tagBDSMMore Cream?

More Cream?


You sit, naked, on the edge of the bed, smiling as you see me produce the clotted cream from my pocket. The smile widens as I remove the lid, and then lay you back on the bed.

The cream is cold from the fridge, and you jump slightly as I start so smear it across your nipples and in wider streaks onto your breasts. Some cream is left on my fingertip, which I run around your lips. I lean down towards your face as if to kiss you, but divert at the last second to lick away the cream. Your tongue sneaks out to taste the cream yourself.

Once your lips are clean, I start to work my way down your neck, to your breasts. I start to tease your left breast with the very tip of my tongue, quite gently to begin with, but building up into full sucking and nibbling

Once the left tit is clean, I stroke and play with it with my hand while starting work on the right one

Some of the cream is quite stubborn though, so I need to lick quite firmly

Once both tits are nice and clean, I would work my way slowly back downwards, kissing your stomach, and down the gentle curve, before plunging my lips over your clit, and sucking it hard into my mouth

Then lifting your legs, I would work my way downwards, teasing your lips with my tongue, before sliding inside you, burying my face as far into you as I can reach. I'd lap hungrily at your pussy, pausing briefly to slip back to your clit, and then back down after a few seconds

After the first couple of times moving up and down, I may have to slip a little further down, and tease your ass with my tongue - gently at first, almost tickling

Then a little more firmly, feeling you grind against me

Finally, I would slip my tongue back into your pussy and hold both of your hands, to pull you towards me

This would allow me to thrust my tongue inside you as hard as possible

As I lick deep into your pussy, I can feel your hips starting to move. As I lick harder and deeper, the motion begins to match my movements. The harder I lick, the more you rock your hips. A soft moan escapes your lips, and builds into a shout as the first orgasm (of many) sweeps through your body.

I pull slowly away, and stroke your upheld thighs as you relax and recover your breath

As you relax into the bed, I trace a doodling hand in swirly patterns up your thigh, and draw a line down one side of your pussy, and then back up the other side

I trace a soft line down your other inner thigh, feeling the tension drop back out of your hips as I head towards your knee.

As I turn and trace back up again, I can feel your thighs and hips tighten again. As I get close to the top, you raise your pussy towards my hand, urging me to play with you.

I will, but not quite yet

The swirly patterns are slowly reducing now, and moving in decreasing circles towards your clit

Just brushing across it, but only very softly

Just enough for you to feel me touch you

As I approach your clit again, your pussy raises again, and your eyes roll backwards. Your lips part a little, you pull in a deep breath, and lift your hips from the bed, trying to get my to play with you

I can wait no longer. I allow my fingertips to trickle across your clit, and drop my little finger gently down the central crease. I can feel the warmth and wetness building now, as my fingertip creeps just inside you, curves upwards, then slips back out again

I lower the rest of my fingers now, and without warning, thrust my middle finger straight inside you. Another gasp slips from your mouth, as the tip of it grazes your G spot

My thumb comes to rest on your clit, and begins to move it in small circles

As I feel the rocking motion start to build again, my middle finger heads back to your G spot again.

I increase the speed and pressure to match the rocking motion in your hips again, but this time, as I feel you build up, I stop my hand completely.

The lifting motion starts again, as you try to move yourself against my hand

I match your movements with mine, just to tease you a little more

Then, I go back to playing harder and faster, making you cum, not just once, but twice in quick succession

I slip my hand back out, slowly, and give you a moment to prepare yourself

Then, I place the blindfold over your eyes, and turn you over.

As you lie face down, you listen intently, trying to gain some idea of what is happening. You feel your hands being moved, and your wrists tied to the metal bedstead, together, above your head

Moving your legs apart, just slightly, I place the tip of my cock against your trembling pussy lips

I can feel the warmth beginning to envelop me, as I slide, oh so slowly into your tight pussy

As I slow the movement, you think that you've got all of me inside you, when suddenly I lower my whole weight onto you, and drive the final two inches inside you

I slide my arms around you - the left, above your arms and across the top of your chest to hold you tight

The right, underneath your arms, to play with your right breast

I rock back and forth, moving just small amounts, but making your pussy so sensitive to movement

After a couple of moments of doing this, I begin to build up the speed - still staying as deep inside you as I can

, then back, and in again

I can't hold back for long, being so turned on by the image of your tied and caned body lying beneath me, and have to fuck you as fast and hard as I can manage

I can feel it becoming too much for me - you struggle to control your breathing, and begin to pant as the orgasm builds inside you

As I feel the orgasm hit, I throw my hips forwards, and pin you to the bed with my full weight, driving my cock all the way down inside you

I can hold on no more, and cum inside you, deep, shuddering and long

My head collapses onto your shoulders, and I hold you tight against me

As I feel my own orgasm subsiding, I can feel you doing the same

Our breathing slows, until synchronised.

I reach up and untie your wrists.

I slip out of your sopping wet pussy, and lie next to you

I remove your blindfold, and hold you close to me - feeling your breath matched with mine

You keep your eyes closed, as they adjust to the light

and I hold you close to my chest, feeling you rise and fall in time with me

As you open your eyes, you look up at me and smile. I lean down towards you, and plant a soft, lingering kiss on your lips.

Then I settle back, stroking your hair, as we drift off to sleep together.

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