More Common Than You Think


"I heard Devon," Hope said.

"Problems with Mark," Jake said, setting the bong aside. "She's staying home."

"Does she need me to talk to her?" Hope asked, grabbing her lotion.

"I took care of it."

"Aw, Daddy's little girl," Hope said. Her towel parted as she crossed her legs and started rubbing her thighs with lotion.

"She takes after you," Jake said.

Hope smiled. "I hope so." She made a show of spreading the lotion over her thighs. "Brush my hair for me?"

"You are the only doll I like to play with," Jake said.

Jake rose from his bed and took the ivory comb Hope handed to him. He stroked the comb through her hair with care, gently holding her cheek with one hand as he did. If she was a cat, she'd be purring.

Jake looked over Hope's shoulder as he brushed. She re-crossed her legs, right over left and the inside flesh of her thigh caused Jake's cock to stir. Hope's towel opened at her waist, but her crossed legs hid her mound and beyond from his sight.

Hope loved teasing her husband. She took her time to work the lotion into her legs, pressing her fingertips into her skin and pushing outward in small waves. Her legs were glistening by the time she was done.

Hope squirted lotion onto her arms and smeared it across her skin with long sweeps of her hands. She dropped two white dabs onto the tops of her breasts, right above the towel line and massaged them until they shined. Jake tilted her head back so she could look up at him. His brushing stopped. Hope could feel Jake's growing erection pressing into her upper back.

Hope stared into her husband's green eyes as she continued to massage her upper breasts. Now and then her fingers would dip beneath the towel and slide across one of her nipples. She shifted her shoulders, grinding her back against her husband's cock and the small tremors of excitement that contorted his features warmed her cunny with thoughts of him between her thighs.

Jake lowered his lips to Hope's. He circled her throat with his left hand as their tongues met in a hot and wet kiss. He dropped the comb and lowered his right hand, cupping Hope's right breast over the towel. Hope raised her hands and circled them around Jake's neck, holding his lips against hers.

Hope's tongue danced within Jake's mouth as he lowered his hand from her tit and under the two halves of her towel. He felt her warm skin and pushed lower, down her flat stomach and lower, until he was palming her mound. His fingers were tickled by the downy fur of Hope's trimmed pubic hairs, but below she was bare, clean and smooth for his tongue whenever he wanted to eat the juicy peach between her legs.

"What are you reaching for, you nasty man?" Hope whispered.

Jake answered by hooking two fingers against Hope's warm and dewy entrance. He found her slit and played with her lips, but did not enter her small hole. He tested her pussy's tightness and Hope spread her legs wide for her husband's touch.

"You've been playing with my body for most of your life," Hope said between kisses. She licked her husband jawline. "Do you ever get tired of it?"

"Never," Jake answered.

Jake hugged his wife's pussy firmly. He curled two fingers into her pink tunnel and sighed as her warmth embraced him. He played with the inner walls of her creamy cooze until she was whimpering.

Hope was rocking her pussy against her husband's fingers. Two of his fingers were inside her, but it wasn't enough. She wanted to be filled by Jake's big fucking cock and her cunny lips and pussy walls stretched by the swollen flesh of his dick. She wanted to be fucked.

He hated to do it, but he let go of her twat and picked her little body up from the chair. He carried her to the bed and set her on her knees so she was facing away from him. Jake pushed her forward, ripping the towel from her before her palms hit the bedspread.

"Lick my ass," Hope begged. "I cleaned it for you."

Jake's cock sprung upwards as he dropped his shorts and briefs. Hope was looking over her shoulder and staring at his cock. Her blue eyes were dark with desire.

"Mm." Hope ran her tongue across her lips. "I want a taste."

"After my tongue finds your asshole," Jake said. He lifted his right hand and brought it down with a stinging smack against Hope's butt. She yelped. Jake grabbed her ankles and yanked, sliding her body over the sheets until she was bent over the bed at the waist. Jake kneeled and kissed the top of his wife's ass.

He held Hope's hips and ran his tongue through her golden hills. He left a trail of saliva between her cheeks and let more spit fall onto her asshole. Hope's skin was hot and the sweet smell of her pussy warmed his lungs. He bit her left cheek, pulling her skin until she gasped and then he bit her right, forcing a purr from her throat.

"You love the taste of my ass, don't you, you naughty fucker," Hope said. She could feel her asshole quiver as she waited for her husband to punch his tongue through her backdoor.

Jake covered his wife's butt with his hands and spread her cheeks, giving him the perfect view of her little forbidden ring. He could smell the flower scent of her soap drifting from her newly cleansed body. Her pussy's scent was stronger and it took over his sense. He stuck his tongue against her asshole and circled her rigid opening.

Hope shivered. "Fucking tease." She dropped her face to the bed, moaning as she shook her ass up and down, but her husband's strong hands kept her from impaling her butt with his tongue. "Fuck my ass with your tongue. I deserve it."

"You deserve a lot more than my tongue," Jake said and flicked the tip of his tongue snake like against the center of Hope's asshole.

She gasped and her body jumped before she settled down for the backdoor reaming her husband gave her. Hope's heart fluttered, her mouth watered and her pussy creamed clear juices down her thighs with each spongy tongue-plunge through her quivering asshole. She whimpered like a helpless cat, but it felt so fucking good to have a wet tongue inside her asshole.

Bent over and biting her comforter to keep from screaming, Hope felt two of Jake's fingers pop through the lips of her pussy and into her creamy pink canal. He curled his fingers downward, rubbing the underside of her mound. She was being double-fucked and then Jake used his other hand to caress her clit. Hope clawed at the sheets. She cried out, sobbing, her gasps giving life to the sexual euphoria she felt as she came.

"Oh fuck—fuck you—you fucking dirty bastard," Hope moaned, each word infused with love and desire for her ass-eating husband. She was going to make Jake's balls ache before the night was over.

Devon's Night

Devon lay naked in her bed, having left her brother's room and his wet sheets. Her queen-sized bed was against the wall to her parents' room and she lay next to that wall with her eyes clenched shut. Coming with Sara had eased her frustration, but the rocking of her parents' bedframe and the sounds of intense sex had rekindled the heat between her legs.

Months ago, Devon had heard the frantic sounds of her parents fucking for the first time and she had been shocked and a little uncomfortable. She moved her bed to the opposite wall, but that didn't help much. Over time a strange curiosity overtook her and she moved her bed back to where it had been.

Sara slept over often. One night they had listened and since then, they had listened to Devon's parents whenever there was opportunity—sometimes touching each other, as odd as that was supposed to be: they couldn't help themselves.

On one occasion, Sara asked, "What would you do if you found your father fucking me downstairs in the middle of the night?"

"He wouldn't do it," Devon answered.

"But if you did," Sara said.

Devon answered by grabbing her pillow and swinging at Sara's face, which led to a sparring session of what they learned from their mixed martial arts gym. It also led to their first sixty-nine while Devon's father pounded her mother.

Devon groaned as thoughts of Sara added to the wetness between her legs. A large towel lay beneath her—just in case--and she folded it double, adjusting it so it was under her butt and thighs as she tried to sleep. She couldn't.

She imagined she could see through the wall the longer she stared at it. Her mother's grunting was punctuated by strained groans of pleasure and her father's moaning. Devon wanted to be the one making those sounds. She pictured her father and mother—even when she tried not to—her mind sliding them through various positions like the squares of a Rubik's cube.

"Doggy style." Devon sighed. "Missionary. Cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl. Mom on her side." Devon's hands were between her legs. "Fuck." She spread her lips and pushed inside. She played with her clit.

"I need cock," Devon whispered as she tried not to think about her parents as she listened to them.

Morning Sex

Jake awoke when sunlight fell across his face. He turned his head until the red behind his lids changed to gray and he opened his eyes. His wife's annoying, old fashioned alarm clock said it was close to noon.

Hope was sitting at her vanity, her butt planted on her toweled-covered bench. Her small soccer shorts and sleeveless jersey were wet with sweat from her mid-morning run.

"You weren't too sore to go running," Jake said, laughing at how perverse he sounded.

"You're losing your touch." Hope gave her husband a daring smile. She walked to him and kissed his forehead. "You were gentle in all the right places. I'm going to shower, so you can have a dirty quickie or wait until tonight."

The scent of his wife's sweat filled his nostrils. Jake took a deep breath and his afternoon-wood did a hop under the sheets. He got out of bed as Hope entered the bathroom. She left the door open.

Jake looked through his bedroom window as he stood. The blinds were slanted open and he could see Devon sunbathing in the backyard by the pool. She was wearing one of her tiny bikinis, an "at home" bikini. His cock flexed on instinct as he admired his daughter's tanned and toned body.

"Not interested?" Hope called to him.

Jake was very interested as he looked into his backyard. He grabbed his cock as his eyes devoured Devon's barely concealed, thick-nippled breasts behind the small triangles of her red bikini. Jake gave his dick a slow jerk and wondered what his daughter would think if she saw him.

"Coming," Jake said when he heard the shower turn on.

He stepped into the marble-floored bathroom. Hope was naked from the waist down and her tight jersey was not long enough to cover her butt. There were no panties on the floor. She ran without them or a bra and Jake knew that if some lucky person glimpsed her camel toe or pointed nipples, she would pretend she never noticed their staring.

"I love the way your cock bounces when you walk." Hope was watching her husband in the half-wall mirror as he approached her from behind.

Last night Jake took advantage of his wife's little ass, but this morning he was going to treat her pussy with love. He walked to her and pushed his cock into the crack of her ass. He was head and shoulders taller than her and she was his dark-haired pixie.

He embraced her from behind and slid his hands under her jersey, cupping her small tits. Her long nipples were rock-hard pebbles in his fingers and Hope arched her back and moaned when he pinched them.

"You love my tits," Hope hissed. Jake's body next to hers made Hope feel small and his cock made her feel smaller. He was her giant and she loved it.

"Always have."

Hope watched her husband's reflection in the mirror as he pulled her jersey off. He bent to lift her left leg and place her knee on the counter, forcing her to balance on her right toes and plant her palms against the mirror. The shower was running cold water, so there was no steam to block her view as her husband played with her.

"What time is your dad coming over?" Jake asked. "How much time do we have?"

"Naughty pervert," Hope whispered as Jake's hands roamed her body. He caressed her left thigh, sliding to her knee and brought his hand back along the underside of her leg to cup her left butt cheek. His hand slid between her legs and he palmed her creamy pussy from behind.

Her run had made her wet with more than sweat. The looks she received in her body-hugging outfits excited her. Hope made sure when she stopped to stretch, the leg hole to her shorts was pulled aside and anyone with the courage to look would glimpse her smooth pussy lips.

Jake dwarfed her. Hope loved being a small, petite, wiry athlete who could climb a mountain as easily as she had trees when she was a young tomboy. The first time Jake made her realize how helpless she was in his arms, she fell in love with her body all over again. She also loved him because she was never helpless in his arms.

"I can't believe you're talking about my dad when you're about to fuck me." Hope gasped as Jake's fingers entered her pussy without pause. Gentle was nice, but a good firm fucking was too. "You're a naughty fucker."

"And you're about to get a naughty fuck."

Jake removed his fingers from his wife silky snatch and thrust his cock between her legs, fitting his shaft against her pussy lips so they bulged around his girth. Hope was moaning, watching as Jake's dick fucked between her legs. It was like watching a live porn show in the mirror.

Jake thrust his cock back and forth between Hope's legs, giving her brief peaks of his head. After a long withdraw that hid his knob from view, Hope felt her cunny opening as her husband's prick punched into her horny pink hole.

"Oh fuck," Hope gasped at the sudden invasion of her tiny twat. Her body jerked, her little tits bouncing as much as they could as her husband bottomed out inside of her. She knew the quick thrust had been coming, but that much cock at once always took her breath away.

Jake grabbed her by the hips and pumped his cock into her pulsing pussy and fought to loosen her clinging wet walls. Hope watched her husband fuck her, stretching her pussy open and forcing breath from her lungs. She couldn't look away.

"Nasty fuck," Hope grunted. "My dad's going to be here soon." Hope moaned. "I'm too small for you." Hope whimpered. "You're hitting me deep." Hope shook her head as her husband poked her pussy.

Jake pulled his wife's right knee onto the counter, spreading her legs wide. Hope's hands were pressing against the mirror and her body was shoved forward with every pussy pummeling pump her husband's cock gave her. White cream dripped from her twat and coated Jake's balls as the sound of their smacking bodies echoed off the walls.

Hope kissed her own reflection while looking Jake in the eyes. She left a wet streak across the glass.

"Come here," Jake said, pulling her away from the mirror. "Give me your pussy."

Jake pulled Hope from the counter, grasping her under her knees and holding her body against his. He spread her legs wide and in the mirror her pink crease was being speared by her husband's fuck-stick. His hips were banging into her ass and his balls were slapping up against her pussy. Watching herself in the mirror only made her creamier.

"Take my pussy," Hope begged. She was now playing with her tits and close to coming. "Fuck it good, baby."

Hope couldn't look away from their reflections. Her skin flushed, her heart racing and her stomach heaving with each breath. She loved fucking and being fucked. She was born for it and her husband was the best at it.

"Fuck me you bastard."

"Fuck, baby," Jake moaned.

"Remember when," Hope grunted, "we'd fuck and have—Jesus Christ, baby—to finish before my dad came home and found out what you were doing to his—oh—little girl."

"You're eighteenth birthday," Jake answered, breathing hard as he plowed his cock through a little piece of pie made of the sweetest heaven in the world. "I think you wanted to be caught."

"I did." Hope could feel her orgasm coming. "Fuck me," she moaned and then whimpered as her pussy clamped her husband's cock. "Oh-ooh. Make me come before Daddy gets here."

Jake did and when Hope's cream covered his cock in liquid heat, he kept fucking until he filled her cunt full of cum.

Devon's Tiny Bikini

Devon tanned by the pool with her eyes closed. Music was coming from somewhere and someone was mowing a lawn. She'd left her Beats inside the house, next to her phone, but she didn't want to leave the warmth of the sun to get them. Besides, she might call Mark and he needed to be punished.

Anger had faded to annoyance. She liked Mark, despite his recent need for sex. Devon wondered if making him wait was a type of foreplay she had not read about.

Mark was a great guy when he wasn't drinking with his frat brothers. Sexually, he was killing her. His fingers were sinful and his tongue made her eyes roll back until the whites showed. She loved sucking his cock. Damn him. Of all the nights he had to drink it was when she was ready to get laid.

Devon knew she wasn't going to end their relationship, but Mark needed a harsh lesson. Besides, who was she going to fuck if not Mark? A stranger: no fucking way. She wasn't going to give her pussy away to just any cock.

"Give my pussy away." Devon laughed. That was Sara putting words in her mouth.

The sun was baking her with rays that heated her nearly nude body. Devon's skin was oiled and her front was cooked. She needed to turn over so she wouldn't bronze. Tanning was a delicate science and her bikini was part of the equation. Her top was two triangles that barely covered her thick nipples and the crotch was a thin piece of cloth that barely hid her slit that turned into a string that ran through the crack of her ass.

Mark had pushed her legs apart and started eating her pussy the first time he had seen her wearing it. Devon had been ready to fuck at that moment, but her parents came home and Mark jumped the backyard fence like a fool, grunting when he landed on his face. He later suggested she wear the bikini to the beach. No fucking way.

It was embarrassing enough when her father saw her wearing it for the first time, but he wasn't checking her out. There was a thrill to wearing the bikini, but there was a line and if it wasn't for the tall hedges blocking the neighbor's view into her backyard, she might have gone with a more modest bikini.

Devon was rolling onto her stomach when the sliding backyard door opened and her grandfather appeared. He was wearing the same friendly smile he always wore. Devon's eyes went wide behind her sunglasses.

"Oh god," Devon whispered and looked for her towel. Her skin blushed, but her grandpa didn't appear to notice the little bit of nothing she was wearing.

"Give the old man a hug," Grandpa said. He held his thick arms open. "It's been nearly a month?"

Devon forced a smile as she rose and hugged her grandpa, trying to keep her body at a distance without appearing to try to keep her body at a distance. It didn't matter. His strong arms pulled her against his barrel chest in the great bear hug he was famous for. Devon's face went red when she felt her nipples poke into her grandpa's chest. Could he feel them?

"Follow me," Grandpa said, taking her by the hand and pulling her into the house.

"Wait—" Devon said, but her voice cut off as she was pulled away from her towel and through the house. Her tits shook with each step and both popped out. She struggled to fix her top before her grandpa saw.

Devon didn't notice where her grandpa was taking her while she fixed her tits. She felt wind on her bare skin and her head snapped up. They were in the driveway and staring at a brand new Honda Accord parked next to Mark's Civic.

I'm fucking naked. Devon was glowing cherry red. Grandpa might be blind, but her neighbors weren't. Eyes were fixated on her body. When Devon looked up, they didn't look away. Fathers, sons, wives, daughters, and drivers: staring at her. A jogger tripped.

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