tagRomanceMore Than Friendship Material Pt. 14

More Than Friendship Material Pt. 14


Todd woke up a minute before the alarm went off, still curled up with Liz. He didn't want to extricate himself from her embrace, but did it anyway. The earlier he got to the doctor's office for clearance, the better. Liz grunted her disapproval as Todd got up, but turned over and went back to sleep. Todd made sure the alarm she set on her phone was still turned on, since he remembered Liz had a class that morning. Then, he grabbed some clothes from his dresser and made his way to the bathroom.

He had showered the night before, so after brushing his teeth, Todd just rinsed his hair and combed it into a manageable shape. He quickly dressed, downed a handful of Captain Crunch, and headed out the door. As he left, though, he carefully taped an envelope to the door. It read simply, "Occupant."

Liz woke up to the blaring sound of her alarm and practically smashed her phone to stop it. She fumbled until it hit the floor and hushed. Groaning, she stretched, already missing Todd and wishing she could have joined him on his doctor's visit. But classes couldn't wait and they were already behind on so much. Swinging her legs over the side, Liz quickly picked up her phone and entered the bathroom where she took a quick shower to wake herself up, and went through her morning routine in record time.

Feeling more awake, Liz finished applying her mascara and rushed into her room to find something quick to put on. She finally threw on one of her favorite fall dresses. The ankle length dress was a royal blue and had a halter top style that showed off her shoulders and accentuated her breasts before flowing down. Slipping on a pair of sandals, she brushed her hair and made a bee line for the fridge to grab herself a Coke on the way out.

The note taped the door made her pause and she raised an eyebrow. "Occupant?" She muttered to herself and carefully peeled the envelope off the door and carefully opened it.

Liz's eyes perused the form letter, which appeared to be the standard notice from the property management company that ran their apartment complex.


Building fumigation on October 13th.

Due to unexpected building fumigation for termites by our pest control company, all tenants must vacate this building between the hours of 10:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., today, Wednesday, October 13th. Property managers will be in and out of each unit during this time period. There will be no need for aeration or any other clean-up on behalf of the tenants after the treatment. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation.

WRF Properties

Liz groaned. "Damn it!" She thought of her bag of goodies that Tammy had purchased for her big night with Todd. Did Todd know about this? She sighed and rushed back to her room to grab the bag. Carefully she stuffed it into her book bag, hoping that she wasn't ruining anything.

With purse and book bag, she quickly shut the door and fumbled with her phone for a second as she sent Todd a message. "Off to class. Did you see the note on the door?"

Todd was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office when Liz's text came. He read the message and responded immediately. "Saw it. Irritating but no big. At dr now :) luv u." He hit send, then reeled off a second text to Ben. "All go for 10:00. I'll call after I get out of the dr."

A nurse popped her head from behind a door. "Mr. Farmer?" she called.

Todd got up and headed toward her, feeling nervous, but confident that today would be a good day.


She smiled back at the 'luv you' part, but wondered what on earth they were going to do. Spend the afternoon at Mary's? Not wanting to bother him further, Liz put some pep in her step and moved briskly to class. Thankfully no one stopped her to talk. She slipped into class, muting her phone and pulling out her notes for another boring class.

Liz did her best to try to maintain some sort of attention span during the lecture, but it was really hard to do so. Her thoughts kept drifting off to Todd and his appointment, hoping that all was well and good. So far, her phone hadn't buzzed. When class was finally over, she bolted out of her chair and shot him a text and then decided to send one to Mary as well to make sure that all was well there too.

"So? How did things go?"

She sent it off and rambled over to a nearby Coke machine to get herself another drink before round two of boring classes commenced! By the end of her next course selection,Liz read the onslaught of messages from Mary with half a grin on her face. Apparently things had gone very well indeed and she was very happy for her friend. Now her thoughts drifted back to Todd and how things were going to go that evening. She was nervous and excited all at once. Anxious to show off her new 'outfit' that Tammy had graciously gifted her for the big night, but also just anxious to be in his arms again.

She sighed softly as she slid into her seat and dropped her books. Would this day ever end?! She hoped soon. It sure seemed to be crawling. Unfortunately for her, time did drag on and on. It took every ounce of self control not to take out her phone and shoot him a couple of random messages just to keep her mind occupied. When the class finally ended, Liz resisted the urge to jump up and yell hooray! But instead, she calmly got her things and left, only to be practically tackled by Mary who had been waiting not so patiently outside the classroom. The new and improved brunette was all smiles and sighs, making Liz extremely jealous. "Well hello there sexy." Mary purred and hooked an arm around Liz's curvy waist.

"Hey yourself, Miss Happy. I need to have a talk with Ben. If he plans to woo you like he did last night, he needs to give us all warnings. Not sure I like this bouncing, bubbly Mary." Liz poked out her tongue and laughed.

"Whatever, you're just frustrated."


Mary wiggled her brows and playfully nipped Liz's bare shoulder. "I could help you know. Take the edge off."

Liz blushed brightly and glanced around a little. While her world had opened up quite a bit, she was still a little leery about others catching wind of things. "So, I take it that you're feeling secure and all that again?"

Mary sucked in a breath and let out a long sigh and smiled with pure contentment. "Yes. I know. I acted a little weird there after the hay ride and the hair stuff. I know, I was being stupid. I had my moment of weakness..."

"Well so did I."

Slinging her own arm around Mary, she pulled her along their usual path. "I'm glad we're back to being all good. I'm starving, wanna go grab something to eat? My treat as long as I don't have to hear about Ben's anaconda."

Mary giggled girlishly and grinned wickedly. "But why not? I want to hear all about Todd's after tonight!"


"There doesn't appear to be residual swelling, and I don't see any lasting damage. Unless you experience any further pain or discomfort, I think you're good to go."

Todd knew that his doctor had said things after that, but he barely heard anything past those words. He was too happy. "Good to go," was the understatement of the year. After everything he and Liz (and Hollie and Mary and Tammy and Little Todd...) had been though, he was raring to go. He was ready to explode, and in the best possible meaning of the word. He paid his co-pay and practically danced out of the clinic. Hitting the button for the elevator, he turned his phone back on and checked his messages. Nothing there from Liz, but Ben had sent a reply text.

"Sweet. C U there."

The elevator dinged its arrival and Todd walked inside, smiling at the elderly lady already in the compartment. She'd probably have a heart attack if she knew the thoughts running through his head, but those thoughts would have to wait till later. First things first, he had some more errands to take care of.


Meanwhile, three feet lower, Little Todd was as excited as could be after being poked, prodded, and fondled, but not in the good way he liked. Over the past few weeks, he had learned a few things.

One: getting hit and kicked sucks (but, again, not in the good way.)

Two: if he never saw frozen peas again, it would still be too soon. He was a good-time guy, who liked to hang loose and free. Getting drawn up to avoid the cold just wasn't his style.

Three: Doctors were kill joys. He appreciated the care and attention after the fight, but having to wait weeks before coming out to play? That was really hitting below the belt. Especially since Big Todd had kept him supplied with such warm, wet, wonderful woman parts to play with over the past couple of years.

Four (and this built on three): Friends were apparently good to play with, too. Big Todd had repeatedly said that the girl that hung out with the other dick that was around all the time was off limits. But, last night she had caressed him very nicely. The little blonde one had been fun to play with, but playtime had been limited and he'd been told to ignore her some too. Last night, she was there to play again, but it was a good start that ended too quickly. He wasn't sure what was up with the tall brown haired one. She seemed fun, but LT had gotten the scent of a lot of other girls from her, as well. Confusing, yet promising. Finally, Little Todd was used to BT telling him time and again to ignore the red one that cleaned his cottony housing, Now, everything seemed to be pointed at her - literally. In the bed, in the shower, everywhere.

Little Todd danced at that thought. He'd wondered about the red one for almost as long as he'd been awake enough to notice the girls. She had given him the best bath ever, the other day, and now, that doctor person had given the OK. Things had been hard - way too hard - but now they were looking up . Full mast, even.


Todd pulled into a parking space in front of the apartment complex. Ben was there already. He was standing outside, dressed to work, but the look on his face was one of confusion.

"Todd, if you didn't need me, you could have just said so and saved me a trip," Ben said tersely.

"What the hell are you talking about? I do need you. There's no way I could get this stuff done by myself.," Todd replied.

"Oh? Then what about them?" Ben pointed to a crew of 5 men, leaning up against a large truck in the parking lot nearby.

"I assume they're here to help somebody move. I don't know them from Adam, dude."

"Interesting, that," Ben answered. "Because they were knocking on your door when I got here."

Todd looked puzzled, but his confusion was interrupted by one of the men who had stepped forward with a clipboard.

"Sir, are you Mr. Farmer," the man asked.

"Yeah," Todd replied. "But I don't understand what's going on. Are we getting evicted? The rent's been paid."

"No sir. We were assigned to come here. We were told you'd give us directions. Labor, the truck and off site facilities have been all been taken care of. Just sign here please."

Todd looked at the form and whistled appreciatively. His name was listed as contact, but the customer name read T. Jennings. He shook his head and signed. Today was definitely shaping up to be a good day.


Todd and Ben watched as the truck drove away. Ben looked at his watch. "Eleven. That was a lot faster than I envisioned it being. Think she'll be surprised?"

Todd grinned. "I hope so, unless the other girls have loose lips."

"Mmmmmmmm," Ben moaned softly.

"You know what I meant, perv."

Ben laughed. "OK, since we're ahead of schedule, we can go ahead and get those other errands out of the way. Food court, then back to see Amber?

"Sounds like a plan. SBARRO here we come," Todd said happily.

Soon, Todd and Ben had finished off a mountain of pasta and bread sticks, before winding their way through the mall to Amber's store. They walked through the door, and a chime sounded. Amber poked her head out from the back and smiled at them.

"Hey boys!" she called. "Hang tight for a sec. I'll be right there."

"Sure thing, beautiful," Ben replied as Amber disappeared behind the curtain again. "Damn but she's fine. Mary hasn't expressed an interest in chocolate, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hey, maybe she's Liz's type. OW!"

Todd's punch left a small knot in his friend's shoulder. "No distractions like that, man. Not today. Things have a way of snowballing when we start talking that way, and tonight's too important."

"OK, jeez," Ben said sheepishly. "I was kidding, anyway."

"No you weren't," Todd answered with a grin.

Ben returned the grin. "OK, I wasn't. It just seemed like the right thing to say."

"You don't need to worry about that with me, dude. Just be straight with me. Assuming things go well, we'll bring Amber up later and let them decide.

"Deal. Bring it in, man. Just watch it, since I know you're off the frozen produce." The two friends engaged in a brief bro hug.

"Mmmmmm. I do enjoy seeing a little fine man to man action," Amber said appreciatively, as she returned from the back. "You ready for tonight?"

"Very," Todd replied.

"Great," Amber said, "because I've got your order ready. Your girl is gonna be one lucky lady. Come on back and we'll get things finalized."

"I leave it in your capable hands, Miss Amber."

"Don't tempt me, stud," she giggled.

A few minute later, Amber pushed a piece of paper toward Todd. "Just sign here and you're done, sweetie." Ben was waiting just inside the door, carrying the bags.

Todd signed and handed the paper back. "Thanks Amber. You've really helped a lot."

"That's my job. Just let me know how things turn out, OK?"

"Count on it," Todd replied with a smile. He turned toward Ben, but was interrupted by his phone ringing. He looked at the number, but didn't recognize it. 'Hello?"

"Hey tiger," Tammy's voice said from the line. "Bad time?"

"No. Everything's great "my queen." Ben nodded and laughed at the reference. "Thanks for the unexpected help earlier.," Todd continued, "That rocked, but I feel a little bad. What do I owe you?'

"Not a thing," Tammy answered. "I just wanted to help with your little plan. Like I told the girls yesterday with the spa treatments, I like to give presents, and I owed you from yesterday. Just consider it a little thank you for being a good sport while I kept your girl company. You mind a couple of more?"

"Hell no. You're like Santa Claus, just way hotter."

Tammy giggled. "Well, I do use a beard from time to time, but thanks. First, I got in touch with my lawyer friend. They're expecting your call. Just ask for Chris Meyer and tell him I referred you. Secondly, how would you like a carriage for Cinderella?"

Tammy filled Todd in on the idea as he and Ben made their way back to the parking lot. "Thanks again fairy godmother," Todd said as he ended the call.

"That sounded promising," Ben said. "You're grinning from ear to ear."

"Bro, you would be too. Just listen to this." Todd filled his friend in on the details, then, following the directions that Tammy had given him, he finished the required calls, errands, and appointments. "One more stop, and everything should be in place," he said happily.

"Good," Ben replied. "Just don't screw it up."

"I'll try my best not to, but thanks for the vote of confidence."

"Don't sweat it. You and Liz are tight. If for some reason, this new stage isn't right, it still won't be so wrong that what you had before will suffer the consequences.

Todd winced at the concept of losing the friendship he and Liz had shared. "I hope you're right about that."

Ben looked at him. "Dude, I'm not psychic, but I am one hundred percent sure about that. What time do things start tonight. It's a quarter after three."

"I need to pick her up at five thirty. I'd better have her meet me on campus." Todd drafted a quick text to Liz, as they pulled into a parking space.

"Can you meet me outside the student center at 5:30?"


It was too pretty a day to be cooped up inside, so the girls ordered some sandwiches and went to the nearest unoccupied lawn and spread out on the grass. Mary slipped on her shades and stretched out, enjoying the warmth of the sun as it added to her subtle tan, while Liz glanced down at her pale skin and wondered if a burn was inevitable.

"Can I ask you a serious question?"

Liz held her breath a moment to ponder that one. "I suppose we've been to so many places these last weeks, what's one more personal finding, right?"

Mary grinned and rolled onto her belly, propping her chin up on her hands as she regarded Liz. "Well, even though the actual interaction was limited, you enjoyed our fun times with Tammy and Hollie, right?"

A slow flush crept up her neck as she nodded. Mary pushed on with a small smile. "And I know that Todd had a bit of a meltdown when he found out, but he cooled off. I doubt you guys have talked about all of that in detail yet, but if he turns out to cool with it like Ben is, would you want to explore further?"

Liz cleared her throat, feeling somewhat embarrassed. "Well...um...I dunno. I guess I won't know for sure until things settle down a little and I can be with Todd a little bit. I did have fun, lots of it. I guess if he was truly okay with it and knew what was going on, maybe at some point if the setting was right. Why?"

" Cause you're hot, silly. But, that was a lot of ifs there, Lizzie, so I'll believe it when I see it," Mary teased and giggled, then cocked her head slightly, her brown locks flowing over one shoulder.

Liz took a bite of sandwich. As she chewed, a thought crossed her mind. "OK, Mar. Your turn," she said. "Can I ask you something personal?"


"Have you ever tried or wanted to try, you know, another guy, like in a threesome? Or entertained the thought of letting Ben into your play time? And this is not me trying to get into Ben's pants, I swear! I'm just curious."

"Holy shit, Snow White is a closet perv!" Mary exclaimed, then smothered her laughter. Liz turned three shades of red and looked mortified until Mary crawled up on her knees, got a little closer and plopped her bottom down, facing Liz. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself."

Liz fanned herself and looked around, thankfully no one was within ear shot of her little outburst. "How am I supposed to talk to you seriously? Hmmmm?" She glared at her friend, but cracked a smile as her color finally receded a little.

"Ah sorry. It was just funny to hear that idea coming from you."

"I'm not a nun!! It's not like I'd never had sex or thought of things, jeeez," Liz huffed.

Mary winked. "I know or I figured. But we've never talked so openly before and well, I guess it's all new to me. So, as to your questions. No, I've never done the threesome thing, not with another man or with Ben involved with another girl. We had actually talked about it before in the beginning. At first I was a little worried about the prospect of him getting new pie, ya know? I mean, every girl wants to be the one and only. But as time has gone on I wonder how truly fair that is. I get my fun and he doesn't? But then again, he has never asked or hinted at wanting, so I haven't pushed. Sooo, I guess I've just been happy ignoring the idea and hoping he's as content as he seems."

Liz nodded thoughtfully, "I get that, but would, you know, if you or he wanted. Would he let you do the guy thing?"

Mary shrugged, "Hell if I know, we've never really talked about that. Why? What's ticking in that head of yours?"

Liz stuttered a moment and giggled, "Nothing! Nothing!"

"Uh huh, spill it or I'm going to molest you on this lawn!"

Liz let out a little squeal of alarm and her eyes widened, "You wouldn't! I swear I'm just curious to see what your views are. I mean, Todd and I still have to talk about things, I guess, I dunno. If we had the same arrangement as you two do, part of me thinks it's unfair that Todd wouldn't get to play even though makes me a little sick to think about it. But then you open up another can of worms, if the guy gets to play with another woman, then why shouldn't the woman play with another man in return? Fair is fair."

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