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More Sister Sharing


My sister, Debbie, is an attractive woman in her early thirties, nice tits and ass with a sexy smile. I learned that Debbie and her ex-husband, Chuck, had once swapped partners with some friends of theirs. Debbie enjoyed the sex, but really wasn't into swapping. Chuck on the other hand, had affairs with most of Debbie's female friends, plus some three-way action with me and our other brother-in-law, Dan. Debbie and Chuck divorced a few years ago due to his infidelity, and about a year ago, Debbie started dating and fucking a younger man named Dallas. Yea, "Debbie does Dallas"; she has heard that phrase from everyone.

Anyway, one long three day weekend Scott and I invited Debbie and Dallas, and our big sister, Carol, and Carol's boyfriend, Cole, up to our cabin in the pines. Carol advised me that Cole had a fantasy of fucking all three sisters at the same time. I might agree to this, as I am a swinger; Debbie maybe, but Carol is not into that kind of sex. The first night at the cabin we played cards on the porch after dinner. Eventually the table discussion turned to sex, and Cole spoke up and related the previous night when he and Carol had visited Dallas and Debbie and soaked in Debbie's hot-tub. Cole joked to everyone about Debbie removing her top and sitting topless in the spa. Debbie was red in the face and extremely embarrassed in front of the group.

Scott and I took the attention from poor Debbie and talked about going nude in her brother-in-law's spa with Debbie and Chuck and Dan and Susie, and it was no big deal. I then spoke up and reminded that each one of the gals had seen Scott naked. Susie in the spa, Carol had lived with us for a short time and had walked in on Scott several times, and we had invited Debbie up to the cabin previously, where she walked in to the bathroom while Scott exited from the shower. Debbie had to pee, so she sat on the toilet while Scott toweled off two feet away. She smiled while he displayed his cock to her, and then said, very nice. Scott told her if she saw anything she liked to just grab it. She then replied, eat me Scott. He told her to spread her legs anytime and he would oblige her.

Next, I commented to the group that Scott and I practiced nudism and it didn't bother us to be nude in front of anyone. Carol then piped up and said, yea, Scott walks around the house naked all the time, and so does Donna. Donna has even gone topless in front her friends, and even the pool man. I could tell that Cole and Dallas were taking all this sex talk in and wanted to continue, but Carol spoke up and said we were all nasty. Carol and Cole slept in the spare bedroom in single beds, while Scott and I slept in the main bedroom. Debbie and Dallas slept on the fold-out couch in the living room. Around 12:30 a.m., I heard movement from the front room, so I sent Scott out to see what the motion was about.

Debbie and Dallas were closing up the couch. Dallas said it was too hard on his back and that they would just sleep on the couch cushions, since it was a sectional. Scott stood there naked, as Dallas was naked also, his cock was semi erect. There was sufficient light coming from the kitchen night light for each of them to see the others nudity. Debbie apparently was standing in front of Scott facing away. She was only wearing a baggy sweatshirt, and it was obvious she was naked from the waist down. Scott was positive that Dallas and Debbie had been fucking on the sleeper, but since the mattress is only four inches thick, it was uncomfortable.

Debbie bent over to pick up the couch cushions which they had thrown on the floor to fold up the sleeper. As she did, her sweatshirt rode up over her naked butt, her legs were parted to balance herself, and she clearly exposed her labia and pubic hairs between her thighs. Debbie has large thighs, but Scott said he could clearly catch the reflection of light across her pussy lips and the moisture and cum oozing out. He was now positive that they had been fucking. Scott looked over at Dallas and he just grinned, while Debbie remained bent over to retrieve another cushion. My husband raised his eyebrows at Dallas and he motioned Scott to approach Debbie.

Scott walked up behind my sister and pushed his semi erection between her butt cheeks, grabbing her around her waist as she lifted up and then pushed his hands under her sweatshirt and cupped each breast. She froze at first, but then relaxed and just allowed him to hug her body against his.

She then looked at Dallas' grin and said, "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

Dallas then said, "Go ahead Scott, you know you want to!"

Scott reached between Debbie's thighs, grabbed his cock, and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. Then he started to slip in and push himself forward. Debbie didn't stop him and took in a deep sigh, as he slid in her pussy to the hilt. It was somewhat awkward, as Debbie is only five feet tall, and Scott had to really bend his legs. He pushed her down to the floor on her hands and knees over the couch. Dallas then slid over in front of her on the couch and motioned for Debbie to suck on his cock while he watched Scott fuck her. I got up to look for Scott, as he hadn't return to bed. I secretly observed him fucking my sister, standing there naked in the shadows until Dallas observed me.

Dallas said, "Busted!"

But I walked over and said it's about time you two fucked, and got down between Dallas' legs and took over Debbie's blowjob. Dallas was impressed with my 36D breasts and started groping them. Debbie has smaller 34B size, and she never wears a bra except to work. Dallas later joined me in our bed while Scott continued to explore Debbie in the living room. The second time they fucked on the rug with a pillow under Debbie's butt. She let herself go, partially from all the beer consumption earlier and partially because Dallas had already gotten her hot earlier. Carol was snoring from the other bedroom and I assumed Cole was asleep also. The next morning after breakfast, Dallas, Debbie, and Carol wanted to take a walk in the woods. Cole hadn't showered yet, so he remained at the cabin.

Scott and I did the breakfast dishes and made the beds. Cole walked out of the bathroom naked after toweling off and walked into the kitchen to get more coffee. He surprised me, and commented on what a fine body I have. He then confessed that he had snuck around the hallway the night before after hearing whispers and movement (the wooden floors creak). He had observed me lying on the bed with my legs spread wide, and a dark haired wide body man pumping me with his cock. He knew it wasn't Scott, so he assumed I was definitely a swinger. He said he always thought that I might be a swinger and commented on my huge breasts, saying he wished he could have been involved.

Cole then said he wondered where Scott was at the time, since he wasn't with me. He then went down the hallway and stopped at the living room. He observed Scott between Debbie's legs down on the throw rug and watched him pump his cock into her pussy. He just assumed we were all a bunch of swingers, except for Carol. I then said that I knew of his fantasy, but that my sisters didn't share my openness on sex, not even Debbie. I said Debbie just got caught up in the moment. I said it was okay with me if Cole fucked me, if Scott didn't mind. Scott said okay, that he would be the lookout for the others return. The front blinds were open, and anyone could have seen the action if they were on the porch.

I removed my clothes, already wet between my legs from the discussion and anticipation. Cole, already naked, jacked his cock until it was erect. He then leaned me over the couch and penetrated me from the rear, imitating Scott's fucking of Debbie the night before. Cole had a nice size cock, about eight inches like Scott's. He slowly pumped away in my pussy for about twenty minutes and he kneaded my breasts. Scott then spotted the others returning down the road about a block away. I told Cole he had a few minutes to finish. I then reached between my legs with my left hand and started milking Cole's balls. This is a common routine of mine when I want my partner to ejaculate. The others were getting closer to the drive-way, you could hear their voices now.

Fortunately for us, Debbie and Carol stopped at the steps to smoke one last cigarette before entering the cabin. Suddenly, Cole started to grunt and groan and then his balls began to jerk. I moaned and felt his jism shooting up into my pussy to be deposited with Scott's and Dallas' semen. Cole's climax then triggered my orgasm and I started to cry-out. The others raised their heads while walking up the driveway. Cole finished his eruption and slipped out of my pussy. He ran to the bathroom and closed the door. I grabbed up my clothes and ran to the bedroom to get dressed. Although the room now wreaked of cum and sex smells, I assumed that Debbie and Dallas just wrote it off to the night before and never said anything. Carol either didn't notice or didn't want to comment. The others asked what I had cried out about. I quickly exited the bedroom, fully dressed again, and said I had been making the beds and spotted a large spider on the wall, that's all.

I wasn't wearing panties, and apparently Cole's semen was oozing out of my pussy and plainly wetting the crotch of my white transparent shorts. Cole then exited the bathroom, barefoot in his jeans, towel in one hand and coffee cup in the other. He had a shitty expression on his face. I'm not so sure that Debbie and Dallas didn't see through it and think that Cole and Scott had just double penetrated me, but nobody said anything then. Carol was never the wiser. Debbie later pulled me aside and commented that cum was leaking out of my crotch and spotting my shorts. I guess she just assumed that it was still seeping from the night before with Dallas, as she never asked me about possibly having sex with Cole.

The whole gang was staying through Monday, due to the holiday weekend. Carol, Debbie, and Dallas went for a walk again and Cole stayed in bed. After the three of them departed the cabin, Cole walked out with a raging hardon and announced he wanted to fuck me while I gave Scott a blowjob. Scott sat on the top of the couch so he could watch out the front window. I stripped off my clothes and kneeled on the couch cushions between his legs. Cole again penetrated me from behind. Apparently, the three walked quite a distance from the cabin and browsed around the neighborhood looking at cabins for sale. They were gone for over an hour, and Cole took every advantage of my body he could muster. The guys traded places twice and filled my holes with their semen.

Cole and I continued to fuck occasionally, including one time in the parking lot outside a bar while the others were inside. Scott wasn't present that night; however, when I came home, he was lying on the couch waiting for me. I was carrying my sandals and only wearing a short sundress. My bra was stuffed into my purse and my hair was messed. I sat on the couch next to him and took his hand and stuck his fingers on my labia. It was swollen and wet, and he felt the sticky cum running down my inner thigh. I then told him about our fuck. We started fucking between the vehicles in the dark and then moved into the backseat of our SUV.

I'm hoping to repeat our session with Debbie and Dallas again, if we can find the opportunity, without other family around. I know Dallas would like Debbie to be uninhibited like her sister. We have sat with Debbie and Dallas since then in the spa, usually with Debbie only being topless while the three of us our naked. On one such occasion, Debbie got out of the spa to answer a phone call from an old highschool friend and was inside the house for some time. Dallas seized her absence to get in a little extra activity. He pulled me over to him and sat me between his legs in the spa. I could feel the gentle press of his penis in the crease of my backside. When his hands wandered from my back and began a tentative stroking at the sides of my breasts, I found it hard to protest.

His touch was soft and firm. I knew I wanted him. I opened myself to him mentally, and felt his erection lengthening against my backside as he pressed into me. With an unintelligible murmur I reached back and covered his bulge with my palm, rubbing him there. "Dallas... Dallas... should we?" I whispered.

His beautiful masculine voice responded soothingly, "Yes Donna, I want you very much."

His penis protruded across my back; long and throbbing, bobbing and weaving like a boxer. It's head flaring like a cobra's hood. As his hand dipped between my thighs, and his finger began to circle my clitoris, sending me on a maddening carousel ride. For an intoxicating hour we pleasured each other. He probed my pussy with one, two, and then three fingers, as I gently milked his testicles. I couldn't help but whimper piteously when I detected the warmth of his face between my legs. I die when a man sucks me! His tongue was magic. I opened completely, and climaxed heavily into his mouth. With the ecstasy of an orgasm washing through me, Dallas lowered me back into the water and positioned me on top of him. His muscular hairy chest crushed against my breasts as he reached down, working the large spongy head of his cock up and down in my slimy slit.

Like an express elevator to heaven he entered me. Women know the pleasure of a man who can make full penetration. Dallas's hard length burrowed to my cervix, nosing its way like a hungry animal for some forbidden meal deep inside me. His mouth covered mine, and we kissed timelessly, making out as my husband watched. In the end, we pulled apart and resumed our earlier seating positions. Neither of us wanted complications. As Debbie stood at the doorway, with Dallas' warm semen inside me, I kissed him lightly on the cheek, "see you later", I smiled.

Once Dallas managed to convince Debbie to remove her bottoms while seated in the spa, but that's as far as it went; although I know they were fondling each other under the water while I sat on Scott's erection and slowly rocked us to climax. Debbie was getting more comfortable with open sexuality after allowing herself to let go during the moment. Finally, Dallas convinced her to play around with Scott in the spa while I rode on Dallas' cock and watched. However, Debbie insisted there would be no penetration. She climbed into the spa, turned around, and reclined in Scott's embrace with her back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and, while tenderly kissing her neck, he began to caress her firm breasts. He kept pushing her tits together while peering over her shoulder into the cleavage.

I watched as he continued to knead and fondle her breasts while gently pinching one or both of her nipples. As he rolled them around between a thumb and forefinger, each nipple became larger and harder, like a big pencil eraser. (We three sisters all possess large nipples) I couldn't believe how far they stuck out! All of this was definitely having an effect on Debbie. She was flushed, and her breathing became faster. She busied herself by rubbing the Scott's legs and thighs with her hands. Every now and then, she would reach behind her. I couldn't see exactly what she was doing, but whatever it was made him moan repeatedly. I assumed that she was stroking or squeezing his cock.

After a few minutes, she leaned forward and Scott moved out from behind her. She lay back on the pillow and he positioned himself by her side. His level of arousal was extremely obvious now: his cock was red, rock-hard, and swollen with large distended veins standing out over the entire shaft. It was sticking straight up, and my sweet little sister reached for it as he sat down beside her. His left hand moved to her right breast, and they kissed tenderly. The open-mouth kissing started out gentle, but it became more impassioned as they continued to fondle each other. Occasionally Scott would break off and move his head down so he could suck her nipples. He would lick one nipple until it was long and hard, and then move to the other one. Also, he seemed to like pushing her boobs together and licking her cleavage; Debbie appeared to like it too!

Scott sat up and swung his left leg over my sister's waist. He moved up slightly and straddled her chest, then presented his erect cock to her, positioning it directly in front of Debbie's angelic face. Mentally placing myself in my husband's shoes, I knew that he wanted her to suck it. That's not what she did, however. Instead, she wrapped her long, feminine fingers around his shaft and stroked him softly. Every few minutes she would lean forward ever so slightly, open her mouth, and lick her lips. Each time she did this, she would gaze up at Scott and smile, but she would never complete the act. He was about to go crazy, and all three of us knew it. Of course, she was doing this on purpose.

Once, she paused, looked at his engorged penis and said, "Ahh, a nice hard cock!"

His cock was hard, really hard. When she decided he'd had enough teasing, Debbie tenderly grabbed his cock down by the balls and directed the tip toward her waiting mouth. She licked off a glistening drop of pre-cum before kissing the end of his member with her soft, red lips. Parting those lips ever so slightly, she sucked his cockhead into her mouth. After a few short strokes, she took him as deeply as she could. Her lips bottomed out, leaving a lipstick ring around the base of his penis. He let out a sigh that sounded like the air being released from a balloon. Debbie began sucking enthusiastically, and Scott had to ask her to slow down a little. Abruptly, he pulled away. He was breathing rapidly, and obviously was close to cumming in her mouth.

Scott took my sister's head in his hands and kissed her passionately. As he began kissing his way down her body, he lifted her up on spa deck. She parted her legs and his face was soon buried in her pussy. Using his fingers, Scott gently spread the delicate inner lips of Debbie's pussy. Her stiff little clit was completely erect and sticking straight out. Her entire pussy was glowing deep red even in the dim light; she was obviously very wet. He began by licking her inner lips, gradually working his way down toward her asshole. He flicked it softly with his tongue, and then lightly traced around her entire 'rosebud', which made Debbie gasp! As he continued to lick her, Debbie's level of excitement increased. At first, she had her hands on his head, running them through his hair.

As she reached up to grab the spa cover behind her head with one hand, she began moving her hips up and down, fucking his face. She continued doing this faster and faster as he licked her slit. He was fucking my sister with his tongue! She was flushed and moaning continuously, rolling her head from side to side. Then both her hands were grabbing the spa deck, and she was humping his face so vigorously that her ass came completely off the edge with each thrust! All of a sudden, she froze and held her breath. Only a tiny, high-pitched squeak escaped from her throat. Her breathing resumed in ragged gasps punctuated by screams of pleasure, as she was wracked by wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy.

Scott looked up and licked my sister's juices from his lips. After Debbie recovered a bit, she slid into the water onto her back. As Scott straddled her abdomen, my sister pushed her breasts together and purred, "Why don't you slip it between my tits now?"

I thought to myself, "Today isn't the first time she has done this!"

He stuck his slippery cock into her cleavage and began thrusting. The sights and sounds of him titty-fucking my cute little sister was all together too much for me. I quietly took Dallas' cock into my hand. There was no way I was going to watch this without getting off, and I had already leaked so much pre-cum that no lubricant was necessary for Dallas to enter me. It didn't take long (for either of us)! Scott's breathing quickened along with his thrusting. He grabbed the spa deck to steady himself as he fucked her gorgeous boobs.

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