tagErotic CouplingsMore Dutch & Rosa Ch. 06

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 06

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 6

Formerly 25

Dutch Gets Engaged

Later that same evening Dutch managed to get Rosa alone. Kathy had been pestering him to let her sit on his lap while perusing the computer and as much as he loved the idea of her ripe body astride his lap and his erection, he had more important business to conduct. And so at the risk of hurting her feelings, he ordered Kathy out of the "office" and after she had slouched on out, mouthing silent protests, he and Rosa were alone at last.

"Didn't want her rubbing herself all over you did you?" She said, shocking him with her words.


"I can see where this is going, may I remind you she's just turned eighteen."

"Hey," he said somewhat testily, I was only trying to . . ."

"Get in her pants?"

"Come on Rosa, I didn't mean anything of the kind. I'm trying hard to bring a father image to our relationship. She's . . ."

"A horny teenager?"

"Well, yeah, she is that, but she's also at an age where she has to, or feels she has to test her femininity with a male. I happened to be handy."

Rosa laughed in his face.

He could tell she was worked up about something but not what. Women, he thought, if she knew what he was about to do....



"You look like you're a million miles away. We're having a serious conversation, come on back."

"I'm sorry, truly I am."

Without thinking, he reached out and pulled her against him, kissing her mouth passionately. His hands slid down her back, and he could feel her trembling as they kissed; felt the passion building. She leaned harder against him, and he fell gently against the wall. With one arm tight around her waist, he slowly moved his other hand up her side, under her arm. She moaned and pushed forward as his thumb touched her nipple, circling it gently, causing it to grow hard. She moaned against his mouth, pressing one leg between him and lightly grinding against him. There was no way in the world that she wouldn't be able to tell how turned on he was at that exact moment. His finger and thumb met --- the tip of her nipple between them.

He broke off the kiss and immediately began to stammer. "I . . . I . . . been leery of relationships, um, I mean, prolonged relationships, ever since, um, Marilyn and I split up. I don't need the pain or the heartache that goes with the dissolution of a relationship, you know?"

"Whatever are you . . .?"

He squeezed her nipple a little harder, and she brought her thigh up, rubbing it hard against his crotch. Her fingers clawed at the back of his head, and they renewed the kiss, their tongues reaching, stroking, as they sought more from each other. He wanted to taste her, feel her nipple in his mouth. Pulling away from her lips, he started kissing down her neck, lazily running his tongue against her sweet skin. Her hands pushed the top of his head down, coaxing him, guiding him to where she wanted his mouth. He could smell her skin and her excitement, adding to his own.

He lifted her chin with his finger, looking into her watery eyes and tried reading her thoughts. It didn't work. He went on instinct.

"God, I want you more than I've ever wanted anything in my whole life, Rosa. I want to hold you until the end of time. I want to make you happy, share your victories and your disappointments. I wish I could express to you exactly what I feel for you, but I can't seem to find the words."

"You're doing pretty good so far," she whispered. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"I love you." The words fell from his lips easily, and cupping her face in his hands, he leaned down and kissed her softly and then pulled back, brushing the tears back from her cheeks.

"Will you marry me?"

Rosa blinked back more tears, unable to think or talk.

She had a million things to say, or thought she did, but after a pause decided on a simple, "Thank you for asking. I accept, yes, I will marry you."

Only no words came out.

"Rosa, I said, will you marry me?"

"Marry you?" She croaked and cursed herself for her own ineptitude.




She struggled to say something, anything that wasn't inane and blurted, "I always wanted my guy to kneel down. You know, I mean a proposal has a kind of ritualistic bearing to it, right?"

"I guess . . ."


He knelt down on one knee and looked up at her. "Rosa, will . . . will you do me the honor of accepting this proposal of marriage?"

"There's no ring," she said calmly, although her heart was racing faster than it ever had before.


"A ring . . . haven't you thought this out?" And she was immediately chagrined at her lack of decency. The poor guy was asking her to marry him and she had been hoping for weeks that he would. Why in God's name was she tormenting him now?"

"Oh shit . . . I forgot!" he said, reaching into his pocket.

In the next room, Kathy, eavesdropping as usual, lost her balance and fell on her ass, but neither Rosa nor Dutch heard a sound. Both were staring at the ring encased in the jeweler's box after he had pried it open.

"My God!" was the extent of Rosa's audible commentary, what she was actually thinking was indescribable.

"I know, I know, it's not the biggest ring in the world . . ."

She found her voice at last. "It isn't?" Her eyes were popping out of her head. Rosa had never seen anything close to this size diamond, nor had she ever heard of a stone this large other than the famous "Hope" Diamond and of course the rock Liz got from her Marc Anthony, better known as Richard Burton.

"Do you like it?"

"Like . . . it?" I absolutely adore it!" Kathy! Kathy come here, NOW!"

The door swung open and the young teen rushed in. "What? What? What?"

"Look, Look, Look!" she blurted, brandishing the ring for Kathy to see.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Mama, you're engaged!"

"Yes! Yes!"

"How wonderful!"

And they hugged and danced around the room until Rosa broke away shouting, "Mom, I got to tell Mom!"

Dutch stood there dumbfounded. One minute Rosa was hedging on whether to accept his offer of marriage, the next she'd gone ballistic.

As Rosa dialed her mother, Sue, Kathy used the opportunity to give Dutch a hug of her own, followed by a French kiss. Absentmindedly, he groped her ass then realized what was happening and after just the briefest of squeezes, let his hand brush over her breast. Then he stepped away and told Kathy, "See if your Mother needs you," and gave her a friendly swat on the behind.

Kathy skipped merrily out to find Rosa and they hugged again as Rosa was trying to describe the size of the diamond to her equally excited mother.

Maybe a minute passed before Rosa, still on the phone, called out, "Dutch!" And never took her eyes off the diamond, "Just how big is this thing?"

"Something over 3 carets," he said, worried that it wasn't sufficient.

"Three carets! Oh, my God!" and she was off again, half hysterical, half overjoyed.

"Well you got us such a great deal on the house . . ." He began.

Rosa seized on the 'us' and her heart was overcome with pure love for this man. When she hung up the phone, he took her into his arms and calmed her down, telling her she still needed to have the ring properly sized and mounted.

"It can all be done tomorrow," he told her. You can also have it appraised at another jeweler's and get it insured and all the other stuff that goes with it."

"What other stuff?" She asked wondering if they would really have the ring ready tomorrow.

Kathy interrupted them, calling a quick goodbye and dashed over to Peggy's to tell her the news.

"I don't know, isn't there other stuff involved?"

"Beats me," she said staring at her diamond, still not accepting that it was hers.

"I know this will kill you," he said, "but put the ring back into the box so we don't lose the stone somewhere, it is loose in that setting, I couldn't buy it and not let you see, but it's not ready to wear just yet."

Sighing longingly, she agreed, but only after wearing it for a few more minutes did she finally put in into the box for safekeeping.

"Are you hungry?" He asked.

"A little. Want to go out and grab something?"

"Yeah," he said, "sounds good.

Rosa's friskiness was back and she wanted to do something special for Dutch and on an impulse she asked, "Honey, do you have a favorite fantasy?"

"A fantasy? Like what?"

"Oh, like . . . having six women at a time, you know, like your own harem. Something like that."

"I don't know . . . I'd have to think about that. How 'bout you?"

"Me? Oh, I'd like to lie naked on a bed and have fruit and whipped cream and maybe chocolate sauce smeared all over my body and then my prince would show up and lick it all off of me."

"Sounds like you've had this . . . fantasy for a while."

"Mmmm,' she leered at him, "maybe I have."

"They looked at each other and the room seemed much warmer than it had been only moments before.

"Get naked," he told her. I'll see what I can put together. Without a word, Rosa scampered into the bedroom and began tearing off her clothes. Dutch poked his head in the doorway and said, "It's all right to start without me. I may be a few minutes getting things together."

Several minutes passed before he checked on Rosa. Opening the bedroom door he saw she had two fingers moving in and out of her cunt while the fingers of her other hand calmly wiggled the pink glistening folds at the top of her cleft, one in particular was flicking her clit, circling it and then flicking it, teasing it over and over again as the fingers on her other hand surged in and out, of her pussy, making wet sucking noises with each thrust.

All the while, Rosa's breasts jiggled up and down, her nipples hard with excitement; seeming to be begging for him to touch them, or pinch them, or bite them.

He hurried over to her and set his tray of materials down on the floor beside her. On the tray were: A bowl of ice cubes, several large sized strawberries, a quart of vanilla ice cream, a plastic bottle of Hershey's chocolate and some whipped cream.

"Don't stop," he said. "I've brought a few things to entertain us."

"Mmmmm," she moaned, quite close to coming already. He decided to let her have her orgasm and start over after she had recovered from it. Her fingers blurred and a grimace appeared on her face. One hand had gravitated to her left breast and was tweaking that nipple.

And right before his eyes she grunted and started to come. She went rigid and then slowly relaxed a beatific smile on her face.

Perhaps a minute passed. Her eyes opened and she focused on him.

"You're late. I came without you."

"I'm sure you'll come again," he grinned at her.

"I'm sure I will too. So what have you got for me?"

With that, Dutch took the chocolate syrup and poured some over the strawberries. He lifted them above her head and let some chocolate drip off and onto her face before lowering the fruit to her open, waiting mouth.

Rosa bit into the strawberry then giggled, "Hope you're going to clean this mess up."

"Don't worry, everything's going into the washer, and that includes you."

She was laughing hard as he leaned forward and licked some chocolate sauce from her nose. They kissed, gently, and he shared some ice cream with her, placing a small spoonful on her tongue and then trying playfully to steal it from her.

Then his hand reached down and came up with an ice cube.

"What are you going to do with that?" She asked, eyes glittering with renewed desire.

He didn't answer, but used the very tip of the ice cube to circle around her areola of her right breast while placing his mouth on the other. The distinction of hot and cold, applied at the same time sent a thunderbolt to Rosa's cunt. Her back arched, sending her breasts up and out to meet whatever pleasurable substances he choose to apply next.

He used whipped cream and ice cream and teased her elongated tips with a half-bitten strawberry, eventually offering it to her extended tongue. Then he went to work on her breasts, licking the gooey substances from her chest.

"What, no chocolate?" She whined, pretending to be offended.

"I've got that covered. Thing is, where do you want me to cover you with it?"


He'd dipped his finger in the chocolate and was traced a warm brown line along her neck and shoulder.

"Jesus, that feels . . . so sexy!"

"Does it now?" He asked with a broad grin on his face.

"And nasty, too."

"How so?" He asked circling her nipples with the dark brown syrup.

"It's like you're coming on me. And that's both naughty and nasty. But it feels good, and so you want to . . ."

He had poured a good amount into the palm of his hand and was rubbing into her pussy.

Rosa's leg's opened of their own volition, and she bit her bottom lip in anticipation.

"Oh, Christ, yeah! Right there! Oh, yes!"

"Good eh?" Two chocolate coated fingers slithered into her gooey cunt and located her "G" spot.

"Shit! I'm coming again!"

"Please not while I'm having desert," he laughed and dropped a scoop of vanilla ice cream on her slightly opened cunt as his fingers departed and his mouth descended upon her.

She would never be sure just what triggered the explosive orgasm that followed. It may have be the mere thought of what was transpiring; or the sudden chill of the ice cream on her volcano hot cunt. But in her heart Rosa was convinced that the touch of his fiery tongue as it propelled the ice cream into her was the cause of her orgasmic convulsions.

Later reminiscing over their antics, she told him that it had been incredible. The ice cream -- and his tongue moving the cold mixture around inside her as his finger played with her swollen clitoris.

Added to that was the fact that he kept it up -- her coming didn't stop him. He added more ice cream to her cunt until the entire area was a mess of vanilla and chocolate smeared all over his face.

When Rosa had recovered some, she noticed the whipped cream and said "How come you didn't use any of that on me?"

"That's for you to use on me," he grinned lewdly at her.

Picking up the canister she used a liberal amount to create a frothy mound over his turgid cock and balls before applying her mouth and a generous amount of suction to cleaning it off. Since he hadn't come, she smeared a generous portion of chocolate syrup over his member and before she could get her mouth on it, he spun her body around and rammed his prick into her still food-speckled pussy. Within thirty seconds they were both coming and afterward lay exhausted on the soiled sheets.

"So, how was it? He asked.

"Better than I ever imagined it would be," she purred contentedly as his left hand stroked her chocolate stained thigh.

"Let's get cleaned up and grab a bite to eat," he said.

"Not just a bite to eat, Dutch. We've got to celebrate . . . you know, dinner and dancing. I've got just the dress and you can even wear a tie, that is if you want to," she cooed, batting her eyelashes at him.

Dutch couldn't have been happier.

"Maybe we'll walk along the beach; maybe make love again." She smiled at him, her love evident in the sparkle in her eyes.


Several hours later and after a wholesome meal, Dutch and Rosa found a new place that featured dancing and were seated at a table close to the bar.

It was almost eleven and the trio of musician's were belting out a pretty good version of "Fly Me to the Moon," when Rosa saw the woman sitting down on a bar stool near them and order a drink. From the expression on her face Rosa knew she was alone.

"So, Dutch, you never told me what you fantasy was," she said, pretending to pout.

"I told you I hadn't really given any thought," he smiled back and rose asking her to dance as the trio moved into the classic "Scotch and Soda."

"Do you know this tune?" He asked as they pressed closer together.

"No, I don't think I do. It's rather nice, and the singer has a nice voice too."

"It's called Scotch and Soda, kind of a bluesy lament."

"Mmmmm," she sighed, content with her life for the first time in years.

"And you'll never guess who had the hit record. Well, it wasn't a big hit, but it was on a great album and over the years has become a kind of standard in jazz circles."

"I haven't the foggiest," she said and worked her thigh between his legs, and then giggled.

"The Kingston Trio, but it was a solo and I never knew which one recorded it."

Rosa gave him a typical female response indicating a deep interest in what he was saying, but not really caring about the music. What was really on her mind was discovering what Dutch's fantasy was. After giving her that gorgeous ring and following through by letting her live her own fantasy -- and making it better than she had ever thought it could be -- she wanted only to please him as much as he had her.

And so as Dutch lost himself in the music, Rosa scanned the patrons in the mirror behind the bar. She had already studied several couples seated at nearby tables and found none interesting enough to pay further attention too. She also ignored an older man apparently waiting for someone to arrive.

However, the lone woman was still at the bar and caught her attention and this time held it. There was something about her, but she couldn't put her finger on it. The woman was nursing the drink and smoking a cigarette.

Rosa found herself staring at the woman wearing a pair of skin tight jeans, cowboy boots and a sexy red top that complemented her black or at least very dark hair. An expensive leather jacket was slung over the back of her barstool completed her ensemble. Then Rosa realized the woman was crying, for she pulled a tissue from her purse and dabbed at both eyes and blew her nose before taking a long drink from her glass.

'A woman with problems,' Rosa thought. "Dutch," she said softly, "Check out the cowboy boots at the bar."

He took a long look and turned to face Rosa, "Very nice, but why are you telling me to check out the competition?"

"I don't think I have any competition as far as you're concerned. We got engaged this afternoon, remember?"

"Of course I do. I just meant . . ."

"Have you thought about your fantasy?"

"Umm, not too much."

"How do two women sound?"

"Great. But you know that already, I mean after Alice and Robert and you and I partied . . . I just thought . . ."

"I mean with a complete stranger . . . like her."

"Hell, Rosa, I don't want to chase after anyone. I've got you and I'm happy."

"So . . . how's this sound to you. I seduce her and you watch us and join in after a while?"

"Sounds like it just became my fantasy," he said smiling. "In the meantime, would you care to dance?"

Smiling back at him, Rosa shook her head 'no.' "Later," she smiled. "Let me strike up a conversation with her first. If she's worth pursuing you dance with her first, okay?"

"Sure," he said and leaned back in his chair as Rosa stood up and made her way over to the woman wearing the cowboy boots. Dutch watched as all the men in the place mentally raped Rosa and the other woman as Rosa stood next to her.

Slowly, the woman realized Rosa was next to her and her eyes took her in, appraising her automatically as she had with every other woman she'd met for years.

"Can I bum a smoke from you?" Rosa asked feeling slightly embarrassed from all the male attention she was receiving.

The woman turned away from Rosa, reached for the package of Marlboro's on the bar next to her and pushed them closer to Rosa.

"Help yourself," she said. And when Rosa had shaken one lose from the pack, the woman held a lighter out and lit it, allowing Rosa to light up.

"Many thanks," Rosa said, "It's been a while. I just felt the need. My date just said something that got on my nerves and rather than start an argument with him . . . well I wanted to put some space between us and you were handy. So thanks again."

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