tagLoving WivesMore Fun With Sister-in-Law

More Fun With Sister-in-Law


I was sunbathing by my pool, naked as a jaybird and twice as happy. On my back with legs spread open so the hot sun could reach my balls and heat my scrotum and semi-hard penis.

I heard a car enter the driveway and assumed my wife had returned from her daily shopping tours. My eyes were closed as the patio door opened and footsteps approached.. Still thinking it was my wife, I fondled my cock and asked, "if she would like some of this puppy to play with?"

Hearing a gasp, I opened my eyes and it was Sue, my sister-in-law standing by my lounger, her eyes fixed on my genitals with a wild look on her face. It had been over a week since my wife and I had played our little trick on her and she hadn't come by or called since. "Long time no see" I said, "where have you been?"

"I want you to know that when I went home last week, I cried myself to sleep," she replied. "I couldn't believe what my sister did to me and what you did. I was miserable for the next few days thinking over and over what you put me through."

"So why are you telling me this now?" I asked.

She giggled and said "last night I had a naughty dream and when I woke up found myself wet down here, touching her crotch lightly. I realized it wasn't all that bad and actually made me feel good after the shock wore off."

I know she hadn't had a lover since Tom, her husband died a few years ago and it was one of the reasons my wife went along with me last week feeling sorry for her lack of hot companionship.

Sue said, "I bought a vibrator after Tom passed and it has been my only source of pleasure since then. Last week made me realize what I've been missing. You know about my fascination with testicles and when I saw yours, it drove me nuts."

"Nuts is what I call them, or balls" I replied.

Most of the time she was talking, her eyes were fixed on my package and she was squeezing her right breast.

"Tom, as I told you had tiny ones compared to yours and I could swallow both of them at once. It drove him up the wall and his reaction made me cum over and over. I couldn't even get one of yours in my mouth no matter how I tried."

I smiled and told her, "I appreciated her candor. Why don't you join me?" I said as I stood up and pulled over another lounger.

She said "why not" as she pulled her T-shirt over her head.

She was wearing a bra with the nipples sticking out thru the holes in front. They were about an inch long when she was excited and right now they were hard and very perky. She quickly undid her bra and let it drop to the ground. Nice tits, about a 34C and still jutting out with no sag. She had on short shorts which she unzipped and slid them down her legs. She had no panties and her heavy black bush jumped out at me.

"Wow," I said, "your pussy is really something and that nice thick hair really turns me on."

"It's always been my pride and joy, Tom used to sleep down there with his face between my legs."

"You know," I said. "your sister has very little pussy hair and just a day or so ago I got her to completely shave it off. Her pussy is now smooth as a billiard ball and fun to lick before I slip the old tongue in."

Sue blushed and said, "I never knew my sister had any sexual feelings. When she was younger she was something of a prude."

"Not anymore, especially after last week's party." I said, "she's really loosened up."

Sue was stretched out on the lounger and then reached over and cupped my balls. "Do you mind?" she asked.

I turned so she could get a better grip. She had both hands wrapped around them and began to gently squeeze. I could feel my cock getting stiff and she giggled again as she watched my reaction. We didn't speak for a few minutes as she continued to massage my eggs as the Spanish call them. I slipped my hand into her crotch and slid what I call my fucking finger in her slit. It was wet and she shuddered slightly as I wiggled my finger back and forth.

"Oh, that feels so good, " she murmured. "I miss my man doing that to me with his fingers and tongue."

"Is that a hint?" I asked, moving over and burying my face in her sweet smelling pussy. I lightly kissed her clit, now starting to swell to the size of a small penis and then drew it into my mouth and sucked hard, pulling it up to it's full length.

She groaned," keep doing that, it feels so good."

I sucked a few more times and then her body twisted and convulsed as she screamed and her juices flooded my face.

After a few seconds she relaxed and laid back saying, "that felt so good and I miss it so much."

"Come over more often and we'll see what we can do."

"How about my sister," she asked.

"Oh. I think I can talk her into sharing. That's what big balls are good for," I replied.

She continued to play with my package alternating between the balls and my cock, but mostly handling the sack. When my penis swelled to it's full 7 inches and the knob puffed out to a small plum size, she leaned over and stuck the tip if her tongue in the hole and licked the pre-cum off. She could actually get her tongue inside the opening and it felt great. Then she wrapped her lips around just the glans and licked rapidly as I began to bounce on the lounger. That's all she did and in a few seconds I gave a shout as load after load of cum came pouring out of my throbbing pecker, covering her face and dripping down to her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard as I leaned up and took one in my mouth, biting just a bit, but it was enough as she came again and again.

"I needed that, I get as excited playing with your balls and sucking your cock as I do when you eat me out."

We laid back as she wiped off her chest and again took my balls in her hand. We both dropped off into a welcome sleep as the warm sun continued to bathe our bodies.

I woke as I felt a light touch on my now flaccid penis.

When Sue saw my eyes open she said, "I've spent so much time admiring your beautiful balls and the grapefruit sack they're in that I never paid attention to your cock. As a matter of fact this is the first time I've seen it soft. While you were sleeping I pushed my finger up the tunnel to the base of the knob and it went all the way to my palm."

I laughed and told her, "my parents had never had me circumsized as is usual now in the states. The last time I checked, my foreskin was three inches long from tip to base of the glans. When I was a kid I was constantly pulling on my pecker and that probably helped the skin grow. I used to love going naked and hardly ever wore clothes at home. My parents weren't nudists or anything like that, but they got used to seeing me nude. When my father passed away, I was about 12 and my mother encouraged me to do my thing. She didn't want me to have any hangups when I reached adulthood. She used to call it my thingy and would smile when she saw me fondling and pulling on it. We never did anything incestuous and I only saw her naked once by mistake when I went in the bathroom as she left the shower. As I recall she had a nice figure and a great black bush almost the size and thickness of yours. It's probably why I love yours so much."

Sue blushed and told me to tell her more about my childhood.

"Well, if you're really interested I did have a lot of fun as a kid doing weird things. One of my favorites as I was 14 or so was to wait for my mother's bridge group to start playing. Two tables of four women, 4 married, 2 divorced and 2 widows counting my mother. They were all in the late 30's or early 40's. After they had been playing for awhile I would come down the stairs making enough noise to be heard and walk into the family room where they played. They were all looking my way as I entered and I could get a good look at their faces as I strolled nonchalantly in the room. The first time it happened they just stared at me and then fixed their eyes on my genitals. My balls were developing by then and my constant pulling on my penis skin gave me about 5 inches hanging down, maybe only 3 inches of pecker shaft and the rest loose skin. My mother laughed and told them she forgot to mention I was a nudist and if they minded she would ask me to leave. After a few bewildered looks back and forth, they told her it was alright. I hung around for a few more minutes and would catch one or another of them giving me quick glances as I stood nonchalantly 3 or 4 feet from the tables. My mother told me later a few of the girls mentioned how impressed they were and one even said I made her husband look like a little dick. After that she encouraged me to show up at each session it was her turn to have the party. Since they only played monthly I had my fun every 8 months. By the time I was a high school senior, my balls were like they are now and my flaccid penis hung down 6 inches with the extra foreskin. Over the years they grew quite familiar and always remarked on my improvement.

In high school after gym, we had to shower. I was the only uncut kid in my class and at first the other boys would make fun of me. I would see all the different sized cocks from really small to impressive with the little knobs sticking out like gophers heads from their holes."

Sue laughed, and told me "she had the same problem with her thick pussy hair as most of the girls were silky and light and even a few in her class had shaved ones. I used to tell them they were jealous and joked about their bald pussies."

"By the time I was a high school sophomore I had made a select group of students my special buddies and we would all hang out together. In the beginning we weren't interested in girls and only wanted to do guy things. My town had a small hotel with a pool in the basement area. One of my buds said he knew the manager and we could use the pool. Only one condition was that we didn't wear suits and he could watch whenever he wanted. We thought about it for a bit and agreed as long as he doesn't try anything to let him get his kicks.

We started going to the pool at least three times a week after school, and almost every day during vacation times. We would strip down and jump in buck naked and little peckers flapping. The manager would come by about every other time and just sit by the pool watching our naked bodies and staring at our genitals. He told me I was his favorite because I was uncut and had the biggest balls of all. He never tried anything and we just figured he was a closet gay I found out years later that the bud of mine who made the arrangement was having an relationship with him, but it never came out during those school years we were having so much fun.

In all the years we used the pool no one else ever showed up except on one occasion. I think it was my senior year and I was leaving the shower after swimming and ran right into a girl wearing a bathing suit who had just stepped out of the elevator. To be honest, I had been gently massaging my cock in the shower and it was still pretty rigid. She took one look at me and it and stammered," I'm sorry, didn't know anyone was here."

"No problem," I replied and walked to my locker as her eyes followed.

Sue laughed and told me, "I must have been used to people seeing me exposed."

"One more thing we did and then I'll get back to kissing pussy. I'm getting hungry thinking about it." I said.

Sue said, "and you're also getting hard as she reached down to fondle my penis."

"Starting when we were juniors and our development had about reached its limits, two of the guys had what we called monsters, 8 inches . I was 7 inches and the other two 5 1/2 inches. All hard, as we used to measure each other every week until the sizes stayed the same. I was the only one with big nuts, the others had small sacks tight up against their bodies while mine hung down and swung to and fro as I walked. Once a week we would all meet at whoever's house the parents would be gone from. We would go the bedroom of the one living there and strip down naked. Then we would take turns masturbating each other till we came. We would take a break and then move to the next buddy. They were always telling mr how they enjoyed the loose skin on my cock as it felt good when they would pull back and forth, up and down the shaft."

"A couple of my friends' mothers used to play in the bridge group and once when I casually mentioned how I would appear at the game naked, they both looked strange."

"What's the matter?" I said "did I say something wrong?"

"No," they both answered, "but now we know why mother was always trying to catch us naked."

I laughed, "did they ever?"

"A few times, "they said, "over the years."

"One of them was an 8 incher so his mother must have been happy."

"Wow," Sue said, "what a childhood you had, you little pervert."

I laughed, "I've heard worse stories." I told her "but now let's get it on."

Sue told me "she had purposely not taken my whole cock in her mouth, just the knob, because she was mentally comparing it with Tom's."

"Yours filled my mouth but his was just a tidbit. His pecker wasn't even 5 inches when hard and he never satisfied me while we fucked."

"After the first few months, our whole sex life became oral. We would play 69 for hours and he became a great lover that way. He knew all the places to lick and suck and especially like you did, pull my clit with his lips when it got big. It's why we never had kids, I guess."

"Well at least it was good for your figure, no bulges or birthmarks," I told her.

"Yeah, I guess," she replied.

I'd been fingering her puss while talking and it was good and wet so I climbed on her making sure my cock was positioned over her face and buried my tongue deep in her box. She took my cock in, this time all the way and start moving up and down as fast as she could. I sucked her now erect clit into my mouth and tugged on it with by lips and gently biting with my teeth. Almost immediately she bucked and starting cumming in great gushes.

She let out a small scream and told me, "that always did it for her."

She went back to sucking while I nibbled on her labs.

As she sucked and I nibbled I heard a car coming in the drive. "Here comes your sis, she's been shopping most of the day," I said.

Sue pulled my cock from her mouth after one last suck and asked, "what do you want to do?"

"Fuck her, " I said, "we can't avoid this now so let's see what happens."

To be continued...

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