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The next morning I awoke to the sound of an alarm. I quickly jumped out of the bed that I was sharing with Katy and Jenn. I slowly opened the bedroom door and saw no one. As I went into the hallway and closed the door behind me, I saw Jenn get up and walk towards the door. I then heard her lock it and continued down the hall. I checked every room for an intruder but there was none. When I reached the top of the staircase I suddenly realized I was still naked.

There was nothing I could do about it though so I quickly descended the stairs and began looking for an intruder. I heard sounds coming from the kitchen area and figured there was more than one. Instead of going into the kitchen, I went to look for my coat which was carrying a small pistol.

I found the pistol and noticed they must not have been in the living room yet as nothing had moved. I found my pants as well and slid them on quickly. I looked out the window overlooking the driveway and saw a getaway car. I decided to take that out first. The house/mansion was on a gated lot so if I took away their transportation they only way to escape was by foot out the front gate.

I slipped past the kitchen and walked right out the front door. I looked at the gate and noticed it was closed. I thought that was odd but continued towards the car. There was a driver in the front seat and no one else. I reached into my pants pocket and found my knife. I slashed the back tires and the driver got out. Before he could do anything I tackled him to the ground and frisked him. He had a radio and a glock.

I then noticed the alarm had stopped and the gates began to open. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a side door open and two bandits run out towards the gate. I yelled at them to stop and of course they didn't. I did the only logical thing I could think of next. I knocked out the driver and ran into the house to get the keys to Jenn's car. I found them and dashed back to the driveway.

I had grabbed some clothes to tie up the driver and quickly gave him my best knots. I then grabbed his glock and radio and jumped into Jenn's car. As I pulled away, I saw Jenn and Katy come out to the driveway. Jenn was on the phone with the police, I'm assuming, and both were in robes.

I flew out of the driveway and saw the two thieves running down the road. I gunned the accelerator and came up next to them. Before they could turn to get out of the way, I bumped one of them with the car and he fell over, knocking down the other as well. I heard sirens approaching as I got out of the car to frisk both bandits and hold them until the police pulled up.

I explained the situation to the police and drove back to Jenn's house. I found her and Katy sitting in the living room on the couch. The police had already talked to them and got their statements.

They left and I walked into the living room. Jenn was noticeably sobbing a little and I sat next to her to comfort her. Katy was on the other side of Jenn and was trying to console her as well. As I embraced Jenn, I asked her if the neighborhood had been under a robbery streak and she nodded. I then told her that the police were almost certain that the thieves I caught were the ones on the streak.

Jenn turned and looked me in the eyes and brought her lips to mine. While we kissed I noticed that she was holding Katy's hand. Jenn broke the kiss with an exasperated expression, as did I, and I asked her what that was for.

She told me that the bandits had robbed her three times before today and each time got away with family heirlooms. I realized her sobs weren't of sadness but of joy.

I then looked to Katy and she smiled back. I asked if she was okay and she responded with a yes. With that I stood up and asked what was on the schedule today. Katy said she had to go to some clothing store and then pack for a trip. Jenn said she could use some clothes and decided to go as well.

I asked Jenn if I could use her shower and she said only if she could use it with me. I wasn't going to deny her and we headed up to her bathroom. Katy flicked on the TV as we ascended the stairs and as we reached the top found a dirty channel. I told her to have fun and she said she would. Jenn then said that we would as well.

We walked into the bathroom and I immediately took my pants back off. Jenn disrobed and turned the shower water on. She walked over to a small cabinet that was sitting on the floor to get, I'm assuming, a washcloth. She bent over at the hip, sticking her ass in the air. As she purposely took her time finding a cloth, I walked up behind her and placed my hardening cock along her ass crack and she moaned a little.

Jenn came back up and turned around to kiss me. Our tongues intertwined and played with the other. I could feel my cock reach its full hardness as it pushed up against her stomach. We broke our kiss and she cooed as she reached for my dick. She grabbed it and used it to pull me into the shower which had reached the temperature she set it to.

I was led under the water and Jenn began to jerk my cock. I was definitely at full staff now. I reached down and began to rub her pussy. I stuck a few fingers into her slit and she moaned in pleasure. I then pulled them out and placed my fingers near her mouth. Jenn eagerly sucked my fingers into her mouth, tasting her own juices.

She let my fingers slide out and pulled me further into the shower so that the water was only running down my back. She then got down onto her knees while she continued to stroke my cock. She looked up at me and stopped stroking me long enough to take my cock into her mouth. Jenn sucked on the head of my dick for a few seconds before allowing it to slide the rest of the way between her lips.

I could feel her throat, and she made some adjustments so she wouldn't gag. She held my cock in her mouth, massaging it with her throat and going wild with her tongue. She was making me weak at the knees and hadn't even pulled away once.

Jenn continued her massage and tongue lashing and I could feel my balls churn. She felt it too and moved her tongue just a little bit faster over my cock. I announced that I couldn't hold it in any longer and she looked up at me as my nuts exploded.

I was cumming directly into her throat and it felt amazing. Her tongue was still doing it's thing and her throat was milking me for all I was worth. Jenn didn't gag at all during the whole session and I was in amazement.

She finally let my cock out of her mouth and she stood up. As soon as she did I grabbed her and gave her the best kiss I've ever given. As we broke apart she said you're welcome and asked me if that was the best I've ever had. I told her without a doubt and we embraced again and began our shower.

We finished our shower without incident and grabbed our towels to dry off. I took my towel and dried her then she did the same for me. Once we were dry we threw our towels in the hamper and walked naked to her bedroom. She found something for herself to where and then looked at me.

I was standing naked still, wondering what I could wear. She smiled at me said she had just the thing. She told me to sit on the bed and close my eyes. I did as instructed and waited for whatever she had.

She returned and told me to open my eyes. When I did, I couldn't control myself and busted out laughing, causing Jenn to laugh as well. She was holding a red leather pants and jacket combo that was most likely copied after Eddie Murphy's.

I stood up and, still laughing, sized it up to see if it would fit. Surprisingly, it fit and I wore it to the clothing store and we had a gay old time. Yeah, just kidding. The suit was too small so I ended up putting on my suit that I wore the previous day.

As Jenn and I descended the stairs we could hear some moaning coming from the living room. Not wanting to bother her, we just watched from the hall as Katy stuffed her pussy with her left hand and rubbed her clit with her right hand. I, of course got hard immediately and Jenn's nipples were clearly erect as well.

We decided to join her on the coach and she smiled at us when we sat down. On the screen was some porno with a luscious slut being fucked by three black guys. Katy was going to town on her pussy, trying to achieve orgasm. She was still watching the screen when I turned it off.

She looked at me as I got down on my knees in between her spread legs. She pulled her right hand away from her clit as I pulled her left hand out of her pussy. I opened my mouth and sucked on her fingers until her juices were cleaned off her hand.

I lowered my face to Katy's pussy and licked all around the lips, making sure to clean all the juices that spilled when she was playing with herself. I then brought my hands up to her pussy and spread her lips as I drove my tongue inside.

I looked up at Katy as my tongue went berserk on the inner walls of her pussy. She had her eyes closed and was moaning the quietest of moans. She looked so peaceful with my face attached to her snatch.

I continued my tongue service as my finger found its way to her clit. I knew how sensitive it would be from her masturbating and now my tonguing, so I tried to be as gentle as possible. She nearly knocked me on my ass when I first touched it. She bucked her hips so hard.

I stayed between her legs though and could feel them tighten around my head. Katy was quickly approaching orgasm so I moved my tongue a little faster and, to put her over the top, shoved a few fingers in her pussy.

That set her off and she moaned the loudest of moans as her pussy coated my fingers and face with her orgasm. She tasted so damn good, I felt so lucky to have been hired by her. After all, it's not every day some schlub like me gets to eat out Katy Perry.

I removed my face from Katy's pussy and stood up with a clear erection in my pants. Katy said she would take care of it once we got into the car. I was a little disappointed that she wouldn't do it now but she said there was a sale at the clothing store we were going to that ended at 3. It was just now 2 so she quickly got dressed as Jenn got the car.

I sat in the back with Katy and as soon as Jenn pulled out of the driveway, Katy was working on getting my pants off. I helped her by lifting my ass as she slid down along with my boxers. I was sporting a semi-erect dick that grew to full hardness in a matter of seconds.

Somehow Katy had managed to kneel on the floor of the car and had removed her blouse. I couldn't help but stare and practically drool at her glorious tits. She smiled at me and asked if I wanted to fuck them. I responded by grabbing my cock and shoving it between her two mounds.

Katy squeezed her tit together to form a better channel for me to fuck. She then told me to just sit and she would do the work. I wasn't going to argue. She ran her tits up and down my shaft while staring me in the eyes. It felt so great and I was already reaching orgasm.

She could tell I was close to cumming and started to move her tits faster and faster over my cock. I finally couldn't hold my cum back any longer and warned Katy. She said she was ready to be covered in my cum like the slut she was.

I exploded onto her face as soon as she said that and didn't stop until her face was covered with my sperm and the tops of her tits were drenched as well. Katy finally released my cock from her tits and began to clean the cum from her face.

I noticed Jenn looking back at her and knew she wanted to lick my cum from Katy's body. I told her to pull over so I could drive. She did so immediately and was all over Katy before I even put the car into drive. Jenn was licking Katy's face with reckless abandon and Katy started to rub my cum into her tits.

I watched them from the rearview mirror and tried to drive at the same time. Luckily, Jenn licked Katy's face fast enough that I didn't have to stare for very long. Katy was soon dressed and we eventually arrived at the clothing store. As we walked into the store, I noticed that I smelled of sex, the scent of dried cum was coming from Katy's tits and face, and Jenn was the only one to smell of perfume except when she talked.

To be continued...

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