tagRomanceMore Than Friendship Material Pt. 09

More Than Friendship Material Pt. 09


Meanwhile, the newly formed sorority finished dinner, touched up their make-up and piled into Hollie's car. Mary rode shotgun, since "pledges had to sit in the back." A few minutes later, Hollie pulled in front of a unassuming little bar in a strip mall. The pink neon sign flashed "Ladyfingers" along with a long nailed hand holding a rose. "Here we are pledge," Mary said. "prepare for your night's adventure."

Hollie and Mary led Liz to the door, where a middle-aged cougarish woman was taking up the cover charges. Liz surveyed the atmosphere. The bar was moderately lit, and an uptempo country song played saying "This one's for the girls.." For an early evening on a Monday, there was a decent crowd, and some dancing. Something seemed odd though. There were no men around....it suddenly dawned on her. "Oh my god!" Liz exclaimed."Is this is a ..."

"Lesbian bar? Yes. Yes it is," Hollie finished. "No more questions, pledge. Go get Mary and I a drink."

Liz was feeling a little out of sorts. She didn't want to be uptight about the whole thing and after all, she had sorta enjoyed Hollie and their forced situation. Even if it had been a horrible experience, what little enjoyment she had gotten out of it had been Hollie's gentle attention. The thought made her shiver and her nipples tightened at the memory. Wow girl! She thought to herself. This was dangerous territory. After all, she was more than happy with Todd, she really didn't need to munch carpet as well to be fulfilled.

At the bar, Liz ordered drinks, getting a few curious stares from more than a couple of women. She blushed and quickly returned to the table that the girls had chosen. "Drinks ladies..." she murmured, then waited for her next set of instructions.

Mary and Hollie took their drinks. "Thanks, pledge. " Mary said with a grin and pointed to Liz's chest. "Looks like someone's either cold or enjoying the atmosphere, Hollie."

"Good start," Hollie replied. "Now let's see her dance."

"Sounds good to me," Mary said. "And if anyone asks, Lizzie, Hollie's my date. You are flying solo and fair game. We were thinking of making you accept any and all drinks and/or dance requests, but we changed our minds. "

"Yep," Hollie went on, "we both want you to have fun and loosen up. That would be more like punishment. So, you have a choice. You can choose who you dance with, either from someone who asks you, or you can choose your own partner."

"Just so long as it's someone," Mary added. "Could be one, could be multiple, nut it must include at least 2 slow dances."

Liz took a deep breath and then finally nodded. At least they were giving her a bit of a choice, sorta. "Um...okay. We trying to bring out my inner lesbian or something? Or is this some way of loosening me up so we can have one huge pile on later?" she teased, then rolled her eyes as they gave her a mock glare. She pressed her lips together and looked around the room. How on earth was she supposed to find someone to dance with?

Well, okay, the dance floor was rather packed, so maybe if she just went out there, someone would join her. "Okay ladies, see ya in a bit then," she told them, then slinked over to the dance floor, sashaying her hips as she went and falling into the beat of the music.

She slid into the mass of female bodies, which Hollie and Mary watched appreciatively. "So," Hollie mused aloud, "she's doing it and only slightly begrudgingly. Think she'll break soon."

"Hard to say," Mary answered. "It's early yet. She needs some liquid courage, though."

Hollie smiled. "I was thinking the same thing, but we have to watch that. She's a lightweight."

"Ok," Mary agreed. "So one moderately strong one to start, and we'll play it by ear." She called over a waitress and ordered an LIT. "That should work I think."

Liz fell into the crowd, shaking and working her body to the beat when finally she had a taker. This one was a bit on the butch side, buuuuut definitely NOT ugly. She had the feminine face, but the crappy short do that Liz hated. But her smile was sweet as she worked in front of Liz. "Hey, you're new around here."

Liz grinned and nodded. "Yeah, a fledgeling."

Hollie and Mary high fived as they saw Liz start dancing with a reasonably cute girl. She was a tall and lean brunette in her 20's with a short spiky do. "ATTAGIRL. GO LIZ!" Mary yelled at her.

Liz laughed at her friend and gave a thumbs up in the direction of their table.

Hollie peered intently at the other girl. "She looks awfully familiar, Mary. How do you feel about a closer look? You're taller, so I'll let you lead."

"Sure blondie. I was wanting to get my groove on anyway," Mary laughed as she got up, took the little cheerleader by the hand and led her to the writhing mob on the dance floor.

Liz smiled at the brunette who got a little bolder as she danced, letting her body brush up against Liz's. Her pretty brown eyes shifted from her face to Liz's chest which gently bounced with the beat of the music and her dancing. "You're wearing an interesting outfit..."

Liz felt herself flush at her comment, but managed to smile. "Yeah, my friends put me up to it. I'm supposed to be pledging tonight and this was part of our deal."

"And the lesbian bar?"

Liz shrugged casually. "Who knows what's going on in their heads..."

The brunette cocked her head to the side, but didn't run away. Instead she slipped her hands to Liz's hips and danced along with her until the music slowed. "Do you mind?" she asked, pulling Liz closer.

"Not at all." Liz managed. Her pulse skittered a little nervously, but she wound her arms around the girls neck and swayed gently to the tune.

Mary and Hollie slipped easily into the throng of dancing women and with the changing song, the taller redhead gathered Hollie in close since she was one of (but surprisingly not the) smallest one out there. Together they wriggled, shook, and swayed their way over to Liz and her new dance partner.

As they finally got close, Hollie got the vantage point she needed to achieve recognition. Reaching around Mary's neck, she drew her head down to whisper urgently. "Oh my god, Mary! I knew I recognized who that was!"

"Yeah? Whoever she is, Liz is obviously getting well acquainted. Look at how they're holding each other."

"Well, good for her," Hollie giggled. "If it works out she's a hell of a catch."

The newly acquainted dancers swayed a while before Liz took a breath and smiled, "So what's your name? Or shall we remain anonymous?"

The brunette flashed her a grin and laughed, "Tammy. You?"


"A pleasure." Tammy said, pulling her just a little closer and slipping her hands along Li'z bare back which made stiffing slightly, then relax. "Sorry." Tammy added and smiled sheepishly. "I forgot you're a fledgeling."

Liz blushed again and giggled, "Um yeah. I have to admit, I'm used to men."

Tammy quirked a well groomed brow, "No female fun?"

"Well....kinda, sorta...nothing serious and nothing much. Although I'm beginning to wonder if my friends are trying to set me up." She looked over to the table, trying to find the girls and didn't see them. Frowning, she looked around and finally spotting them on the dance floor.

Mary did a double take. "Pro tennis player? Like rich and hot, that kind of tennis player."

"Yeah, pretty much." Hollie answered

"Damn it. Why is always the quiet ones? Need help baking that pie, or should we move up to apple juice next?"

"Well, I may be wrong and this girl may just look like Tammy Reynolds. "

"Only way to find out for sure. Hold on." Mary bumped into Liz and yelled. "Excuse us new girl. Changing partners, pledge!"

She whipped Hollie to her left so that the blonde's head fell right into Tammy's cleavage and pulled Liz close to offer a whisper in her ear.

Liz's eyes widened. "Really? Wow..." She gazed shifted back to Tammy, admiring the tall athlete. "She has the body for it and her name is Tammy."

The two redheads danced close, looking like sisters, only that was almost a little sick considering how their hips bumped and how Mary bit her ear playfully. Liz gasped and let out a yelp. "Hey now!"

"Hush pledge...ha! Look at Hollie, poor thing is buried in tennis girl's chest."

Liz giggled, "Poor Hollie my ass, she's lovin' it."

"That was a two part statement pledge," Mary said. "1) Poor Hollie does appear to be loving it, and 2) your ass, mmmmm don't mind if I do." She ran her hands down the small of Liz's back, grabbed both cheeks and squeezed hard.

Meanwhile, Poor Hollie was indeed enjoying being up close and personal with Tammy, but had not forgotten the original mission. "Since I have my face in your boobs, are we close enough for me to ask a personal question?"

Tammy laughed. "Depends on how personal, and you have to keep your face there."

That elicited a giggle from Hollie as well. "Deal," she said. "OK, you look like someone famous, but if you're undercover or something I won't say."

"You got me." Tammy answered. "I am Rosie O'Donnell. I just lost a lot of weight."

"Cute, funny and potentially rich. I like that.," Hollie said. "OK Rosie, just for the sake of argument, how's your backhand? Oh, and I'm Hollie by the way."

"I have a great backhand, Hollie, and my forehand's even better. See?" She smacked Hollie's ass playfully.

Liz gasped and squirmed against Mary, their breasts brushing against one anothers, and Liz's nipples poked dangerously through the top. "Ummmm...Mary?" She breathed in her perfume and felt heat rise again, "Looks like both you and Tammy like some ass slapping and squeezing." The music changed and the beat picked up. "Ben's gonna be jealous if you keep this up!"

"I don't know what your situation, but girls are allowed for me," Mary said. "So long as Ben knows where I am and I don't lie about who I'm with. He'd rather be able to watch, and usually he gets to, like with Hollie that first time. But, he'd feel weird watching the two of us. First, because of Todd, and second, because he used to have a thing for you."

Meanwhile, the faster music meant that Hollie got to extract herself from Tammy's chest and the pair moved into a fun, less personal dance routine. "Moving pretty good there, Rosie," Hollie said with a smile. "Almost as good as you were with our girl over there."

"Yeah, fledgeling Liz told me you and Red number two drug her out here tonight. So, I guess I should be thanking you. Looks like I picked a good night to be in town and go out. Are all the girls around here as hot as you three?"

"Nope. You got lucky and found the best of the lot," Hollie said with a grin. 'After this song is over, want to go join us for a drink?"

"Love to," Tammy said. "So long as I'm allowed to play with your pledge. Did I tell you I'm a member of the same sorority: Miami branch?"

Liz regarded Mary curiously. Why is it she always found out about men liking her when neither one was available. She shook her head grinned, but her smile faded. "Well, Todd and I haven't discussed it. It's not something I've wondered about until...well, recently. Errr...it's not like women usually hit on me. Just you crazy two...now three." She blushed and laughed softly, "Todd would probably want us to video that action and watch it, or to just join the pile of writhing bodies. Most men would! I'm impressed that Ben has such self control."

"OK, Liz," Mary said, 'first thing, you need to chill with the low self image. You're hot, in the way that most people like, guys and girls. Girl next door hot, naughty librarian hot. You just, for God knows what reason, chose to either ignore it or hide it forever. I guess that's a good thing, since you apparently attract all the best available talent. Highly annoying by the way. Second, Todd may want to watch, but he may not. Some guys get off on seeing women together, some find it boring, and some find it threatening. It may be that he'd like it for little while, then start feeling weird. You can't know till you talk about it. All this tonight," she said motioning around the room "is just for you to stop thinking, stop analyzing and stop labeling. It's time to start relaxing and enjoying the feelings, whatever they are."

The music slowed, and the near twins noticed Hollie and Tammy heading off the floor and back to the table. "Ah, a breather," Mary said. "Go get us some tequila, salt and limes,pledge. I think it may be close to body shot time."

Liz was glad for the break, taking in what Mary was telling her. She wondered how Todd would feel, but she was more than happy to keep him all to herself and not share herself or him. This was all new to her. But taking it in stride, she nodded and untangled herself from her friend and wandered to the bar where she ordered.

A hand slid over her bottom and Liz jerked as she waited on the bartender to serve her. Wheeling around, she met the sly smile of a beefy girl and almost cringed. Okay, so she was not into big butch girls. She liked them soft and feminine, not more manly than her own man.

"Nice ass." the dyke said.

Liz groaned inwardly. "Thanks," she replied, thankful when then tray of goodies came her way. "Sorry, have an order to serve!" she added quickly and rushed away to the safety of her table.

Despite Liz's hasty retreat, safety wasn't quite attained. There were still a lot of women to get around, and that allowed her new admirer to catch up quickly. "I hated to see you go, pretty girl, but I loved watching you leave," she said as she copped another feel of Liz's butt cheeks. "Maybe you could drop off those drinks and you and I could go find a private table for two."

Liz blushed in both embarrassment and anger, as the same creepy vibe she had gotten from Kevin started emanating off of "Big Bertha." She felt like slapping the bigger girl, even if she probably would have gotten her butt kicked after. But, the platter of drinks didn't allow that course of action. So, Liz turned to tell her off. "Look, I'm flattered....mmmmff." Liz's words were cut off as 'Bertha" leaned in and kissed her while moving a hand up to cup the side of her right breast. In shock, Liz dropped the tray which fell crashing to the floor. This time, she did move to slap her across the face, but her hand was caught 'Bertha's" meaty paw.

"No no no, sweetheart. I love breaking in you college girls. You come in with your fashionably bi friends wanting to flirt, get us hot, and go home to your boyfriends. After being with a real woman, you won't need one of those pansies or wannabes, any more," she breathed huskily.

Suddenly, Liz heard a low, throaty voice. "Get your hands off of her, Lane Bryant!" Tammy said fiercely. "She's with us. You owe her an apology and need to pay us for those drinks."

All eyes were on the women, now four against the plus sized chick. Tammy practically pushed Liz behind her taller body and stood toe to toe with the wider girl. Big Bertha's hands clenched. She let go of Liz with a huff and gazed around the room of women. Some were glaring, some ready to hop into the fight, and others just curious.

Finally she raised her hands and stepped away. "I apologize ladies. I guess I was feeling a little too frisky." Turning around, she pushed her way through the crowd and left. Liz practically sagged against Hollie who pulled her back to the table. "See? You're so damn hot, you're creating fights," she teased softly and, despite her trembling hands, Liz laughed.

Tammy returned moments later with fresh drinks. "I hate butch dykes. They are worse than men."

Liz sighed and smiled, "Well thanks for stepping in. She probably would have kicked my ass if I had gotten a chance to slap her."

Tammy grinned and winked, "Oh I had a plan. Now you owe me one."

Liz flushed under the pretty woman's gaze, "Well...err...okay then. Fair is fair."

All of a sudden Mary burst into a fit of laughter. Her companions looked at her with quizzical expressions.

"What's so funny," Hollie asked. "Let us in on the joke."

"Well, last week Liz got saved by tall, dark Allen. This week it was by tall, dark "ELLEN.""

Everyone laughed at that, and Hollie winked at Tammy. "She told me she was Rosie."

"OK, you got me," the brunette said. "I have a lot of aliases. Call me whatever you want, just so long as you call. How about we finish these drinks and get out of here. We have sorority business to attend to, right?"

"Damn straight we do, " Mary agreed. "I guess we've learned our lesson that we need to keep our pledge to ourselves, or she just causes trouble."

"You want to ride with us, or follow?" Hollie asked their new friend.

"I've got my car, but I don't know the area, even if I did GPS it, " Tammie replied. "Can you spare pledgeling here as a guide?"

"I think that can be arranged," Mary laughed. "She does owe you."

Liz felt herself blushing again, wondering what Todd and Ben were up to and almost wishing she was back in bed, snuggled up to him. Even if this was fun, it was a little overwhelming. They all laughed and teased each other a bit, drank up their drinks, and forgot about body shots for now. They really didn't want the additional attention brought on by something like that.

In a small huddled group, they left, Tammy pulling Liz along with a friendly arm around her waist. Mary and Hollie wiggled their eyebrows and laughed, watching Liz being ushered to Tammy's car. She opened the door much like Todd had on their date and watched her slip inside, then ran around to join.

Once inside the car, she slanted Liz a naughty little grin. "Relax, I won't bite. Much anyway."


In the lead car, Mary and Hollie laughed over the tentative looks that Liz had given them as she was led to Tammy's car. "So, do you think we should take the long way home," Mary asked, "and give them a chance to get better acquainted."

"They were already getting pretty acquainted on the dance floor," Hollie giggled, " although Bertha did get farther. You think maybe we're throwing her in the deep end too soon?"

"I don't know," Mary said. "I didn't expect to land a real live lesbian for the night, but she's pretty damn cool and hot and rich. Plus, we'll have more control when we get back to the apartment. Hehehe."

"I know we talked about it a little," Hollie said, "but we never really planned much beyond the bar and the ending extravaganza. We still have some time to kill in the middle. Wish Todd or Allen were working at X-Mart. This would be a good chance for a side trip."

"'True," Mary agreed, "but I have enough toys for everyone, and I think I know what's next on the agenda."

"OOOOOOO, tell me."

"Everyone loves a little Truth or Dare," Mary said with a leer.


Liz grinned, feeling like her face would never stop burning. Tammy laughed and winked, and as she drove and Liz directed, her hands slipped across Liz's bare thigh.

The redhead gasped softly, but forced herself to relax, her skin tingling where the warm hand rested. The hand didn't move further. It only gave the thigh a little squeeze. "So, do you have a man?" Tammy asked.

Liz nodded, "Yeah, actually. We've been friends forever, but just got together. We're roomies, but thanks to Hollie and Mary, we both figured out we had much deeper feelings."

"Mmmmm...sounds interesting. Lucky duck." Tammy said, but her hand still didn't move. "Does he know about tonight?"

"I honestly don't know. All he told me was not to tell him details if I didn't think he wanted to know." Liz giggled nervously and moistened her lips. "So...I take it you don't mind that I'm um...attached?"

"Not at all." Tammy laughed and winked just as they turned into the apartment complex. Climbing out, Liz watched as the other car pulled in and felt Tammy press close to her back, the strong hands brushing against her bottom ever so slightly. Liz swallowed and felt her body tighten. Oh boy...this was going to be interesting!

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