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More Naked than Lady Godiva


The information I used in these chapters was gathered from my sisters and I talking over the years with our parents and my father's siblings. My oldest sister Kelly, who is three years older than me, was only seven when Grandad died. Kim, my other sister, was five and he died on my fourth birthday.

Aunt Terri has given us a lot of information. Being a beauty operator, she loves to gossip much to my mother's regret. Terri has always been really close to dad as they are twins. Jerry, my dad, talks to Terri when he has problems with Becky, my mom. Their baby sister Patti was mom's best friend and she has really helped us nosy kids find out a lot of the good stuff on our loving parents.

Mom was born and raised on the ranch we still live on. She grew up riding her horse and was a very good athlete. Dad was three years older than mom, but lived in the community that was close to mom's parent's ranch which had been in the family for two generations already. Dad started working for mom's father when he was a sophomore in high school. He spent the summers and most weekends working on the ranch.

Mom developed a huge crush on dad and he was just as enamored with her. They spent a lot of time working together and many more hours having fun together. When dad graduated he went in the army and spent two years in the army. He returned to mom waiting for him in her senior year of high school. Granddad put him back to work on the ranch.

They were in love, but they got careless. Mom became pregnant with my sister Kelly, with two months left in her senior year. My grandparents were not happy about it—mom was an only child. Dad asked mom to marry him and she accepted. They got married the week after mom graduated from school. Kelly was born seven months later to parents that worship the ground she walked on. Spoiled is probably what you're thinking, and you would be correct.

My grandparents were older when they got married and had my mom. Granddad's father was raised in a family that was poor, but he worked very hard and become a banker. Later, he bought the ranch we now live on. Granddad inherited it from his father and bought more land to put with it. The ranch now has just over 22,000 acres and is my home. Thanks Grandpa.

My parents worked on the ranch helping my grandparents. My grandfather died in the early eighties leaving the ranch to mom. Grandma had been sickly before he died and she died the next year. Grandpa had set up a trust fund for mom and each of his granddaughters. My parents own the ranch and raise cattle as a hobby instead of a living. They only do what they need to do to keep the ranch going and are able to enjoy the ranch more that way.

I attended a small high school in the mountains where I played volleyball and basketball for four years. I'm blonde and one quarter inch shy of being six feet tall. My school had just fewer than one hundred seniors the year I graduated. I was also a cheerleader when I wasn't playing in the event currently being played or when the boys were playing a game. I guess I ought to confess, I was All State in both those sports and I won the state high jump in track my senior year.

Being the youngest sibling of three, I was the only one currently still living at home. My two sisters were in college at the other end of the state. They both had boyfriends and weren't coming home for the summer break that year. Being my father's right hand helper, I would be insuring that none of the cattle got out or were sick while checking fences all summer.

Back in April before I graduated, my best friend Jill started taking treatments for cancer. I'd gone to school with Jill since first grade. She had been the starting point guard on my basketball team. I was devastated—I had to be there for her, but what could I do?

I went to visit her after her treatments in the hospital. I met Jill's mom, Susan, out in the waiting room and she held my hands. "Kip would you talk with Jill and try to cheer her up? She's had about all she can take and I'm worried about her. She doesn't talk to any of us. She lies in her bed and cries all day long. The doctors are even getting worried about her."

"Mrs. Randall, I'll try, but what do I talk about? I mean, I'm her best friend, and we usually tease each other about boys and all. I'm not sure about doing that. I know she had a crush on that new boy that just came to school in January."

"It's probably not a good idea. She feels like she is the ugly duckling right now. Maybe talk about her horse, Thunder. I know you been taking good care of him for her."

"I have. He is really missing her and I miss riding with her. I've been riding him some and leading my horse, Parker, for exercise, and vice versa."

Susan and I went to Jill's room where she gave Jill a hug then kissed her cheek and went to the cafeteria. I was left with Jill. Jill always had long brown hair down to almost her waist. When I visited her she had a scarf around her head; her skin was really pale. My best friend looked like death warmed over. I could tell she had a very rough time with the therapy. I walked to her bed and rubbed her shoulder. She had her back to me, so she turned to look at me. Jill came into my arms and I hugged her. I was crying as I held her; I really loved my best friend.

"Girlfriend, I've got to get you out of here. Thunder misses you so much, not to mention what a basket case I've been without you."

As I hugged her, the scarf slipped from her head. I saw her gorgeous brown hair was all straggly and most of it was gone. I could only wonder how we could make her hair pretty again.

Then an idea hit me. "Jill, you're still the same beautiful person you always have been. Just because you're having a bad hair day, think of it as a badge of courage. You are a survivor—make us all proud that we have the opportunity to meet a true hero."

I noticed a smile start to come on her face. "You, my friend, are wicked. You make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. Thank you. I needed you to kick my butt—I needed my bestest friend here with me."

"When you come back to school, I'm going to shave my head, and we will be wild and crazy sisters again."

"No you're not. You would look like a freak just like me."

"They say misery likes company. You're stuck with me, and we are going to do this together."

"You're crazy, but I do love you."

Susan came back into the room and rushed over to give me a hug. "My God, you got her to talk. Is that a smile I see?"

Susan held onto me and kissed me; she was ecstatic. "Thank you Kip. I knew if anyone could bring her back, it would be you."

I left the hospital feeling like a God. I had my best friend on the mend and everything was going great. I was wondering how I could help Jill and Susan with all their bills. Jill's father was killed in a car accident four years before. Susan was a court stenographer and had insurance, but I was sure she needed some extra help with all the bills for Jill's illness.

The next day at school, I had world history with my favorite teacher Miss Tate. After class, I got Jill's make up work and talked with Miss Tate.

"Miss Tate I want to ask you something?"

"Kip, what's your question?"

"I visited Jill. You know her treatment has destroyed her beautiful hair. I'm thinking about shaving my head so we kind of match when she comes back. I was wondering if you thought I was being crazy or what? I haven't mentioned this to my mom and dad yet."

"Kip, the rest of us would be so lucky if we had a friend like Jill has."

"Thank you. One last question I would like to raise some money for Susan and Jill. I was wondering if you had any ideas about a way I might do this."

"Kip, how brave are you? I read about another girl back in Georgia I think, she was supporting her friend. She had them sell tickets to the event. She had her head shaved in public with people watching, and she then sold the hair to an organization that buys it for making wigs."

"Really? I think I can do it. Will you help me make it work, please?"

"Kip, I would love to help. I'll talk with the principal and see if we can use the school auditorium for it if that's okay."

I went to my other classes and then home to dinner with my parents and told them what I wanted to do. My dad was shocked, but my mom thought I was very courageous.

At school the next day, my first class was with Miss Tate. She told me at first the principal had problems with the idea. He finally agreed to take it to the school board and ask what they thought.

The school board meeting was that night. They had a concern about it being for an individual, but they would agree if it was for cancer research or something like that. I told them I had no problem with it going to cancer research. However, I asked that an account be set up for Jill and Susan so anyone could send a donation to them and that it was advertised at the event. They agreed to the demand, and we set a time for the event the following week.

That night I was working on the computer and I got an Email of a site from my friend, Pam. Oh my God, it was a site that showed women in pillories and having their heads shaved. I got so horny looking at those. I gave myself many orgasms that night and actually ended up sleeping completely naked for the first time.

I walked into Miss Tate's room fifteen minutes early the next morning. "Hi, Thanks for helping me get the school board to approve the idea."

"Kip, you're welcome. I hope you don't get cold feet now that you've gotten permission."

"No cold feet, but you wouldn't believe the dreams I've been having."

"I've been having a few dreams of my own that I can't discuss with you on school property."


"Yes, I had a friend like Jill when I was in school. I wasn't as good a friend as I wished I had of been. She later passed away from her disease and I've always wished I could have done more for her."

I rushed into her arms and hugged her. We were both sobbing as Pam walked into the room. Pam walked over and hugged both of us.

"Pam, you are wicked. That site was evil," I said.

I forgot Miss Tate was standing there with us. "Girls, what site are we talking about?"

"Ah... Oh... Well it shows women having their heads shaved," I said.

"Is that all?"

"No, they were locked in pillories. It was punishment for not paying taxes in England, I think."

"I think it's a male fantasy," Pam answered.

"Why so?" Miss Tate asked.

"Maybe it's because they're naked," Pam answered back.

"I ended up sleeping naked last night, and that was a first for me," I added.

"I always sleep naked," Miss Tate confessed.


"Yes, my girlfriend and roommate in college was a nudist. She hated wearing clothes. She was naked most the time in our room, so I got so used to it that now I can't sleep if I have clothes on."

"Are you a nudist then?"

Miss Tate winked, "I've done some things in the nude. I have a nice backyard on a small acreage just out of town. I've found I don't like tan lines."

"Who would ever believe it?" Pam chuckled.

"Please don't tell anyone. I trust both of you. I could probably get fired for even having this conversation."

"So Kip, are you going to use the pillory idea as a prop for your unveiling?" Pam inquired.

"It's fun to think about, but I'm sure they won't let me get naked on the stage of the auditorium, even if I had the guts to do it. Besides, where would I get a pillory if I did?"

"I bet if you brought the idea up to those senior boys in shop class they would build one in a heartbeat," Miss Tate said.

"Do you know what all those boys would do to me if they got me naked in a pillory?"

"No, but I'm sure it's fun to think about."

"Don't be so innocent, Miss Tate. I'm sure those same boys have dreamed of putting you in that same pillory many times. Hell, I might dream about it if I was flunking your class and wanted revenge," I said as I walked to my seat.

"Careful, I might just have to flunk my top student." I got a weird feeling that Miss Tate was a lot wilder than I ever thought she was.

My parents followed their daughters and were our biggest fans during our high school athletic careers. I have learned that my mom was an exceptional athlete also. When I decided to support my friend, I knew my mom would support me and she did. Here is what happened leading up to it as I later learned from Patti.

I asked Aunt Terri, and she agreed to cut my hair off. She was only going to cut it really short at first, but I told her I wanted it shaved bald if I was going to do it. She had to call mom and ask if it was okay to shave my head bald. Mom told her it was just hair, so it would grow back. In fact my mom then shocked her. She told her she would be on the stage right beside me while she did it, and when she was through, she could shave her head just as bald as mine. I love my mother

I found out my parents had an argument over what I wanted to do. You have to know my Aunt Patti to appreciate this next part because I am sure she dramatizes things. You'd better believe that I was rather turned on after listening to her describe what she gathered from what mom told her happened that afternoon.

Patti related dad asked, 'Becky, you can't be serious, you are going to let Kip cut her hair off?'

'Yes Honey, this is very important to her. Jill is her best friend and I think it is great that she would do it for her. In fact I'm thinking about joining her, I don't want her to chicken out.'

'You what? That pisses me off.'

'Why are you being this way? I don't understand Jerry.'

'Remember a couple years ago I asked you to shave down there, and you told me it would make you feel weird? I told you I would like to see it bald, but some design would be all right. I showed you the magazine I had and told you how much it would turn me on.'

'Okay, I'll shave it bald—if you agree to let me do this for Kip.'

'Let's negotiate. If you decide to do this, it seems as it was two years ago when I made my request. Then I want my two years back, so I will shave your pussy bald and keep it bald for two years for you. Now about you shaving your head, if you decide to do it, then your head must stay bald for the next three months after that. One other thing, if you decide to accept this, then we go in the bathroom right now and I shave every hair from your body that isn't on your head.'

Patti said mom never even thought about it. 'Let's do it. I'm sorry I didn't do what you asked me to do back then. I love you and if this turns you on, then I need to do it.'

Dad had mom take all her clothes off and join him in the big shower they had in their bathroom. Dad had his rechargeable clipper and mom sat on the shower bench with her legs spread wide. Dad moved between her thighs and petted her beaver.

'You remember, this is going to be gone for two years.'

'Oh my God yes. I am turned on right now something fierce. Are you going to kiss it goodbye for me?'

Dad's mouth was soon searching through her clit hood for her pebble. Mom's hands were in his hair grabbing and pulling his mouth tighter and tighter to her pussy as her orgasm was taking over her body. Mom sunk back resting her head on the wall of the shower trying to catch her breath. Dad moved the clippers to her mound and made short work of reducing her bush to stubble. Dad turned the clipper off and moved forward and cupped mom's tits in his muscular hands and squeezed them. He let her breasts slide from his hands and caught both nipples between each index finger and thumb. He pulled her nipples to his mouth and sucked both nipples.

After tormenting her nipples and getting the response he was looking for from her. He reached back behind his back and got the shaving foam and her razor. He moved to her right arm and pushed it up. She had no stubble under her arm, but he was going to shave it anyway. He didn't stop with the foam under her arm he covered her arm from wrist to shoulder and scraped what little hair she had from that part of her body. She raised her left arm expecting him to spread foam on it, he returned to cupping her breasts instead. Her nipples were again being sucked into his mouth with her again moaning to the point she grabbed his head and pulled him tight to her tits. Her nipples were so excited with his sucking on them that they hurt. Once she finally let go of his head and wilted back on the bench. He was soon applying the foam to her left arm and scraping it bare.

'Please, Jerry, shave my fucking pussy and get that cock in it. You're driving me crazy,' mom begged.

Dad slipped his finger down and teased her clit bringing her to another crashing orgasm, causing her to once again gasp for air. They say women don't sweat, but mom was definitely perspiring more than she ever had in her life. Dad was sporting a very hard cock as she sunk back on the bench. He grabbed her ankles and his cock was soon buried deep in her pussy and her ankles were next to his ears as he pounded his cock in her pussy. Mom's screams would have awakened the dead. I wasn't home from school or I'd have been checking on them. Dad exploded in her pussy with her having another huge orgasm.

Dad slipped his cock from her treasure cove and was once again rubbing foam on her body, from the tip of her toes to the top of her hip on her left leg. He made sure not to get any on her stubbly pubes. With razor in hand, he soon had the leg shaved bare even though there really wasn't any stubble on it as mom had shaved her underarms and legs that morning in the shower. Dad was again working on her right leg and still driving her crazy.

Dad had mom then get up and turn around. He had her bend over as he spread foam on her whole ass. Then he shaved her booty bare. 'Okay babe, reach back and hold those cheeks apart.'

'You've got to be kidding.'

'No, I told you every hair do you remember?' Dad said with a laugh, while mom reached back and spread her cheeks for him to shave her asshole.

'God this is so humiliating. Oh my fucking God, your fingers on my asshole are going to make me cum again.'

Dad was soon shaving her asshole bare like the rest of her body. Mom slipped onto the bench again as another orgasm ripped through her body. Mom was to the point she didn't care anymore what he did to her. Jerry lathered her pussy and shaved her lips of her pussy bald. He left the mound to last, rubbing more lather on it. His cock was harder than he ever could remember as he slipped his cock in her pussy. He went as deep as he could and enjoyed her tight pussy massaging his whole cock buried in her pussy. As he lightly slid his cock in and out of her pussy he shaved the last hint of hair from her body. When he had it bare, he grabbed her ankles and tried to wear her pussy out as he came again with force in her delicate pussy. Dad slipped to the floor of the shower and mom followed him with his cock pulling her on top of him. They rested for a while with his cock shrinking in her tight pussy.

I'm sure Aunt Patti was turned on as much as I was when she finished telling me about mom and dad settling their argument. I gathered from this my aunt was a little jealous of the sex my mom had received.

I remember knocking on the bathroom door later, thinking mom was in there by herself. I actually tried the door knob, but it was locked. "Mom, you in there? You know where dad is?"

"Yes, he is in here with me. We'll be out in a few minutes."

Mom shook dad's shoulder, 'Your daughter is home.'

Forgive me, this next part is me dreaming about what happened and even being jealous about it.

Dad was just about among the living again as mom stood up. They turned the shower on and washed the evidence of all their love making from their bodies. Dad was looking at mom's naked pussy, and so was mom. 'See it wasn't so bad, and look at it, it's gorgeous.'

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