tagBDSMMore Fun with Dice!

More Fun with Dice!


Over the next six months Mistress, true to her word, made sure that I wore the CB-3000 from the moment the dice-determined 'stop' began. It was difficult at first, but eventually I got used to it. I was still let out sometimes, once I was even allowed to cum, but again I think this was just to keep me guessing all the other times. Rest assured I was still teased mercilessly, even when I wasn't allowed out. Mistress would lick my balls and the tip of my cock through the hole at the front of the CB-3000. Sometimes she even sucked my cock while it was inside the device, that was infuriating, to say the least.

Our sessions gradually became lengthier, as Mistress delighted in keeping me on the edge for longer and longer periods. One session lasted almost four hours, and when I finally came it felt like I had just spurted my own weight in spunk! Needless to say, once I recovered I swallowed it all, in fact I couldn't remember the last time I had cum and hadn't eaten it, even between sessions and stops. Mistress liked me to remember that my orgasms always had a price.

After one of these marathon sessions she asked me if I wanted to play another game with the dice. I hesitated for a moment and she raised her eyebrows. That was all it took and I instantly agreed. She smiled and told me that I'd be glad in the long run. She told me that the game would be difficult, but if I was successful I would find a very special reward waiting for me at the end. All I had to do was 'prove myself' and I would be rewarded. She gave me a dice and told me to throw it ten times. I did as instructed and Mistress noted the results down on a piece of paper. 6-4-4-6-2-1-3-1-5-4. As I threw the dice I wondered what they meant this time, I'd scored two sixes, was that good, or bad? I suspected bad...

"Good slave, that's a total of 36. The dice fell quite well for you, you could have scored 60."

My head was swimming, 60 what?

"Now, throw the dice again and hope for a six!"

I threw the dice, it was a four.

"Oh dear, poor slave...still, it could have been worse."

This was driving me nuts now, what the hell did these numbers mean? Mistress looked at me and smiled.

"Well slave, I suppose you are wondering what all these numbers mean..."

"Yes Mistress."

"Well, 36 determines how long the game lasts, or more specifically, how many times you have to make me cum before the game ends."

I nodded, that was not entirely unexpected.

"The other number is the number of times I will allow you the chance to cum during that period. Notice I said 'the chance' to cum, there are no guarantees for you slave."

I nodded again and then chanced a question.

"What will that depend on Mistress?"

She looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, "to tell you the truth slave, I haven't yet decided....nor have I decided how those chances will fall. If only you had scored five slave, then it would have been so much easier, so much neater, you would have got one chance after every six of my orgasms.... Ah well, I'm sure I'll find a way to decide, or maybe I'll just offer them at random."

"Thank you Mistress."

"Oh and one more thing slave, I know this is going to be extremely difficult for you, so I think it would be best if you were kept in your cage for the duration, don't you?"

"If it pleases you Mistress."

And so it began. The first six orgasms took nine days and the day after that Mistress came into the lounge where I was sitting on the sofa. She sat next to me, placed her hand on my groin and leaned close to my ear. Very softly she whispered "Are you ready for your first chance slave?"

"Oh yes please Mistress." I sighed desperately.

She peeled off her top (she wasn't wearing a bra) and straddled my legs, then pushed her gorgeous tits in to my mouth one after another. I sucked on her nipples and flicked my tongue over her soft breasts as my cock tried vainly to swell inside it's prison. She leant down and kissed me deeply, then told me to wait there.

She got off me and walked out of the room, leaving me aching for her to return. When she did I saw she was holding the red leather blindfold we used in our sessions. She straddled me again and as she slid it into place I enjoyed one last glimpse of her beautiful breasts before the light was removed completely. She undid my shirt and let it fall open, dragging her nipples down my body as she moved down onto her knees between my legs. She quickly removed my jeans and boxers, leaving me naked from the waist down, save of course for the CB-3000. She pushed my legs apart and snaked her tongue over my balls, before sucking one of them into her mouth. I groaned loudly and she sucked harder, her tongue flicking over it as it nestled between her soft lips.

Then she sat back on her heels and I felt her place the key in the lock of my chastity device. There was a feint click and then I felt the device being removed. My cock grew to it's full size in a matter of seconds, and Mistress curled her fingers around my swollen, aching meat.

"Mmm, that feels good doesn't it slave?"

I could hardly speak but I managed to croak my agreement. She licked the palm of her other hand and then rubbed it on the tip of my cock. She felt me tense and warned me that I was not to cum unless she gave me permission. Soon she was rhythmically pumping my cock and I was gritting my teeth to try to stay on the right side of the edge.

"Don't cum slave, if you cum now then you will have ruined all your other chances."

"Yes Mistress." I gasped.

"I want you to think slave, I want you to think back to a few minutes ago when I was on your lap and you were worshipping my gorgeous breasts, you love my breasts don't you slave."

"Yes Mistress, they are beautiful."

"Thank you slave, it's always nice to hear it, even though I know you worship every inch of my body."

"I do Mistress."

"Every inch slave?"

"Yes Mistress, every last wonderful inch."

She smiled and then continued "That's good slave, I never tire of hearing that."

"Thank you Mistress."

"So think slave, can you remember what necklace I am wearing?"

"I'm not sure Mistress."

"Oh dear slave..." I could hear her grinning as she spoke "...because all you have to do to be allowed to cum is to describe my necklace and then I'll let you cum. You want to cum don't you slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Are you sure slave, you wouldn't rather I just stopped now and let you wait a little longer?"

"No Mistress... please."

She curled the fingers of her other hand around my balls and slowly pulled them down towards the floor.

"So full of cum aren't they slave?"

"Yes Mistress." I moaned.

"Can you remember slave? Can you remember which necklace I'm wearing?"

"I think so Mistress."

"Have you got an answer for me slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

Mistress gripped my cock tighter and increased the pace of her movements.

"Are you getting close slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Tell me then slave."

"I think... I think it's the one you got in Amsterdam Mistress, the one with the different coloured stones."

Mistress didn't tell me one way or another, though I thought I heard a small chuckle escape her lips.

"Get ready to cum slave." She said, sqeezing harder, pumping faster. "Tell me when you are right on the edge."

She didn't have to wait long "Now Mistress."

I felt Mistress's hand continue to pump for another two strokes and then she let go, leaving my cock twitching in mid air. I let out a groan as I realised I had been wrong and then panic as I felt my cock pulsing madly. I had really cut it fine this time.

"Don't cum slave!" She ordered. "Don't cum or you'll regret it!"

I gritted my teeth harder still and clenched my fists as I tried to prevent myself from tipping over the edge. Though I wanted to cum so badly, I knew that doing so this way would be deeply unsatisfying and could cost me another chance to orgasm properly before the game's end. Despite this my cock throbbed madly and I felt the muscles contracting, forcing my hot creamy spunk up the length of my shaft until a single bead of it appeared from the slit in my cock-head. After a few more seconds I regained control and then felt Mistress's finger tip stroke across my cock-head. She raised it to my lips and told me to lick the spot of cum from her skin. I did so and she seemed genuinely impressed.

"That was incredible slave, I am very pleased with you. You must really love your Mistress to show such amazing self-control."

"I do Mistress." I gasped. "I love you with all my heart."

As I made a mental note to perhaps leave myself a little more margin in future I was suddenly overcome with the overwhelming desire to tell my Mistress exactly what I thought of her. I took a deep breath, and then began pouring my heart out.

"More than that Mistress, I adore you, I worship you, I think about you from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. You are everything to me Mistress, I live to bring you pleasure...I long to be allowed to worship your pussy, I can never get enough of it, I love feeling you cum under my tongue, your pussy squeezing my fingers. I love it more than anything Mistress."

"More than anything slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

"More than your own orgasm slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Do you really expect me to believe that slave?"

"I hope so Mistress."

"So what if I said that you had to chose between worshipping my pussy and cumming yourself slave, which would you chose?"

"Worshipping your pussy Mistress."

"What if I said you had to chose for....six months or even a year slave?"

"Are you asking me to chose Mistress?"

"Answer the question slave!"

"Yes Mistress...I would chose to worship your beautiful pussy Mistress."

"Are you sure slave?"

"Yes...Mistress." My jaw was trembling as I spoke.

"Even though that would mean months on end of unimaginable frustration for you slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good, slave. I'm almost tempted to test you on that....indeed I might, one day. But for now I think I'll stick with my original plan."

I heard her moving away and then sitting in an armchair. I heard the rustle of the rest of her clothes being removed and then after a couple of minutes the sound of her fingers working into her pussy.

"Come here slave."

I pulled myself up off the sofa and moved towards where the sounds were coming from. As I got nearer she reached out and guided me inbetween her legs, then she grasped my half-hard cock and stroked it to full hardness before pushing me down onto my knees. As I knelt I felt her moving closer and she rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her soaking wet pussy lips, it was the most exquisite torture imaginable.

"Can you feel that slave, my wonderful, tight, slippery pussy?"

"Yes Mistress." I breathed desperately.

"That feels soooo good doesn't it slave?"

"Oh yes Mistress, it feels amazing."

"I was very impressed with your performance slave, you made your Mistress extremely happy today."

"Thank you Mistress."

"And I'm very impressed that you would choose to eat my pussy over taking your own pleasure slave, very impressed indeed."

"Thank you Mistress."

"In fact I'm so impressed with you I'm almost tempted to let you cum inside me right now....would you like that slave?"

"Yes Mistress...if it pleased you Mistress."

"Of course you would, even though you know you always have to lick up your cum afterwards."

"Yes Mistress, I'm used to that now Mistress."

I could hear the smile in her voice "Of course you are slave, of course you are."

She rubbed my cock up and down her pussy several more times then groaned as she rubbed the tip over her aching clit.

"But the thing is slave, I gave you a test and you failed, so I can't do that. Well I could, I can do anything I want. But it doesn't seem right somehow. Hmm, I know, why don't you eat my pussy while I think about exactly what it is that I want to do."

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

"Good slave."

I pushed my tongue between her legs, I found her cunt was utterly soaked and within minutes she was twisting on the chair as she had a huge orgasm. I continued licking her until she pushed my head away and then remained kneeling until she got her breath back. She leaned forward and pulled the blindfold off.

"Very good slave."

She leaned further forward and kissed me, her tongue tangling with mine as she tasted her pussy on my lips.

"I love it when you taste of me." She said.

Then she lay back in the chair and played her fingers over her slippery wet cunt. She used two fingers to splay her lips open and smiled as she saw my reaction.

"It's true isn't it slave, you are completely obsessed with my pussy?"

"Yes Mistress. I am."

She reached forward and pulled my head between her legs again and told me to start gently. Fifteen minutes later she came again and as she bucked she held me in place with her thighs and her hands, making sure that I maintained contact until she was completely satisfied.

Finally she pushed me away, she was exhausted, sweating and red in the face.

"Well done slave, that was absolutely amazing. I am very pleased with you."

But she still didn't let me cum. Once she'd recovered she explained that if she let me cum then it would have negated the point of the test, and , she pointed out, on the plus side I'd just knocked another two orgasms off the total. Sensing my disappointment she sat me back on the sofa and started kissing me deeply. Inevitably my cock swelled and she quickly straddled my body and sank all the way down onto my straining length. She gasped as she felt my hardness stretch her and then stayed perfectly still, kissing me passionately for several minutes and gently squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles. Finally she came up for air and gave me a huge smile. It was then that I noticed she wasn't even wearing a necklace.

Mistress decided it was time to get off me. She slid her pussy up off my cock and climbed off my lap. She dressed herself and then replaced the CB-3000. After she clicked the lock shut she told me she was going to wear the key on a chain around her neck in future, as she knew that was something I had fantasized about in the past.

"Just imagine sitting with me in a pub or a restaurant slave, your cock locked-up and me sitting right there in front of you with the key around my neck. You'll enjoy that won't you slave?"

I found myself agreeing with her and thanking her despite feeling tricked and as I sat there with my cock caged once more I became certain that before she had put the blindfold on me she had been wearing a necklace. I couldn't be sure it was the one I had described, but I was sure she had been wearing something. The more I thought about the more convinced I became, but what could I do. The only necklace that mattered now was the one with the key to my chastity device on it, and making a fuss wouldn't do any good, so I let it drop.

The next four of Mistress's orgasms were dispatched in a matter of days. As we lay in bed together after the fourth one, she started kissing me then moved down my body to where the ever present CB-3000 lay between my legs. I felt the key on her neck chain drag across my leg and then I heard the lock click open. Mistress removed the cock cage and my cock swelled dramatically. She slid her fingers around it and then swung herself over me and sat astride my legs. She shuffled forward and eased my cock into her slippery hole, just a couple of inches, just enough to keep me in place.

"You know slave, I was really impressed with your performance last time...I really wanted to let you cum, but I just couldn't, you know that don't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Did you feel cheated after the last time slave, honestly?"

"Well, a little Mistress."

"Was that because you thought I was being mean slave, or was there another reason?"

I hesitated, unsure whether it was in my best interests to bring the subject up...

"Umm, well....I'm not 100% sure Mistress, but I kind of remember you wearing a necklace before you blindfolded me."

She slipped down another inch on my cock.

"Yes slave, you're right, I was..." Bingo, I fucking knew it! "...but it wasn't the one from Amsterdam, so it really didn't make any difference."

She slid further down onto my cock, bringing a groan from my own throat.

"Still, I feel bad that I cheated you slave, and that I didn't let you cum....can you forgive me slave?"

I was about to say 'yes' when it occurred to me that that might not be the answer she was looking for. It was so hard to think with her grinding herself up and down my aching cock, and then she reached back and started squeezing my very full balls.

"Well slave, do you forgive me?"

"I.... I am yours to use as you please Mistress. My approval or forgiveness is meaningless, the only thing that is important to me is your pleasure."

She groaned with pleasure and leaned forward to kiss me.

"Perfect..." she breathed, as she started to slide up and down my cock.

After a couple of minutes I felt my balls starting to tighten and told her I was getting very close.

"Fill me full of your cum slave, I want to feel it inside me...."

She didn't need to tell me twice and it was mere seconds until I felt the first spurt of cum shoot out of my spasming cock. She pumped and squeezed my poor stalk with her wonderful pussy until I begged her to stop, whereupon she slid up my body and straddled my face. She paused for a moment and opened her pussy with her fingers to show me what I was about to taste.

"You love cleaning my pussy after you've cum in me don't you slave?"

"Yes Mistress. I really do love it."

She groaned and planted her pussy on my face, grinding it against my lips and tongue as I sucked every last drop from her cream filled hole and swallowed it all. Even when I had cleaned her she still continued grinding her pussy roughly against my face, until finally she reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit furiously with her fingers until she came hard, her juices dripping onto my chin and into my mouth. I waited until she had recovered and then used my tongue to clean her sodden pussy and thighs, lapping ecstatically at her slippery skin until she finally pulled away. She lay down next to me and we tangled together kissing each other passionately until our lips were stinging.

"That was amazing." I said. "I love you so much."

"Even though I keep you horny and frustrated?"

"Especially because you keep me horny and frustrated!"

She was quite for a moment and then said "Did you really mean what you said before, about the only thing that's important to you is my pleasure?"

"Yes Mistress, I did."

"Do you promise?"

"Absolutely Mistress."

She gave me a thoroughly contented smile, kissed me once more and then we held each other until we went to sleep.

- - -

A fortnight (and nine orgasms for Mistress) later, she summoned me to the bedroom. She told me that today would be my third time of release and my chance to cum a second time. She told me to pick up the two dice on the bedside table and roll them. I scored a five and a three, a total of eight. She smiled and told me that she would tell me what that meant after I had made her cum. I eagerly took my place between her legs and began gently licking her beautiful pussy.

"I love how you're always so eager to lick me, don't you ever get bored?"

"Never Mistress. I love it more than anything."

"Is it that you love eating pussy slave, or is it that you love eating MY pussy?"

"I love eating YOUR pussy Mistress."

"Good answer slave." She said, then sighed and closed her eyes as I flicked my tongue along her moist lips.

"You are a wonderful slave." She murmured as I moved upwards to flick my tongue over her clit.

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