tagRomanceMore Oral After the Exam Ch. 06

More Oral After the Exam Ch. 06


I am back to continue the second part of my "Oral Exam" storyline. The dirty stories too much to stay away.... If you haven't read the first series (or the first five stories in this series), I'd suggest that you stop here and go back. Don't worry! They have naughty bits too. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Mykittystar for editing. I deeply appreciate your thoughts and encouragement. You've really made this something special. Otherwise, feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I'd love to hear where you think this should go next. I am not always sure myself. Keep your eyes open for the next installment. It will be up shortly. I have another one all set and ready to go (after a little more editing). Don't forget to vote. Enjoy.


Blah, blah, blah make eye contact, blah, blah, blah audience analysis, blah, blah, blah visual aids. The drone was putting my students to sleep. My words were tedious, even to me.

"Excuse me, Professor. I don't mean to interrupt class, but I have a delivery. This is Com. 110, right?"

I grunted in agreement as I let my eyes roam over the two ladies. Both wore tight, red, scoop neck dresses that displayed a generous helping of cleavage. The one on the left was a slender brunette with curls that spilled over her bare shoulders. Her friend was a tall blonde with creamy skin that was taut over her wicked muscles. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. The way she tottered uncomfortably was a dead give away that she hadn't spent very much time in stiletto heels; she probably spent more time in the gym.

The brunette continued, "I'll be quick. My sisters and I had a booth in the student union where we sold chocolate sweethearts to be delivered on the Friday before Valentine's Day. A couple of people in this class have received them."

I rolled my eyes. I remembered this silly nonsense from the previous year. How had this sorority managed to perpetuate this archaic tradition even in our modern age? Why was it necessary to take up class time for some bogus Greek money drive?

Whatever... People higher up than me must be convinced of the value. And maybe I was just ornery.

"Fine. Do whatever you need to do," I grumbled, as I waved the two women into the room.

"Thanks," the brunette said flashing me a killer smile. A wave of heat passed over my body. An attractive woman only had to show me the slightest attention these days and I melted. Of course, I hadn't had sex in the last two weeks either. Between my celibacy promise and my unsettling last experience, I was feeling a little pent up.

These silly student temptresses were just too much and they weren't even trying. What shape would I be in if they actually wanted to woo me? Best not to know. So I decided to just ignore the situation. I looked down at my notes and tried to remember where I had left off in my lecture.

"Justin Diorzio? Are you here?"

A bookish guy with glasses in the back of the room raised his hand timidly. Most of my students were first years, so they didn't know what to expect from these deliveries.

The brunette's face lit up. She plucked a chocolate heart from the basket the blonde was carrying. Slowly, the coed sauntered across the room. As she gracefully weaved her way through a forest of desks, she rolled her hips with bonus va va voom.

Stopping in front of Justin, the brunette bent at the waist. With her ass prominently in the air for all to see, the woman moved in close. She placed her arms over each of his shoulders and leaned down. Her soft locks fell over them and for a second the two people were blocked from the prying eyes of my class. A soft smacking sound followed, and I knew that Justin had been kissed.

The brunette withdrew slowly, leaving the chocolate heart on her mark's desk. She turned on her heels and walked away grinning triumphantly. The lioness had conquered.

Giggles rippled through the class. I shook my head in wonder again. Maybe Jen was onto something; the patriarchy was alive and well at my university.

"I have one more," the blonde said, as she set down the basket of hearts on a desk near the door. She pulled one out and turned to face me. "Ready, Professor?"

My face became bright red as I stared back blankly. "Ummm... what?"

The blonde moved in close. Her gaze locked on mine; something breathed over her that made her eyes flicker. But whatever it was swirled into a sultry smile. A soft, flowery scent gently tickled my senses. Pressing herself against me, her breasts pushed up on my chest. I could feel her nipples excitedly poking through the sheer fabric of the dress. A tremulous gasp crossed my lips - how could this be happening?

Still wobbling on the heels, she stood an inch or two above me. I couldn't help myself; I was getting hard. This luscious, blonde Amazon coed looked down and smiled. She knew. And then she wiggled her hips against me.

The blonde leaned in and lightly whispered in my ear, "Last December, I liked sucking your cock. If I get a chance I'll do it again." Her tongue traced the length of my ear before ending in a tender nibble. Then she pulled away leaving only a lingering, damp heat.

My shock was surely evident. How did I know her? When did we...

The party.

Last semester I'd been invited to Jessica's sorority initiation. The affair turned out to be an orgy where students invited their professors to participate in an all night fuck fest. The evening had started out with a BJ line up. The attending faculty was asked to form into a single file. The teenaged sorority pledges, meanwhile, fell to their knees and gave us a parade of oral sex. Every couple of minutes a signal was given and the young ladies moved down one spot, then I got to enjoy another coed mouth.

And the blonde was one of the pledges that sucked my dick.

It figured. I hadn't put two and two together. The Valentine's Day Heart Sale was famous on campus. A sorority and fraternity got together every year to make a killing; the most beautiful members would sell and distribute. Hottie kisses, plus chocolate goodies, plus extreme embarrassment, created a winning sales scenario. I had heard about it as soon as I had started here, but then I never dreamed a grad student would get a delivery.

Or that I would...

Startled gasps echoed across my classroom. A few scattered claps and hoots bounced back to me. No one could have anticipated what had just occurred. Shock was written on my student's faces.

Joining her partner, the blonde curtsied. Despite my carnal knowledge of the teen Amazon, had I ever learned her name?

Grinning spectacularly, the brunette gave the class a tinkling wave and gushed, "Laters."

And they were gone.


The rest of class was a disaster. Whether the students cared or not, I couldn't escape what had just occurred. No longer bothering with class discussion, I bumbled through the rest of my lecture. Most of the class seemed to be on the verge of cracking up. A couple of students seemed appalled; a few others juvenilely impressed.

Fuck! I knew I'd be hearing about this later in the department.

One student, Ellie, was smiling so widely she looked ready to burst. Of course she was the one who caught me in the dorm hallway getting head from Shannon. The situation only served to fuel the gossip fires.

After class, I fled to my office. Sitting in my chair I examined the present that had caused me such embarrassment. Wrapped in red tin foil, the chocolate heart was big enough for several bites. A small envelope addressed "Professor" was attached with a ruby ribbon.

I opened it and a message was written in large, curvy script. It read, "Will you be my Valentine, Professor? Sunday. I'll be at your apartment at 1:00 p.m. My treat. I won't take no for an answer. I need you. Trust me, you'll enjoy every minute together. Jessica"

As soon as classes resumed after winter break Jessica and I renewed our relationship. Without thinking we picked up exactly where we had left off last semester. Sure we had been fuck buddies, but now it felt like we were entering deeper territory. Were we lovers? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Would a relationship even be possible, given the carnal nature of our first illicit transaction?

After being caught in the gym in Taryn I decided to go cold turkey and stopped having sex. Zero. Keeping my dick in check was my biggest problem. I had to keep it in my pants with no exceptions. Consequently, I had been avoiding Jessica for the last few weeks. The girl made several overtures, (including a steamy webcam session) but I had managed to rebuff them all. Schoolwork, I plead. I knew she had her girlfriends to keep her entertained, but that strategy would keep the horny coed satisfied for only so long.

Besides I knew that I missed her. I wanted to be around Jessica. I ached for her. My thoughts were distracted and filled with her these days. I tried to study, but all I could think about was her blonde hair, her smile, and her laugh.

I tried to shut her out; my life had been spinning out of control. Too much sex had brought everything crashing to the edge and everywhere morsels of coed temptation were swirling around me.

Not that Jessica cared, quite the opposite actually; she loved to watch me fucking and sucking her friends. It made her wicked hot watching me sexing off and being sexed up by other coeds. But my behavior felt dangerous. Given my position as a grad student with teaching responsibilities at the university, it was only a matter of time until someone caught on to my perilous sex life.

And then there was Jen. Ever since she caught me with my dick inside Jessica, my dissertation advisor had been a colossal pain in the ass. Of course I had been banging Jen too, so now I was feeling the wrath of a woman scorned. Until two weeks ago that situation had just been uncomfortable. Then Jen turned up the heat by demanding that I fuck her. At first I said no. Jen responded by threatening my dissertation process and thus my whole career and future. I felt I had no choice but to concede.

"Wow that's a sour face. You look like you've been rode hard and put up wet," Cindy chirped behind me. I saw my tiny blonde office mate shrugging off her backpack and dusting snow from her winter cap. She plopped down into her desk chair with a dramatic sigh and pulled off her boots.

My best friend Sarah stood behind her. She nodded and said, "Totally dude. Did class go badly?"

I studied Sarah's face for a long moment. Did she know about what happened with the Valentine's gram? While I wouldn't be surprised if news of the kiss had gotten around, I hadn't thought it would spread so quickly.

I must have been scowling. Sarah looked back at me confused.

She shrugged her shoulders and blurted, "Dude. What?"

"Why did you ask about class?"

"Umm... maybe because you just had class and you look pissed off. That's all. No need to get touchy. Or maybe you're sad? I can't quite tell sometimes. Whatever the case, something's going on."

I sighed and fell back in my chair. Cindy and Sarah didn't know anything about my life this semester. Taking my frustrations out on them was just wrong. They were just trying to be my friends.

I needed to get past this river of crap; I had to stop worrying. This level of stress was no good. Maybe I just needed to talk it out.

"My apologies Sarah; I didn't mean to bite your head off."

"It's cool."

"But since you asked my life's been a little crazy. And something did happen in class today."


I looked at my open office door; the delivery of what I had to say couldn't happen on campus. I really needed to get away from it all; so I suggested we steal away for a while. "I know it's early, but would you two like to go off campus and get a drink? Downing a beer anywhere that isn't my office would be amazing right about now."

Cindy and Sarah shared a glance then Cindy reluctantly stood up.

"Well darn it all. I just got warm from slogging through all that snow, but I guess I can go back out again. This sounds too good to miss." Cindy told us in that sexy Southern drawl of hers.

"Completely," Sarah agreed. "Papers can wait dude. Let's make tracks."

"Absolutely," I said.


"Hold up. You fucked Jen Endicott?" Cindy blurted, nearly choking on her drink.

My head shot up as I looked around the place, wary. I didn't want eavesdroppers hearing our conversation. We were holed up in the far corner of an empty bar and grill about an hour before the lunch rush.

"Yes," I replied.

"Well, butter my biscuits! The Jen Endicott? Your dissertation advisor? The same woman who's the department's go-to-gal on feminist theory?"

"Again, yes."

"Let me get this straight in my head. You're convinced that Jen sexually harassed and blackmailed you into knockin' boots with her?"

"Yes," I said.

"Oh my heck," Cindy murmured in disbelief.

I shrugged my shoulders and took another pull off my pint. I'd spent the last half hour filling Cindy and Sarah in on my sexual exploits of late. I told them everything: the dorm orgy, Taryn and the gym fuck, her sister Roxy, the webcam tease, my run in with Jen, and the kiss delivered to my classroom. All my words spilled out in a rush; I couldn't stop them. And damn it felt good to finally tell someone.

"Now you know how I felt last semester when the bastard dumped everything on me," Sarah said, patting Cindy on the knee. "Nothing surprises me now. Only this guy can get that much poon and make such a mess of it all."

The women giggled as I looked around the bar again. Our waitress was checking ketchup bottles on the other side of the room; no one could hear. I could breathe. But why did Sarah and Cindy have to be so fucking loud?

"I'm glad I can entertain you ladies," I muttered, only half intending for them to hear. "And can you keep it down? I'd rather the barflies not know about my fucked up sex life."

Cindy's eyes grew soft. Her mouth curved into a smile as she took my hand. "I'm sorry darlin'," she said, her Southern accent a comforting purr. "Really. I mean it. I'm glad you told us. I can tell you needed to talk to someone. And honey, you can't hold it all in. You look so much more relaxed now that you dished."

"Totally," Sarah interjected.

"I feel it," I confessed.

"Dude, we knew you've been holding out on us," Sarah continued. "There's been something wrong with you since the beginning of the semester. I've seen you slinking in the halls or ducking into class at the last moment. Every time I've tried to say something, you've scampered off. What the fuck? You told me about Jessica and Shannon last semester and I'm still your friend after that shit. Nothing will drive me away."

"I feel the same way," Cindy added. "You know my secrets and I know yours. We can help you through this mess."

I sighed deeply and smiled. For the first time in weeks I felt some relief.

"We actually stopped by the office on purpose. Sarah and I hoped we'd catch you and be able to coerce something out of you. But you came to us first," Cindy revealed.


"For sure dude," Sarah said as she gestured with a french fry.

"We had an elaborate plan concocted just to get you to lunch with us. Maybe we over thought things a little. We should've just spread our legs."

My face certainly darkened.

That is when Sarah punched me in the shoulder. Hard.

"Oh stop it," she quipped rolling her eyes. "You're a slut and you know it. I made a little joke too soon, now let's get over it. Seriously dude."

Cindy shook her head in mock disbelief and patted my hand in sympathy. Sarah was right, though. I needed to move on. I had fucked a lot of women. Now I needed to acknowledge the truth and deal with the consequences.

"Fair enough. So what should I do?"

"About Jen?"

"Nope," I said. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the card that came with the chocolate heart. "About Jessica."

Sarah leaned back in her seat and nibbled on her lip. The brunette motioned with her hands and tried to speak.

But Cindy's words came first. "That depends," she stated simply.

"On what?" I was almost too afraid to ask.

Another glance was exchanged between the ladies. "On how you feel," Cindy said through a smile.

Sarah agreed nodding alongside Cindy, her friend and lover. I could see in my best friend's face that she wasn't surprised over my concern about Jessica. The ladies had a plan. I was probably participating in a neatly scripted conversation, complete with talking points. Now I just needed to own up to my answer.

"I think I love her," was my reply.

Sarah slapped me. The shock of her open palm broke against my cheek. The pain was an explosion. My head whipped back under the force of the blow. Blinking I stared at her, stunned.

"Did that hurt?" Sarah inquired, her voice distant and cold.

I nodded, too surprised to muster the necessary words.

"Good," Sarah retorted. "You're making things way too complex and painful for yourself. Quit dancing around the truth and figure out what you really want. Do you want Jessica? Or do you want to lose her? By avoiding her and not being honest you're forcing her out of your life."

I squinted at Sarah in disbelief.

"What?" Sarah clucked, "Don't look at me like that. Everything else is B.S. and you know it. Stop fucking around and tell Jessica what you think. You can be so damn dense sometimes."

"It's not that simple..." I began.

"Why not?" Sarah interrupted. "She's a great girl. She's sexy, witty, the complete package. You get along well and there's obvious chemistry. So what's the problem?"

"She's young," I offered.

Cindy raised an eyebrow. Incredulously Sarah inquired, "Is that really bothering you now?"

"Not really, but there are lots of guys her own age who she could be with. Right?"

"And she's spending all of her time trying to hang out with you. Seriously dude. Jessica's made her choice pretty damn clear."

"Oh," I mumbled. "I guess I knew that."

"Then what is it?" Sarah asked, exacerbated.

I swallowed hard and there it was; for the first time it was clear.

I just didn't know what to do with it. "I had sex with Taryn."

Sarah and Cindy looked confused. "What of it?" Cindy queried.

"Jessica doesn't know about it," I answered. "When Taryn and I first got together, Jessica and I had just exchanged sex for grades. Taryn just sort of happened and things went from there; it wasn't anything meaningful at the time. Then these feelings developed for Jessica, but Taryn and I never stopped seeing each other. I never told Jessica about her."

Sarah nodded. "And you think you should've said something to Jessica?"

"Yeah. Maybe. Too much has happened since then. Jessica knows that I've been with other women, but she probably thinks she always arranged it. This is different. Taryn is different."

Cindy had been staring at me, scrutinizing my face all the while. Heat filled my cheeks as I felt layers of emotion being pulled back by her intense gaze. Finally my eyes met hers.

A wry smile formed on Cindy's lips and she murmured, "Well shut my mouth. You're enamored with Taryn too."

A bolt of lightning struck me.

I wanted to deny. I wanted to be indignant and offended. Until that moment I hadn't put all the pieces together yet, but I knew then and there that Cindy's revelation was true. I knew I loved both Taryn and Jessica.

Sara punched me on the arm. Hard. This time I barely felt it. I hadn't been able to see it before through all my bullshit. With all that extraneous crap shoved out of the way I could see clearly.

Fully consumed by my thoughts, Sarah lugged me back to the tidy reality of the bar. "Dude!" Sarah proclaimed, "Let's get real here. You're a dog if you think you can play them. They're too good for that."

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