tagBDSMMore Than Friends

More Than Friends


I've always thought that I was totally in control of my life. And that any plan I made would come through, no matter who it involved. What I didn't count on was the fact that Andy was bigger and stronger than me.

He was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt and trainers that evening after the game, and I don't think I'd seen him look hotter. Didn't stop us arguing…"Ok, ok! I owe you one!" Andy joked, laughing and shaking his head. "I didn't mean to miss your birthday, but I'll make it up to you, ok?"

"You owe me one?" I queried arching an eyebrow at him. "I think babe, you owe me a bit more than that!" He shook his head again and turned away from me. I sauntered over to my car, and watched his arse in the wing mirror, until he had turned the corner. Pulling out of the car park, I started down the road, desperately trying to think of a way to get back at him. A sudden thought occurred to me, and I drove up to the department store and purchased a length of cord.

I knew that Andy would still be on his way walking home from the game, and my flatmate was out of town for the next three nights so my face showed a cocky grin when I pulled up alongside Andy and asked him if he needed a ride. He glanced at me and said he didn't really feel like going home just yet, that's why he was walking. His sister was at home at the moment and I knew he didn't get on with her boyfriend.

"How about we go to mine? I've got a few DVDs, and you can buy me a takeaway to make up for my birthday!" His cheeky arrogance flickered for a few seconds, was I really inviting him back?

We've known each other for ages, and kept up a constant state of flirting for about 3 years during high school. But whenever one was single the other was not, or we would piss each other off. We barely seemed to communicate when others were around, but with the use of the Internet and texting…well our relationship flared as much as our phone bills.

"Come on," I murmured, giving a hurt expression, "You did say you owed me…"

He laughed and jumped into the passenger seat. "Just let me grab a few things from home and then I'm yours for the evening!" He didn't know quite how right I thought him to be.

When he came out of his house, Andy was carrying what looked like one of his old school bags, but I wasn't too worried about what he had inside of it. It took me about twenty minutes to get to my flat, and when I checked the answer machine my flatmates voice rang out.

"Hi babes, it's me. Just letting you know, I won't be back for at least another two weeks, it's really important that I'm here. I'll call you later!"

If I'd have been facing Andy I think I would have seen that huge grin that fell across his face. We called the take away service, and while Andy wandered up the road to get the food, I brought the cord in from the car. After we had eaten, I mentioned that he looked tense.

"I've just finished a massaging course, take your shirt off while I get my stuff, and I'll give you a back massage!" His smirk was not an expression I had expected, but nevertheless he agreed, so I slipped from the room and picked up the cord. When I went back into the room, Andy had his back to me, and his broad shoulders were on display. I don't know if he knew I had re-entered the room or not, but I sneaked up behind him and as his hands were loosely by his sides, I went to pull them behind him to tie his hands behind his back.

Andy was too quick for me. With one swift motion, he grabbed both of my hands within one of his, swung round to face me, and pinned me on the floor. He looked at the cord now lying just to the right of my head, and grinned.

"Now then, what could naughty little Tanzi have been planning, huh? Let's see, she goes into the department store, or at least her car is in the car park, takes me up on an offer, and has that smug 'I'm in control now' look on her face. See, that's why I thought I'd make our night interesting! And now bad little Tanzi has attempted to…tie me up?"

I struggled and tried to move my legs to wriggle away from him. He lifted his leg, and sat on my thighs, making it impossible for me to move, my hands stretched out above my head, and my legs pinned to the floor.

"Well, much as you think you're having your way tonight, I'm afraid it's the other way round. I have been waiting for this sort of opportunity, you realise, for quite a while now!" With his free hand Andy picked up the cord and slowly tied my wrists together. He then wound the length of cord round my body, so that my hands were strapped down in front of me and proceeded to tie my legs together, making sure that I could not have got up, even if he hadn't have had his weight on top of me.

"Now, will you be a good little girl while I go and get my…toys?"

Uh oh. Now that really didn't sound good. I was just planning to have a little fun with him, tie him up and tease him a bit, before telling him I was bored and falling asleep with him in an uncomfortable chair, but toys? Whatever he was planning did not sound like it was going to be quite as easy going, nor did it sound like something he'd concocted within ten minutes, like I had. I called out to him a few times, telling him that this wasn't funny, and that I was just going to play a joke on him, nothing serious, so would he untie me because my hands were starting to hurt. When he returned to the room, his bag looked like most of it had been emptied elsewhere, and he was carrying one of my kitchen knives.

"Andy, that's not funny. Come on, I was just messing round, you've had your fun, you've scared me, now untie me, and…we'll watch a movie."

He leaned down and looked right into my eyes. His hand stroked my hair as he murmured softly, "You don't get it do you? From now on you're going to be mine, my own little angel, and I'm going to do with you what I want, and by the end of this week, you will give me everything I ask for. Now let's start with these clothes. In my presence, jeans and strap top is a bit too much clothing."

He drew the knife up towards my neck, and I started pleading with him. "Please stop? Don't cut my clothes, we can talk about this, I promise, and it'll be ok? Please? Just untie me…"

"Shut up, Tanz!" He laughed, before he roughly pushed his lips onto mine to stem the flow of panic that was ebbing out of my mouth. His lips tasted so wonderful, and it took me by surprise when his tongue snaked into my mouth, entwining with mine in a delicate dance, like naked flames. I was so lost in the kiss that I didn't realise what his hands were doing. His mouth withdrew from mine, and before I could open my eyes I felt a soft material slide over them. I went to scream only to feel his lips upon mine again, while his fingers fumbled behind my head, tying the blindfold securely.

"Now, is my little bitch going to scream? Or do I have to gag her?" He asked me, stroking the side of my face. "What do you mean your little bitch? Get off me-" His hand clamped down over my mouth and he lent further towards me until his lips were brushing my ear lobe. "Don't you realise? You're about to become my slut, my bitch….my slave." At these words I tried to jerk away so I could tell him he was talking a load of bullshit and that I was having none of this. But I found that the cords meant that I couldn't move at all. He chuckled into my ear, then gripped my ear lobe between his teeth, and pulled gently. At first it didn't feel too bad, but then his teeth started to pull on my stud, and it felt like he was going to rip my ear off.

His hand was still strongly holding my jaw, and I was about to try and bite his hand, when he pulled it away. Before I couldn't even tell him what I thought of him, I heard the zip of his bag, and cut my sentence before I had even uttered a sound. What was he doing? "Open your mouth, my little slut." Andy said, and when I clamped my lips together, he held my nose until I had to gasp for breath. He forced a ball gag into my mouth, and fastened it behind my head. I couldn't utter a sound, as it was pushing down on my tongue.

I had lost my sight, my ability to move, and now to speak as well, that I didn't realise when he started cutting my clothes off of me. It was only when I felt his lips enclose around my left nipple that I gasped. The breeze that was flowing around my skin was making me tingle, and I knew that as soon as he removed all of my clothes he would realise that the wetness between my legs meant that I was actually seriously turned on by this whole thing, even though I didn't want to be.

When Andy had finished removing my clothes, I began to think of how this must look. I was bound, blindfolded and gagged and lying on the floor, totally helpless and naked. Without warning, his strong arms lifted me up off the ground, and he carried me up the stairs. I was tempted to struggle, but knew that if he dropped me, it would be worse than if he put me down of his own accord.

"Now then, my little bitch," he murmured as he used my feet to push the door open. "You really are considerate, aren't you? Your headboard is exotic, and quite perfect for what I want."

I felt myself being lowered onto the cool sheets and I tensed up. Slowly I felt the cord around my top half being unwound, and remembered he'd tied my wrists separately. Slowly Andy lifted them, and tied them to my headboard. He unwound the rest of the rope and attached my ankles to the foot of my bed.

Totally immobile I could feel his eyes scanning my whole body, soaking in the curves of my breasts, the tone of my muscles, and the wetness between my thighs. His weight sliding between my legs startled me for a few seconds, and when I felt his lips brush my slit, my back arched, and my wrists strained against the rope.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Andy murmured, each word vibrating against me, making my body ache, and my breathing quicken. His tongue snaked its way against my aching lips, up and gently ran up the length of my body, in between my breasts, and up my neck.

He started to kiss me ferociously, then stopped suddenly. I could feel his breath right against my cheek. His lips brushed mine and I tried to respond, but the gag was still forced into my mouth, and I couldn't even kiss him back. I heard Andy laugh, followed by footsteps over to the door.

"I would tell you to wait here, but it's not like you could do anything else….." He laughed, and I heard the door close. For five agonising minutes I lay in absolute darkness, not knowing what was going on. I thought he had left me, and wanted to call out. Every time I tried to make a sound, my tongue pressed against the gag, and I felt like I was choking.

"I'm back!" whispered Andy, and I knew at once he was up to something. His hand felt cold when his fingertips started to caress the entrance to my pussy. He rubbed gently, dipping the tip of his finger into me at the base of every slide. I would have gasped if I could.

He thrust his middle finger up inside me, with force, and my body twitched and pushed up against him. Slowly he drew his finger out, only to slip it straight in again. He continued this motion, fast thrusting in, slow dragging out, and almost without my control, my body was pushing up to meet his fingers. Gradually he built up the number of fingers that were inside me, til his thumb was pressing against my clit, and his four fingers were pressed into my heated wetness.

"Tanz – you're getting dreadfully hot down here….I think you need to cool down." I wanted to moan at him, didn't want him to stop this. If he was just gonna leave me, I seriously would explode.

I'm not sure I can remember exactly where I felt the ice first….possibly on my neck. All I remember is that it was seriously cold. And when Andy traced it all over my body, I really wanted to cry out. I don't think I'd ever felt anything like it, the heat of my skin melting the ice so that water trickled down my sides. My breathing was jerky and quick, and I could sense Andy leaning over me. He circled the ice around my nipples, which quickly turned numb. His tongue flicked deftly over my left nipple, before his teeth squeezed hard, to a point where I felt a searing pain slicing through the numb feeling. The gag stopped me screaming. He repeated this with my right nipple, and then I felt him shift his weight down the bed.

"Now Tanz, this might be a little cold. Just relax.." What did he mean cold? I was naked and he was tracing ice over my body…how could I get any colder?

Andy placed a cold finger against the lips of my pussy, and I started. He had to be joking didn't he? There was no way he was going to – and that's when he did. Using his forefinger and thumb, he eased my pussy open and using the thumb on his left hand he slide the ice into my hot pussy. I felt like I was on fire. The heat from me was melting the ice and I could feel it spilling from between my thighs, causing my thighs to shiver.

My jaw was aching from biting hard against the gag, and Andy could see how uncomfortable I must have been. He gentle lifted my head and said, 'Scream or talk without my say so and I'll put it straight back on…' He undid it from behind my head, and I had to catch myself from saying thank you.

"You're learning…" and he leaned into me slowly, until his lips were a breath away from mine. I jerked my mouth up in anticipation and he pulled away, so I was left kissing nothing but air. "But you're still don't understand." I could still feel the melting ice inside me, the cool liquid upon my thighs, and then Andy moved away from me. What did he mean I still didn't understand? Knowing him, he would make sure I did.

It was about that moment when I heard the crack of a whip. My body immediately tensed, waiting for that horrible stinging sensation. It didn't come and I could hear Andy chuckling. "You honestly thought I was gonna hit you with this? Just to teach you a lesson?" I replied, "It scared me." The silence that followed my statement was worse than the noise of the whip. "Andy?" There was more silence. Had he left me?

"Tanz? Are you really this dumb? I though you'd at least realised you weren't allowed to talk. But now I have to teach you that lesson as well as not seeking your own pleasure." Fuck. Now I was in trouble. I whimpered slightly. "Now, because you don't have the gag in you have the option of talking. You're not going to though. No matter how hard I whip you, you're not allowed to even mumble. Understand?" I stayed perfectly still. If he wanted me to stay still and silent then that's exactly what I'd give him.

Crack! The whip cam down sharply across my stomach and my body jerked inwards in reflexive response. But the ropes holding my feet and arms to stretch me prevented me from moving more than a little, and all it did was graze my wrists.

"Looks like we're going to have to tighten this…. can't have you moving and spoiling my aim…" Andy declared, and I felt the ropes pulling me further apart, until my body was no longer touching the bed. I was suspended above it, with no hope of moving. I concentrated on clenching my teeth together as tightly as possible, and this time felt the rush of air before I heard the crack, followed by the pain.

The whip landed either side of my breasts for his first few attempts, and then he whipped down straight into my erect nipples. It was all I could do not to break my concentration. But it wasn't due to the pain. Instead, the pain had speeded down my body, and exploded inside my pussy. That was harder to understand. Here I was, immobilised and yet being turned on by the pain I was receiving. And I wasn't the only one to notice.

"If I didn't know any better Tanzi, I'd think that you were enjoying this – slightly more than you should…" The whip lashed down upon my breasts again, and this time as I felt the pleasure inside my pussy, Andy's fingers found their way into my deep wetness, and he laughed. "You're such a dirty bitch!" I was desperate to say something, but I held my tongue, not wanting to go through much more of this torture.

Andy continued to whip me, moving lower over my body, until he was whipping just above my pubic line. I had totally lost count of the amount of lashes I had received when Andy leaned in close and whispered – "just the one more Tanz." The crack of the whip made me jump, and then I felt pain rocket through my body, and the whip touched down between my thighs, catching my on the outer lips, and across my clit. Somehow I managed not to say a word.

"I'm impressed. I think it's time I pleasure you, for being so good."

Andy moved stealthily around the bed, loosening the bonds so that I could just about lie down in comfort, while still pretty immobilised. I heard him shed his clothes, and then felt his weight upon the bed. His hand teased me, my already wet pussy easily taking his fingers in. "Tell me how you want me." He whispered, his hand caressing rather than torturing now. "I'm not gonna punish you for talking. Describe it."

"I want you Andy. I want to feel you pulsing inside of me, feel your throbbing cock penetrating me, pushing my senses further than they've ever been pushed before. I don't just want you – I need you. I want you to take me everywhere. In every room, on every surface, in the shower, inside, outside. I just want you. Fuck me, until we are both satisfied. Fuck me, because I want you. Fuck me, because…because…..please Andy! Screw me?"

Andy let out a slight chuckle. "Alright Tanz – but I call the shots." He fully undid the ropes, and untied the blindfold. I looked straight into his eyes as he eased his cock into me, rhythmically thrusting. Both of our bodies arched and responded to each other, and as we finished, just as I was drifting off into the most wonderful sleep, I heard him whisper. "You're mine – don't ever forget that."

"Yes, Andy."

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