bubble butt drew her eyes. Devon was pleased.

Devon snapped a picture and sent it to her best friend.

Sexy, Sara replied.

Tonight is the night, Devon sent back.

Give Mark a deep and sloppy first or he'll kill you with his horse cock.

Perv, Devon answered, adding emoticons. He's your brother.

Devon couldn't understand why Sara obsessed over her brother's cock. Sara claimed to have seen Mark's dick once—an accident—but Devon wasn't convinced.

A text message from Mark buzzed Devon's phone. Mark was waiting in her driveway. Devon grabbed her purse and rushed downstairs, passing her parent's open bedroom door. "I'm leaving," she said, letting them know they could do whatever they did when she wasn't around.

Outside, Mark was leaning on his car. He wore jeans and a shirt and that was the first sign that something was wrong. The second was the smell of whiskey on the wind and the third was Mark's bloodshot eyes.

"Fuck," Devon said. "You're drunk and you drove."

"We have to talk," Mark slurred. He was drunk and Devon was the cause.

"We have to talk," Devon repeated. She narrowed eyes and waited as Mark continued in a tone she did not appreciate.

"Six months," Mark said. "We've been together for six months and you've given me no pussy. My brothers are laughing at me."

Fuck me. Devon's face twisted into a glare. "And you've pestered me for three. I'll be ready when I'm ready, not before. Asshole."

"It's tonight or we are through," Mark slurred, knowing he was on the verge of passing out. "Fuck your frat brothers for letting you drive drunk and fuck you for letting them tell you how to behave," Devon said. She spat between his feet.

"Wait, we're done?" Mark asked. This wasn't supposed to happen.

Devon turned and walked toward her house. She stopped to give Mark a hard look. "We're done. Call a cab to take you home. You can leave your car. If you drive, I'm calling the police." She went back inside.

Devon texted Sara as soon as the door closed, Your brother is an asshole.

What did he do?

He's drunk. Call him and tell him not to drive and please tell him not to knock on my door. I'll tell you about it later. I need to talk to my dad. Devon tossed her phone and her purse onto the couch.

No problem.

Devon ran a hand through her long black hair as she walked up the stairs. From the top landing she could see her parent's door was still open. She listened for the sounds of sex as she walked toward the room. Her parents were loud, but Devon heard nothing. When her brother Rick enrolled in college and moved north, she took his larger room and the only drawback was becoming aware of how loud and often her parents fucked.

Devon paused. She was supposed to be gone and that meant her parents would be fucking tonight. Her pussy was wet with thoughts of real dick and she was horny as hell. She'd cry if she had to hear her father pounding her mother through the wall.

She tapped on her parents' door and gave it a soft push.

"Who?" her dad asked.

"Who do you think it is," Devon said. She could hear the shower running and knew her mom must be freshening up for her father.

Devon stepped inside the room. Her dad was sitting on the side of the bed, one leg up and the other down. He wore basketball shorts, but nothing else. Graying chest hair covered his pecks and a thin treasure trail ran between his abdominals and into his shorts. His bong was in his hands with a fully packed bowl.

"Come right in," Jake said with some sarcasm. He gave his girl a playful whistle. "I thought you were going out?"

"Was," Devon said, rolling her green eyes. "Now I'm not."

"I'll share your anger until your mother gets out of the shower," Jake said. "You are going to tell me, right?"

"Can I have a hit?" Devon asked, sticking out her hands. "I've been telling you everything since I could speak and since I turned eighteen, you and Mom are more like friends than parents. Of course I'm going to tell—I've got bitching to do."

"Where's your green card?" Jake asked.

"Don't try to sound cool," Devon said, taking a seat on the edge of the bed, the thought of pressing her thighs together never entering her mind in this safe place.

"Medicinal use only," Jake told his daughter.

"And what pain do you have?" Devon asked, knowing where this was going.

"Doctor says I have a pain in my ass." Jake laughed as words came out.

"Your daughter, right?" Devon rolled her eyes and gave her father's leg a punch. "Come on, I'm depressed."

Jake handed it over and lit the bowl for his daughter. She breathed in deep and the weed burned as the smoke was pulled into the water, now bubbling as Devon filled the pipe with smoke. Jake pulled the bowl from the stem and Devon sucked it in.

Devon held the smoke deep within her lungs for a hefty five count and a cloud of sweet Mary Jane fell from her nostrils and then billowed from her mouth.

While his daughter smoked, Jake's eyes rolled from left to right and glimpsed the small, panty-held package between her thighs. His eye-roll continued and he looked toward the master bathroom. It was a careful move he had perfected.

"What happened?" Jake asked, taking back his bong.

"I told you I was waiting for the right time," Devon said.

"I thought you were teaching Mark a lesson for trying to rush you," Jake said. "You're doing a good job of it."

"I did too good a job." Devon grunted. "He gave me an ultimatum." She paused to watch her dad take a hit. There was a dignified sexiness in the way he filled his lungs. His chest puffed out, his faint stomach muscles rippled with his breath and the way he tilted his head back to release the smoke reminded her of a dragon in ecstasy. Devon shivered as chills ran through her spine and thighs.

"Which was?" Jake asked, but he was sure he could guess.

"Sex or it's over," Devon said. "Can you believe that shit? And tonight was the night. If he had kept his mouth shut, we'd both be getting laid tonight." Devon felt a blush rising.

Jake paused before saying, "Maybe you dodged a bullet."

Devon made a sound and shook her head. "Mark is fun, older and you know, I haven't had sex yet. I'm tempted." She looked her father in the eyes. "I'm frustrated.

Her father laughed.

Devon smacked his knee. "What?"

Jake took another hit. "It's funny. You're different from your brother. He told us, 'Guys, I could probably teach you a thing or two.' Your problems are nothing compared to watching out for him."

"Gimme," Devon said. She curled her fingers back and forth in a gesture of demand. "Before Mom gets out and you guys do whatever you do."

Jake handed Devon the bong and as she toked, his eyes rolled between her legs once again.

Jake spoke as Devon smoked. "In a week you'll talk to Mark again. He'll apologize and you'll forgive him and then you can take care of your frustration, but make sure it's what you want."

A week. "We have the road trip," Devon said as she released the smoke from her lungs. "Oh noes: we're going to visit Rick."

"You've gone eighteen and a half years without sex," Jake said. "What's another week or longer?"

The weed hit her with a light, floating like feel. Devon smiled at her dad and nodded, as if he made sense.

"I like how comfortable we are when we talk," Devon said. She gave her father's knee a squeeze. "We've always talked, but I can tell you and Mom anything. It's reassuring."

"You always could," Jake said. "You can thank your brother if anyone deserves thanking. He taught us that it was better to know everything first, rather than solve future problems."

The shower turned off.

"Your mother's done." Jake took back his bong. He scraped out the ash and packed the bowl. "Get out so your mother and I can talk."

Devon gave her dad a flat look. He shrugged. She stood and leaned down to give her father a hug, his chest hairs tickling her.

"Thank you," she said and left the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Devon walked by her room, telling herself she did not want to listen to the fun her parents were going to have. She remembered Rick's laughter when she told him she moved into his room and her shock when she understood the joke. Her parent's headboard was a jackhammer against her wall. She couldn't listen to that tonight.

Devon made a quick trip downstairs for her phone before returning to her old room and away from her soon to be moaning parents. She left the room dark, undressed and crawled into her brother's bed. She wasn't about to sleep because she couldn't—yet.

There was a problem she needed to solve. Weed relaxed her, but it also made turned her on and the wetness between her legs was juicer, creamier and warmer than before. She wanted to feel Mark's thick cock between her thighs. It wasn't going to happen, but she needed to come.

Devon groaned and turned her face into a pillow, moaning, "I want to fuck."

There was only one thing to do. She tapped her phone and called the person who had shared in her first kiss. The person who had been the first to lick her breasts, suck on her nipples and slide their fingers between the quivering lips of her pussy. She called Sara.

"What did he do?" Sara asked when she picked up the call.

"Your fucking brother," Devon said, telling the story.

"He'll make it up to you," Sara promised. "I got him to take an Uber. He passed out on the couch. I doubt he's going to remember. You're going to forgive him, right?"

"I don't know," Devon said. "I'm going to be gone for a week; tell him not to text me."

"Of course." "Sara was quiet for a moment. "I'll even remind him for you; lay the guilt on thick."

"Tonight was our night." Devon groaned. "I have my cousin Jessica's ID card. I was ready to go clubbing and do some drinking, kissing, sucking, jerking and fucking." Devon faked a cry. "I've been wet and warming myself up all day."

"Do you want to tell me about it," Sara whispered through the phone, caressing Devon's ear.

"Yes," Devon whispered. "But only if you tell me about what I've been missing in my life."

"And what have you been missing?" Sara asked. "You have to tell me, so I know what to say."

"Cock," Devin said. She cupped her left breast in her free hand and squeezed the under-swell of her tit. Her nipple tightened and she gasped into the phone.

"Tell me how you kept yourself warm," Sara said. She sat in a living room recliner a few miles away from her best friend. The lights were off; the television was on and her brother was passed out on the floor next to the couch.

Sara pushed her cotton boy shorts down her curvy thighs until they rested above her knees and waited for Devon to speak.

"It started in the shower." Devon's fingers circled her stiff nipple. "I wanted to be perfect for your brother. I shaved everywhere, being careful to remove ever hair until my body was soft and smooth."

"All for my brother," Sara said, placing her free hands on her blue panties. She pushed the cotton against her tender lips.

"Yes," Devon said, a strange thrill adding a tremor to her voice. Devon felt naughty ever time Sara asked her about Mark. Why would a sister want to know about her brother? She pinched her nipple and moaned.

"Is that all you did?"

"No," Devon sighed. "I had to touch my pussy. I was wet and creamy and my fingers slipped easily through my virgin slit."

"Did you taste yourself?" Sara ran her fingers through the leg band of her panties and across her outer labia.

"Yes," Devon moaned as she gave her pink bud a pinch. "The way you showed me on my eighteenth birthday."

"Your words are making me wet," Sara said. "You're making me touch myself and I'm going to have to change my panties before I go to bed."

"Mm," Devon whispered. "I've been wet most of the day and my nipples are extra sensitive right now."

"Play with them for me," Sara told her. She looked at her brother's prone body and pushed her middle finger inside her pussy. She moaned as her warm, silky walls embraced her intruding digit.

Devon obeyed. She pinched and pulled one nipple and then the other, gasping into the phone with the painful-pleasure of tugging at her pebbled peaks. She groaned, but only because she realized she'd have to change her brother's sheets before his next visit. Her pussy juices were dripping everywhere.

"Tell me how a cock feels," Devon said. She cupped her pussy and spread her pink lips, forming a pretty little butterfly between her open legs.

"Fuck your fingers into your hot little pussy hole for me." Sara moaned as she slipped her index finger into her twat to join her middle. She wanted something bigger. She looked at her brother and moaned into the phone, "I want to hear you."

Devon described what she was doing as she did it. She pulled her knees up, spreading them like two halves of a bear trap. The wet seam of her pink pussy was tight, her lips kissing together as if trying to protect her virgin opening. Her breath caught as she wiggled a finger inside her cunt, followed by the slow penetration of a second finger into her snug channel.

"I'm grinding my fingers—ah—inside me," Devon whispered. "I'm curling—oh—them against the underside of my mound. It's a good fucking feeling."

"I love your tiny twat," Sara said, poking her cunt with two-fingered fuck jabs while she thumbed her clit in small circles. Her hips bucked and she looked at her brother, wondering what he'd do if he awakened.

"My pussy is getting wetter," Devon gasped into the phone. "I'm tight, but so creamy I can fuck myself faster—listen." She lowered her phone to her hungry muff. Slippery wet noises reached the phone and the sound of her palm slapping her clit echoed into the receiver. Devon's moans turned to quiet whimpers.

Sara listened to her friend's electric cries and couldn't take it. Her pussy needed anything bigger than her fingers. She stood and kicked her shorts and panties away. She crouched over her brother, searching his jacket and found his wallet. There was a condom inside and she stole it.

She dropped back into her recliner and grabbed the television remote. She held it between her thighs and listened as Devon's whimpers grew louder with her frantic, two-fingered fucking sounds. Sara tore the condom wrapper open with her teeth and rolled the rubber onto the bulbous head of the remote and readied her improvised seven-inch fuck-stick for penetration.

"Don't come." Sara spoke loud enough for Devon to hear. She watched her brother, but he didn't move. Her only option was to run if he woke up and she didn't want to get caught fucking herself with the remote. Why would I want to run? The thought made her clit throb.

"Tell me what it's like to be filled with dick," Devon said into her iphone, wanting to replace the image of Sara with herself. "Your brother's dick feels so hard in my hands and yummy in my mouth. Tell me what fucking feels like."

"Oh-uh," Sara groaned as the remote sank between her lips and into her meaty pussy. Her hole stretched and she was thankful the condom was lubed while her pussy was as wet as a slip and slide. "A cock makes you feel fully stretched and you never want the man fucking you to take his dick out of you."

"I need it," Devon said. She withdrew her drenched fingers and rubbed her clit, standing like a pink sail on the curve of her mound. "Who was your best fuck?"

"Patrick," Sara said, her voice turning soft and melodic from the memory of his cock. The buttons on the remote were raised and the friction caused her insides to jolt with pleasure. Her pussy quivered and her asshole clench and she grunted as she pushed the remote deeper into her cunt.

Mark stirred, but Sara didn't care. She wanted him to wake.

"Tell me." Devon needed to know. She turned her butt in slow circular motions, timing her movements with her clit-rubbing fingers.

"Patrick liked fucking me in his car." Sara forced herself to a whisper while she screwed the remote faster into her twat. "He'd fuck me in the front seat," Sara continued. "He'd push the chair back and force my legs up into the air. He'd kiss and lick my breasts and rub my pussy until his fingers were wet and then I'd lick them one at a time until he was fucking my mouth with all four fingers. He'd make me jerk him off until he couldn't stand it."

"Tell me more," Devon begged. Her pussy was soaked and her every clit-stroke brought her closer to the edge of coming.

"Patrick would slide his head between my pussy lips," Sara said, grinding on the remote as she humped her hips around its rough length. She rubbed her clit from side to side, mashing her nub against her pubic bone like a rocker going crazy on his guitar. "He'd take his long prick and fuck it into me in one push and I'd moan like a cock-crazed whore as he filled me."

"I'm going to come," Devon whimpered.

"Then Patrick would—oh fuck—pound my juicy twat until the car was rocking." Sara bit her lip, coming, her cunt clutching the controller shoved inside her meaty pink pocket. "I'd come on his cock and bite his forearm and he'd pulled his dick from my snatch, shooting his jizz across my body."

"Mm, fuck me," Devon moaned. Her coming caused her leg to shake and she arched her butt off the bed as her juicy pussy dripped cum, leaving a messy puddle on her brother's sheets.

Devon's body calmed as she listened to Sara come from the other side of the phone. Her friend was whimpering and gasping, while uttering muffled cries as she tried to keep her voice down.

"Maybe I should date you instead of your brother," Devon teased when they had settled down.

"I like dick too much," Sara said. "And you will once you've had some." Sara glanced at her drunken brother. "Maybe you should date us both."


They talked of Mark's disappointing behavior and his faults as a part time alcoholic frat boy, but he could be forgiven. Devon didn't know it, but Sara had her legs open and continued playing with herself while watching her handsome brother sleep.

What Parents Do When Alone

Jake watched his daughter leave the room and shut the door. Still a virgin. It was hard to believe, but he had faith she would lose it to the right person when the time came. His wife promised that Devon would. Jake would believe that when it happened.

The bathroom door opened and Hope stepped into the bedroom with only a small white towel covering her petite body from her nipples to the tops of her thighs. Her black hair was made even darker by its wetness. Her hair was thick and luscious, worn like an exotic fathered helmet about her face. Hope smiled at him as she sat on the bench in front of her vanity, profile-view to her husband.

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