tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMore Oral After the Exam Ch. 03

More Oral After the Exam Ch. 03


I am back to continue the second part of my "Oral Exam" storyline. The dirty stories too much to stay away.... If you haven't read the first series (or the first two stories in this series), I'd suggest that you stop here and go back. Don't worry! They have naughty bits too. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Mykittystar for editing. I deeply appreciate your thoughts and encouragement. You've really made this something special. Otherwise, feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I'd love to hear where you think this should go next. I am not always sure myself. Keep your eyes open for the next installment. It will be up shortly. I have several more all set and ready to go (after a little more minor editing). Don't forget to vote. Enjoy.

My eyes fluttered open.

I had drifted off. I looked over at the clock: 10:03 p.m. Good, it wasn't too late; I had a little more time to relax. I would lie here for another hour or two holding Jessica. Around midnight I would get up, kiss my blonde paramour on the forehead, scribble a tender nothing on a scrap of paper, and then skulk back to my apartment. Traffic in and out of the girl's dormitory would be minimal after the witching hour. Given a little luck, nobody would see me on the way out. I could then drive home without being noticed.

There was a tingling in my left arm where it had fallen asleep. I turned my head to look over at Jessica. Her beauty freshly struck me. Blonde hair fell loosely over her eyes, granting her a sleepy and carefree demeanor. A wistful and slightly jaunty smile curled up from her mouth.

The girl was already awake and she seemed pleased that I had regained my own sense of consciousness.

"Have a nice nap, Professor?" she asked playfully. I could sense a faint tinge of laughter around the edge of her voice.

I grinned a bit sheepishly, remembering all of the naughty things we had just done a few hours before. Every time I thought about sex with Jessica I felt my blood pulse with a nervous jolt. No matter how many times I found myself in bed with this gorgeous, eighteen-year-old, former student of mine, I never quite got used to the thought. I always felt like someone was about to pinch me and I would then wake up from the X-rated fairy tale I had been living. Jessica was just that stirring, lovely, and beautiful.

I stretched and said, "Be quiet and come here so I can kiss you." I tried to roll onto my side, but I felt something hold me back at the wrist.

I wriggled my other arm and I was restrained there too.

Jessica and I had reversed roles. The ribbons that had bound her were now wrapped around my wrists. I was tied to the bed frame.

"Ummmm Jessica..." I questioned, letting my words drift off.

"Don't look at me Kemosabe. I didn't do that to you," she replied, giving me a chaste peck on the forehead for emphasis. "I would never dream of causing trouble. I've just been lying here, totally innocent, and waiting for a giant smooch. I've kissed you. But you don't seem to be making a move. Are you saying that you don't want to kiss me, Professor?"

I could feel the tease behind her words. Jessica may not have been the culprit, but she certainly was enjoying my predicament. Women.

A glob of cool liquid drizzled onto my chest. Instead of running off me, it formed an odd viscous mound that stayed firmly in place. I turned my head to the right to see Jessica's roommate Shannon standing next to the bed. The tiny, dark haired tart was completely naked and double-fisting a bear-shaped honey bottle. Her eyes were wide with amusement over the trick she had clearly just pulled.

"Wakey, wakey," Shannon said in a giddy, sing song voice. "You've had long enough to sleep."

"Really?" I asked, blinking my eyes. I was still coming to terms with the current situation.

"Yuppers," Shannon said her voice bright with sunshine. "It's time to get all sticky. I'm a little surprised that you didn't use all the goodies I laid next to the bed for you. Since you didn't, like, use them on Jessica, I totally get to use them on you."

"Is that how it works?" I asked.

Shannon gave me a massive grin. "It does when you are all tied up and can't do shit about it."

I chuckled and nodded my head. "I guess so," I replied. "Do your worst then; wicked woman!"

Shannon squeezed the bottle again, drizzling more honey onto my chest. When satisfied with the skin to honey ratio, she tossed the bottle over her shoulder. Both of her hands went to my pecs. She flexed her fingers, working the sticky goo into my skin.

Shannon leaned down and I could feel her breath on my nipple. She extended her tongue and wriggled it back and forth. "Mmmmmm.... So sweet and yummy," she purred. "Would you like a taste Jessica?"

My blonde goddess was now lying on her side, with her head propped up and resting on one arm. For a moment I could see her weighing her options. Then she said, "Nope. I'm good right now. I'd rather just watch. But have at him Shan, he's all yours for right now."

Sinister Shannon giggled evilly. She would take unmitigated advantage of my tacit compliance.

I gulped.

Sucking first one nipple to erection and then the other, Shannon was getting me turned on. The blood was beginning to rush, causing my member to throb. I was half hard, but if Shannon kept up her sex play it wouldn't be long before I was in a turgidly engorged state. I had already cum twice that day (first on Jessica's tits and a second time in her pussy), but I knew that my hard-on would be rising for a third (and possibly a fourth) time.

The dark-haired minx clamped her teeth over my nipple. She ground them lightly together, emitting a growl. While I winced slightly in pain, I couldn't deny that the feeling wasn't pleasurable.

Satisfied that she had gotten my full attention, Shannon bounded onto the bed and straddled me while standing up. As she towered over me I had a perfect view of her petite pussy. Shannon squatted, bringing her bare muff (except for a landing strip) just a few inches from my face.

"I call her my Kitty Cat or my Meow Meow. Isn't she pretty?" she asked strumming her clit.

I snorted. Even when she was being sexy as hell, Shannon could be fucking ridiculous.

"It's true. She really does call it that," Jessica deadpanned, seemingly completely serious. I could hear, hidden under her tone however, that she shared my amusement.

Shannon was oblivious. My view was incredible; her puffy pussy looked like two perfectly tasty peach halves. I knew that I could munch on them all night long and still never get enough.

Reaching between her legs, Shannon spread her cunt lips. The girl was so deliciously pink and juicy. "This tasty Kitty is right here waiting. She needs petting. But I bet she will taste even better with some of that Redi-Whip over there. Jessica would you hand that can to me?"

"Ummmm.... Sure thing Shannon." Jessica was perplexed by Shannon's request, but that didn't stop her from complying.

"Ok. Thanks. Good. Now I just need to shake, shake, shake, shake that shit up," she squealed, wiggling both her butt and the can of whipped cream. I licked my lips as I watched her juicy pussy dance above my face.

Jessica's roommate opened the can and carelessly tossed the cap to the floor. "Oopsy, my bad. I've been a messy girl. But I think I'm, like, going to get even messier. Maybe even downright dirty," she said. Holding the can's nozzle just above her clit, she pushed down. With a whoosh, Shannon's cunt was covered with a mound of frothy whipped cream.

"Now fucking eat me, Professor," Shannon demanded.

What could I do? I was tied down and completely helpless. Shannon was holding me hostage, so I had to obey her whims; I couldn't do anything to stop her from grinding her drooling cunt all over my face. The teen slut could rub her girl cum all over me whether I liked it or not. My decision was already made. I steeled my spine to my fate: if I had to dine on Shannon's sweet, teen pussy then I guess that was the "terrible" price I was willing to pay for my eventual freedom.

Normally I like to begin with a lot of foreplay when I eat a woman out. I don't think one can ever spend "too much" time prepping a pussy for action. I would begin with some blowing, switch to gentle caresses, move up to nibbling, and eventually graduate to full-blown licking. This time though, was different. I wasn't in control, so I had to move at Shannon's speed.

Shannon skipped all of the pleasantries and sat right on my face.

I was smothered in slick, teenage cunt.

Intoxicated by her scent, my tongue went right to the heart of her honey-pot. Sugary whipped cream mixed lusciously with pussy juice. This was a sinfully naughty flavor combination that I would have to revisit later.

I rotated my tongue in a swirl. A stream of cum exploded in my mouth. My chin was bathed in a gorgeous torrent of Shannon's juices. Her arousal had been building for some time. She squeaked and then ground her clit harder against my nose. The crescendo would probably not be too far off.

Not surprisingly, Shannon continued to babble at me as she rode my face, "Fuck, I've been more than patient all evening. Does that pussy taste like candy? Although Jessica ate me out before you got here, naughty, nasty boy, I was still fucking horny, you know? Mmm hmmmnn... So you got here and I had to watch you two fuck and that made things even worse. Yes, that's it... Eat my whipped creamed cunt! Your tongue is... Oh my... Sure I got to use my vibe but that ain't the same as the real thing, especially when I can see it boning my roomie over there. And sucking your cock always gets me wet too."

Jessica raised a curious eyebrow and chimed in, "Suck his cock? When did you find time to do that?"

"I did it while we were out in the hall. He just whipped out his schlong and I got on my knees."

"In the hallway? Really?"

"Sure," Shannon quipped, her voice brimming over with pride. "No big deal. But ummm... Ellie saw us. She was coming back from the shower."

Jessica was surprised, "She saw you blowing him in the hallway, Shan?"

I took that moment to point my tongue like a torpedo and plunge it even deeper inside of Shannon's tasty twat.

Shannon was surprised by my fresh rally.

Instinctually her hands slipped into mine, interlocking our fingers. Palm to palm, her grip tightened and released matching the tempo of my tongue. Shannon bucked against my face and exclaimed, "Shit. That's good... Oh what? Did ummmm... Jessica?"

Jessica understood that her roommate was loosing focus. She asked Shannon her question again, this time measuring her words more carefully, "Did Ellie see you giving the Professor a blowjob?"

Shannon tightened her thighs around my head. The slut quivered as the flow of her body quickened. Honey leaked from her cunt like a spigot. An orgasm was imminent.

"No, but I... I don't think she, what I mean is, totally saw anything. You know with his thing... That's so good. Afterwards. Sooooooo good. EAT ME!!!"

I was covered in darkness. My entire world was cunt. It was a strange sensation, being a critical participant while also being sidelined from the panorama. Sure Shannon was cumming, but I was unable to view what was transpiring directly above me. I could feel her quake, but the specifics were lost to me. This feeling was new and odd. There was something incredibly intimate in this moment. Shannon was using me.

I was a sex toy, a naughty device with a tongue. I was there for stimulation, but otherwise I had no real choice in the matter. She controlled her direction and speed. I had to respond as her pussy ground against my face. Every moment was hers; I was just along for the ride.

Jaggedly, Shannon writhed against me. She squirmed and panted, bucking against my face with an unleashed fury. I breathed in her scent, drawing it in deeply, washing myself in her passion. She screamed in ecstasy. Were there words? I couldn't tell. Her thighs were pressed too tightly against my ears.

After several spasms Shannon fell from her perch. She slid limply backward between the headboard and me. The top of my head was resting against her steaming muffin. I knew her pussy lips were spread open and bare. How unladylike!

But Shannon didn't give a fuck; she had just come.

Jessica was the first one to speak. With a mild touch of concern she asked, "Shan, are you ok?"

Shannon panted for a long moment then replied with a brash and enthusiastic, "Fuck yeah!"

"Oh my Gawd, girl! That was amazing. You two were totally hot," Jessica gushed. "But you know Shan, I think the entire dorm might have heard you. You were screaming pretty loud."

Shannon giggled and dismissively said, "Wouldn't be the first time. Whatever..."

"Are you all good now, baby girl?" Jessica asked, wistfully stroking Shannon's calf.

Shannon snorted. "No," she said dismissively.

Tousling my hair, she leaned forward. She slapped me twice with her tits and then bent down. Instead of kissing me, the naughty slut traced my face with her tongue. And the girl was sloppy; she licked me all over like a cat to milk.

The dark haired beauty declared, "I do taste like candy." She smacked her lips loudly for effect. "That is really fucking good. I'm going to have to use whipped cream again sometime."

"Anytime you want," Jessica murmured playfully.

"I'd like to try that."

I nodded my fervent consent.

Shannon giggled girlishly and bounded across the bed. This girl was such an unstoppable ball of energy. She settled down next to my waist.

Shannon's eyes were wide. I could see her ogling my dong. Eating teenage snatch had gotten me incredibly hot; my dick was ripe and ready to go. Something was going on in that dirty, dirty mind of hers.

I was pretty sure whatever naughty thoughts she had concocted were going to be just fine by me.

Shannon held up her hand. Her face had suddenly become serious. "Quiet, I heard something," she said.

My heart raced and a chill passed through me.

Startled, Jessica and I looked at each other and then at the door. It was still closed. I didn't think we had been interrupted. Had someone seen the whole thing?

Shannon leaned over me, almost touching her lips to my dick. Grinning widely she said, "What's that Mr. Penis? I heard that. Poor guy. He's so cold. You wanna get in my warm, tight pussy? Hmmn?"

We all laughed.

The tension now broken, Shannon looked over at Jessica. The two women locked eyes, passing something wordless between them.

"May I, roomie?" Shannon asked.

Jessica nodded and said one word: "Please."

The slut wasted no time. In a fluid motion, she scooped up my erect cock, swung one leg over my hips, and then settled down on top of me. My dick slid easily into her slit.

"Ohhhhh.... That is the bomb," Shannon said, throwing her head back. At first she was squatting, but then she adjusted her legs. Her body descended, letting gravity do the work. "Oh my gosh, all the way in... That is so totally tight. Stretch my pussy out."

In a few more seconds she was sitting on my hips. I was now buried completely inside of her sheath to the hilt.

"Sweet paradise! Oh my God! I've just wanted to feel full. You have no idea how much I've totally needed a fuckstick between my legs," Shannon groaned. She stayed still, soaking up the sensation. For my part, I was content. I knew the fucking would commence shortly so I savored the languishing desire and waited.

Shannon was radiant. Her skin crackled with electricity. Her eyes were prisms of lust. She panted lightly, adjusting her body to the intruder between her legs. Her face flashed with discomfort for an instant before washing fully into bliss. A mist of sweat adorned her chest, causing it to glisten in the half-light. Her perky teenage tits stood proudly. Her nipples were tiny, strawberry gumdrops.

I counted the seconds in my head. Five became ten, then fifteen, and eventually thirty. How long would she remain still? When would her hips move?

Shannon remained planted on my dick for several minutes. Her eyes drooped shut and the rasp of her breath became gentler. Tension in her shoulders unfurled, leaving her loose and uncontained. The girl was motionless. She stayed still for so long that I wondered if Shannon had fallen asleep.

Then her lips moved. They fluttered open lightly, barely parting. If I hadn't been scrutinizing Shannon's face so carefully I wouldn't have noticed.

But I did. The coed cutie was nowhere near comatose. Rather, she was completely focused.

She was using all of her energy to savor the sensation of my flesh between her legs and deep in her pussy. She had shut down the outside world of sight, sound, etc. The friction of fucking would come shortly (after this build up, how could it not?) but for now the slut straddling me just relaxed and savored being full of my cock.

What a dirty and delicious thought! Suddenly I was rock hard and fucking horny. My cock twitched.

Another long pause drifted by. Tied to the bed, I was helpless to do anything but wait. So I studied Shannon's form. I watched, eagle eyed for the most marginal change. No luck. Her only movement was the barest rise and fall of her breath. Had I been wrong? Seeing things that I had wanted to see? Had her awakening been only my imagination?

But then Shannon's plush lips moved again. She was saying something, but it was so soft that I could not make out a syllable. I strained, hoping that she would speak. She was a statue impaled on my cock. She couldn't just sit there, could she?

A few seconds later, I was granted a reprieve.

She was mouthing words; this time though, I could make them out. Shannon was speaking in a barely audible pant.

"Fuck me," she said.

Shannon's hips moved forward, sliding along my dick. The movement was fluid and easy. The girl was slick, so very slick. Stopping just short of my tip, she halted and backed up. Once again, I was buried to my base.

I guess the teen slut had enough waiting.

"Fuck me," she said, this time a little louder.

Shannon moved again, repeating her rhythm.

"Fuck me," still louder. "Fuck me," louder still. "Fuck me."

The wait had been excruciating. Our motionless coupling had been the most spectacular tease.

Shannon wanted to demonstrate her control and she had done so beyond all expectations. But the game had changed again. Now it was time for something different.

Although tied to the bed, I could still move my hips. I drove them upward, propelling my rod into Shannon's teenage cunt. The force shook both of us.

"Fuck me!"

Shannon, your wish is my command, I thought.

"Fuck me!!"

I punctuated her words with several thrusts.

"Fuck me!!!"

My hips were a blur.

"Fuck Me!!! Fuck Me!!!"

"Fuck Me!!! Fuck Me!!!"

"FUCK ME!!!"

Shannon was leaning over me doing her best to match my pace. She was throwing her hips around in a fury. The slut was a grinding, whirling devil. I was a dick and she was a cunt. She whizzed and whirled, spinning into infinity.

Slamming her hips down, I could feel the flesh of her ass shake as it struck my thighs. Shannon paused, gasping for air, regaining her strength, and then...


Jessica stood up and moved next to her roommate.

The blonde bent down and suckled a nipple in her mouth. Then with a sudden movement, she smacked Shannon squarely on the butt.

My back arched. I knew that I was close. I could feel cum rising up to my dick. I would unload in an instant.

"Shannon, you delicious slut, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna fucking cum!!!"

Shannon leapt off of my cock and knelt between my legs. "Oh yeah, right there baby," she said. Opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue, she continued, "Paint my face with your fucking nut!"

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