More Common Than You Think


She felt like a Hentai girl in her bikini. The nylon might as well have been drawn onto her body, leaving every crevice available for a mental fucking. Her tits were out and her erect nipples and their thickness clearly visible. Eyes were devouring her breasts and she could feel them moving lower.

The bikini panties couldn't be called panties at all. From behind both her cheeks were visible with a string of floss running between them and disappearing inside her crack. Her outer labia were visible from behind and her pink slash was barely protected from sight. The front of her suit was no better. It wasn't even an inverted triangle, but a strip of cloth digging into her slit rather than hiding it.

This was meant for tanning, not for being seen in.

Devon was turning to run when she heard her mother's voice shout, "Daddy."

Her mother ran to give Grandpa a hug. Her hair was wet, as was her father's when she saw him. Devon wanted to scream. She was standing outside and near nude because her parents were having "fun."

Grandpa let go of her hand and Devon made a quick dash to the house, aware that men would be fucking their wives and thinking of her ass later on. She flashed her dad a smile. He caught her by the waist and turned her back to the car.

"Let's take a look at Rick's new ride," Jake said. He saw his daughter's blushing skin and knew it was because of her bikini. There was no need for his little girl to be embarrassed and she needed to know that.

Devon wanted to scream. Her father put an arm around her shoulders and walked her toward the Accord. Her mother was hugging Grandpa in one of their long hugs. Devon's was horrified. If the front of her panties were any lower, people would be seeing clit, never mind that her pussy was already in ultra HD. Why didn't her family notice this shit?

Panic was setting in. Eyes were on her. Her dad held her close and then something changed. Eyes were drifting away from her body. Devon shivered despite the heat and saw the men who were eye-fucking had turned their heads away. They weren't even chancing glances. Relief washed over her. Her heartbeat slowed. She knew they wanted to look. Why had they stopped?

Devon knew. Her father's presence had created a protective barrier around her. She was safe from the leering eyes and their thoughts. Her embarrassment was melting away and warmth for her daddy blossomed within her heart. She walked straighter and took longer, prouder steps. She smiled at her dad, grateful that she could feel his strength through him.

"How's the wood business?" Jake asked his father-in-law.

"Furniture business and it's making money and blah, blah, blah," Don said. "What kind of CFO asks his boss that?"

"The best damn CFO in the world," Jake answered in a Ned Flanders voice. "Who happened to marry the best operations manager ever."

Devon rolled her eyes. Her dad could be such a dork.

Grandpa mumbled, "I never did understand that show and you're lucky I prefer nepotism."

"Show us the car," Jake said.

Grandpa gave them a rundown of everything. Leather seats, satellite radio, cameras, computer, GPS, horsepower and other things that couldn't hold Devon's interest. The old man bragged about his haggling skills and by the end of the tour, you'd think he'd built the car himself.

"Rick's going to love this," Hope told her dad.

"Hope, sweetie," Grandpa said, "we'll go through this at the next board meeting, but I thought we'd go inside and visualize new concepts. We have a lot of new ideas for bedroom sets."

"Don," Jake said. "While you two talk furniture, I think Devon and I will take the new car out for a drive."

Hope gave Jake a smile as Don tossed him the keys. She hugged her father tighter.

"Devon, get in," Jake said.

"I need to change first," Devon said.

"If you go inside now, you might get stuck talking armoires and bedframes," Jake said. "No one is going to see you."

Devon wanted to change and she wanted to check her phone to see if Mark called, but her father was right. Mom and Grandpa could talk furniture for hours.

"Fine, but I want to drive," Devon said, holding out her hand.

"On the way back from wherever," Jake promised.

"You better not be lying."

Sara Gets Wet

"Fuck," Mark groaned.

It was the pain that woke him. His head was throbbing and each throb was bigger than the last, like his brain was swelling and pushing his skull outward inches at a time. He was naked, dying of thirst and someone had thrown up on his clothes.

It took him a moment to realize he was in his bedroom and on the floor. He looked for his phone, but couldn't find it. His room was immaculate and so he checked his clothes, careful not spill the puke on the floor. Nothing. He checked his shoes. Nothing.

If he lost his phone, he'd have to borrow Sara's. He didn't remember much about last night, but something told him he had fucked up. Half-formed memories were in his head and they weren't good. Blurred faces, slurred speech and he knew Devon was pissed.

"I need to apologize for something," Mark muttered. Talking hurt as much as thinking. Whatever he did, Sara would know because Devon told her everything.

The bathroom was his first stop. He swallowed four pills of Tylenol, washed his face and brushed his teeth. It tasted like his tongue had rotted in his mouth. His mirrored reflection appeared miserable and Mark hoped he could fix whatever he broke last night.

Sara was watching him with one of her smiles on her face as he walked downstairs. That wasn't a good sign. She was wearing a small pair of boy shorts and a white top she favored around the house, no bra that he could see. He was used to her casual wear, but his parents always suggested she wear a bra, even at home.

"How was your night?" Sara asked.

"What did I do?" Mark asked, falling on the opposite side of the couch.

Sara turned and sat cross-legged on the couch. She knew her shorts were pulling tight against her crotch and making her muff look thick and puffy. She waited long enough for Mark to look if he wanted and then she dropped her phone between her legs.

"I don't know," Sara teased.

"My head is pounding; my guts are twisted. Tell me what I did."

"You drank too much," Sara said. She shrugged and laughed. "Puked on yourself. I helped you upstairs." She didn't mention that she had undressed him and that maybe she had given his cock a pet goodnight.

"Thanks," Mark said. "And Devon?"

"You told Devon to fuck or walk." Sara used her smile to let her brother know he was an asshole.

"Fuck," Mark groaned. "Do you know where my phone is?"

"Devon doesn't want to talk to you," Sara said. "She's leaving tomorrow. You'll have to suffer and wait."

"For a week." Mark grunted. "I forgot. We had shots last night. My brothers told me she'd be around other college guys. We drank. They told me Devon would be partying with her brother. We drank. She'd get drunk and some college guy was going to fuck her. We drank. They gave me advice. We drank. It seemed reasonable as I blacked out."

"You're an idiot."

"I have to call her," Mark said.

"No," Sara said, shaking her head. "No you don't and you won't."

"Do you have my phone?"

"You can't have it," Sara said.


"You're only going to fuck things up even more," Sara said.

"You have it."

"It's in my lap, idiot," Sara said, laughing.

"Give me my fucking phone," Mark said.

"No." Sara pushed the phone under her crotch and sat on it. "Devon is pissed. Wait the week."

Mark didn't feel like waiting. He lunged forward, grabbing Sara by her ankles and pulled. She twisted her body and managed to clutch the phone to her breasts. Mark tried turning her by her shoulders, but Sara slid the phone down her shirt, trapping it between her breasts.

"I'll rip your shirt off if I have to," Mark said.

"You don't have the balls," Sara said, hoping he did. Their light wrestling and Mark threats was making her hot between her thighs.

Mark decided he would shake her until the phone fell from between her tits. Sara ran when he lunged and Mark chased her over the couch and then outside, to the edge of the pool. Sara held his phone over the water.

"Don't," Mark warned in a very serious tone.

"You fucked up and she wants a week free of you," Sara said. She was breathing hard and her tits were heaving. The action had stiffened her nipples and she noticed Mark eyes glancing at her breasts.

"I need to fix this," Mark said.

"And you will, but not today," Sara said. "I'll even help you, but if you call her before she gets back, I will get on the phone and tell her you're not good enough for her. She'll listen to me."

Mark breathed a sigh-grunt. "Okay," he lied.

Sara heard the lie. "Okay"—she raised her arm and brought it down, throwing the phone against the ledge of the pool with a loud crack—"oops." It fell into their pool, twelve feet to bottom.

"No," Mark shouted, stressing the word as he dropped to his knees. He held his arms out and palms up, as if praying to the sun.

"You should upgrade to the seven series," Sara suggested. "It's waterproof."


"I'll go with you to replace the phone." Sara walked to her brother and patted is cheek. "You can take me shopping. I'll babysit you." She put her hands behind her head and twisted side to side, her big tits swinging. "And maybe I can keep Devon from fucking someone to get even with you."

Mark dropped his hands and jumped to his feet. He glared at Sara's stupid smile. He put his hand on her face and pushed her—right into the pool. She popped up and her tits where showing clearly through her shirt. Mark's mind went blank. When had his little sister grown so big?

"You fucker," Sara said. "I'm going to tell her to fuck the world."

"We'll do it your way," Mark said, turning back to the house. "But I know Devon wouldn't fuck someone else to get revenge." He was sure of that.

Devon: Behind the Wheel

Jake had been driving for over an hour, but time flew in a brand new car. They had gone through neighborhoods and taken the freeway, checked the acceleration and the breaks and played with all the fun gadgets of the fully loaded automobile. The air conditioning was on high, though Devon didn't need it. Jake reminded her of the seat warmer and duel settings after he decided her nipples would stay hard for a while.

"You jerk," Devon told her father as she adjusted the passenger side settings and turned her seat warmer on. In her barely-there-bikini, the warm leather made her squirm and she tried to keep her fidgeting from her father.

Jake's phone rang with an incoming text.

"Can you check that, Dove," Jake said, using his daughter's pet name.

"It's okay for us to come home now," Devon said, reading the text. "It's okay?"

Jake laughed. "I'm the money side of the business, but those two get into the minutiae of what makes wood—wood. They must be done."

"Dad," Devon said with urgency. "Daddy."


"It's my turn to drive."

"Fuck me," Jake said in a voice so low he couldn't hear himself. He pulled into a strip mall and parked in an empty corner blocked from street view.

Jake exited the car and watched Devon slide from the passenger seat to the driver seat. She lifted her butts to get over the center consul, giving Jake a quick shot of her outlined muff.

"Didn't want to get out of the car," Jake said when he entered the passenger side and sat.

Devon closed her door. "No one can see me in the car, but I'm not stepping out in this bikini if I don't have to."

"Fair enough, Dove," Jake said. He dug into his pocket and pulled out half a joint. "Give me a second or three."

"Dad," Devon said.

"Relaxation therapy," Jake said. He lit and smoked. "I'm going to need it."

"You brought that because of the way I drive?" Devon asked, giving her father a tilted glare.

"I sure did," Jake said as he smoked until the joint was gone. "I wasn't staying to discuss furniture and I knew you'd want to drive. If you want to stay ahead in this game, you have to think ahead."

"You didn't offer me any," Devon said, feeling hurt and annoyed.

"Devon, Dove, Doven," Jake said in a soothing tone. "Your sober driving scares the shit out of me. I don't want you driving high." Jake smiled. "Ever."

"Can I smoke when we get home?" Devon asked, adjusting the seat, mirrors and everything else.

"Get us home alive without scratching the paint and we can dab some," Jake promised. He fastened his seat belt and lowered the back of his chair. "We could use a mellow night inside before our road trip."

"Deal," Devon said. She ignited the engine, slid the shifter into reverse, hit the gas and pulled out in a half-circle that made her father groan. She laughed and patted his thigh. "Joking. I'll drive carefully."

"I'm going to close my eyes and relax," Jake said. "I'm a bit worn out. I could use a nap." And if I close my eyes, I can pretend I'm not in a car with my daughter driving.

"Worn out," Devon muttered. "I wonder why."

Devon followed the speed limit for the sake of her father's heart and mental health and another reason she'd never tell: the longer the ride took, the longer the seat warmer had to heat her sensitive and sex-starved vagina. A glanced at her father let her know his eyes were closed. She squirmed in the seat and rubbed her thighs together, feeling a quick pulse of electricity through her lower body.

What would Mark do if he saw her? Devon's pussy was getting creamy and she cringed. She'd have to wipe the seat. As she drove by a truck with a downward view into the car, she noticed a cute man in the passenger seat. Devon looked at her father and back at the guy. She looked at herself in the rearview mirror and her reflection urged, "Have a little fun."

"What are you doing?" she asked herself. She lowered her tinted window while keeping pace with the truck and the cute passenger. Was she bipolar? Was she suffering from a contact high and feeling brave? She didn't know.

Devon tried to make eye contact with the cutie in the truck and keep track of her dad's sleeping. What was going on in the road was an afterthought. The cutie finally looked down and his eyes widened. He said something to the driver and the truck moved closer.

She smiled at the stranger. She waved, fluttering her fingers in a playful way. Her pussy was throbbing from the seat warmer. She glanced at her sleeping father. Her reflection in rearview mirror winked at her. Devon looked at the cutie and licked her lips. He swallowed.

Devon accelerated and the truck kept pace. She slowed and it slowed. She was rubbing her thighs together. She checked her father. The cutie nodded at her dad and mouthed, "Who is that?"

Devon bit her lip as if unsure and then mouthed, "My daddy." She raised a finger to her lips and shushed the man.

There was a tingling shooting through her nipples. They had constricted into almost painful buds that needed to be pinched and pulled, stretched until soothed into relaxation. Devon closed her eyes for a second and then pulled the left triangle covering her swollen nipple to the side of her breast. She caressed her tit for the cute stranger. It felt like she was about to come.

Devon opened her eyes and saw the cutie had a phone in his hands. He was fiddling with the buttons and his fingers were moving too fast.

Pervert. Devon fixed her top. No fucking pictures, creep.

The Honda's brakes squealed as she smashed down on them. The truck flew by and Devon hit the gas, swerving into the right lane as cars honked and breaks screeched behind her.

Jake woke, his hands clutching his seat belt. "What the hell happened?" His head was moving like a metronome at full speed.

"That crazy truck cut me off," Devon said. She stuck her head out the window and yelled, "Asshole!" She looked at her dad and smiled; his sweet and innocent Dove. "I have it under control. Go back to sleep." Her heart was a thunderstorm in her chest.

"Eyes on the road," Jake said. Was he having a heart attack? His balls were in his throat and his ass was puckered tight. If that's what a heart attack felt like, he was having one.

"I know," Devon said, looking down the freeway. She turned her head back to her dad and said, "Don't worry."

"The Road!"

The Night Before the Trip

Devon was wasted by the time her head hit her pillow. Dabbing and a few shots that her mother let her take had glazed her eyes red and she was almost ready for sleep.

Thinking of her mother reminded Devon of something odd she had noticed when entered the house after driving with her father. Her mother's hair was as damp as it had been when they left her with Grandpa—strange.

Drinking and smoking always made Devon juicer than normal, but she was creaming nonstop with sex a constant thought in her mind. Talking with her parents as she sat on the couch had been uncomfortable, but the mellow feeling from her high made it bearable. They didn't notice and Devon had reached a point beyond caring.

She grabbed her phone and called Sara.

"Hello," Sara said.

"Your brother didn't text me," Devon said. "Or call."

"I told him not to. I also smashed and threw his phone into the pool."

Devon giggled. "Was he mad?"

"I ended up in the pool."

Devon's giggling turned into laughter.

"I'm leaving for six days, maybe seven," Devon whispered. "One car. One hotel room. No privacy."

"Why three days," Sara said. "You could be there in twelve hours."

Devon moaned. "I guess it's something to do; family time. We're drive back in one shot when we leave."

"If your brother already has a car—"

"Are you listening?" Devon said. "I'll have no privacy for the next six days. I need your help to take the edge off."

"You sound mellow," Sara said. "Your parents let you get high."

"Sure did."

"I love your parents," Sara said. "Especially your dad." Sara started toying with the strings of her shorts, but then her brother walked into her room without knocking.

"Leave my dad alone," Devon said. "He's spoken for."

"So are you," Sara said, her voice teasing and toned with hidden meanings her brother was sure to hear.

"That's different," Devon said. "If you had a cock—"

"Is that Devon?" It was Mark voice.

"Get away," Sara said.

"Give me the phone."

"She doesn't want to talk to you," Sara said.

It sounded like there was a struggle on the other side of the phone. Mark's voice was getting louder, but not angry. Devon could hear rustling and heavy breaths. She then heard muffled curses and Sara growled.

She knew they were siblings, but the breathing, grunting and cursing reminded Devon of sex. "I'll call you later," she said into the phone. Her body was getting hot.

Devon pushed her boy shorts and yellow thong down her legs. The crotch of her panties stuck to her wet lips and followed last. She kicked them to the floor and sat, pulling her shirt off in the same motion. For some reason being naked made her feel hotter.

Sleep wouldn't sleep until after she came and fuck Mark for fucking that up with Sara. She could watch porn, but then she heard her parents' door close. They were drunk, high and loud. That meant they were horny and Devon knew her wall wasn't thick enough to hide what came next.

Devon thought about her computer and headphones and the websites she could visit. Videos and story sites full intense sex and descriptions of raw, rough fucking that would get her off, but minutes could turn to hours if she started doing that. Her eyes focused on her wall and what was happening beyond it.

Devon told herself she didn't want to imagine her parents, but her mind wouldn't let her substitute anyone else. She could hear their muffled voices. She pictured her father undressing her mother, throwing her on the bed and stripping off his own clothes. Devon groaned—her father undressing until naked.

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