tagLoving WivesMore Dutch & Rosa Ch. 12

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 12

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 12
Formerly chapter 32

8/14/99 – A Very Busy Day / the Van Sciver's

Rosa and Dutch returned home at 6:30 and greeted Kathy and Peggy just before they went out to catch a movie. They had dinner with Mom, who had 'babysat' for them and after she went home they discussed what to do about Molly.

"Did you ever call Robert or Alice about Molly?" Rosa asked.

"No," he replied, "but let me do that right now." Picking up the phone he dialed Robert's number. Alice answered on the third ring.

"I hope this is important," Alice said in greeting, "my husband and I are about to have a rare evening without any interruptions, not that this is an interruption... unless you're a telemarketer in which case, you'll pardon me when I hang up on you."

"Are you dripping wet already?" He asked in a joking manner.

"Oh, just what I needed, an obscene phone call. Do go on, who ever you are. And to answer that question, yes, I am very wet. Can you make me wetter?"

"Possibly," and he realized she didn't know, or seem to care who the caller was. "By the way, this is Dutch."

"Oh, sweetie, how are you and that fat cock of yours?"

"I'm fine, Rosa's fine and my ex-Marilyn is fine. We just returned from a visit to San Francisco."

"Ahhhhhh!" She moaned into the phone then quickly added, "That was Robbie, rubbing himself against me. He says hello, Perry, what are you up to. He knows what he's up to and the "it" is flirting with my ass. You'd better be fast or I might just drop the phone and force you to listen to him bugger me."

"Sorry about the interruption, I can call back another time."

"No, no, sweetie. Umm, just a sec...there, no just a little lower, mmm, that's it. See, I'm all lubed up for you baby, go on slide it in, I can talk for another minute or so."

Dutch formed a mental image of Alice bending over and presenting her ass to Robert, whom she now called Robbie, partly to tease him and partly because she felt that Robert was to stiff a name to call someone fucking you.

"I promise to be brief," he said rushing his words as he adjusted his shorts to accommodate the swelling growing larger by the second.

"We've... um, Rosa and me met this woman, named Molly. A great piece of ass, I mean it. She's left her bastard of a husband and is living in her RV. But she's kind of down, almost depressed at the moment, she can't find a job, although she's out there trying every day. We wondered if we brought her over and introduced her to the two of you, I mean, she loves to screw and with all the connections you have, well I thought just maybe you might help her find something."

"Of course, bring her over . . . tomorrow night? Honey," she asked her husband, would nine tomorrow night be all right with your schedule to meet Dutch's new friend? She sounds... Oh God, Yes! Right There!"

Dutch heard Alice grunt and wasn't sure if she was affirming the next day was good or if her hubby had bottomed out in Alice's ass.

A minute may have elapsed before he heard another sound. "He said okay, baby. Now you bring that nice thick shiny cock of yours over and make sure it's ready to fire a few rounds, okay?"

He couldn't help but laugh. Here Alice was getting reamed by an expert and she was already preparing for the next night. "Tell me, Alice, were you a girl scout?"

"Baby, I was an Eagle Scout," she laughed raucously. "Tell Rosa I can smell her pussy from here and can't wait to taste her again." That said she disconnected the phone and grabbed her ankles.


After filling Rosa in on his conversation with Alice, they decided to turn in and get a good nights rest since they had work to following day and had to prepare Molly for the Roark's.

An hour passed and suddenly Dutch woke up, puzzled. What had awoken him? He looked over at Rosa. She was covered by the sheet and lay on her back. He glanced at the alarm clock on the dresser; it was only 9:30. That meant Kathy would be returning soon. He thought about getting up and having some conversation with her. That thought brought on an erection as he recalled the last time they had been up together and he'd kissed her and held her taut young body against him; and how she had deliberately touched him and called him Daddy from then on.

He looked at Rosa again, her eyes were closed but on closer scrutiny, he discovered they were tightly clenched and that meant she was awake. He studied her intently and caught a slight movement by her groin. It was her hand! He watched and detected small circling movements and as he watched her free hand went to her breast and squeezed the nipple through the sheet. He concluded that either she was dreaming a very sexy dream, or she was masturbating next to him.

He looked down at himself. His erection, started with thoughts of Kathy, had peaked. The sheet over it had formed a tent. Remaining motionless, he watched for perhaps five minutes, as Rosa brought herself ever closer to her climax.

Two things happened simultaneously. Rosa tensed up and her fingering hand froze. Her legs stiffened and she rolled on her side and bit her hand to stifle a scream of delight.

And a key turned in the lock to the front door and Kathy entered the house.

He wondered if he should warn Rosa to be quiet, but then realized she was already trying her best not to awaken him, so he let matters take their own course and watched as she drew her knees to her chest and rocked back and forth for several seconds until the orgasm subsided.

He could hear her panting as she tried to catch her breath from the exertion and pleasure she had just enjoyed. She lay still until she regained her normal breathing rhythm again.

Kathy nudged the door to their room open and looked in. Convinced they were sleeping she went into the living room and turned on the TV, making sure the sound was on low. She was pleased to find that "Sleepless in settle had just started and she curled her legs under her, made sure she had some tissues and eased into a transfixed state.

Rosa gradually moved herself into a sitting position, being ever so careful not to disturb him. He feigned sleep and watched through heavily lidded eyes and saw her cup her breasts in both hands and begin to knead them. He thought himself fortunate that he'd rolled to his side to hide the evidence of his hardon which he wanted to squeeze almost desperately, but forced his hand to remain by his side.

Rosa yawned and put her hands to her sides and took a deep breath. He assumed that was to keep from yawning again, but when he felt the sheet being peeled off his form he became confused. What was she up to?

He found out quickly enough as she moved toward him, leaned over and uncovered his rigid prick. Taking it her hand, she brought it to her mouth and slowly engulfed its head.

"I know you were watching me," she whispered so softly he wasn't sure if she had spoken or if he was dreaming. But when she began to stroke him, so slowly he had to squirm under her hand, he knew it was real, and whispered back.

"Kathy's home, watching television."

"I know, I'm her mother, for God's sake. I have second sight where she's concerned. Now be quiet. Be very quiet, or we'll have unwanted company."

The touch of her tongue as it swirled over the crown of his thickened cock forced a groan to his lips.

She removed her mouth and went, "Sssshh, damn it! I mean it, be quiet or I'll stop."

He took the pillow and put the edge in his mouth and bit down. She grinned lewdly at him and then drew her tongue along the entire length of his turgid shaft, coating him with saliva. When he was completely covered and glistening in the dim lighting, she took him as deep as she could, took a deep breath through her nose and coaxed another inch or so down her gullet.

The pure unadulterated pleasure this caused made him bite into the pillow so hard he ripped the pillowcase, but made no discernible noise. He shivered as her mischievous tongue scraped along the underside of his prick and suddenly she was urging him from her mouth and he popped out with a soft forlorn sound and Rosa gulped in a huge amount of air.

"Kinda like holding your breath under water," she giggled, before taking him back into the farthest reaches of her throat once again. It took her three attempts before she had captured his full length and felt his firm testicles bump into her chin.

She found this somewhat ludicrous and started to laugh, but wound up gagging and quickly spat him out, hoping she hadn't made enough noise in the process to alert Kathy that they were doing it in the next room.

Rosa glanced up at Dutch and saw how concerned he was.

"It's okay," she whispered and had a fit of the giggles. Trying to control them, she only giggled all the more, until holding her sides and almost in pain from laughing and trying to keep the noise down she gained control.

"God," she whispered, I haven't done that since I was about twelve in church one Sunday."

He nodded somberly, the concern for her well being evident in his eyes.

Feeling repentant, she said, "I'm sorry and leaned forward to kiss the head of his cock once more.

"It's just that you're so damn big," and held his cock in the palm of her hand. "Look at it. It's magnificent," she murmured, her voice barely discernible. He looked as asked and saw her devour him once again. This time she only took roughly five inches and bobbing her head up and down while her tongue caressed him every which way, brought him to a quick release. Seconds before he came, she tore him from between her lips and, opening her mouth placed the head of his thick cock on her lower lip and stroked the very base of his shaft until he began spurting short white jets of ejaculate into her mouth. He watched transfixed as it pooling on her tongue and dripped from several of her teeth. When he'd finished coming, Rosa smiled up at him; milked the last drops from his tip and swallowed.

He was very moved by the gesture and kissed her lips and when her mouth opened his tongue swam into her mouth and searched for any remaining residue of his sperm, finding only minute portions he made a production of swallowing them for her benefit.

Holding his fast shrinking penis in her hand, she smiled at him and whispered, "Tomorrow should prove very interesting."

He nodded, not trusting himself to speak. The thought of Rosa and Molly and Alice together was more than enough to start him back on the path towards a full-blown erection.

Rosa smiled at my reaction.

"Do you think Molly's going to go along?" he asked, as Rosa took his expanding cock into her mouth once again.

She nodded, and reveled in the uniqueness of feeling the blood rushing to his erection.

She popped him from her mouth and said teasingly, "Do you like the idea of all of us sucking your dick?"

Dutch could only nod his head and place one hand on her head as she sealed her lips around him and resumed bobbing up and down.

She popped him out again and slowly jerking him, said, "I can't wait to see her sucking you and Robert off at the same time. A black and white blowjob, I hear they're the best."

"Yours are the best sweetheart," he growled and nearly panicked on realizing his voice might have carried into the next room.

Rosa sucked him so hard at that, that his prick throbbed mightily and as a result, Rosa gave him a smoldering look and then impaled herself on him, attempting to gather his full width and girth down her throat. She failed at this, primarily because she had taken him down at the wrong angle.

"Damn!" she cried out in more than a whisper after taking him from her mouth and without another word pushed him onto his back with his legs hanging over the edge of the bed and straddled him. One knee on either side of his head and with a low moan dropped to all fours and took him into her gaping mouth. From this position Rosa could handle his huge prick and in a few scant seconds her nose was pressing against his balls on the down stroke.

Rosa held him for as long as she could before coming up for air, bobbing up and down on his shaft for a moment before plunging down to swallow his eight inches again.

Although he was rapidly approaching his second orgasm and in almost record time, he managed to glance toward the door, for had heard a sound from that direction. He knew it might have been Rosa's slurping, but looked at the doorway just in case. Kathy edged into view, peeking around the doorframe just as he began to come in Rosa's mouth. The first spurt caught her by surprise. Kathy's looking on had certainly caused him to come sooner than expected. Rosa recovered quickly enough to swallow his load without encountering any discomfort whatsoever.

When Dutch opened his eyes again, Kathy was gone. And although Rosa continued sucking on his rapidly deflating member he could think of only one thing. He wanted to fuck Kathy, and he wanted to do it soon.

In order to get his mind off her, he inhaled Rosa's scent, and followed by sending his tongue against her already swollen labia. She moaned at the contact and for the first time he wondered if Rosa had also seen Kathy at the doorway and no longer cared about making any undue noise.

She used her hand to open herself to his questing mouth and his tongue darted in and out of her silken slit. Her actions had completed exposed her to his yearning mouth and tongue. Once again Rosa took him into her mouth and tried to arouse him from his flaccid state.

He made her moan again by spearing her clit as it emerged from its protective hood; and yet again as he shifted his efforts to her drooling cunt. And one more time when he wrapped his lips over her clit and gently sucked, applying light pressure at its very base with his tongue.

She dropped him from her mouth and grabbed for the same pillow he had torn earlier, placing it in her mouth and biting down hard, for he had her in a helpless condition and left her no choice but to scream out her pleasure as he brought her close, so close and then gently backed her away form what was sure to be a tumultuous climax.

Some inner mechanism that he had never fully comprehended told him it was time and he followed his instincts, sweeping his tongue from side to side over that special nubbin of hooded flesh as she started to babble in a strange language while rubbing his rubbery cock over her face.

Using the fingers of both hands, he pried her labia wide apart and briefly licked and sucked on them, and every third beat, darting his tongue into her now gaping hole for a wholesome lick.

She issued a mighty groan and he knew Kathy had to have heard and expected to find her standing next to the bed at any moment. That never happened, and when he mentioned it to Rosa later she only smiled and said, "I know my daughter. She would never interrupt us, no matter what.'

Wanting her to come, he tried blowing on her super heated cunt and got her to start a shuddering that didn't stop until her mighty climax had fully subsided. He sucked her clit into his mouth and she started humping his face, frantic to get off.

Dutch sent two fingers into her, reveling in her intense heat and wetness. He set them to plunging in and out with a rapid, piston like motion as his tongue flicked over and around her fully engorged clit. He felt the first spasm and eased back. She started to come; hips shaking and bucking against his hand and face. Dutch maintained the light pressure on her clit. He cunt was now saturating his fingers as she hurled her own bodily fluids out from hidden points within; coating his thrusting fingers with an almost oil-like substance that he would later savor as he licked his fingers clean.

Some innate system warned him to stop and he did. Seconds later a whimpering, sobbing Rosa collapsed against him, kissing him everywhere, thanking him wordlessly and assuring him of her undying love.

A few minutes later a very sated Rosa was snoring lightly and Dutch got up to use the bathroom.

After flushing the toilet he sauntered into the kitchen thinking he could use a glass of milk and since he was wide awake, perhaps view something on the internet, porn being his preferred subject.

He had just hooked up with Storiesonline and found that a new chapter had been posted to his favorite on going story. As he reached the third paragraph he sensed someone at his shoulder. Turning his head, he found Kathy standing there holding a pink boa and looking at the screen in a teddy that left little to the imagination. He could make out her young breasts and filmy lingerie under its gauzy material.

He made no move to hide what he was viewing, but took control and said, "It's a little past your bedtime isn't it Kathy?"

"Um, not really, although I was in bed, it's only 10:30... Daddy."

The "Daddy" was strictly for emphasis to demonstrate she had not forgotten the last time the two were alone together at night.

"I want you to know that I love you Daddy," she said and moved his chair in order that she could sit down on his lap. All he was wearing was a pair of boxers and the feel of her rear end burrowing down on him brought new life to his cock.

As his erection grew it worked its way into the crevice of Kathy's young ass.

"I love you too Kathy and I want you to know that I'm flattered and very pleased that someone as beautiful as you and your mother love me too."

"Do you really think I'm pretty?"

"Are you fishing for compliments? Of course I think you're beautiful. I wouldn't say it if it weren't true."

She leaned into him, pressing her resilient breasts against his shoulder.

"Would you kiss me again, Daddy?" She asked, tears in her eyes.

"I don't know that it would be appropriate, baby."

"Cause you're the first one ever said I was pretty," she murmured into his ear and wriggled her ass just a little, enough to permit him a better fit against her ass.

"Am I getting you excited, Daddy?"

He ignored the comment, knowing she knew exactly what effect she was having on him and tried to turn the tables on her. "You were peeking in on us earlier, weren't you?"

"Mmmm, I heard some strange noise and I had to... investigate." He saw the smile on her face and knew she had not been cowed by his ploy.

He remained silent. She snuggled up against him and laid her head on his shoulder.

"You know I'm a virgin, Daddy."

"That's reassuring to hear, especially in this day and age."

"I want you to be the first, Daddy," and promptly kissed him, demonstrating a confidence far beyond her tender years.

He would later tell himself that hers were the softest, most sensuous lips ever to touch his and without thinking he reached around and cupped her breasts as he ground his erection into her rear.

Her voice was choked with emotion, "Let me take my panties off Daddy; and I can lean on the desk. We'll do it right now."

"We don't have that kind of time, sweetie pie; and I really shouldn't be doing what I'm doing right now. I could go to jail for this, and furthermore, think about your mother. You know we love each other. What would happen if she finds us doing it? Or if she learned about it later on? She'd be devastated and would probably end our relationship and I couldn't blame her. Do you want that kind of guilt on your head at your age?"

She began to cry, and he noticed his erection had subsided considerably. He held her close and comforted her. "I'm pleased that you want me to be the first, I really am. And maybe I will be, but not tonight and not anytime soon. You're too special for that. I do love you baby and I understand that your body wants to feel my... well your body craves attention. It's just part of growing up."

He urged her off his lap, stood up and pulled her to him. She let herself go, offering no resistance, and when he kissed her and she opened her mouth, he sent his tongue in and met hers.

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