tagRomanceMore Than Friendship Material Pt. 08

More Than Friendship Material Pt. 08


The next morning, Todd awoke more refreshed than he had been in a while. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining as brightly as his mood was. Liz was still asleep, so he slipped out of bed and went out to the kitchen. He started to put together breakfast. Two days in a row, who'd have thought- and got out some pancake mix. As he poured the mix and milk into a bowl, Liz emerged from the bedroom, just as naked as he had left her.

He let out a manly moan of appreciation."I think I see what I want to eat right there."

She blushed, feeling somewhat self conscious, but teasing him was too much fun. "Oh really?" she purred, slowly walking to the little kitchen with a slight exaggerated sway of her hips and jiggle of her breasts.

Smiling, she reached him, kissing his bare shoulder and slipping her arms around his waist. "Mmmmm, you feel good and smell nice."

"That's probably your perfume you're smelling," Todd said. "I wasn't going to have my shower till someone was there to watch and wash my back again."

He turned in her arms and kissed her deeply. Just as before, everything seemed to fit together just as they were supposed to. Finally pulling apart, Todd swatted her on the butt. "Stop that, you. You're distracting me. You've got class, and I've got pancake batter to make. Give me ten minutes and I'll meet you in the shower. Once we're all clean and ready, I'll cook them when we get out."

She groaned and gave him a pretty pout, not really wanting to go to class. She wanted to stay and have a lot more fun, but he was insistent and she knew it was for the best. Batting her eyes, she turned and went to start a hot shower, stepping under the spray with a sigh. The warm water woke her up completely and she grabbed the soap just as Todd opened up the shower curtain and took it from her slippery hands. "Tisk tisk...I'm supposed to do that."

She grinned and stepped aside, letting him slip in with her. "I won't complain about that as long as I get to return the favor."

"Of course you can return the favor," Todd said with a grin."Cleanliness is next to Toddliness."

Liz laughed and threw the poof at him. Todd took the odd device he never really used, but squirted some body wash on it. Then he proceeding to work it around Liz's body starting behind her ears and working his way down Of course, some parts needed "special attention" and her breasts, butt and pussy got extra clean. As he scrubbed her, she backed into him and Little Todd sprung forth and Liz could feel his hardness against her skin for the first time

She gasped softly and tilted her head back. "Mmmmm...feels like someone is happy." She didn't want to be overly cruel and tease him, knowing he wanted to follow doctor's orders and all.

Slowly turning, she grabbed the soap and began to lather up her hands. "You sir, need to let nurse Liz scrub you down." With lil Todd who wasn't so little saying hello between them, she slipped her soapy hands to his ears, down his neck, over his shoulders and began to lather up his chest, standing up on tip toes to kiss his chin. This brought lil Todd close to territories he wasn't allowed to venture, so she backed off and winked. "When do you see the doctor? Sure you don't want to break the rules? I mean, you look..." Her eyes trailed down, watching the suds swirl around his pubic hair and down, "mmmmm...healthy."

Todd groaned as the temptation raged. "Of course I want to cheat," he said through clenched teeth. "But the last thing I want is to screw something up and have to wait more. That really, really sucks to do. Plus, there's no protection here...."

Liz leaned close and hugged him, the soap on their chests causing a deliciously slick rubbing motion. "OK, OK, Mr. Safety. Let's try this then."

She took the body wash and squeezed a dollop onto her hand, then reaching down to caress little Todd.

"After all..." she added sweetly, wrapping her free arm around his back and rubbing up against his side as she began to stroke his length gently. "He said no sex...he didn't say no hand job..."

His deep growl of approval was arousing in itself and the twitch of his cock in her hand. She wanted that cock buried in her tight pussy, but she was willing to wait for him. Watching him close his eyes as she traced the rivulets of water with her tongue across his shoulders and down his neck.

She squeezed him gently, testing and stroking. "Tell me if I hurt you..." She murmured softly.

"Oh God, Liz. That feels sooooo good." Todd murmured. Her small hand moved gently on his cock, back and forth, the soap lubricating the motion and protecting his sensitive equipment. He'd had his share of hand jobs before, and they pretty much always felt good. It had always amazed him how different it felt with someone else doing it, rather than him having to "handle" it himself. Liz's was feeling as good as he could remember, though. Partially because it had been several days since he'd cum, partially because of all the incredibly erotic experiences he'd had in that time, and mostly because it was her naked, wet, and doing it.

"I'm not gonna last long, Liz." he groaned.

She smiled and nuzzled his neck, nipping at his earlobe and rubbing her breasts against his side and chest. "Yeah? Glad you like it. Gonna cum for me?" She whispered, feeling bold and alive.

Tightening her grip a smidge, she stroked him a little faster. "Next time, we'll do this out of the shower and you can fill my mouth." She told him, purring and nipping at his skin. She didn't usually talk like this or feel this hot, but with Todd, it was easy and fun.

The extra pressure and speed sent Todd over the edge. "Oh fuck yeah! LIZZZ!" he yelled, his hips pumping forward, humping her hand as he erupted like he's been wanting to do for days. The cum shot up and out coating Liz's stomach and pubic mound, dripping down her body, mixing with the beads of water and soap. Panting, he kissed her neck, a shudder passing over his body.

"I think we're even," he whispered happily.

She smiled and kissed him and with his help, cleaned herself back up before stepping out. "I don't know, there is lots more I could do to ya."

He groaned and closed his eyes. "Have a heart...too much teasing..."

She giggled and grabbed a towel, giving him a tiny kiss on the lips. "Off to change, be careful."

With that she left him to shave while she found something decent to wear.

Todd finished washing his hair, toweled off and tried hard to wipe the smile off of his face so that he could shave. It just wasn't happening. Screw it, he thought, Maybe I'll try a new look. The past day had gone so well, he hesitated to concentrate on it. No sense looking a gift horse in the mouth. Wanting to be able to say good-bye to Liz before she left for school, Todd wrapped a towel around his waist, swished some mouthwash, and headed back out to the hallway. He was just in time to see Liz coming out of her room.

The sight nearly took his minty-fresh breath away. Todd was used to her dressing to avoid attention. If that was her intent, she was failing miserably.

"Hey, still dripping." She smiled sweetly and watched his eyes cruise over her body. Feeling all together sexy and well loved, she had opted for a slim pair of jeans that hugged every sweet curve of her lower body and a bright red baby doll top that was not only strappy, but low, plunging with little ruffles around the edging to draw the eyes towards the chest.

She hooked a finger into the knot of his towel and bit her bottom lip, looking coy and sexy. "I really don't want to go..." She said softly, sighing dramatically, "but you said I should, so..." She slipped away, her heels accentuating the curve of her ass as she walked away. "I need caffeine first, then I'm outta here. You coming?"

Todd winked at her. "You already took care of the cumming. To think I've missed out on those skills for so long. Oh crap. I was making pancakes wasn't I?"

"Yeah, but I'm running late. Maybe we can have breakfast for supper," Liz replied.

"Sounds good. I have to go to the police station this morning anyway. Woohoo."

"Well, it will be good for you to get it over with. It wasn't fun when we went, but it could have been worse. Lunch?"

Todd looked at his phone and the time. Ben had texted. "I'll check and let you know as soon as I can, babe. Have a good class. I need to get dressed." He kissed her lightly, but it became deeper before they knew it. As they broke from the kiss, Todd smiled. "And nice outfit," he said grinning.

"This old thing?" She teased and winked, giving him one last final tiny kiss before bolting out of the door before she decided to stay and molest him some more. Grinning from ear to ear, she rushed off to class, shoulders back and head actually up and looking about. The air even seemed to smell fresher. Was love really that good?? Apparently so!


Liz was on the way to class when from behind someone hollered, making her pause and grin as she turned. Mary was rushing towards her, waving her arms and giggling. "Look at you!! Hot stuff! Meow!" She giggled, pulling her friend into a hug.

"So tell me all about it!! I want details sister!"

Liz sighed and giggled, blushing furiously as Mary wiggled her brows suggestively. "You're glowing! It must have gone well!"

Liz giggled and grinned, "It did. God did it ever!" Gushing, she filled Mary in on the details of their evening and morning as her friend walked her to class. In the end, Mary was fanning herself.

"Wow! And how romantic!"

Liz agreed, smiling widely her cheeks still sporting a rosy glow. "He wants to wait until after he sees the doc to do anything more. It's making me crazy, but anyway. Thanks. To you and Hollie, for everything." She gave the redhead a big hug, "I owe you guys dinner or something...anything! I'm scared to death and yet head over heels. It's a strange combo, but as long as things keep going good, I think we'll be okay." A quick glance at her watch made her sling her bag back over her shoulder. "Well, let me go. We'll catch up more later, I need to get to class!"

The girls exchanged hugs again and Liz waved goodbye and stepped into class, wishing for once that she had more free time and fewer commitments.


Ben's text was succinct. "Dude, sup?"

Todd thought about calling, but he remembered that Ben had a morning class. Plus there was the police to deal with and he wanted that over as soon as possible. He drafted a quick return message. "Gotta talk 2 cops. Call u after."

Then he went about the business of getting dressed. It wasn't easy to concentrate. The room still smelled faintly of perfume and sex, and Todd kept losing his train of thought. But, eventually he got to the point where he had to pick what to wear. He didn't know if he should just dress like he always did, or if he should dress up. So, Todd split the difference and went with khakis and a golf shirt, thanking the fashion gods that there was such a thing as business casual.

After he got dressed, he was still hungry but decided to save pancakes for later. Since there was always time and room for cereal, he poured a big bowl of Captain Crunch and an accompanying glass of milk. Even with the questioning looming, Todd felt as relaxed as he had in ages. Just as he took his first bite of cereal, his cell phone rang. Looking at it, he could see it was Hollie, and he knew what she'd be interested in knowing. Swallowing his bite and taking a quick swig of milk, he answered the phone.

Hollie didn't even give Todd time to say hello. "So, tell me, tell me, tell me!!," she asked excitedly. "I know Liz has morning classes so I gave you as much cool down time as I could."

"It went great, Hollie, and hello by the way," Todd replied. "I feel a little weird about telling you about this. You sure you want to know?"

"You're right. I forgot that I have been tossed aside and will never, ever recover from the loss of Todd Farmer." Hollie broke into sobs for a few seconds, before continuing. "Was that what you wanted?"

"Ha Ha Ha." Todd said sarcastically. "OK missy. For that you get every last freaking detail." Todd recounted the events of the date and the aftermath, as Hollie uttered intermittent "Squeeeee"'s and "Oh my gods!".

When he finished the tale, Hollie was gushing with emotion. "That's awesome. I didn't know you had it in you. If I had, maybe I would have fought a little harder."

Todd didn't really want to go down that road, so he ignored her last comment. "Thanks. It's mostly up to you I know. I owe you big time. Mary too, I guess. Past experience leads me to believe that most of the set-up came from you guys and not Ben."

"True," Hollie answered, "but he did keep it a secret at least. But, I like having you owe me. That can come in handy. MUAHAHAHAHA!"

"OK, now you're just scaring me, and I have to go talk to the cops. I'm gonna try to have lunch with Liz later, if you want to meet us."

"Sounds good. Just call if and when. Looks like Mary's calling, Todd. I'll let you go get grilled."

"Thanks. Later, Hollie," Todd said as he ended the call as Hollie picked up the other line.

"Hey girl. What's up?" she asked.

"Hey Holl," Mary replied. "Just talked to Liz and guess what?"

"Way ahead Mar. I was just talking to Todd."

"Ooops. No hard feelings on your part, are there? I still have the apple..."

"No, I'm good. So how's Snow White the day after?"

"More like Rose Red," Mary laughed, " and guess what. She says she owes us dinner, something, or anything."

"Todd just said something very similar. Hmmmmmm."

"I like the evil tone, Blondie. I may have similar wicked thoughts. Let's share, shall we."


Todd's police interview was easier than he expected. He had to recount his story of that night again. There were some additional questions about his health status and a few more questions about the fight. The police seemed convinced that everything he, Ben and Allen had done was justified. Still, they suggested that the guys talk to a lawyer just in case Kevin or his cronies decided to start anything. That was a little disconcerting, but otherwise Todd left there in a great mood. As he was heading to campus, he responded to a text message from Liz checking on him and.

"Went OK. Meet me at Dukes at noon? Hollie may be there."

A few seconds he got her reply. "gr8"

So, he called Ben who answered promptly. "Yo, loser. You kept me hanging."

"Sorry. Long, busy day yesterday," Todd said cheerily.

"Yeah, I bet. That needle of a dick still working afterward. I figured you might have broken it off."

"Barely used it, but it got some TLC."

"OK, that's all I need to hear. Don't need details. So, you guys are good after the big reveal, huh?"

"Better than good. Yesterday was amazing. "

"Well, I'm glad. I was kinda worried when I didn't hear anything, but I thought I'd give you some space," Ben said with relief.

"Thanks man," Todd said. "I'm actually heading over to have lunch with Liz and Hollie. Want to join us?"

"Can't. but thanks. I'll holler later. Maybe we can watch the game tonight. The ball and chain will allow that right?"

Todd laughed. "I think that'll be possible. Have a good one."

Todd texted Hollie the details about lunch. Her answer was nearly instantaneous. "Meet u there. Mary too."

This ought to be fun, he thought. An estrogen fest, but high quality estrogen. He circled the block where the coffee shop was. True to form, it was beginning to fill up with the lunch crowd, but he had gotten there early enough to find a decent spot. Walking in, he noticed Liz occupying a corner booth and drinking coffee. Even with all the good changes in their lives, it was nice to see some things that looked familiar.

"Hi Todd," Duke called from the counter. "How are you feeling?"

"A lot better Duke," Todd answered. "Thanks for asking. But I'll be even better with one of those frozen chocolate coffee things you make."

"Grande mocha frappe coming up, and on the house for the hero man. Liz told me the story," Duke said.

"Well, it wasn't so much heroic as homeland defense, but I appreciate it. Can you bring it to our table?"

"Sure thing."

Todd nodded a thank you and walked over to the table. Kissing Liz on the neck, "Hi you."

Liz smiled, her senses tingling as his lips touched her neck. "Hey yourself." She ruffled his hair gently and kissed him on the lips just as Duke came to drop off his coffee.

He regarded them a moment, eyebrow cocked and Liz giggled softly. "You two are finally an item?"

They nodded and Duke slapped Todd on the back. "See? The hero always gets the babe!" He rumbled out a deep laugh and left them to it.

Smiling, Liz leaned into his side and sipped her coffee. "I think I just saw Hollie bouncing this way..."

Todd turned and Hollie was almost literally bouncing, but it was more of a skip. She seemed extra happy, and for a peppy, blonde, cheerleader that was saying something. She slid into the booth and started singing. "Todd and Lizzie sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N -G." Todd blushed and slumped in his chair as everyone turned to look at them, but Liz was just laughing.

"Thanks for the moral support Hollie," he said," but I doubt everyone in the place wants to hear about us."

"Oh from what I've heard, I'm sure most of them would," Hollie chirped. "In fact, I bet a lot of them would pay for it." This time she winked at Liz, and the redhead's face soon matched her hair color.

"Well, be that as it may, " Liz interjected, "let's keep it among family, OK." Everyone laughed, and Duke swung back by the table to refill Liz's drink and take Hollie's order.

"Apparently the hero gets more than one babe," Duke said. "Hello young lady. I'm Duke, owner of this little establishment, and if you're a friend of these two your money's no good here."

Hollie jumped up and kissed the older man on the cheek. "Well, I'm Hollie, and consider me one of their best friends then," she said cheerfully. "Pleased to meet you Duke. Oh, do you know Mary? She's another friend."

Mary walked up and slid in next to Hollie. "Oh Duke and I go way back," she said."I've closed this joint down many a night, and opened several mornings."

"That she has," Duke grinned, "and I reiterate what I said about heroes, Todd. If I were I were younger and not so married, I'd join you here. No one man should be so blessed with such fine company."

"Awwww," the girls said in unison. Mary added, "and you've still got it Duke. Trust me. Snow on the roof maybe, but some damn fine construction on that house."

Duke laughed loudly. "Well after that, all I can say is thank you and what'll you have." Everyone ordered and Duke made his way back to the kitchen.

"Do you know if Ben's coming, Todd?" Mary asked.

"No. I talked to him earlier, but he said he couldn't make it."

"Well, that's probably for the best," Hollie said. "Right, Mar?"

"Yep. We have things to discuss that he may not understand."

Todd grimaced a little. "Oh lord. Not another surprise."

"Not for you, hun" Mary said with a wink. "All you have to do is stay out of the way. If what the two of you said about owing us anything was legitimate."

"So Liz," Hollie continued with a conspiratorial nod, "did you mean what you said with that offer?"

Liz looked at Todd and took a moment to answer. What were they planning on, she wondered. Leaning forward, she straightened herself up a little felt Todd's hand slip over her thigh, giving it a squeeze. "Well of course I meant it."

She smiled and let her gaze move from one to the other. "So what's the big hush here...what are you two devils planning??"

"Devils?!" Mary exclaimed in mock indignation. "Why that's an insult. Well to Hollie maybe. She's still being fitted for her horns."

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