tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMore! Than a Hero Ch. 04

More! Than a Hero Ch. 04


***This is it! The ending. I like it, and I hope you do too! ***

I woke up to hear a knock at the door. I looked around getting used to the sunlight glaring through the window. The clock read eight thirty. The knock came again. I quickly ran over to the bathroom and grabbed a bathrobe and wrapped myself in it before answering the door. I answered to find Ryan standing there tapping his foot on the ground. "Geez what took you so long?" He asked.

"You know I dislike waking up at this hour!" I replied.

"Yea whatever, we've got a radio interview in an hour, just thought I'd come remind you." He said with his little nose upturned. I rolled my eyes and shut the door. I walked back to see Brendon and Maela stirring.

"Sorry you two, but we have a radio Interview in an hour." I sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed. Brendon rubbed his eyes and sighed.

"I forgot about that." he said.

Maela just laid there looking at me and smiling. "I guess I should go huh?"

"Don't worry, we've got a surprise for you later." I patted her head. She got up and searched around for her clothes, got dressed and kissed Brendon and I goodbye.

Me and Brendon hopped out of bed and raced each other to the bathroom afterwards to bathe, but ended up in the shower together getting each other all sudsy and cleaned while occasionally stealing kisses from each other. We changed into our normal attire and were out on time to meet with the rest of the guys.


The interview went on for an hour. The usual questions and our usual answers. I tried my best to look interested in what was going on around, but I could not get the images of last night's escapade out of my head. I looked over at Brendon, surprisingly he was laughing along and talking like nothing was on his mind other than the question's being asked by the listeners. I sighed and answered a few and before I knew it the interview was over and we were free to go.

My first priority was to go back to the hotel, and so I left the guys on the excuse that I wanted to go back and catch up on some rest. Luckily I was able to go. It wasn't a far walk from the radio station to the hotel, just two short blocks. It was freezing, but I made my way back without getting frostbite! I walked through the reception area and headed up the stairs to my room. I shut the door and plopped down on my bed and laid there in silence. I then heard the door open and close.

"You think I'd let you leave alone?" Brendon said as he approached me. He leaned down and kissed me, yet again sending electrifying shocks up and down my body.

"How did you..." He placed his finger on my lips and shushed me. "I followed you, but I stayed behind a little. Ryan and Jon left off with the crew and the other band to do some sightseeing." He grabbed my hand and i was pulled up and led out of our room and off down the hallway. Without asking anything, we walked up a second flight of stairs and to a third floor. We stopped at a door but before anything else happened, Brendon turned around and grinned.

"First off I want to thank you for allowing me to have a little taste of what you found. I have plans for us though. And I thought I would give both you and Maela a little treat." With that, he knocked on the door a few times. Maela answered. She looked to be wide awake and fresh out of the shower. Her oversized bathrobe draped over her shoulders and was lazily wrapped around her hiding her sweet little figure underneath. "Come in guys." She said, opening the door wider for us to enter.

"While you fell asleep me and Maela talked and came up with this little idea." Brendon said.

"Yea, but enough talking! Spencer, stay where you are, and get on your knees." Maela said sitting on the bed.

I obeyed, leaning my back against the same bed. Brendon got in front of me and began to fumble with his belt. Suddenly I knew what was going on. A feeling of excitement came over me! I pushed his hands aside, undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. With a single tug his pants were well on their way to the floor. Then I freed his nice cock from the confines of his underwear. The head was glistening with precum, tempting me. I was glad that not only would I get a chance to have a taste of my first cock, but it would be Brendon's. I tried to reiterate what Maela did for me, I was nervous but I was going to make this experience worthwhile. I grabbed it and licked the head slowly, enjoying the warm, salty, taste. He moaned as I began to take his cock in. It was pretty easy, but it felt nice to have his sweet cock sliding down my throat. I picked up the pace a little, enjoying the sensation of his smooth balls tapping my chin.

I have to admit; I didn't understand how people could do this and not get tired or at least have an aching jaw afterwards. All of the sucking and trying not to have my teeth scrape his cock took a lot of work. But I endured it seeing as It was a chance of a lifetime. His cock just felt so good in my mouth. I realized that Maela wasn't doing anything to either of us, but I could hear her moaning softly though. I stopped for a moment and looked over to see Maela with her bathrobe open and her playing with her wet pussy. Brendon put his hand on my cheek and softly turned my head. "She's only watching for now." He said. I went back to sucking for a while longer. He suddenly jerked forward shoving his cock all the way into my mouth and came, shooting spurt after spurt of creamy jizz down my throat forcing me to swallow every drop. I slumped back as his cock slipped out of my mouth. "That was great Spence!" Brendon said "We're not done yet!" He pulled me up and spun me around so I was in the same position he was in. Maela abruptly stopped fingering herself, licked her fingers clean, and stood up. She moved over behind me and began to slip my shirt up. I lifted my arms up as she pulled my shirt up further and slipped it off of me. Brendon on the other hand was undoing my belt and getting my pants down as if he had a time limit. He slipped my boxers down along with my pants and gripped my thick meat stick and gave it a gentile tug.

"I never thought you would be so nice and big Spence!" He said.

Maela then grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to the bed. I sat down as close to the edge as possible.

Maela, whom was fully bare now, kneeled next to Brendon so that both of them were between my legs. Brendon hungrily took my cock in and began sucking while Maela moved lower and took one of my balls onto her mouth and sucked it. My head was spinning as these to incredibly hot people were so heavily into pleasing me. I couldn't even speak! Both of them took turns sucking, licking, and deep throating my cock. I noticed that Brendon must've had past experience with sucking cock. He wasn't as amazing as Maela, but he was just as good. Maela on the other hand was not only sucking me, but she was stroking Brendon with her other free arm. Just the sight of these two sent me of into the most intense orgasm I have ever felt in my life. Brendon only had his mouth on the head of my cock, which amazed me seeing as not even one drop of cum leaked out. As soon as I finished shooting my load into his mouth, he slipped his lips off of my cock and pulled Maela in for a kiss. But it wasn't just any kiss! They swapped and let their tongues play around in the cum.

"God, you two are amazing." I said catching my breath.

Brendon grabbed my cock which was still a little hard and slowly opened his mouth letting some of the cum drip all over my cock. He then Began to stroke me, making sure the cum was making my cock. As he moaned, I looked over to see Maela behind Brendon riming his asshole.

"I want you to fuck my ass, I know how much you've been wanting too." He demanded.

Maela finished with Brendon, so he stood up and pulled me up. Maela sat farther back on the bed as Brendon then bent over in front of her resting his hands on the bed. I put my cock to his puckered hole that glistened with cum. I slowly entered with ease and picked up a slow pace, eventually pistoning him fast and hard. While I fucked his tight hole, he was moaning nonstop along with Maela whom he was fingering. I was on cloud nine as I fucked him, occasionally slapping his exquisite round ass.

After pounding into his ass a few more times he came hard, he writhed and pulsed around my throbbing cock causing me to come once more. Spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum up his ass. We both mirrored each others moans. Maela had her orgasm earlier, so she was pretty much spent, sitting there enjoying the sight of two guys fucking in front of her. I pulled myself out of him with a pop. Brendon had spurts cum dripping down from his chest to his lower abdomen, along with the mess on the bed. The room maids would sure have fun cleaning up this mess I thought!

Me and Maela laid him down and lapped up his cum before we collapsed on the bed and fell asleep for a while.

The rest of the day was spent with all of us naked and pleasing each other, stopping to order pizza for lunch. We stopped around five o'clock knowing that everyone would be back soon to pack up.

Suddenly I was happy knowing that we still had a month and 3 weeks left on the tour. But we didn't stop the fun just there!

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