tagRomanceMore Than Friendship Material Pt. 11

More Than Friendship Material Pt. 11


Sleep came and went too quickly for Liz and Hollie. When the blaring alarm went off, Liz jerked away and smacked it off the table top. Hollie groaned and gave a small giggle/snort as Liz cursed.

"Someone's not a morning person," Hollie observed.

Liz mumbled and stretched, "Not until I get a pot of coffee down me." Sliding out of bed, she stumbled and groaned. "It's too early and y'all wore me out last night."

The happy blonde bounced across the bed and smacked her on the ass. Liz gasped and yelped as Hollie laughed. "Buck up little camper. Shower time! You can go first."

Meanwhile, at the other apartment, Todd groaned as the alarm sounded at five thirty. The previous night Ben had cursed at him when Liz's text had come in. Now he could see Ben's point. This was too freaking early for just breakfast, in a world where Captain Crunch existed. Todd guessed that Liz could have something to do early at school. Pulling on his robe, Todd stumbled out of his room, taking the time to rouse Ben as he made his way to the bathroom.

"Damn it, Todd," Ben grumbled. "This is why you should never make plans by fucking text message. I have half a mind to help Allen move in on your girl. At least he's already up at this hour."

"Oh Shit!" Todd yelled. "I was supposed to go over to Pornland to talk to him and get my schedule this morning. "

"Too late for that now," Ben replied. "Why don't you call him and have him meet us at Duke's. Oh wait. If he's there, you have to watch all the girls swoon."

"Yeah yeah. Heartthrob Allen and shit," Todd grumped. "Dude, can you just call over there and ask him while I get my shower."

"Yep.," Ben said. "Hmmmmm. Maybe he can bring a basket of goodies for Red Riding Good too...."

Todd laughed. "Watch out or you're likely to lose your ride too."

The girls were having way too much fun. The tiny bathroom was soon feeling cramped, with barely covered bodies brushing against each other as all four tried to apply makeup, brush hair and get dressed. Amongst the giggles, hands playfully smacked, pinched and squeezed. Finally, they all piled into one car, laughing and talking as they took off to Duke's. Liz called ahead of time, ordering a pitcher of juice and a couple of carafes of coffee so they could start before ordering their breakfasts.

Upon their arrival, the girls snagged a couple of tables and pulled them together, making room for everyone.

Todd and Ben got to Duke's quicker than they expected, but still a little late. Allen promised to swing by on his way home. At least that was the gist Ben had gotten from the four word response to his query. As they entered the restaurant they were not only welcomed by the delicious aroma of bacon, coffee, and pancakes. They were also embraced by a burly man in his 50s. "Ah, two of the heroes gracing my establishment today," Duke said.

"Er. thanks Duke," Todd replied. "We're supposed to meet..."

Duke cut him off. "Your ladies await you over there, and there are even more of them today than yesterday. The new one could be Pallas Athena herself, come down from Olympus." Duke motioned to the corner where four girls were laughing and chatting, rather than the three Ben And Todd had expected.

"Damn, Todd." Ben said. "Who's that? One of Liz's friends?"

"I don't know her," Todd answered. "Maybe she's with Hollie. Smoking hot, though."

"Damn straight she is," Ben agreed, "and I love a girl with dark hair. But we have to get all these statements out of the way before we go over there. Then we don't notice her till introduced, and she's a guy for all we know."

"Deal. Does she look familiar to you, though. I could swear I've seen her before."

"You probably saw her on campus, but I'm sure they'll introduce us. Let's go. I wonder if she'll flip for Allen too?" Ben batted his eyes at Todd.

Liz had saved Todd an empty seat next to her. That had been standard practice since they had become friends, but today she just really wanted to be near him. She was reading her menu out of habit, not because she needed to, when he came up behind her and pulled her back into a front to back hug. Liz sighed and smiled, shivering as the man's lips touched her neck and he murmured a soft hello.

"Hi." She grinned at him, blushing softly as he slid into the empty seat and casually threw an arm around her shoulders. Unable to resist, Liz snuggled closer.

"Aww young love." Mary mocked playfully, only to have Ben silence her with a warm, wet kiss that had her sighing as well as her cheeks colored.

Liz giggled, "That's what you get!" She poked her tongue out and winked. Mary laughed and Hollie pretended to gag as Tammy fanned her.

"You ladies are slacking, introduce us to the newest Scooby gang member." Todd put in and wiggled his brows at Liz, kissing her again on the forehead, making her insides totally melt.

Tammy turned her dark eyes on Todd and smiled. "Oh I'm nobody. Just some random girl they picked up in a bar and had their way with last night."

Liz blanched and choked on a sip of coffee, as the rest of the table laughed loudly at Tammy's "joke." "Breathe Liz, jeez, " Hollie said. "Guys, funny girl here goes by a lot of different names, but the usual one is Tammy. She's definitely one of the cool kids."

Ben and Todd both stood, each taking one of Tammy's hands and kissing it. "Pleased to meet you, ma'am," Todd said.

"Enchanted, even," Ben added.

Tammy blushed a little at the attention. "Why thank you kind sirs, " she replied. "I see why you girls like these two. They're well trained, well mannered, well groomed, and, from what I can tell, well equipped."

Everyone laughed at that, including Duke who arrived at the table with large platters of breakfast food. "From what I hear, our lovely new addition here is now part of the family," he said. "So enjoy the family discount. Your money's no good here, young lady."

This time Tammy stood and kissed the older man on the cheek. "Thank you, Duke. The men around here certainly know how to make a girl feel appreciated."

Duke chuckled. "If I weren't so old and married, you'd be hard pressed to find more appreciation. Alas, I must leave you to the attentions of younger men."

"Trust me Duke," Tammy said with a smile. "You're as attractive to me as any younger man. Your wife is a lucky woman."

It was Duke's turn to blush. "Keep this one around, Elizabeth. I like her."

The bells on the cafe door rang, and Todd noticed Allen coming through the door. "Oh Duke, can you pull us up another chair. Our last member of the party's arriving. Hope he's hungry."

Ben shot Todd a knowing grin as he heard Tammy make a little noise of appreciation as the tall, dark and handsome Allen stepped into the place, clad in dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt that seemed to mold itself to his impressive chest, muscular arms and wide shoulders. "Holy crap...this place is full of hunks." Tammy candidly commented.

The girls all giggled, "Uh huh...we have good stock around here." Hollie grinned and then felt her heart flutter and stomach dip as Allen's dark gaze found her lighter one and held it for a moment before shifting to the others. Taking the chair from Duke, he folded his tall body into it, squeezing between Mary and Todd and giving everyone a curt nod.

Under the table, Tammy gave Hollie a nudge and cocked an eyebrow, making the blonde blush and nudge her back. Tammy grinned and regarded the group again. Everyone seemed so at ease and at home, it was easy to fall into the flow of friendship with them.

"Hi," Allen said. "Thanks for inviting me."

"Glad you could make it," Hollie said, her smile getting bigger every second. "The guys didn't mention you were coming."

"It just kinda happened," Todd said sheepishly. "Mainly since I forgot I needed to go talk to him."

Allen turned to Todd. "What about?"

"We need to talk to a lawyer. The cops think Kevin and his merry band of dipshits may try to cause trouble for us."

"For protecting the girls and ourselves?"

"He's an asshole, but he's a famous asshole with money. They said it was just for our own protection. I just wish I knew someone. Well, someone I can afford."

"I think I'm missing some big story here," Tammy said," but I can say this. If you guys were protecting the girls, I think I can help."

Allen looked at Tammy for the first real time and their dark eyes flashed. "We haven't met have we?"

"No," Tammy replied, "but any friend of the girls is a friend of mine. I'm Tammy."

"Allen." The rest of the group watched the two new additions to the group carry on almost a silent conversation for a few seconds before Tammy continued.

"I know a law firm and I have connections, if you don't mind my butting in. I think I can get you a fair rate."

Todd let out a huge sigh of relief. "Mind hell, I couldn't thank you enough."

"Likewise." Allen said

"Well, that was painless." Hollie smiled, feeling her cheeks heat up and Allen flashed a brief smile.

"You'll have to fill me in on what exactly you guys are up against." Tammy added, "But not right now, lets enjoy breakfast."

The group agreed and soon Duke had another plate and silverware for Allen, who murmured his thanks to the older man. Duke grinned at them all and went back to work while they all dug in with happy noises. The teasing resumed, the jabs, the pokes and laughs. Allen's eyes studied the pretty brunette while the others were preoccupied with playing around. Still, it was hard for him to ignore Hollie's beaming smiles and laughter. She was all sunshine and happiness, it seemed.

"Todd!" Liz laughed as she fed him a piece of bacon and lost half her finger in his mouth. He gave her a sweet innocent look as she wrinkled her nose and pulled it out, wiping it on his own shirt. "Nasty boy."

He grinned and wiggled his brows, "You know you love me."

The gang stuffed themselves for a while longer, before the party began to wind down. Tammy checked her watch. "It's 8:40 ladies. We have to get to the hotel."

"What's at the hotel?" Ben asked.

"Oh, honey," answered Mary, "it's just more girl stuff. You wouldn't be interested."

"Are all of you going?" Todd asked.

"Yeah," Liz responded. "Tammy's staying over there, and we're all in one car."

Hollie was ignoring the rest of the table for the most part, trying to get Allen out of Neanderthal five word mode and into the more conversational version he usually saved for the girls. Results had been mixed, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. Still, she could tell he was exhausted from being up all night, and the lawyer stuff had seemed to preoccupy him. "I guess you need to be heading off to bed, don't you Allen?"

"Yeah. Probably so," the big man answered. "This has been nice though."

"We should do it again more often," Hollie said, hoping her hint got through.

Tammy watched the interaction between the couples and proto-couple with amusement and a little envy. Standing up, she reached into her purse and retrieved a business card. Then she handed it to Todd. "This is the lawyer I mentioned. Give me a day to lay ground work, and I'll let him know to expect your call. Then, you and the other boys can talk to him. OK?"

"That sounds terrific, Tammy. Thanks so much," Todd said gratefully. Allen and Ben nodded.

"I guess we'll just leave our girls in your capable hands, and hopefully see you soon," Ben said to the tall girl.

Tammy flashed another smile that affected all three guys, despite their relationships or misgivings. "I'll take care of them as best as I can," she said with a wink.

Liz tried to fight the rising heat to her cheeks and cleared her throat, pushing in her chair as everyone stood up. Slowly they walked out onto the sidewalk and Tammy slipped off to start the car while the girls said their goodbyes. Liz wrapped her arms around Todd and hugged him tight, sighing softly as he captured her mouth in a soft kiss that made her ache for more. "Is it Wednesday yet?" she teased, and he grinned.

"Not soon enough it seems."

"Uh huh. Perv." She winked and he laughed, giving her a mock growl.

Turning loose, she gave Ben a quick hug and in turn, Allen, who hugged her back warmly. Todd cocked a brow and Allen almost grinned at the look, knowing full well that Liz was gaga only over her childhood friend. Mary passed herself around too, then Hollie who was all blushes and nervous energy when Allen let himself be pulled into her arms. She was so tiny against him, short and petite, her tight little body oh so warm.

Finally tearing themselves away, the girls slid into the car and zipped off, leaving the men shuffling for a moment. Allen gave the boys a nod and curt wave, taking off into the other direction, leaving Todd and Ben alone all over again.

In the car, Liz grinned at Hollie. "Well well, someone has the hots for the big man."

"Who doesn't?" Tammy said to everyone's surprise. "Damn, but he's hot."

"Ummm," Hollie, who was riding shotgun, began with a confused look, "Tammy aren't you..."

"Able to see?" the brunette answered, cutting her off. "Yes I am. Considering what I did and saw last night with this carload of "straight" girls, I'd think that labels wouldn't be so important. You three should be ashamed of yourselves. Did any of you ever ask what team I played for?"

"Uh, no.," said an embarrassed Liz. "I just kinda assumed.."

"Because?" Tammy asked."Wait, let me guess. One, I was at a lesbian bar. So were you. Two, I have short hair. Lots of girls do. Three, I'm an athlete. Hollie's a cheerleader, and the twins back there played tennis in high school. Four, I picked up the pledgeling on the dance floor. I think that was kinda mutual, Liz."

The other three girls looked at each other in embarrassment. Mary spoke up. "We're sorry T. You're right, we shouldn't have assumed anything. That was unfair."

Tammy grinned. "God, you three need to lighten up. I was being honest, but I'm not mad. Do I look like I have any problems with you or what we've been doing?"

All three answered. "No."

"Right. I'm guessing you haven't had a lot of experience with anyone who's more than fashionably bi," Tammy said. "But, I'm older and have a lot more experience in a lot more places. I don't like to put myself in any particular corner, especially since everyone's on a continuum of sexual preference. Mostly, I prefer girls. But, I can appreciate a good looking guy, and I've even dated a few. I wasn't even lying when I was talking to Duke. He looks a lot like my best friend's dad when I was young, and that was my first real crush. So, trust me, when it comes to Allen, I can honestly say MMMMMMM. Too bad he's gay."

"GAY?!" All three yelled out in shock.

Hollie shook her head. "Oh hell no - your gaydar must be off!"

Liz nodded in agreement. "I've kissed the man and there was nothing gay about that kiss!"

Tammy laughed and glanced at the 'twins' through her rear view mirror. "Really now?! My my...the plot thickens."

Liz flushed, "I felt bad because he asked me out when I really had feelings for Todd, and it hadn't been shared yet that we loved each other. So, after our 'date', I gave him a kiss to say thank you for understanding. But I assure you, that is one red blooded male. No way he's gay. I'd be shocked if he was even bi-curious! Not that there is anything wrong with either."

Hollie sighed dramatically. "It would be my luck!"

Tammy looked thoughtful. "OK, Let's see. He's immaculately groomed and in hella good shape. He works at an adult book store over night. Other than your date with him Liz, have any of you ever seen him date? Does he talk about women?"

The girls looked at each other, and Hollie slumped in the seat. "No, and just his mom and sisters. Oh my God. He knows about Pride & Prejudice and he even just looked at my eyes when he found us naked, Liz!"

Tammy raised an eyebrow. "I really need to hear the rest of that story."

"Hollie, when I gave him the lap dance, he was hard. I felt it," Liz said.

"That one too," Tammy added.

"But he was sitting on a couch with two hot guys," Mary added. "If he is gay that, plus the lap friction could have done it."

"Not helping, Mary" Hollie grumped, then a look of horror came over her face. "OH NO. He asked me if I had a relative in the military, because he said my eyes reminded of someone. I think he may have met my brother somewhere, and I think my brother is probably gay. He's never said anything, but they had that 'dont ask, don't tell' thing till recently."

"Sorry, Hollie." Liz said.

"That is such a waste of talent," Mary sighed. "Maybe he has a brother, Blondie."

Tammy let the three continue their pity party as she pulled into the hotel parking lot and stopped, tossing the valet the keys to the rental car. "We're here, girls," she said. "Oh and by the way, GOTCHA!"

The girls all glared at Tammy and then dissolved into laughter and relieved sighs. "Jesus H. Christ! You had us flipping out!" Mary exclaimed and Hollie smacked the brunette on the ass.

"Oh I am so going to have to get you back for that!!"

Tammy grinned and laughed, "Sure sure...you can try."

Fussing over each other, the girls made their way to Tammy's room and collectively admired the plush, beautifully decorated room. "Oh wow." Hollie murmured. "This beats a Motel 6 any day."

"Well it's not home, but it is nice," Tammy admitted. "But when I was getting started I spent plenty of time in Motel 6's. Some places were more like Motel 666's. Make yourselves at home. I need to make a call." Tammy took the cordless phone out on to the balcony.

Hollie and Liz dove onto the huge bed and buried themselves in the mountain of pillows. Mary checked out the bathroom to find a jacuzzi that would hold all of them. "I think I'm going to ask T if I can move in," she called back to her friends.

Meanwhile, Tammy calling the hotel lobby. "I'd like an in-room spa Works package for 4 starting at 10:15 sharp, lunch for 3 in the private club at noon, and full salon appointments for 3 at 1:00. Three friends of mine: 2 redheads and a small blonde. Give them anything they want and bill it to my account. For right now, send up 3 extra robes, champagne service for 4, strawberries, and whipped cream. Thank you." She hung up and walked back in to the suite.

"Everything good on the call?" Hollie asked.

"Yep," Tammy answered. "Now scoot over girls. I told you that bed was big enough for all of us." The brunette crawled in between the other two girls, as Mary came out of the bathroom.

"Hey, no fair starting without me," she pouted.

"We're not," Tammy replied. "Just waiting for..." A knock came at the door. "Room service to get here," she finished. "Can you get that, Mar?"

Mary opened the door and a waiter pushed in a cart with a huge bottle of champagne chilling, along with 3 plush robes and silver platters of ripe strawberries and whipped cream. "Oh yeah, T. You know how to entertain."

The server popped the cork to the bottle as the girls cheered, and then poured 4 glasses. He handed a pad for Tammy to sign. She wrote for a few seconds, and then handed it back. The waiter's eyes bugged when he saw the tip. "Thank you Miss. Is there anything else I can do for you."

"Yes," Tammy said. "Make sure the next shift is here at 10:15 sharp, but calls before they're on the way up. Also, please put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door as you leave."

"Yes Ma'am." The server did as he was asked and closed the door on his way out. Tammy took a glass and raised it. "Grab some bubbly and a robe, girls. I want to offer a toast to the sisters of XXX. It should be a fun day."

The girls scrambled off the bed, grinning as they all slipped out of their clothes and flung them into a neat little pile. Clad only their birthday suits, they slipped on the fluffy robes and stood around in a little circle with flutes of bubbly raised.

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