tagNonHumanMore Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 04

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 04


The next morning, they broke camp early. Meg was so sore that she couldn't even think about sex. Last night had been another romp that ended up with her eyes crossed and she swore for a moment that she even passed out. This morning, Luc had been rather wound up about getting camp broke and headed down the mountain. She figured she'd wait until they were on the trail before she asked.

"Hey Luc, why the hurry this morning?" she asked about ten minutes after they left camp.

"It's gonna rain," he said.

"It rained yesterday and you didn't panic," she said.

"I know, but this storm is a big one. We have two small river crossings to make and I don't want to get cut off," he said.

"Oh, okay. I was just confused and," was as far as she got.

Luc stopped, turned around and put his hand under her chin to bring her eyes up to his. "Before you start wondering if this is how I blow off dates, don't. You're the first person I've been around in years that hasn't freaked. I am not blowing you off, I just don't want to drown."

"Okay then, let's go," she said.

They got about a third of the way down the mountain when the rain hit. They threw their ponchos on, but it didn't help. As Luc thought, the rain was not the easy gentle downpour of the day before. This was a vertical flood. Pretty soon, the trail was a small stream. They got to the first river crossing, and the water was higher, but not impassable. Luc helped Meg over and then they headed down the trail as fast as they could.

"Are we going to make it?" she called out over the noise of the rain.

"I think so. The water wasn't too bad there. Just keep moving," he said.

The rain got heavier. Thirty minutes later, they reached the next crossing. The water was lapping over the logs. Luc took off his pack and motioned for Meg to do the same.

"Why are we taking off our packs?" she asked.

"I'm going to toss them over and then we are crossing. If you go down, try to keep your head up. There are a lot of rocks right here that are hidden by the water," he said.

Meg nodded. She watched as he seemed to grow taller and broader. He was shifting just a little, which she guessed would give him more muscle strength. Luc grabbed her pack first and lofted it over the river crossing. It landed a good twenty feet away from the other side. Then he grabbed his pack. It landed about ten feet away from the river.

"Wow!" Meg said.

"Yesh, Now chom ohn," he said. "Hate trying to talk in this half form," he thought.

Meg stepped out on the logs and stepped slowly across. Luc was right behind her. Step, slide. Step, slide. It was the longest fifteen feet in her life. Then the log slid out from under her. Meg was falling. The water sucked at her legs, pulling her in. Icy cold water flowed over her head and then pain as something snagged her arm. Gasping for breath, trying to figure which way was up, she struggled. She thought she could hear something, but it could only be the rushing waters in her ears. She tried to push her head towards where she thought the surface was. Then her head broke free of the water.

"Sthop fightn mhe!" Luc yelled. He was the sound Meg had heard, not the waters. He had grabbed her as she went under. "Mehg!" he hollered again.

Meg went limp. The next thing she felt was Luc pulling her up on the bank of the river. Half shifted, he looked like the movie werewolves from all the horror flicks. Part human, part wolf and huge. His clawed fingers had scratched her where he had grabbed her arm and torn though the material. He pulled her clear of the water and then picked her up like she weighed nothing. He didn't stop until he reached his pack. Grabbing that, he continued on and as they passed her pack, he grabbed it too. Luc ran.

Meg began to shiver. She was soaked from the rain as well as the river. Luc was still carrying her and in that half shifted form. "Wwwherre are wwwe gggoing?" she stuttered.

Luc looked down at her. Cocking his head to one side he realized she was shivering. "Damn! Can't let her freeze, but... Damn!" he thought. Looking around, he headed for a dense stand of trees. Under one of the big pines, it was only damp. Luc sat her down and tried to dig through one of the packs for anything to get her warm. He gave up in frustration and shifted fully. He nosed himself under her poncho, and tried to wrap himself around her all at the same time.

Meg couldn't figure out what was going on, and then the brainfog lifted. Luc was trying to warm her up before hypothermia set in. "Oh! I get it Luc!" she said to the wolf. She popped the sides of her poncho to make a big sheet and draped it over the wolf and herself. The wolf wrapped around her and pulled her to him.

"Silly soft one," the wolf thought. He brought his paw down on her leg to make her stay still. Then he nuzzled her closer to him and wrapped his tail up and around until it almost touched his nose. Then he went to sleep.

Meg didn't have any choice but to curl up to the huge wolf. She was afraid to doze off, but realized that she was much warmer and it was probably safe. She dozed off as the wolf began to snore.

Meg woke. Something was different. It took her a moment to realize that the rain had stopped. The sun hadn't come out, but the steady drip of rain had ceased. She was still wrapped up in the huge wolf, but she was warm and just damp.

"Hey Luc, wake up. The rain has stopped," she said. The wolf didn't move. "This is crazy. I'm talking to a huge wolf that doesn't speak English. Damn! Luc! Hey you!" she called again, not knowing what else to do.

The wolf heard a noise far off. He'd been dreaming that his mate was curled up in his paws. The noise got louder. He shook his head and realized that he was under something. Then he smelled the soft one and realized that she was making the noise. He wanted to go back to sleep, but she had grabbed his fur and shook him.

"Grrrrrrrrrr....." the wolf growled in deep subvocal tones. The sound sent a shiver thought Meg, but she didn't stop.

"Hey! Stop that! Shift or whatever the hell it is you do!" she said, trying not to freak out.

The wolf let the growl taper off. He could smell she was scared, but she didn't stop. He blinked a few times and then started to shift. He'd let the other one handle the soft one.

Luc felt himself come back slowly. He could hear Meg saying something to him, but he didn't exactly have all the connections right yet. "Juhsht mihn ut," he tried to say around a tongue that was still too long. He yawned and stretched, trying to finish shifting.

"About time you came back," Meg said. "I woke up and the rain was gone. I tried to get your wolf self to let me go and he growled at me."

"Shorry, Mehg," he said. He stretched his neck again and things popped. Wiggling his jaw, things finally slipped into place. "Dihdn't meahn to schare you," he said apologetically. "Buht you scaared meh when you fell into the wahter," he said becoming more articulate with each word. "I didn't have any choice but to grab you like I did and then all I could do was think about trying to get us to safety."

"I understand, it just scared me when he-you growled. It felt like something rumbled all down my spine and gave me the shivers," she said as she reached out and touched Luc.

"Sub-vocals," he said. "Wolves use them as emphasis. The hearing is different, so sub-vocals really get your attention. He looked around to see if any of his clothes had survived. He found a sock and both his boots, but his jeans and undies were shredded. No sign of his shirt at all except a cuff on the ground.

"Meg, could you hand me my pack?" he asked.

She smiled and handed it over. Luc dug out clothes and some of the food. He handed her some trail mix and jerky.

"Eat, we've still got to get down the mountain, and I know that neither one of us has any energy to spare," he said. Once he was dressed, he grabbed some jerky and then a handful of trail mix. He drank some water and handed the water bottle over to her. "Here you go," he said.

A few minutes later, they stuffed things back in their packs and headed down the trail. The trail still ran with water and was muddy. It took them forty-five minutes to reach the trail head. Luc had never been so happy to see his Subaru in his life. He dug the keys out of his pack and got the doors unlocked as fast as he could.

"Get in and get it started and turn the heat up full blast," he said handing the keys to Meg. She got in and did as he asked as he threw their gear in the back. She had just gotten back in the passengers seat when he crawled in the drivers side. He sat down and let the heat play over his body. The windows steamed up from all the humidity. Ten minutes later, Luc was beginning to get warm. Meg's clothes were steaming. A few more minutes passed and then Luc turned on the defroster. It took nearly five minutes to clear the windows. As soon as they did, he put the car in gear and headed down the mountain road towards home. Luc took care driving as the road was muddy and in some places, the water stood inches deep on the road. He was concentrating so hard, he almost forgot that Meg was in the car.

Luc looked over at Meg when they reached the highway. He was going to ask her which house to head for, but she was asleep. He turned left towards his house. It was closer. Thirty-five minutes later, he pulled into his driveway.

"Meg, wake up," he said softly.

Meg blinked and looked at him owlishly. "Where are we?" she asked.

"My house. I figured it was closer and I know I have a shower that will handle all the fur," he said with a grin.

"You... you have ulterior motives!" she said. Standing up out of the car, she realized just how stiff and sore she was from her tumble in the river. "Ow. God I hurt!"

"Yeah, well you bounced around in the water and then after a short nap hauled ass down a mountain. Let's get inside and get warm. Oh, and wet," he said as he grabbed their packs and headed for the door.

"Funny Luc, real funny," she said as they headed for the house.

Luc dropped the packs on the back porch and then grabbed Meg's hand and headed to the shower. His bathroom wasn't small, and the shower stall took up at least half of it. They dropped their clothes to the floor and Luc turned on the shower. He had it adjusted in a second and they stepped into the warm water. The water felt so good.

Luc looked at Meg, and saw that her shoulder and arm were bruising where he'd grabbed her after she'd fallen into the river. He grabbed the shower gel and started to soap her up.

"You have all day to stop that," Meg said. His hands felt good as they ran over her body. He was soaping all the places that hurt. He rubbed more soap into her hair and then stuck her under the water to rinse.

"My turn," she said from under the stream of water. He handed her the soap and then stood there as she lathered him up. As her hands ran over his stomach, his cock sprang to life. Meg smiled and made sure his cock and balls were very well soaped.

"Oh Meg, that feels so good," he said softly. He hugged her to him and ran his hands down her back. They moved under the water and let the soap run off. When they were rinsed off, Luc turned off the water and stepped out to grab towels. Meg and Luc wrapped up in towels and Luc lead them to his bedroom.

"Don't know how long I'll last," Luc said as he flopped on the bed.

"Me either. I'm still sore from last night," said Meg. She smiled as she remembered how he'd tongued her until she'd shivered and then passed out.

Luc started by running his hand over her shoulders. Meg snuggled next to his chest and reached around his ribs to stroke his back and ass. Luc's hand moved slowly as it trailed down her back. Meg slowed her touch to match. Neither one was aware of when the other fell asleep. The both snored.

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